Please be aware that the below charts reflect estimates and not exact measurements consistent across all kratom vendors. While it is recommended that you buy a scale to correctly measure your kratom, these charts offer support for those who are unable to do so.

When measuring an extract, we strongly recommend purchasing a small digital scale as they often have a significantly higher degree of variability.


Average Powdered Leaf
1 gram0.035 ounces
50 grams1.75 ounces
100 grams3.5 ounces
Crushed Leaf
1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon.9 grams
Bali Powder
1 Tablespoon6.2 grams
1 Teaspoon2.3 grams
Maeng Da Powder
1 Tablespoon7 grams
1 Teaspoon2.6 grams
Crushed Leaf
1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon.9 grams
Green Malay Powder
1 Tablespoon6.9 grams
1 Teaspoon2.4 grams

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  1. Hello, i have been taking kratom daily for a year and i can tell you that it works.
    it could take you months to get your usage technique down.. so ill tell you how to take it the right way.

    1. take the greens and whites during the day, or when you need energy and focus…
    ONLY take the reds in the evening when you’re chillin’. this is important

    2. alternate strains like a madman… ex. 10am – 2 grams – Green Thai… 1pm – 2 grams – White Bali… etc..
    do NOT take the same exact one 3 times a day… you will get diminishing returns rather quickly

    3. less is more… no need to start taking 8 grams at once, because it wont feel any better than 4 grams.. trust me.
    in other words, take the smallest. effective. dose.

    4. find out if you are a ‘one dose per day’ kind of person, or a ‘i like to take this shit every few hours’ kind of person….
    if you are the former, just go ahead and take a hefty dose of 4-6 grams (no need to ever take more than that…. remember less is more) , but if you take it several times a day, only take 2 grams at a time, that way you can redose in a few hours and get another jolt.

    5. taking on an empty or nearly empty stomach is preferable, though sometimes it will kick in no matter how much food in your stomach.

    6. stick to the regular kratoms… forget about the o.p.m.s. silver and especially the gold capsules. the silver feels stronger, but the euphoria is actually better with the normal kratoms because they have a wider spectrum of alkaloids. the gold capsules are $10 each…. and at that price, you may as well get what you REALLY want (hydros or oxys)…

    1. Hi
      What do you think of I mix 4 mg 2 green 2 red in a bottle of water
      And drink it I’m patches

  2. Hello informed community! I have been battling a serious in and out relationship with opiates the past five years thanks in part to three major surgeries. The most recent situation I’ve found myself in is absolutely stupid so, please bare with me. I went from two years sober to six months of 30mg of oxy a day. I then began participating in a sub program that had me at 16mg a day for about 8 months. I wanted off those things desperately so I tied the taper off and switch back to an opiate method which failed (no surprise). Currently I’ve been using H for about three months at less then 1/2 g a day. I want to be free from this hell! However I have a family that solely depends on me so I cannot just tap out cold turkey style. I’ve heard amazing things about using Kratom, CBD and other supplements together in order to make it through withdrawal with minimal amount of horror. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good stain/ dose of Kratom? Also what a Kratom & CBD method might look like when used together throughout the day? I was considering adding the Genius Mushrooms supplement along with a 5-HTP herbal blend supplement and hormone balance supplement to try and give my body a fighting chance. Any advice or suggestions would be extremely appreciated! I’ve been obsessing over getting this underway for about a week and I’m ready to get back to my life!

  3. Hi there. So I was a heroin and oxy addict for about 9 years. Got sober for 2, then got super sick and relapsed. So now I’m addicted FULL BLOWN addicted to these pressies. ( fake 30s) (fents) ( the fentanyl pills. I can not get off of them. I’m miserable, I cant get well unless I have like 6 a day, I do one and go into minor withdrawls 4 hours later. 8 hours I’m pretty miserable and 16 hrs I’m F$$&$>× dying. I recently got 15 10mg Valiums, That new Lucemyra stuff, zofran, and suboxen. I’m terrified though. I cant get to the 24-36 hour mark to start taking small pieces of the suboxen though. I get so sick and I freak out and use again. Do you guys think the Valium, zofran and lucemyra will help? Cause I can handle a little bit of withdrawl, but this is insane. I’m talking every symptom possible at its max. Litterally a living hell. I’m wondering what recommendations you guys have for a less painful withdrawl process. The valium, zofran combo should help a bit.. but I’m hoping enough to get through this so I can start taking suboxen as well. I’m terrified and enjoyed sobriety much much more then this life. Its destroying me slowly.


    1. Why don’t you go into the hospital, the e.r. and tell them you’re trying to detox from them. They will set up a plan for you,and give you and i.v. Of meds that help with withdrawal,maybe even a script for meds to take until you can get into a clinic setting rehab. Hope everything goes ok. Those are some pretty heavy pills to take man. Be careful

  4. I am detoxing from oxycodone and can only find red vein in capsule form at store. I’m confused on how many capsules I should take to ease withdrawal symptoms. And help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. At least 5 or 7 grams worth per dose, maybe more. Adjust for how bad withdrawal is. It works, I used it to quit heroin. But be warned, only use it for like 2 weeks or you’ll just get addicted to it

    2. I’m making my own capsules and take about 4-6 grams at a time but everyone is different. It’s a lot of trial and error, but unlike opiates mote is not necessarily better. Start with 2-3grams wait and hour or so and then take 2 more

      1. 4-6 gs of kratom that’s sounds pretty high I just have a horrible pain tolerance to things I can’t sleep but I’ll take your advice thank u so much

  5. This is an interesting post. I found this page after a quick internet search on figuring out if I take too much K. My story…I have an ultra rare eternal tension type headache disorder. I developed it a little over 2 years ago. Started on percs about 3 months into it after laying in bed crying all day. I have a past with drug abuse from ages 14-20 until I joined the military. Never dabbled whatsoever since the early 2000s, nor did I want to. Gotta tell ya, the oxy grabbed me and started wrecking in my mid 30s. Anyway, I discovered Kratom about 6 months ago. I take it when I run out of meds and it absolutely is the real deal for WD AND pain! My question though is if I’m taking too much. I take 9-10g every 4-6 hours and have been doing so about 2 weeks out of the month since discovering it. Lab results say kidney and liver are perfect as of last week. I don’t really drink much water either. I do believe I need to
    Step it down but wonder if K is as bad as oxy WD.

  6. To be clear on my rather frustrated sounding comment yesterday, on the internet I’ve seen one of two views on kratom as an opioid. Three really and I’ll explain in a bit. A kratom has mild opioid effects but opioids from your doctor are much more effective, b, kratom’s opioid effects are stronger than morphine and nearly as strong as fentanyl, be carreful how much you take. c kratom has opioid effects but isn’t really an opioid, which makes no sense. It’s not chemically classed as an opioid only because opioids are narrowly defined as relatives of poppy flower chemicals like morphine or codeine, but it does have opioid effects, it binds to opioid receptors in the brain, spinal cord and gut. I’m not interested in anyone trying to tell me to go to my doc to get pk’s, because my doc won’t give me any. Even if she doled them out every time I went, 2 50mg tramadol is pitiful compared to some of the opioids I’ve ordered over the years. I can’t tell you how greatful I am to be able to go to my local smoke shop about five blocks away and purchase my painkillers. No judgement, no lectures about sticking to the dose, nothing. Just o=swipe my debit card and I’m good. You take that for granted when buying groceries or anything else, but it’s a blessing to be able to buy your pain meds over the counter and know that they’ll work, instead of the usual OTC stuff. Which pisses me off when people who say they are scientists and pharmacists denounce kratom and worse tell you to go to your doc for painkillers, never considering what you are to do if your doc says no. I’ve actually asked a couple of these people. YOu know what I got? Take FDA approved pain meds that are OTC, if you take them long enough they will work, alternatively beg your doctor. Beg! I don’t beg.

    1. You are dumb.

    2. So are you saying kratom is good or what

  7. Hey all. Trying kratom today for the first time. I have severe degenerative arthritis and have been on the pain med carnival ride for over a decade. I am down to only low dose oxy and tramadol these days but I didn’t take any today. Most of the time I just let myself suffer and that just sucks. Hoping I can get some relief today. I only tried a small amount, maybe a 1/4 tsp because I’m sensitive to meds. Figured I’d assess myself in an hour. But when you do find an amount that helps, how long does it usually last?

    1. Hi. I hope like hell you find an amount of kratom that works for you. Having taken hydrocodone (nearly as potent as oxy) and tramadol, I can tell you from personal experience, tramadol is useless as an opioid. I don’t know how much chemistry knowledge you have so I’ll try to simplify this. Tramadol is approximately a tenth the strength of morphine, this is why it takes a minimum of 50mg before an opioid effect is noticeable. It takes 100mg of tramadol to equal the same effect as 10mg of morphine, and tramadol takes up to an hour, sometimes 2 or 3 to kick in. Oxy is much much faster, kicking in in around 10 to 30 minutes. Kratom duration depends on how much you take. For mild doses, 1 fourth to 1 teaspoon, effects begin in around 30 to 45 minutes and last 3 to 4 hours. At moderate to high doses, 1 to 5 teaspoons, effects last around 5 to 6 hours, which is the duration of oxycodone and tramadol. One good thing about kratom is that although you can overdose on it, it takes insane amounts of the stuff, greater than 20 grams, and usually combined with other drugs, like hard narcotics or benzodiasepines, like valium or zanax. It’s always a good idea to start with low doses of kratom. Wait an hour just to be on the safe side, then if you feel nothing, take more. You can take up to 5 teaspoons at a time, but if you are sensative to meds, a teaspoon at a time is probably a good maximum dose. One thing to be careful not to do is to mix kratom with your other opioids. It may not hurt you but it could, which is why it’s never a good idea to do so. One great thing about kratom which cannot be said enough about is that there are no limitations on kratom sale. In other words, if you take a ton and run out, just buy more. You don’t have to wait 30 days, there are no prescriptions, and so on and so on. You probably already know this but with prescription opioids if you run out early all your doctor and pharmacy are going to do is shrug, so sorry, take tylenol it’s the greatest thing sicne sliced bread and so on, which does not help anyone.

      1. Wow 5 tea spoons is like 25 mg
        That’s to much
        And tramadol
        Your quite harsh
        That saved me from depression

    2. I too am taking it for my Ankylosing Spondylitis. I have been taking it for a couple months on and off now to make it through my 8+hr shifts working retail. I take about 1/2 to 1 tsp mixed with orange juice. I have been able to make it through an entire shift. I was first with juvenile RA 40 years ago, so pain is not new to me and most pain meds have long since stopped working for me. Right now this is working.

  8. I’m beginning to get quite disgusted. I want one thing and one thing only. Kratom is approximately equal to opioid x in terms of effectiveness. That is all. I certainly do not want either a, kratom is addictive dangerous and ineffective, go to your doctor for pain killers, or b, kratom is the greatest thing since sliced bread cures everything is completely safe, kills all pain, etc etc etc. I am simply trying to determine where kratom falls on the opioid ladder. In my own experience kratom it the very least as effective as tramadol in relieving my pain and at most, stronger than 100mg of tapentadol in relieving my pain, Before I get yelled at yet again, I know that dosage of kratom is difficul to estimate, it depends on how much you take and of what strain, but an idea of how potent kratom is as an opioid does help. I’m not interested in anecdotal reports I can find tons of those all over. I know that science doesn’t have much to do with kratom and that everything I can find on the internet is either a or b above but there has got to be better out there. If I could go to my doc to get pain killers, and get them reliably, I would. But I can’t, and I suspect that’s why most people end up on kratom they eitehr can’t get or don’t want the pain killers doctors can give them. Opioids are the most effective pain killers currently known because they suppress the body’s ability to feel pain by cutting off the pain signals, thus killing the pain. Everything else pales in comparison which is why people end up addicted to opioids. I’m not yelling at you guys, I’ve gotten nothing but help on this site but I am seriously sick of the efforts to make kratom either impossible to get or difficult to get, or of websites trying to get people to believe kratom can cure cancer, the common cold and prevent std’s. It’s a plant with specific chemicals which do specific things. I don’t want or need kratom addiction help, I don’t want or need people trying to turn me off of it by saying it oesn’t work take hydrocodone oxycodone etc instead, and I certainly don’t want or need people saying it works on stuff it doesn’t. Come on people.

    1. Kendall Clark you have not tried the right vendor and or not have taken the correct dosage. Kratom activates the same receptors as opioids to some point. However the effects are not as damaging with minimal withdrawl when you decide to stop. Worst case sleep sucks for about a week when stopping. Read my other comment. Try good luck

    2. Kendall
      Have you read your message
      Sorry mate
      But you make know sense
      What are you trying to say

  9. My sister stopped her script of Percocet 5 mg 2x a day back in Dec ‘18 hoping to find something more natural for pain relief. The energy, social comfort and the “intolerable becomes tolerable” aspect, I see, is greatly missed. I thought of looking into 100 gram green caps of Kratom for her. How many and how often in 24 hrs would/could 100 gram green caps of Kratom possibly be equivalent to 2-5 mg percs in 24 hrs? You guys seem like rocket scientists with this stuff.
    Plz help. Thank you in advance.

    1. 100 gram capsules? Are there such things? I’m no pharmacist, but most kratom capsules have either 500mg of powder per capsule (capsule size 00) or if you can get very lucky, 1 full gram per capsule (capsule size 000). I’ve seen a few kratom venders that have between 750 and 1.5 grams per capsule and I’m not sure what size capsule that is. the minimum cutoff for pain relief from kratom seems to be 2 grams and the maximum seems to be 6 to 8 grams. You can take more without much risk of overdose, but the more kratom you take the more sedating it gets. I’ve never taken percocet, but I’d start on the mid to high end, 4 grams minimum going up to 6 if she doesn’t feel anything. I’d recommend a red strain for pain relief but green can work just fine. The important part to know about kratom is that any strain can provide pain relief, but some strains take more than others. If she’s just starting out, try taking 2 grams of kratom at a time every hour until she feels something. If she starts high and doesn’t feel anything she might get disappointed and conclude it doesn’t work. This way if she doesn’t feel anything with 2 grams she can take 2 more and two more, and so on. Definitely follow the dosing instructions on this page if you have any trouble. If you need any further help feel free to either comment hear or email me at [email protected], I’ll be happy to help.

  10. hopefully this will be my last comment for a bit, but I can’t seem to help it. Never run across supportive people before. Why on earth does everyone, and by that I mean the general population, keep hammering home these two points? It’s either, a, oh just go to rehab they’ll fix you up with drugs to get you off, b, the pain isn’t that bad just suck it up, c, I’ve got some tylenol ibuprofen, aspirin or aleeve, try that it works on everything those opioids are for serious pain which you don’t have, or d, just go to your doctor tell her you have a drug problem and she’ll help. I finally did that although I hedged my bets and said I was having serious opioid withdrawal symptoms, not just pain but depression, itching and wrestless legs syndrome. I thought I might finally have gotten through to her when her nurse was nice, supportive and got me in despite there not being any openings, only to have the doc herself call me back the day of the appointment with a very dismissive, oh just go to the E R they’ll help you out. Reluctantly I did. The result was a lot of lecturing and a scrip for 24 50mg tramadol and what I hoped would be a new gp. The new gp refused to see me the day of the appointment, saying I hadn’t told him I was on tramadol up front and as a result he wasn’t seeing me, when he spoke to me in the ER and wrote me the friggin scrip! That was the last straw for me, kratom hear I come. Why do over the counter pain relievers not work on my pain at all? I’ve tried them times beyond counting, always when my mom insists they would work, and when they didn’t after around two or three weeks of horrible withdrawal symptoms, the worst being pain and insomnia the addict comments would start again. The commercials I hear act as if you can break your spine and swallow a couple of tylenol or aleve and you’ll be right as rain. Please don’t get into the, big pharma is evil and it’s a grand conspiracy from the government, those comments do not help and usually send my analytical brain into circles. I just want to know why they don’t work when everyting I read says they should, people i talk to claim they do, and even my doctor seems to view opioids as unnecessary, no one should need those. And for the record. I am not fat. I weight 170 pounds and I’m approx 5 5. I exercise, at least when my pain will allow or I have the energy, which is not often, but I can’t drive (my wife and I are both visually impaired) so we have to rely on family members and friends, and ever since everyone has decided I’m a drug addict in denial and my wife is enabling me, and she is not, most of the help has dried up. Ok, I hope I’ve ranted enough, but man the more I think and talk about my situation the more agrivated I get.

  11. I try to do my homework, looking up each new drug up on wikipedia to determine mechanism of action (how it works) and, more importantly, how potent the drug is. I also look up what wikipedia calls their dependence liability, which in plain english is how likely it is to be addicted to or cause dependence, which apparently are not quite the same thing. Sorry for my lecturely tone of voice, it seems to be a habbit I can’t break. My doc dismisses wikipedia, oh that thing, I know best, hear follow my dosing instructions and you’ll be fine. I will say that I went on the dosing train a few times. I’d go up, then back down, then up, then down, then off, then on, then up, then down and … you get the idea. Even I got tired of the doctors a appointments and the endless you’re just an addict comments. The only one who was supportive was my wife, and she was my rock. A good way to get on her bad side is to claim either one of us has a drug problem, she’s on 4 10mg hydrocodone a day for a metal rod in her spine she’s had since she was a teenager. She’s one of the most addiction proof people I’ve ever run across, on the rare occasions she runs out before refill date, she suffers from no symptoms I can detect or get her to admit beyond the pain she takes the pills for. She’s smarter than I was, she sticks to below the prescribed dose, usually 2 to 3 pills at most per day, and doesn’t share with anyone, even hides them so no one else can find them and as a result they almost always last past the refill date. I wish I had the fortitude to do that, but I have a horrible pain tolerance, at least now.

  12. Note that I have never actually overdosed on opioids, not to the point where I had any symptoms other than constipation and withdrawal when I stop, but my family is, and you’ve all probably heard this a thousand times before, you’re gonna die, you’re gonna overdose you can’t stop, just go to a rehab clinic, surely there’s some government program that will take you there and pay for it, no idea where one is you find that out, you can’t stick to your dose, they’re right about that but I never went over the maximum allowable dose according to wikipedia either. Right at it? Sure, almost all the time but never over it. Just curious, how in the world can imodium (loperamide) help with opioid withdrawal symptoms? It is an opioid, but it’s limited to the gut, can’t cross the blood brain barrier to activate cns receptors without either taking massive, near fatal amounts or with the help of, oh hell what was that drug called, quinidine?

  13. See if this story sounds familiar to anyone on hear. Condensing so I don’t ramble on and on and on. Had some kind of tork injury to my back and upper shoulders which caused severe muscle strain, tendon damage and, what felt like to me at least, some nerve damage that caused unbelievable agony. Doc faught me at first, gave me the oh take OTC bla bla bla, eventually, reluctantly, prescribed what I feel is a pitiful 2x a day 50mg tramadol tablets. Of course I ran out way before the refill date, that’s when I discovered even a weak opioid can have some of the worst withdrawal symptoms I’ve ever experienced. Several trips to the hospital, a few, very stingy scrips, then those dried up. Began ordering tramadol online from shady pharmacies after the doc told me I sbouldn’t hurt, and if I do it’s because I’m fat, no I’m not exagerating. My family jumped on the addiction bandwagon, try rehab it’s great, and so on. I kept ordering tram at enormous grey market prices, hemorrhaging money. Debt piled up. Enough is enough. Tried kratom. Amazing plant. I thought nothing would kill my pain but opiates, turns out kratom does. I’m not hear to sell the plant. I’m not hear to rant about how rehab does not work, only to point out that it is not the only, and in most cases even the best, option. When you live in a small town with no transportation and no way to drive and a family that essentially wants to plan your funeral after you have a massive opioid overdose you’re kind of limited in options. I order 1 kilo of kratom every month from my local smoke shop. I find it to be the cheapest option and yes, I have tried online venders and while they are handy, their prices could be better. I’m on a fixed income so money is always tight. I take anywhere from 1 to 3 teaspoons at a time depending on the pain and withdrawal symptoms, up to a maximum of 15 teaspoons per day, usually much much less, around 6 teaspoons at the least and 9 to 12 at most, only done 15 on exceptionally bad pain, itching, wrestless legs, insomnia, and some of the worst depression days I’ve ever experienced and I’m not prone to depression. Why doctors snort at this plant and call it quack medicine, when they’re being kind, and the F D A denounces it since they can’t ban it I do not no. I’ve never taken hard drugs, strongest opioid I’ve ever had is tapentadol, which is in between tramadol and morphine, aprox oxycodone level pain relief and kratom beats them all hands down. I will admit, I hope this doesnt cause me to get yelled at but I’ve also begun to vape, a small pocket draw activated device with 6mg nicotine and menthol eLiquid in it around 6 to 7 puffs a day to help potentiate the kratom and in addition to helping with pain relief it also helps the anxialitic ( anti anxiety) effects of kratom, which also beat the pitiful 10mg amitriptiline the doc gave me after I wined loudly enough. I’m not trying to give advice to anyone seeking help with opioid withdrawal or pain relief since I don’t know if my routine works well for everyone but it seems to work well for me.

  14. I’m praying for you I’ve been on suboxone on and off when it first came out in glass ampsoule and give a shot in a muscle this life sucks with kratom it has too be better I am starting soon getting to a low dose everything I have read says you have to do it every 4 hours it take like 8 wks for subs to be completely out of your system and you will start to feel life agian so don’t give up

  15. I was stuck taking 16mg of Suboxone for almost 10 years. I hate the shit . I have no energy no drive it ruined my life. Got me off opioid but it sucks. I’m trying Kratom to get off Suboxone tonight first dose here we go .

    1. I’m with you. I’ve been stuck on it for 5 years. It’s horrible and changed me as a person. I have a 15 year old daughter and I’ve sucked at being a mom since I became addicted to Suboxone. I’ve tried 3 times to get off and the longest I lasted was 10 days. I was taking Xanax, Kratom, Tianeptine Sodium and other things. The most important thing to do is to get down to the lowest dose possible before going off it. The sad thing is that I never should’ve been on it. I went to my Pain Management Doctors one day, crying, and told them I was afraid that I was addicted to Percocet, because I kept needing more. I have major chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, etc. Within a week they put me on Suboxone. Within a month I had horrible side effects, excruciating nerve pain and parts of my body would just jerk all of a sudden. After thinking about it I realized I was never addicted to Percocet. If I had gone off it at the time, I wouldn’t have had any side effects. The commercials and news all got me scared about being on it so I panicked. I realized I hadn’t been addicted, your body just naturally needs more because you build up a tolerance. I went back and told my Docs and they tried to help me get off of Suboxone and even gave me 180, 10-350 Percocets to help. It didn’t work. I took 10 at a time and it didn’t make a dent. That was 4 1/2 years ago. I am now trying Kratom again. I wish you luck!

    2. How are you today?

    3. Vince, I know you’ll get through this because for one, I quit Suboxone with only clonodine (bp med) you probably know of. And two, because you start feeling better faster. I know it might sound ridiculous to you right now. But you will notice sooner than later, your thinking, you start feeling, you are gonna feel good, I’m telling ya! Watch some guided meditation videos on YouTube mother*ucker! It helps!!! I didn’t even know about meditation back than. And go plant based if you can for a few weeks. If you can give yourself 30 days, I promise you that you will be amazed at the progress you can make by staying positive, not loosing perspective and having a little patience, I mean, we all owe it to ourselves to try! And your future self is already so thankful to you for caring enough about you’re body! Anything you need..

    4. Good luck. Let me know If it works and what strain you are taking. Need to do the same

    5. It works man, I’ve been taking Kratom for 7 weeks (that’s how long it’s been since my last dose of suboxone) and I’m just about back to normal. Most capsules are .5 grams and I started out taking 7-8 capsules, the first week was rough even with the kratom, but just push through, it gets better

  16. I’m a heroin addict. I shoot bout a gram of raw dope a day. I’m out of money and ways to get it. I don’t want to turn to crime. My reason for not quitting thus far has been me being scared of withdrawals so I just got 50 g of red Borneo now I’m starting to take some.think my first dose I’m going to try two grams and see how I feel. I just need to get through like 2 to three days of no opiates then I can take a Suboxone for like 2 days and then be done with it. My main thing is all the anxiety and pain that comes with the heroin withdrawal.

    1. Hey man, I kicked a 7-year poppy seed tea habit with the help of kratom. I was probably ingesting a couple hundred milligrams of morphine a day for years, using multiple pounds of the stuff daily. I would suggest going a lot higher than 2 grams of red Borneo. That’s not going to do much for you. I would try 5 or so grams – a good level tablespoon (a normal cereal spoon, not a formal measuring spoon). If that doesn’t do much, try 2 tablespoons– and so on. Takes about 30 minutes to begin feeling anything. Kratom helped me sleep. Also, order more kratom, and expect 7-10 days of rough sailing. You’ll make it. I didn’t feel like a human being again until day 6. The depression is intense, then it lifts. Mass doses of loperamide will eliminate all withdrawals, but they can kill you. If you’re desperate, use 24 milligrams of loperamide, but no more than that, and don’t do it for more that 2-3 days. It takes about 2-3 hours for lope to kick in. One all thing to look forward to is that as time passes, kratom itself will be something you make a “habit” out of — but it’s a healthier one that easier to reduce or quit, and once you find a good vendor, you’re set. It’s affordable and easy to get. Hope this helps. Good luck brother. I know some of what you’re going through. Once you’re through it, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get your life back. And remember, the sickness you’ll be feeling is not “sobriety.” That will pass — I guarantee it. You’ll enjoy feeling happy and calm without H. Cheers

    2. I stopped taking methadone recently after being on it 3 yrs. Before that I started on percs, then morphine then opanas. I tapered down on the methadone but even at 20 grams felt rough without. Kratom definitely helped me. Going on 3 weeks without methadone and feel pretty decent. Not much energy is my main problem but some white vein kratom helps that. maybe it’s coming off the methadone maybe it’s me hitting my mid-forties I don’t know but regardless the kratom is definitely helpfull and natural. exactly why Uncle Sam and the big pharmaceutical companies are trying 2 stop kratom use. Like cannabis it helps and is natural

    3. Are you having good luck with red Borneo? I get so confused as to what kind to use.

    4. Scared to death, 2 g of crate him is not going to make a dent in your 1 g of heroin addiction. Please talk to somebody who has done this before so you do not find yourself being completely miserable.

      1. Kratom*

    5. Kratom has helped me and many others in our situation this stuff saved my life and I’m thankful everyday that I got turned into it

  17. Can you take Kratom while still taking small doses of Percocet?

    1. Yes you can but not high doses. If you are wanting to take a higher dose of Kratom I would cut the pain pill in half first. I am a former addict of pain meds. And Kratom got me away from them. Now all I use for pain is Kratom for what ever the problem is. Hope this helps.

      1. I’m considering having my grandmother try Kratom, she takes 60mg of oxy per dose and does that about 4times a day, how much Kratom should I start her on?

        1. Yikes thats quite a high dose, I would say try starting at 5-7 and bump it up margionably until it works (10,15,20,30,45,etc)

          I was doing about 20mg oxy for weeks until I did something like 30-40-55-80-120-200-240-360

          At day 5 I think, 10g of kratom was mire than sufficient of getting rid of any remaining withdrawals. Though the first few days I just benzo’d out of. Any questions feel free to ask.

      2. I am trying to get off percs and norcos 10 mg
        I bought white vein and green vein kratom
        I want to ask if I cut my dose down to like 5 x10 mg pills a day currently 10 can I take kratom at same time as I’m cutting ?
        Or is more optimal to wean down on my norcos as much as possible and switch 100 % to kratom
        Please advise

  18. If you have recovered from opiates then I recommend staying the $%#% away. You’re welcome.

    1. ahhh shut ya mouth ya scum

  19. You can visit your local herbal store or a web brand I have used for several years is kraken kratom.

  20. If you have trouble getting powdered Kratom down put in chocolate milk and like a water bottle or some sort of container with a lid and shake. Kratom is resistant to liquids so it’ll take about 10 minutes for it to be able to start mixing evenly in liquids. Wouldn’t recommend coffee as it can irratate bowels and induce a sick to the stomach feeling and also dehydrate. For pain relief and withdrawal use RED VEIN strains. I prefer RED elephant and RED maeng da. Green and white are good for relaxation, positivity, focus etc. I took 4-5 oxycodone 10mg a day for 3+ years. I use 3 teaspoons/ 1 tablespoon of RED VEIN strains every 6-8 hours. Note if you are lactose use soy or almond milks etc.

  21. Wondering if anybody knows. But i know with heroin and other opiates you need to have a window for the drugs to leave your recepors becore you can take suboxone or you will go into precipitated withdraw. Does the same apply for kratom?

    1. PLEASE READ. I am a little disappointed that no one has posted this so far. I just hope everyone new to Kratom understands something, it was not meant to be ingested daily, forever. At higher doses, you WILL experience withdrawal to an extent, if you stop taking it abruptly. It’s no where near as bad as opiod detox, however there is significant discomfort involved. I would recommend tapering yourself down to less than a teaspoon per day before jumping off. You should barely feel the difference, physically. Mental reliance now is a different story. You may be in for a shit show. Please take this seriously. I’ve seen people go through psychological agony trying to get off this shit. Either way, I would definitely admit that Kratom saved my life. Cheers.

    2. No you can actually kick the habit with kratom in fact. Suboxone helps get you off the H but the docs don’t tell you suboxone is also addictive. Suboxone helped get me clean and kratom helped me get off of suboxone. I just wished more people knew how this plant can save lives. Hope this helps

      1. Methadone is what im on and i tried coming off…11 days and i went psycho. Will kratom ween you off methadone. Please email me…

        1. I haven’t had methadone in almost 3 weeks. Wean down as much as possible. I’ve heard horror stories about coming off methadone and people being sick for even a year. Ridiculous fucking sucks. But kratom absolutely has helped. Would have been lost without the stuff!!

      2. I was stuck taking 16mg of Suboxone for almost 10 years. I hate the shit . I have no energy no drive it ruined my life. Got me off opioid but it sucks. I’m trying Kratom to get off Suboxone tonight first dose here we go .

    3. You can take subs directly after kratom ive done it many times…make sure your at least 3 days off dope or you will get thrown into precipitated withdrawal

      1. Thank you for your reply to Adams question! I have been wondering the same thing and have literally been scouring the internet but getting mixed answers but I haven’t seen anything where someone said they have tried it and you’ll be okay. Thank you!! I tried to stop the subs and ended up relapsing and now taking Kratom. I jumped off subs at 20 mg. Stupid! I’m going back on them. I’m a mess right now even with the Kratom. Maybe I’m not taking enough but I was taking 120 capsules a day of the Whole Herb Red Bali – I thought that was a lot. I shouldn’t complain though, it’s DEF been a huge help. I’m going back on the subs though and going to taper off the right way. I can’t fathom the thought of being like this for however long. My doctor appt. is tmrw so perfect timing that I saw this. Talk about the LOA. Luv it! Thank you Rob 🙂

        1. I was on methadone for 3 years. I highly highly recommend tapering down lower than 20 mg of the sub. The kratom will definitely help when you get to a lower dosage and say f it

        2. Hey. What I did was taper down off of the suboxone all the way to what I believe was approximately. .67mg then I broke that in half for a week its hard to calculate the milligrams when you’re cutting the strips into teeny tiny pieces. Anyhow.. Then I did 3 grams of opms maenga da. I was fine! Now I’m clean and sober! You can do it!

    4. No it does not. I didn’t even think about this (probably should have) and took my suboxone like 2 hrs after takings Kratom and I was fine, no withdrawal symptoms.

  22. We all have been lied to and manipulated by big pharma who mfg drugs and doctors who only know how to write prescriptions (doctors are not trained in holistic meds or nutrition)
    Next, drugs work because we aren’t exposed to anything else and we trust our docs and to some extent we trust big pharm because we think “if it was bad our govt. wouldn’t allow it”. It’s o.k. to think this way, very educated people fall prey to the constant barrage of marketing.
    Drugs make us feel better, check.
    Now here’s the money shot. Instead of trying to “get off something” lets try a “lifestyle change”. Start with a whole food plant based diet. Super easy prep extremely healthy, big shot of energy. Your body is craving all sorts of nutrients in addition to drugs yet we often only focus on the drugs. Next, get moving, anyway you can to get some blood circulating it will help to flush your system quicker.
    Join an exercise, or cooking group or anything that gets you away from your regular loser crew.
    If you’re going to use Kratom or weed, or something else, watch that your not just replacing one substance for another s d keep a journal so you know what works and what didn’t.
    Don’t give up. You don’t need to be a slave. You are strong and collectively we send out our energy to help you. Fuck big pharma, let’s hit em where it hurts.

    1. Big Pharma — follow the money. Be afraid, very afraid. Same can be said for big tech.

  23. I used to take kratom in highschool, itd help me stay positive and have alot of energy. After I graduated I developed servere social anxiety and I’m just wondering is kratom would help me be more upbeat and positive? I can barely finish a shift at work without having panic attacks because of how busy my job gets and I really need this job ha

    1. Some people think it works for anxiety, I’ve also heard others use CBD oils without the THC however, if you’re job is one that drug tests I don’t suggest it. This can help in low doses. But finding the root of the anxiety is the true way to help break the cycle. Addressing the issue it even just knowing. Can help lower the severity and possibly stopping most of them all together! Support groups are another good tool. Them more tools in your pocket the better chance of beating the attacks before they become unmanageable. Good luck!

    2. Yes. My situation is very similar to yours and it has saved my life on so many occasions. Just take it. Stay tf away from pills. And rekindle your inner trust for yourself.

  24. After 22 days of Suboxone withdrawal a friend of mine recommended trying Kratom. He told me a quarter teaspoon in my coffee a few times a day will do the trick. This was in May. I am now currently taking about 5 heaping teaspoons throughout the day. Not because I want it but because my body needs it. I am completely physically dependent on kratom. It sucks because I am starting to get the feeling of being depressed not to mention physically dependent and bummed out at myself For another drug to get off of. I was so proud of myself for getting off of the Suboxone and now I have to do this all over again. I am very grateful that I was able to get off of pharmaceuticals and start getting some sleep but now I can’t go 4 hours without the feeling of withdrawal. Therefore I am getting up throughout the night. Any suggestions on tapering off of this stuff?? The dosage that I am currently taking does not give me energy nor does it make me feel better…. it just takes away the withdrawal!

    1. Hey hey! I totally hear you. Alcohol and weed and really anything I could get my hands on was my frug of choice and about 6 months sober from all of it I tried Kratom. Went from 5g at night to 10g 4 times a day. I’m tapering now. Just do it slowly. Start decreasing your dose by .5 each day. So say your taking 5g a couple times a day now cut down to 4.5 for each dose that day, then continue until your done. There’s a ton of supplements that are helpful with the withdrawal symptoms, but if your tapering slowly you shouldn’t get many withdrawals. I’m taking magnesium for the restless legs and melatonin at night for sleep. If you hop on reddit and search for Kratom withdrawal you’ll see a lot of others. Good luck buddy!

    2. Tapering even by just a little helped me! I drink mine in a juice and started adding more juice and lowering my measurements every 3rd-4th day I would do it again. I make my daily amount and would take a drink through out the day. After a few weeks I was down to a 10 g from 70! And just stopped taking all together. Good luck!

    3. I’ve been there. You can do it! Pay for CrossFit.

    4. I have taken, quit, taken, quit kratom for yeeears. Sounds to me like youre getting stagnant strain syndrome. Just switch it up and take less..also, do some research. Not to be mean but you sound very naive to psycoactives, the fact you were ever put on suboxone is a freaking horror story at best. not to sound like that punk uncle, but grow up. Even suboxone is easier to quit than heroine or speed, and i did both for a long time, now i am completely clean and use kratom to curve the urges that i will continue to have for the rest of my life, and im fine with that.

      1. Just because you had an easy time coming off of Suboxone, doesn’t mean that everyone else does. In fact, In my life I have never heard anyone say easier than heroin but exactly the opposite. I think it’s wicked rude of you and you do sound like that punk uncle, exactly that a PUNK telling someone to grow up for having a hard time quitting an addiction. Everyone is different. Like I said just because it was easy for you doesn’t mean it will be easy for everyone else. Why are there so many drug addicts? Hugely because it’s is NOT easy to stop. No one wants to be a drug addict. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be such a huge problem. Get off your high horse! I commend and respect anyone trying to stop living in the hell of addiction. Cuz that’s what it is – he’ll get people keep doing it. Think before you write ignorant comments like that.

  25. kratom gives me energy and helps with social anxiety. i take a low dose. anyone else have this effect?

    1. Yes!! Take maeng da for energy, positive mood n pain relief

    2. What colour do you take

  26. I just started with kratom, white/green blend. I have been taking 4 hydos per day for over 20 years due to severe scoliosis. I started taking 1 capsule every 12 hours. I cut the gyros in 1/2 but noticed pain was still there. I have developed insomnia and have slept very little. I mentioned it to my provider and recommended I try 1 capsule of maeng-da starting slow with 2 capsules per day. I understand I have to find the right dosage for me but in the meantime I really need my sleep. And suggestions?

    1. One or two 00 size capsules will do absolutely nothing. Take 10-15 00 size capsules start with 5 wait 30 minutes and take 2 every 15 minutes until you feel better.

  27. Hey guys, I’ve been in the methodone clinic four 7 years and as of Friday I took my last dose. I’m in acute withdrawals. I have been wanting to try some kartom. I bought red Malaysia. I just taken my first dose. I sure hope this works.

    1. It will work use powder…2 tablespoons…put in hot cup of coffee…then add cool off choke it down…it tastes like crap….3-4 times a day.. It will help stomach issues…it will stop diarrhea…and calm your restlessness….nothing like a real dose of methodone/oxy…..but you will feel 10 times better….it gets better my friend….stick with it….nothing like freedom again…from pharma👍

      1. That’s a pretty high dose to start with, isn’t it?

    2. Hey Hopeful. How are you doing?! Hope you are doing well. Ive never been an addict but I’m sure it can’t be easy. hang in there!

  28. Could someone please tell me how much
    Kratom is in a capsule? I’m new to this since being forced to go cold turkey from opioids
    (SOB’s Big Pharma, FDA, etc)
    It’s been 18 months since my last Narco. The withdrawals weren’t too bad because I went to
    A Doctor that helps b people detox, by giving them Suboxne for 3 months & you have to taper
    Off yourself before the 3 months is done over.
    There’s nothing that replaces Narco pain meds
    Even thou I’m not expecting a miracle- this is SO much better than the old one.
    So I need to know how much K is in a capsule
    In order to figure out my doesage

    1. Each capsule contains 1/2 gram..

      I wish you luck because I’m in the same situation. I’m fed up with PAs in my pain Drs office having a snotty attitude toward me.. I have been a patient for 13 years and they still do this. I’m really over it.

      I have been opioid free for 6 days thanks to Kratom. No withdrawal effects. I as on morphine 30 mg 3x per day and Percocet 10mg 2x per day. I had to reduce my morphine by cutting them in half for several days before doing kratom so the withdrawals wouldn’t be so bad when I jumped off to kratom. It worked like a charm. I did really good and so far, I barely feel 95% of any withdrawal.. once again I wish yo luck.

    2. I’m in the same boat! Going to pic up my order. 250grams of the red white and green(9 ounces for 75$). Been tapering off my subs the past 6 months from 4mg to 3 2 and 1 in about two week time periods after the last day i didn’t have kratom but a substitute called quadrangular leaf (look it up)bc kratom is not sold in the state where i live. Took 5 at a time 3 times a day and now withdrawal what so ever and swapping over to kratom today! Very surprised how this stuff works!!!!!!!

  29. I’m a recovering opioid addict who “was” clean for 7 years, I tried kratom two year ago due to a car accident. I wandered Into a smoke shop to get hookah supplies and was recommended to try it since its “natural”. I hear it works for some people but its wide availability and uninformed salesmen are misleading people. I fear I gotten out of control and have the same urges as opiates. I’m up to about 60g-90g a day of green vein powder. It’s more affordable than other opiates so I can afford it for now but I fear my tolerance will get even higher. I’d like to cut down to a lower amount and possible quit all together. I’m getting married soon and would like to not have to worry about having it on the honeymoon. Any advice on how to cut down easily in 2 months without rehab would be appreciated. Dont let anyone fool you, you can get addicted to this stuff especially if you have history.

    1. Hey Sam.

      I’m in the same boat and here’s my current situation; I’m tapering the shit out of myself with the following help; DLPA, powdered rosemary, and megadose of vitamin C (for how much please refer to the references at the end). In two days I’ve OVER halved my dosing (the amount, not the frequency which is important to note I think) but am still getting up (with slight sweats/chill) too early and hence addition of rosemary AM and PM starting today. I know I’m in WD because I have the loose bowels and am sneezing periodically.

      Only the slightest of dopesick which is a remarkable improvement considering the 3 times i tried WD ‘cold turkey’ and was jumping out of my skin, jumping twitches upon waking, hot/cold/chills… Then I’d just double up my dose upon waking and resign myself to spending my life on kratom. I did this three times. As a result my tolerance went through the roof like yours. :\

      For two days now that I’m feeling better physically (this time, using the taper + comfort supplements) I can get to dealing with my emotional aspect of the W/D (DLPA) whereas before, I was too physically sick to even deal with the mind/brain. I bought my last kilo with the idea that this is my taper order. At this rate, though, I’ll still have 500 grams when i’ve finished. Hell yeah to the Feck Yay!

      When I get to PAWS (post-acute withdrawal) and have the suicidal thoughts/depression I’m staying on my doses of DLPA (purchased from Amazon, Solarray’s version) for at least a month because #1 it’s inexpensive and #2 i’m prone to episodic depression anyway. I was turned onto DLPA from the following information guide which I hope can be of help to others desiring to lessen/WD from kratom (or other opiods):

      DLPA for emotional (depression/taperability) WD:
      Rosemary for physical WD (restless leg/sleep):
      Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) for WD/desire lessening:

    2. Hey man I know what I’m about to suggest won’t sound real because of all the other people regurgitate the same shit. I have a history of addiction myself and what worked for me was focusing and fine tuning my relationship with my spirit. My addiction lead me to God which I know is what happens for a lot of people. Maybe that will work for you or maybe not. But you asked for advice and this is without a doubt the best advice I can give you. With an open heart, reconnect with your spirit. I know you know like I know that there’s no easy road to recovery. This one isn’t either cus for a while you’ll feel like nothing’s happening. But give it a few real days and I promise you’ll get better inshaAllah. Good luck friend.

    3. My advice would be to to not let a substance rule your life. If you are in the habit of making impulse choices you might want to get a handle on that versus blaming the substance

  30. Hi I’m Peggie and I’ve been using heroin snorting it for about a year like a 20 pack a day like a

    1. Is kratom dangerous with moderate alcohol use? I’m still getting my narco but interested to get off them for a plant. Just ordered some on line. A recommendation where to purchase would be appreciated. I watched a special on TV where a scientist went to Thailand and used kratom and talked and studied it.

      The out come was there was nothing wrong with the plant and if anybody was against it they unreasonable . The alcohol use never bothered me. This is with liver enzymes checked every to 6 months because of the norco for over 10 years.

  31. *There is no free lunch people, Kratom isn’t going to magically make opiate withdrawal completely go away. Don’t fool yourself, Suboxone and methadone are merely postponing withdrawal because of their half life.

    Reposted this paragraph to due autocorrect typos.

    1. Well suboxone and methadone have nothing to do with kratom. Kratom helps significantly ease opiate withdrawals through its alkaloids temporarily attaching (rather than binding) themselves to opiate receptors. It does not simply postpone withdrawal. It’s not going to do everything for a recovering opiate addict, but it can make a difference major enough to be life vs. death for the user. Educate yourself rather than doomsaying fear-mongering juxtapositions that make no sense.

    2. What is that supposed to even mean?? You can take yourself off Suboxone and go through zero withdrawals besides being a tiny bit tired, and kratom can help offset any of that . I tapered off 16 mg of sub a day Just by tapering slowly, on the days I felt a little groggy kratom more than helped. Tapering slowly is the key , You should say things to try to inspire people to get off that shit. not scare them.

      1. It’s a more modern way of going about treating addiction but “harm reduction advice” is much better than telling people that they’re addicts and need to stop everything. If Kratom has some risks but Joe blow uses it instead of heroin: that’s better than putting him in treatment where he’s just gunnu crave dope and possibly relapse.

      2. Exactly what i did and no withdrawals so far👌

  32. Hi, I just ordered some Kratom. I ordered white, yellow and red. I I’m a total insomniac and need multiple pills to put me to sleep. I was wondering how many table spoons it will take to guarantee that I will be Knocked out. I’m 6ft tall and weigh 250lbs. Someone please help!

    1. Not much, may a teaspoon or less to start. Try have a teaspoon a few hours before bed in case it kicks hard. If it doesn’t you can always take a little more . Finding your dose is what’s important here

    2. There are diffrent kinds and diffrent blends out there and you can mix em as well I would research how to go about that before mixing anything up. Red seems to be the most sedative IMO. Kratom is a energy booster as well.. (the green) that’s just what I’ve learned so far..

    3. Hey just looking for the right mind set bipolar with major anxiety and depression

    4. Aloha David…Not! Tablespoons…. think smaller! White is the strongest stimulant, I only use that in the morning. Bentuangie is the only strain where I felt a bit ‘knocked out’, red strain too. Yellow is supposed to be relaxing as well. I take only a mim amount mainly for intractable nerve pain. For RLS and sleep, I use passion flower extract, CBD and kava. After reading some of these posts, I am concerned about kratom withdrawal. However it’s either this or some other kind of pain relief.

  33. I have been using Kratom for. 6 years for arthritis. 1 teaspoon am and 1 teaspoon pm. All is well and I dont plan on increasing the dosage. The best wat for me to take it is with orange juice.😁

    1. What type of Arthritis do u have. What were you doing for pain . Does this really help.

  34. I am at the end of a kratom detox. I was taking 25 grams a day 3x a day for a total of 75 grams a day of bali kratom powder. It has been a little over a month and I am down to 5 grams once a day at bedtime because at night I still get the shakes from the detox. One thing I have noticed and am curious to get a little insight on –if I take any opiate (oxycodone, codeine) or benzodiazepine (lorazepam) the kratom blocks both of them,, which is worse than suboxone, which only blocks opiates. Has anyone else been blocked from opiates or benzos while on kratom, and if so, how long do you have to be completely off kratom to not be blocked anymore?

  35. Im needing to know which types to take for energy, i have none due to my medical conditions. Also need for pain management so i can stop the hydro. Have never taken kratom before so doseages would be helpful also

    1. Hey there, I take (9~12) grams in the morning of mang-da powder. I’m 6’3″ 250lbs that’s two or three teaspoons. I have the same symptoms you described. I’ve had multiple surgeries on my back and shoulders. I was in pain management but at the start of 2019 everything changed. Government under big push to get everyone off medications. It doesn’t work like the medications I was taking but it helps. I also noticed more energy. I don’t take it at night. Everyone reacts differently. My suggestion would be a teaspoon (flat measure) in the morning. I take it with warm water followed by coffee. You have to find what works for you. I also found it may take 45min to take effect so I also suggest waiting an hour. I’ve taken more in a short period of time and it was too much not anything bad for me just a little irritable.

    2. Your going to want to go with the MAENG DA it is the best one for energy at least for me I struggle bad with that as well and I am way to young to be dealing with that type of stuff but opiates are the devil. I would start with 3 to 4 capsules and see how you feel the less you take the more stimulating it is the more you take the more numbing and relaxing it is 🙂 hope all is well and good luck to you!!

    3. Barb, White for flight, red for bed and green for in between 🙂 As you figure out what you like you can also mix them! Good luck!

  36. Im needing to know which types to take for energy, i have none due to my medical conditions. Also need for pain management so i can stop the hydro.

    1. As you have probably heard, the green leaf promotes energy, while the red is more for pain management, and relaxing. But they have a lot of overlap, and both would work. MaengDa is supposed to be stronger, but any good Bali green or red will work.
      Start low, and try both. Many people like to mix, to get the most suitable effects.

      One more thing, I won’t advertise for any certain vendor, though I have a few favorites. I WILL say however, do a search for “wholesale kratom”. The prices for a half or a full kilogram (2.2 lbs) will blow away any retailer price.

      1. Exactly! I bought in bulk direct from farm in Indonesia, happy about it. Only thing I wonder about, is shelf life?

  37. needing help with dosage and on about 3 grams of H a day iv user.i just got red vein and white vien 500mg 20ct on both. will this help me kick my detox symptoms down? how much n how often should i take it please email me

    1. yea, you shouldnt have opiate withdrawl of 2-4 grams of kratom.. the red is better for opiate addiction since its more of a pain killer than energy(white/green). i take 4 grams at a time 3 times a day. I Been doin it that way for 5 months. I wish i woulda found this when i was commin off H but i cold turkeyed that shit and it almost killed me. I take the white maeng da… amazing for mind blowing energy without the jitters..Kratom is awesome

    2. Hey guys, I am an individual who has overcome opiate addiction with Kratom. I can give you all of the info you need and would love to help. Email me [email protected]

    3. Go get Maeng Da Kratom. I would mention a specific brand here but I don’t want to appear to be biased in general.

      Take a teaspoon every hour until you don’t feel miserable.

      The risk of taking too much kratom vs being addicted to IV opiates aren’t even measureable.

      When I was getting off of a 5 year 450mg per day Oxycodone habit I was taking a teaspoon in the morning and one at night AFTER I did a 14 day taper down to 60mg without any help. My girlfriend one morning made my dose for me and used a tablespoon and doubled it thinking I wasn’t taking enough. It had no ill effects. I only found out when discussing dosages with her and the possibility of overdosing.

      Do not use Kratom while still taking a “normal” dose of opiates. Take Kratom as a crutch only when you feel miserable from withdrawal. If you do this you won’t get negative effects of Kratom, it will merely act as a tool. And if you take a dose of Kratom don’t expect to feel “good” while in withdrawal, it only takes the edge off and helps you sleep and at first only 10 to 20 minutes after the dose, as time goes on meaning days… expect to be able to sleep longer, and once you can sleep for a few hours, start reducing the Kratom dose so you dont get hooked on Kratom itself which is very unlikely from my experience.

      There is no free lunch people, Kratom isn’t going to magically make update withdrawal completely go away. Don’t fool yourself, Suboxone and methadone or near me postponing withdrawal because of their half life.

      If my post helps one single person then I’m happy. I wish I knew about Kratom years ago.

    4. Buy it by the kilo…you’re likely gonna need an oz at a time for the next bit of time, at least.

    5. Hey! I was an IV H user for 5 years. No Matt what you do, detoxing is scary and sucks but being clean is the best thing in the world. Kratom will definitely take the edge off and sleep will come sooner. I’d go a couple weeks without sleep. My husband and I prefer Maeng Da, loose powder. Since you are a heavy user, you will likely need a stronger dose of Kratom to address withdrawal symptoms. Don’t make the mistake of overdoing it, expecting a magical opiate feeling cause it doesn’t work like that post heroin use. You’ll just feel like shit. Start with a teaspoon and a half. I mix it in oj. Give it an hour and take more if needed. Every humans dosage will vary so a little trial and error period will exist until you find your personal dose. My love and good vibes to you and your journey of getting clean. It’s the hardest thing I put myself through and it took years of trying to actually stay clean. Feel free to email me if you have questions or need support. 💚

  38. Please someone help me I am trying to figure out how to start this… I’m a Fentanyl user I want to be completely sober again. I was told how great Kratom is and was given some by a friend to try. So I have white warrior, green push, rmd and white malanga names might be off because his handwriting is hard to read. Also this is all in powder form. I need to know when it’s safe to start the Kratom and how much I should be taking. I am 31 4”11 and 160 pounds.. Please help me get started guys… I would be greatly appreciated for feedback…

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