Active Botanical Alkaloids

Active Botanical Alkaloids

4 thoughts on “Active Botanical Alkaloids

  1. I just recently started using Kratom and trying different ones. Emerald Green and enhanced indo so far are my favorites. I hate taking pills for a combination of health issues. Kratom is so much easier and more effective than the pills i gag down daily.

  2. All drugs should be decriminalized at least. We need to support addicts with love and a communal spirit to bring them out of the dark and back into the light. Kratom can be a very successful tool for a lot of addicts and the DEA tried to make it illegal. They’d rather you be on something like Methadone, or Suboxone which only make your life worse than any Heroin, or pill addiction was in the first place. Anything that grows out of the ground was given to us by God for our own personal use and all of those types of drugs, or what I prefer to say medication, should be legal for all to grow, or consume. I would say that growing Opium should still be illegal, but the rest are all life saving and psychedelics are great teachers. If used correctly they are great healers of the mind and soul. Instead of demonizing drugs and drug addicts we need proper real education and not lies like they have fed us during this ridiculous drug war that’s been going on for 100 years now just to fill up and create the prison industrial system. Creating another slave class for use in creating products, no different than the slaves in the south were before the civil war. Our drug laws are so medieval, as is our care for addicts and the mentally ill. Big changes are needed and I’m glad Kratom is available to those that’s lives depend on it for survival. Us poor people can’t afford a fancy beachfront treatment center, with personal rooms and bathrooms. Nope we only get detox centers that have 2 month waitlists, living quarters with dangerous ex felons in rooms with up to 50 people. Good luck trying to successfully recover in a place that feels like a jail house. Long live the great plants of the world that continue to enrich our lives and save our souls. Peace.

  3. Hello 1984! Something that just grates on me a tiny bit,,,

    The government controls psychoactive chemicals, encouraging some and denying us access to others. This is control of our CONSCIOUSNESS, control of our personal awareness and experience of existence. What could be more invasive and aggressive than control of our very experience of being alive? It makes me wonder how expansive our consciousness, our lives, might be in a freer society.

  4. Hey, I have been using kratom for 4 to 5 years now. Always means da. haven’t tried all of them but Bali makes me sick. This stuff is amazing. What do you know…. I’m also an opiate addict. perk 30s to be exact. Kratom has been blissfully bliss in my life. Withdrawls are bearsble. it gets me go the next step of recovery every time. yes yes 8 do relapse still. So far kratom menagerie da has given me Energy, pain relief, and mood enhancer. it doesn’t get me high. it gets the vibe just right. I recommend this for opiate addicts, and also just for a good, safe, alternative to anything else. I think more research needs to ne done, but it is a plant. it is natural! just because it’s natural doesn’t mean good. I’ve done my research. I’ve red every blog and etc about kratom! Life saver. Weed & Kratom. the next generation to stop addiction rates for more harmful drugs.

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