White Vein Indo

White Vein Indo, just as Red Indo, is best known for its pain relief attributes.

If lounging on the deck isn’t your goal, White Vein Indo is the choice, as it is significantly less sedative than its chilled out red cousin. White Indo brings an energy kick and a higher sense of euphoria, but tamer than those qualities in Bali.



The details

White Vein Indo, just as Red Indo, is best known for its pain relief attributes. However, unlike the calming Red Indo, White Vein Indo brings with it more of a euphoric, dissociative kick.

the difference

With the sense of euphoria comes for of an energy boost than the sedative Red Indo. Longer lasting, but milder, energy boosting effects than Bali Kratom.

the science

A rarer strain than others, it is still highly sought after due to its long lasting pain relief and dissociative qualities. It is mostly grown in Indonesia, and the purest forms of White Vein Indo are those from the jungles of Indonesia. 

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20 thoughts on “White Vein Indo Kratom”

  1. I take daily mix of Maca with Kratom for few years, that helping me control my OCD problems and arthritis pain, i not have a secondary side effects, i on my 60’s and this mix increase my libido and prevent me for ER and given me mote stamine on my daily mix effects depend of the quantity and the strain, 7.5 mg of Indo Kratom plus 10 to 15 mg of Maca prefers black Maca instand red maca, as well my Kratom dosis of green or white MaengDa in the morning given me a energy and a bit of eufhoria, on the nights i Mix Red Maca with Red Kratom in large quantity, make me more sedative and make my nights longer lately working Early AM hours and that powerful mix make be alert and wake all shift. So far so good and i recomended this mix

  2. In my experience, the sedating or energizing effects come from the amount of kratom one takes. The higher doses result in relaxation and improved sleep and reduction in pain. Lower doses are more energy producing.

  3. Kratom has helped me significantly in being able to get through my days without crippling pain and allows me the energy and uplifted mood to actually enjoy my day as well. Being a past cancer survivor with numerous spinal surgeries, hardware and injuries has left me in an indescribable amount of pain. I tried the prescription narcotic pain pill route and got treated horribly by my doctors and society being stigmatized as an addict for a legit medical condition I couldn’t avoid and couldn’t help. I took myself off all my opiates and switched to cannabis oils and kratom. The kratom allowed me to transition into a life without pain and without the dangers and labels that come along with using other forms of medications. Each person is different when it comes to what strain works for you. Red Bali didnt agree with me so I switched to white indo and its significantly bettered my life in so many ways.

  4. Most likely the Kratom you took was a red vein or Bali. These feelings or euphoria and relaxation are typical for these strains. Whit Vien is known for energy and focus.

  5. For Kerry, that relaxing euphoric feeling probably came from a red leaf or Bali Kratom. These symptoms are typical for these strains.

  6. I have been using Kratom since December of 2017. I was an alcoholic and addicted to opiates.. kratom literally saved my life. I got a DUI in Sept 2017 and that’s when it hit me that I needed help for my addictions… my BAC was 2.46, and I wasn’t slurring or super drunk like a normal person would be, and being 5’3 115lbs that tells you how much I was drinking if i didn’t get sloshed with a BAC that high. Anyway I did some research on kratom for a couple months before giving it a try, and I’m so glad I did. Kratom made the withdrawls from both alcohol and pills non existent, even in small doses! It gave me my life back, and gave me a chance to become a mom, and be a great mom. I had my son in March 2019 and he is a healthy, happy baby. I wouldn’t be able to be the person I am or the mom I am today if it wasn’t for kratom. My last drink of alcohol was October 24, 2017 and last pills were in November of 2017. I haven’t looked back to those addictions because of kratom. It saved my life and I am so thankful everyday that I was able to live and get clean and sober due to kratom.

  7. I used kratom to come off of suboxone. It was a life saver. I stuck with red Bali for the first month or two. Subs are hard as hell to come off of but with the Bali I had little to no withdrawals. I didn’t need to take anything for diarrhea like loperamide and i would never suggest taking 20 at a time like the other poster mentioned. People die from taking too much of that. It has been 8 months and I still take kratom for my neuropathy. I also take breaks from it for fear of another addiction. But kratom is very good for pain, depression and anxiety. I’m fixing to try to get off my citalapram using it. I will definitely do a long taper for that tho. I hope and pray they keep kratom legal here in Texas. I feel like it gave me a new lease on life.

    1. I heard of it while searching YouTube for help with opiate withdrawals. I took Tramadol for 18 years and then stopped when I was put on Fentanyl for my back. Well, my doctor at the pain clinic had a heart attack and went out on disability and then DHEC was crawling the place after a doctor and his wife (who was a Physician’s Assistant or PA) were arrested for running their own little racket. So my PA said I was over medicated when I told him I’d been in bed for four days. I tried to explain after he flipped that I meant I had not left the house for four days…not literally been in bed. So BAM, just like that they weaned me off in one month’s time after taking 50mg/hr every 48 hours for two years.

      Long story short: I heard about the anti diarrhea medicine option, but figured I still needed to shit and taking ten or twenty was not an option. I went ONE day cold turkey and couldn’t handle it. I almost went back to the Suboxone clinic but after trying Kratom, I’ve had zero withdrawals and my pain is much more bearable. If the FDA does schedule it, my doctor will give me a script and my f’ing insurance can foot the bill, because it can get rather expensive. Finally, I’ve found that after about a month, I’m only having to dose maybe 4-6 grams once a day, which is definitely an improvement. Just my take 😁

  8. I recently heard about Kratom and did my research as to it’s safety. There is a government movement into trying to prove that Kratom is deadly. They say they have linked 13 deaths to Kratom use. However, as a professional researcher, I learned that in every single case of these 13 deaths, the users had high doses of tramadol in their systems as well. I then learned that tramadol without Kratom has been linked to hundreds of deaths each year. I was unable to fins out how much tramadol was in their systems at the time of death. Thus, the real truth is that tramadol is the real culprit in these deaths. So the warning should be, never use tramadol in higher doses than prescribed. Also, many people have allergic responses to tramadol that can lead to death as well. I had an allergic response to tramadol and the pain doctor tried to tell me that tramadol does not causes nausea and vomiting even though my research said it does in 40% of users. My primary doctor said I was right and the pain doctor was wrong. Folks, these symptoms are clear warnings that your system is rejecting the drug and continued use can kill you! I have been using Kratom for 5 weeks now and have found it to be very safe and effective. But I would never use it with tramadol just in case. In fact, I would warn all tramadol users to stop tramadol ASAP by weening yourself off. My research also indicates that tamadol is not a narcotic and it does not do anything to relieve pain. Those that says it does I would think it more of a placebo effect. The DEA placed it into the same schedule and catagory as codein and fentenal based meds simply to trick the general population into thinking they were getting an opiod pain med. But tramadol is not even a true pain med opiod or not. It has proven to be a very deadly medication and should not even be on the market. Yet, the DEA is trying very hard to take away our access to kratom! Lying about those 13 deaths being Kratom deaths is just one of their attempt to stop people from using Kratom.

  9. I have taken kratom over the past few years. I first started using bali for withdrawls i had from stopping liquid methadone. The bali was the most affective for me with that. I do agree that it all depends on the person taking it. The white Indonesian is what i take now for energy on occasion. What works for me and how the affects i have from different strands are totally different for others. Just experiment,till you find whats best for you. Kratom has been a lifesaver for me and my husband. Helped us recover from a long battle with opioid addiction and had i had known about kratom before i would have never went to a methadone clinic .

  10. Hello I’m Matthew, indeed white vain indo is the best for tramadol withdrawa. I was addicted to trams for 4 years popping 20 50g threw the day like 5 at a time. I seeked help threw a drug clinic and never will let do that again!!!!!

    Sadly like didn’t know about kratom in 2012 2013 2014 2015 just didn’t use the Internet much and let truly wished like did as kratom would of saved me then!!!!!! I was put on subtext it’s like suboxon and it drew the life out of me!!!!!! lol lost all my looks and felt really ill.

    So then look found kratom and the trick is you have to ween down of the tramadol in half then take a teaspoon of kratom. Look km no doctor but white vain is far to weak for tramadol withdrawal as you need meang da green as that will take the withdrawals away but if you can’t get it know because of the ban take lopramide for 3 days at 20 tablets a day it will kill the tramadol withdrawal but after day 3 ween down half of the lope then keep tapering then jump at 2mg then take siberinan ginseng drops by the tube in the bottle as local health shops will sell it in store!!!! Just take the ginseng when you feel a little low as this takes away paws !!!!!! All this link did and belive me know went threw he’ll!!!! And yes kratom works but if you jump of kratom it’s only 5 days of restlessness and 1 month of PAWS but jumping of the tramadol is a killer as you will end up at A AND E!!!!! you can ween of tramadol !!!! But running for suboxon is like going from tramadol to heroin !!! You don’t get the feeling like you do from H but the body and moods are the same !!!!! So it is a short term situation so hang in there !!!!! Ginseng tea bags help as they have the real USA product in the ingredients but open the tea bags up and put 5 of the contents in a hot cup of water half full, it looks yucky but after 5 mind you will get releaf … Don’t go to the clinics there a big pharmacy con that will pull you down to the floor! Just in it for the money and not your health as they keep you on the drug for far to long causing you took look even sicker and lethargic.

    Hope this helps

    God bless


    1. Anybody reading this should know that Tramadol also acts in a similar way as an SSRI/SNRI (2 different kinds of antidepressants). If you are experiencing withdrawal as a result of attempting to free yourself from your prescription of Tramadol, you may still experience withdrawal symptoms due to the serotonergic/noradrenergic effects of Tramadol.
      This guy above (Matthew) is clearly trying to help but it is also obvious that he is not well-versed in these matters or the biochemistry behind certain pain medications. Please do your research before ordering or consuming any of the products mentioned in his post or this web page. Everybody is different and may react to things differently, but if you do your research and learn about kratom you will be more likely to make an accurate estimation concerning whether kratom is appropriate for your needs and if it is, then you will also be more likely to make an accurate estimation concerning dosage.

      1. I do believe he is trying too help but I agree with your point and appreciate you pointing out that tramadol isn’t a “traditional” pain medication and more research should be done before stopping.

        But, if you gotta do it, taper if you can because cold turkey off any opiate or opiate aganist etc is tough. Loperamede (Imodium) truly does help the physical withdrawal of opiates as it’s one itself (no, you won’t get high. No, you can’t make it get you high unless you wanna risk you health; ie: don’t take 20 of them and a bunch of potentiators, a few will do for relief).

        Always be safe and know what your talking and the interactions with other drugs or homeopathic remedies! I feel for anyone going through withdrawal. Please, don’t give up!

    2. Hello and I hope everyone is well. I’ve been reading the comments,and just wanted to throw this out there about tramadol..14yrs ago, I was prescribed tramadol for several issues, and began taking 3 or 4 at a time,not to get high,but bc my pain level from an accident was so great,and my tram tolerance became worse. Too much tramadol in a lot if ppl will cause seizures, as I went through this until a wonderful Dr finally linked my tram use to seizures..I stopped taking for 10yrs,but now have been back on tram for 2 yrs, but ONLY take 2 per day,along with lyrica for fibromyalgia..my whole point, anyone taking a lot of tram at one time or in a 24 he period is susceptible to begin having seizures. I was put on heavy dose of gabapentin to counteract and make my seizures subside..so pls be careful and take your meds as prescribed

      Just a person who cares!

      1. I was on Nucynta (nick name “Super Tramadol) and it too has SNRI and some SRI activity. It was prescribed after back surgery and I used it for several months only in the doses prescribed. When I decided to stop I was able to taper over a few weeks by decreasing dosage and then decreasing frequency once down to lowest dosage. To get off of the last few milligrams I used Kratom and I never had any significant signs of withdrawal. I currently have L4-5 stenosis and Degenerative Discs resulting in chronic lower back pain. So I use kratom on a nearly daily basis. I decrease dose at times as well as switch strains and types so as to not develop tolerance. My pain that is a #7 without Kratom is a # to #4 usually. I can live with a pain level of #5 if I have to. Kratom also helps me with my energy levels depending upon the strain used. Used Maeng Da to stop Nucynta and now use varying strains depending on level of analgesia, energy, cognition I desire.

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