Active Botanical Alkaloids

Active Botanical Alkaloids

2 thoughts on “Active Botanical Alkaloids

  1. Hello 1984! Something that just grates on me a tiny bit,,,

    The government controls psychoactive chemicals, encouraging some and denying us access to others. This is control of our CONSCIOUSNESS, control of our personal awareness and experience of existence. What could be more invasive and aggressive than control of our very experience of being alive? It makes me wonder how expansive our consciousness, our lives, might be in a freer society.

  2. Hey, I have been using kratom for 4 to 5 years now. Always means da. haven’t tried all of them but Bali makes me sick. This stuff is amazing. What do you know…. I’m also an opiate addict. perk 30s to be exact. Kratom has been blissfully bliss in my life. Withdrawls are bearsble. it gets me go the next step of recovery every time. yes yes 8 do relapse still. So far kratom menagerie da has given me Energy, pain relief, and mood enhancer. it doesn’t get me high. it gets the vibe just right. I recommend this for opiate addicts, and also just for a good, safe, alternative to anything else. I think more research needs to ne done, but it is a plant. it is natural! just because it’s natural doesn’t mean good. I’ve done my research. I’ve red every blog and etc about kratom! Life saver. Weed & Kratom. the next generation to stop addiction rates for more harmful drugs.

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