White Vein Thai Kratom

White Vein Kratom has a full range of kratom alkaloids. Compared to Red or Green strains of kratom, White Vein Kratoms are more dissociating, which helps potentiate pain relief and many users perceive as extra euphoria.white vein thai


White Vein Thai

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6 thoughts on “White Vein Thai Kratom

  1. I purchased kratom silver Malay special reserve, can you please let me know the correct dose to take? I could not find much information on it

  2. I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue from Chronic West Nile and a failed back surgery. Also have Celiac disease. So if Amy of these products are cut with flour or any gluten containing substance I will become sweetly I’ll. How do I find out? I really want to try Kat but afraid because of a bad experience with it that made me I’ll. I know it was cut with something. I had a severe Celiac reaction. Please someone tell me the truth.

    1. Kratom especially pure forms are not cut with any type of glutten or preservatives. I too have serious reactions to glutten MSG and gmos. I have had 14 surgeries and I am now still critically ill and suffer from terrible pain. Kratom has worked better for me then any narcotics doctors gave me.

  3. Ahhh! Dummy me! I found your prices and other important info. I thought at first you were just a “rating” company! LOL! And I am totally sober. Sheeeeesh. Thanks for being patient with me. 🙂

    Sincerely, Bart.

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