Dosage Conversion Chart

Please be aware that the below charts reflect estimates and not exact measurements consistent across all kratom vendors. While it is recommended that you buy a scale to correctly measure your kratom, these charts offer support for those who are unable to do so.

When measuring an extract, we strongly recommend purchasing a small digital scale as they often have a significantly higher degree of variability.

Average Powdered Leaf

1 gram0.035 ounces
50 grams1.75 ounces
100 grams3.5 ounces

Crushed Leaf

1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon0.9 grams
000 Capsule0.70 – 1 gram

Bali Powder

1 Tablespoon6.2 grams
1 Teaspoon2.3 grams
000 Capsule0.75 – 1 gram

Maeng Da Powder

1 Tablespoon7 grams
1 Teaspoon2.6 grams

Green Malay Powder

1 Tablespoon6.9 grams
1 Teaspoon2.4 grams

Extract Capsule Conversion (00 Capsules)

Click On Any Strain Below For More Information:

Extract00 Capsule DosageEquivalent Powdered Leaf
Gold Reserve Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram7-8 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf
ISOL-8 Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-7 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Red Kali Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf

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  1. Thank you so much fir your comments. Ive been using Kratom for about 5yrs and I can only say great things about it.(other than the taste) Ive been struggling with chronic pain for many years from a spinal cord injury. At first I was on some extremely powerful pain meds. After the pain started to lessen a little I was still in need of some major relieif. My docs started to take me off and substituted with 800 mg of ibuprofen. Like that helped. I understand that doctors are under the gun from the DEA and I myself didnt want an opioid addiction. On the other hand I needed relief. I heard about Kratom from a friend who was taking it for his pain and anxiety and said it saved his life. It does work! I lean to the red and green strains. Red is great for pain and relaxation and green really helps my anxiety. All I can say is do your research but dont put too much stock in the FDA and drug companies. They lose money. Be your own advocate and take care of yourself. And I’ve never had a Kratom Blackout. Just sayin.😊

    1. Hi Megan,
      I’m encouraged by your story. I have some nerve pain and am just now finding kratom to be a potential life saver. How do you dose, specifically once or more daily? Do you take “tolerance breaks” or fins a need to increase doses due to tolerance?

      1. I am on pain management for, may as well say, same thing as you. I have used red maeng da capsules for well over a year. In terms of pain relief, I can tell no difference, whatsoever, between it and that one reeeeeeeeeeally popular opioid pain medicine that seems to be every PM Doc’s go-to. Bear in mind, rather, I have found that unless you take enough to get past a certain size/bodyweight threshold, the desired effect (being elated mood/pain relief); taking less than that amount results in more of an energy boost and enhanced focus.

        The Good: when I first tried it, being squeamish, I took 2-3 half-grams…zero pain relief, but I didn’t require my Adderall-at all. At first, in order to achieve anything even close the same critter as the script, I required 3 grams (6’2″ / 220lbs). After a month or so of dosing morning/midday, it took 4g. But the jump to 4.5-5g didn’t take as long…about the same tolerance pattern as the one being substituted, right? Except, it’s not right. Once I hit 8 grams of the red maeng da powder/in caps, dosing 3 times a day, I’ve never actually needed to take more ( I have, mind you…but not for “physical pain” relief). In short, far as actual legitimate functionable pain relief, past 7-9 grams starts seeing diminishing effects. On the other hand, taking 10g….Alright-alright-alright…! and seems there is no upper boundary for that particular feeling…just keeps going and going.

        The Bad: for someone who really does rely on legitimate pain relief in order to be more than a derelict in society, at least, I have found that once you hit the aforementioned diminishing effects, just like anything you can take, ‘used to be a little but a little wasn’t doin,’ but the little gettin’ mowah ‘n mowah ain’t gonna do it either. Again, for PAIN RELIEF. For Euphoria, like I said, you can get as satisfied as you care to with but a soft ceiling (aka nauseous as f*** you take enough). So, yes, you DO require tolerance breaks, from that perspective.

        The Ugly: Early on, I enjoyed telling people that 8 grams of the powder was ideally equivalent to 10mg of public enemy #1, because it was, and is…except for that when you swap back for efficacy, it ain’t no mowah. In fact, it takes a very very long time fasting from it before you get back to where what the doc wrote you will do much better than a placebo. I mean, you’ll know you’ve taken something but whereas it used to be “hot towel on my brain, gimme 10 minutes and I’ll be good,” now it’s “I used to do a little but a little w….”
        Already long story, short, after one month of just kratom (morning/noon/night @ 8g per dose), then fill my script, at no time over the course of 120 pills, do I feel like less than 1.5 my prescribed dose is equivalent to the 8g of kratom. That is the ONLY thing that makes kratom a less than ideal substitute for nerve pain. Still, though, the pros far outnumber the cons.

        I do hope this helps someone with the same/similar question as yours
        Thank you
        Horace Hemphill

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