106. Is Kratom Safe or Unsafe?

Kratom Science Podcast
Kratom Science Podcast
106. Is Kratom Safe or Unsafe?

Brian looks at a news report from Bedford, Texas where a diabetic man ended up in the ICU after long term, heavy kratom use including 8-10 “bottles” per day (presumably extract shots) as well as vaping kratom. Yes kratom vaping is actually a thing, and it apparently damaged his lungs. In comparison to the majority of kratom consumers who use plain leaf kratom, cases like this illustrate the toxicology maxim “The dose makes the poison.” Green tea extract causes the majority of herb-induced liver injuries, yet headlines don’t speak of overdoses on “green tea” as though it’s the same thing, nor coffee when someone dies of an extracted caffeine overdose. But could the kratom community communicate this important distinction more effectively?

Plus, Claudia Merandi testifies in Rhode Island in favor of the kratom legalization bill there, and the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association lobbies to criminalize kratom consumers in the state.

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