kratom legality in the United States

Listed as a Schedule 1 controlled substance

Listed as a controlled substance

Legal in state, except in San Diego due to local ordinance.

Legal in state, except for Sarasota Count

Sale of kratom to minors illegal

Defined as a synthetic drug and is banned

Age restrictions for 21 years and older in certain areas.

Mitragynine is listed as a controlled substance, and therefore kratom is illegal.

Kratom is listed as a controlled substance.

Kratom has been illegal for possession but many say it is now legal for sale and consumption.

The primary alkaloids in kratom are listed as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning kratom is illegal in the state.

International Kratom Status

There are only a few countries confirmed to have made kratom illegal at this time. Those countries are Australia, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, United kingdom. Despite these countries banning kratom, usually for politically motivated reasons, you will find that kratom is legal in most of the world.


Kratom isn’t completely banned but it’s legal status remains uncertain in Finland, Denmark, Romania, Germany, and New Zealand. 

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  1. Edna

    It is disturbing that BIG PHARMA and the FDA are trying to hijack Kratom so that they can force people to use their synthetic pain meds that don’t offer 1/4 of the benefit but 110% negative side affects. If the US Government allows this it’s just another example that the Government isn’t for us but for the BIG BUSINESSES and their PROFITS. All positive relief with ZERO psychotropic effect. Rx’s left me stoned these do not! I can actually get out of bed and function trying to survive the chronic pain from autoimmune diseases.

  2. Memphis Kratom

    Just a quick update for Tennessee: Under the Attorney Generals’ interpretation of our label law, kratom leaf and leaf powder products, are permissible for sale to those 21 and over with proper labeling. No extracts, gummies, etc.

    For this reason, we were able to open a 100% kratom-dedicated retail store here in Memphis.

  3. snowtica

    I found this article really helpful for me, I am also doing research on KRATOM on my blog.

  4. Christopher Webber

    Because it’s easier to blame an inanimate object rather than hold a person accountable for his own actions, irresponsibility, and immaturity, you suggest the government takes away yet another freedom from the remainder of the population?

    People like you are why this county has become the joke it is today. Kratom, alone, has killed no one, nor has it been responsible for any significant, recorded adverse medical events. It is also impossible (this may be debatable) to consume a lethal dose of organic kratom (NOT “extracts” and other synthetic products – we’re talking natural kratom). I think the LD50 in animals was such that a person taking the equivalent amount would require more than 90 g of kratom im one sitting.

    Judging by the lack of intelligence and ignorance conveyed by your comment, you will probably want to Google “LD50,” but, in short, kratom is nowhere near the villain the FDA portrays – no matter how many fake reports they disseminate.

    Maybe you can humor us – what empirical evidence do you have that your “loved one’s” issues were caused by kratom? I hate to break it to you, but it sounds like he/she is abusing real drugs -not kratom. Do you even know what the Socratic method is?

    The fact that there are people like this – who essentially beg our government to make their decisions for them due to a lack of ability to govern themselves – is terrifying. I’ll hate to see the condition this country is in even 10 years from now.

  5. Jennifer

    This WONDERFUL plant based substance is nothing more than an addiction waiting. This has totally taken over my loved one and made him into an absolute horrific mess. It has robbed him of the honest and decent man he was. He has put his life and family on the line for this deceitful substance. The promise of making you feel good does nothing but increase your need to use more…the constant chase of feeling “good.” This substance is a lie and just another way to ruin your life. This should be banned everywhere…and there is a reason why several countries and states have chosen to do so….keep making excuses and looking for that miracle drug that does not exist…
    Such a sad excuse and a complete disgrace to see this sold in attempt to improve ones life…
    This ruins ones relationships, morals and overall meaning in life…
    Addiction is sad…it takes away ones love of life.

    1. Adam

      Why would you simply assume that your loved one is a representation of all kratom users? Why should everyone be denied kratom because your loved one is a disaster? And if you think kratom is the sole source of his despair, then you are in denial. Stop posting doomsday comments and let people make their own choices regarding what’s best for them. It is clear that the effects of kratom on people in opiate withdrawal are overwhelmingly positive. So pipe down and let people live life on their own terms. I truly hope your loved one can find meaning in his life again. Kratom is the main reason I was able to rediscover meaning in my own life.

      1. Edna

        This couldn’t be more wrong. Kratom has been a saving grace. I have debilitating pain from multiple auto immune diseases including AS and Lupus. The pain is excruciating and there are days I can’t stand or walk. I found Kratom and finally can get relief. I do not use it every day as anything has the potential to become dependent or tolerant. Ambien stopped working years ago. There are people with chronic illness who DO NOT ABUSE their medications. People who are using substances for recreational use or that have addiction issues aren’t the same as those of us desperate to find pain relief. Cannibis is another example Ive never abused it, though use it to sleep. Some people find cannabis addictive others have NO issues. The issue is with those who have addictive personalities going out and abusing substances. Your brother has the issues, not the Kratom. Had it been used properly and for the right reasons it’s an amazing plant.

  6. Billy Crockett

    I’ve been taking Kratom every morning for anxiety. Works much been than CBD. I quit about 6 months into it and felt no withdrawals. I’m down with it. Give me a bit of pep and a feeling of well being. I’m a former junkie that is sober 32 years. I’m 65 now and it’s great to find something that actually works. $150 500mg capsules for $30. Need I say more?

    1. Lisa

      Thanks Billy. I have just started using Kratom. I am also clean & sober 28 yrs. 65 years old. I’m looking for some relief for the pain from major
      injures from the past. A beginner again. Lisa

      1. Joe

        Recovered 10 yrs sober. 64. It’s fantastic. 6 mos. use it when my shoulder injury acts up. I have no desire to drink.

    2. Edna

      Billy what site do you purchase off of?

  7. Rick

    Kratom is a miracle plant and has enhanced my life tremendously. I no longer need anti-depressant’s for anxiety issues. I am “freed” from the ball-and-chain of pharmaceutical drugs. Also my the evening glasses of wine are a thing of the past. Since I have found kratom it seems my immunity system has benefited as I don’t get sick anymore (knock on wood). It also enhances my mental focus, which is critical at my job. I am exposed to multiple viruses working in a hospital and its amazing how if I do feely any cold or flu symptoms, they quickly go away so any potential germs cant get a hold on me. What the FDA is trying to do is ban kratom for its own personal agenda, mostly greed. Due to the latest kratom “craze,” it has cut into huge profits of the pharmaceutical companies, which they were becoming very accustomed to. Everybody going off their meds now, prescribed by doctors. Money being lost here. The government hates this! I don’t have any negative side-effects from kratom at all, except constipation. Yes, I do admit I am addicted, but I am also “addicted” to insulin, blood-pressure, and cholesterol medication , so what’s the big deal? if I have to use kratom the rest of my life to keep me staying healthy, off psych meds, booze and nicotine, in my opinion its worth being addicted to. If this stuff gets banned, I don’t know what I will do but it will be a huge negative infringement on the quality of my life.

    1. L Avery

      Info is old, and laws have changed. You need to update.

      1. Jimi

        Hello could ou please specify what info is old? Are there any new countries that have banned Kratom or have made legal? Thank you for your time and the information. Take care

    2. Chris Kaaumoana

      So very true my friend…. Perfect wording and I totally agree as all of my over 2000 FRIENDS THAT USE REGULARLY…..Thank you for you intelligent report that should be stamped world wide…

  8. Sarah French

    My husband and I have been “burning” Kratom for nearly two years now.. within these two years we have both gone cold turkey on methamphetamines, prescription antidepressants, alcohol and tobacco. We have busted our backs to give our children a safe home, to be the parents that they deserve and to be PRESENT! That might not seem like a big deal, but let me explain. When you are an addict.. regardless if it’s drugs, caffeine, TV, porn. Etc.. you use your addictions to escape your currently reality. My husband and I have learned how to be present.. to feel, not to run from problems.. to grab the bull by it’s horns and win! As a former addict, this is HUGE! Our sobriety, our lifes we have worked soo hard to have, all of the obstacles we have over came and continue to strive.. our children’s and our own happiness.. it is all thanks to Kratom and Faith! Faith in one another.. faith in Kratom.. PLEASE, everyone sign as many petitions as you can! Tweet, call, email,fax, text.. do whatever you can to help us keep this God Made plant. I have no doubt in my mind if Kratom becomes illegal, my husband and I will use and lose everything. We will fail… their will be soo many lifes torn apart and lost if Kratom is taken from us. Fight the opiate battle! Help us keep the life we have caught soo hard to have!! #IAMKRATOM

    1. Joshua Cofelice

      Hi Sarah, Thank you for all you explained above!!!! I have been reading a lot about kratom and the working benifits it has helped for many people for many serious conditions to keep from using multiple, Very addictive Narcotic Medications(suboxone, xanax, etc…) that will take control of ones life and will sooner or later spiral out of control from dependence that will eventually become a daily occurance! I was in a in-house 30 + day detox program that I walked away from after 2 days cause my withdrawaling sickness could not deal with all the rules and regulations and the 1 main fact I had to quit smoking cigarettes that I truly believe helps my nerves and aneixty while I am detoxing from 20+ yrs of constant substance abuse!Im so glad that You and husband are doing better and hopefully still clean and living the best lives ever,, for your sake and just important your children’s well being and happyness! Unfortunately we all only get 1 life to live and deserve the best while we are here! I believe Kratom extracts is the only thing that adds personal willpower to not give in(relapse) when experiencing a nasty mental and physical roller coaster that opiates and other chemicals have caused and wants to trigger your every thought to use again just to feel better and not deal with a long recovery and maintaining it forever! I am taking the Red Strain and actually was able to finally sleep a few hours after 4 days of shaking legs syndrome and cold sweats, insomnia ,etc… If it wasn’t for this Kratom, I’m almost positive I would be back on the streets finding the wrong “cure “for my sickness and mental battle I go thru every waking minute! I can go on and on but thank you again for your Inspirational story and helping me gain hope for another chapter in my life that I CAN AND WILL be in charge of without depending on pills, Etc….! Hope ALL is well in you’re neck of the woods and will always continue in that manner! Thanks Again, Josh from Baltimore, Md

      1. Tracy L Lehane

        Natural does not always equal safe. Kratom has not been studied enough yet to make any claims as to its benefits, safety, or risks. I hope you can see why people would be concerned, in the wake of the opiate epidemic in the U.S., they don’t want to tell people that it is safe to use and then in 10 years find out they were very wrong. Opium is also “natural” but not exactly risk free is it? Cocaine is pretty natural and it too can be dangerous. So please stop, with the all natural-cure all- snake oil salesman sh*t.

        1. Jerry Clifford

          I respect ur point of view and ur right opium is a natural plant, however cocaine isn’t, yes it comes from coco leaves which by themselves aren’t very beneficial, there is a long process before it becomes cocaine, involving petroleum and several other unnatural chemicals added in, a bit of research can go a long way!!

        2. Edna

          No but I don’t need studies when I have personally used myself as a guinea pig. Prescription pain meds are awful, horrible side effects with little benefit and highly addictive. BUT that is ok as they are synthetic and benefits BIG PHARMA. I don’t need a double blind study to know that I am off of the opiods and benzos and am managing my chronic pain due to AS and Lupus. BIG PHARMA and the FDA are crooked. Seriously you don’t believe that the FOOD PYRAMID is for our health and saftey do you? The Food Pyramid is dictated by what products are being pushed. There are NO health benefits and the PYRAMID actually leads to DISEASE. So sorry but no I don’t trust the FDA to protect me. They are here to protect BIG Pharma and make money!!

  9. deborah badawi

    I have fibromyalgia, RA,OA, diabetes, neuropathy,metabolic bone disease,anemia, but d n cal deficiencies. In looking for something more natural. Are there samples to try


      Hey.. I would definitely try these before going straight to paim meds & management. Some people also go for physical therapy, massage therapy and such so u can try them too. Good luck & lmk what you think

    2. dave

      red vein Maeng Da should help google the Kratom Bible.Good luck.

    3. Edna

      Several online companies sell sample packs. Great way to try it out without dumping a lot of money.

    4. Edna

      You can buy sample packs.

  10. Adrian F Esponera

    Can anyone source the specific statue that makes selling Kratom illegal in Louisiana? Please and thanks!

    1. Curle

      Doesn’t exist

  11. terri

    Need to know which kratom to buy. Fighting cancer wo standard chemo/radiation and pain is untreated by drs because of my refusal to do the treatments. I have high blood pressure and need to be careful about stimulants. I havent had any trouble with opiods and they drop the bp actually. Thanks for any advice and if there is a sample pack that would be good for me, let me know also. So far, from reading, it seems that the maeng da strain might be the best pain reliever but not sure. thanks. terri btw, can i pay w pp?

    1. Coltin j Howell

      Use kratom for pain but i u want natures way of deffeting cancer use apricot seeds in side the seed of a apritot is a seed that resembles a allmond and in this almond like seed from the apricot is the rare vitamin B17 and if you use good-quality quantities organic seeds that vitamin B17 will kill the cancer use this the mainstream media will tell you that apricot seed has cyanide in it which is a false fact it is not poisonous and I have eaten in myself eat a couple of day to prevent cancer and eat up to 20 a day and it’ll kill cancer faster than you can believe it

    2. Billy Carter

      In all honesty when fighting cancer or any other serious life-threatening disabilities not taking away from fighting addiction to opiates or any other thing but with serious life-threatening disabilities like you have it is always best and I mean always best to consult your physician first Kratom is a wonderful substitute for many pharmaceutical drugs but nobody except for a physician can tell you if you should be completely substituting all of your drugs with this all natural herbal medicine now you may be able to combine this with those meds that you need to be on but my suggestion coming from a widower who lost his wife a few years ago and is raising five daughters on his own I am all that they have left so don’t do anything they would put that time at risk by thinking that this is a permanent substitute it for you may be a viable additive to some of your medications but as far as your pain medications go this would be a suitable all natural supplement to add

    3. Patricia

      I’m fighting cancer also. When I go to my appointments no doctor has asked me about my pain. I find this disturbing!! I came home from a procedure and couldn’t stand up straight I was in so much pain, my son got me a couple of gummie bears with CBD oil. I fell asleep and woke up 2 hours later and guess what NO pain. Good Luck in your fight!!

    4. paddo

      I researched alternative treatments for cancer quite a bit, for 2 different people. I also have MS in nutrition. I don’t know about B17 but woudn’t hurt to try it.
      Waht I do know about:
      Best way is “shotgun” approach. TAke whatever alt remedies you can find because everyone is different, there’s not much formal research so not all the remedies will work on any one person.

      – Carbohydrate excess may predispose to cancer, but also causes a lot of other health issues eg diabetes, so it’s a great move to greatly reduce carbs. I’m no keto diet myself.
      Keto diet is said to starve cancer cells which depend on carbs, but I haven’t researched that myself.

      – one school of thought is that acidity causes cancer, so advocate maintaining high enough pH of tissues (not blood which is tightly regulated but the body) with “alkalyzing” foods and/or baking soda
      – Essiac, herbal formula (4 herbs)formula available online and online is bet cheapest way to buy if you shop around. I gave this to my dad along with fresh vegetable juice 2x a day (carrot, celery and a little raw beet root) and he went into remission. But I don’t know whehter it was the juice or the essiac or both.

      – vit C infusion at least once a week. this is a huge dose of vitamin C, about 20 g in a sitting. It’s a very powerful anti-cancer and is non-toxic, except there might be some health toll for some people, eg it’s claimed hi dose vit C can cause kidney stones but even then it’s better than cancer right??

      – quercitin

      – high dose digestive enzymes., eg Intenzyme forte

      there’s quite a few more, ca’nt remember right now but these may be all most people need.

  12. John Herron

    Is kratom legal in Panama , central america?

  13. Angi

    I would like any suggestions as to which Kratom strain works best with MS/Crohns patients. I am currently legal with my medical marijuana card yet the cost at my dispensary makes it difficult to maintain my sources of dealing with my pain. My son discovered Kratom through his recovering opioid addicted friend stemmed from a botched surgery. My son was a prime candidate for ADHD or possibly Bi Polar meds but he has refused to take that route (thankfully). Kratom has changed his outlook on life & he currently takes business courses to further his knowledge about how to legitimately run a rather successful company he now owns. I’m not into all of the meds all of my doctors offer to prescribe. My main medicine to help slow the progression of my spinal & brain lesions has an annual cost of $134,000 of which my spouse’s insurance covers 80%. The 20% is still a chunk to handle with four children in college plus daily life necessities so the Kratom seems to be worth trying. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Chris

      Have you ever considered curcumin?
      Do smell research
      God bless and Good Luck

      1. Chris

        Dern spell checker
        Some research

  14. Bob

    Big pharmaceutical companies want you to be addiction to painkillers. Kratos on the other hand is the only natural alternative. Everyone that iv seen on suboxone has been on then for years & they would much rather trade them for her in or opiods. Kratom works (not nearly like a hard drug. But it works enough & because the government isn’t controlling it the price is 5 to 15 dollars a day instead of hundred of dollars a day for most real users. I’m not saying anyone that has no addiction problem should even try it. But for those wi the serious problems I would give them this before I told them to go to rehab & ruin there medical record. I watched over a dozen people die from her in & pills. & I’ve watched 4 of the 5 people iv turned on to Kratos quit. They are all over a year clean (not even taking kratom) & the best is 5 years clean. It’s when people make extracts like they did withe Salvia years back & starred making 25x &50x. & a lot of people can’t handle that. But as someone who spends $300 a day on opoids. 10 to 20 a day is the difference between losing my house, going broke, & breaking the cycle of crushing up a pill. I have heard zero bad effects of this plant. & they only time you will is when someone who doesn’t need 8t takes it in insane doses or they start making synthetic consentrates to potent. I spend $20 today instead of 200 or more. & I still have 2/3rd of it left. & instead of missing work I put in a full day no problem. There is no buzz if done properly. But just like jerkoffs took grandma’s angel trumpet flowers & hallucinate & die ( I watched someone on them run in front of a Ford bronco doing 55mph & died.) You can’t ban everything in this world just to control the poeple. Weed should be legal & so should naturally occurring plants. & companies like activis, Mallinckrodt, vintage pharmaceutical should be shot. This plant has saved a half dozen of my friends from certain death. Take that away from us & more drug deaths,crimes, & addiction will follow

    1. paddo

      You can do kratom a hell of a lot cheaper than that if you can handle the bitterness of kratom powder. Even retail it is $10 per ounce (about 6 doses if dont’ have much tolerance), but you can get it online if you shop around for about $70 a pound! That’s about $5/ounce dirt cheap.

  15. Justin

    Man, I completely sympathize with you. I developed panic disorder and severe anxiety a few years ago and it has been pure hell. I’ve been put on Paxil (paroxetine HCL) off and on to treat the panic attacks and that works very well though I have found that kratom is a much better drug for it. I sometimes will have a series of random panic attacks once a year or so and I will get on paxil for a few months and then taper off; that seems to alleviate the panic attacks for quite a while and I take kratom every day to keep it under control.

    Another great thing about it as a medicine/psychoactive and shamanic tool is that it has helped me tremendously to better myself by keeping the anxiety at bay so I can desensitize to prior anxiety/panic triggers, thus slowly breaking the anxiety down completely.

    Wonderful, beautiful plant. Such a powerful healer and helper.

  16. Chris

    I have recently read about a proposed ban on Kratom in New Jersey. Source at the bottom of my post.

    The media outlets as well as the proposer are using statements like “This drug is addictive as cocaine and gives a high like heroin,” “There are people getting high around here. Kids are dying.”
    and I believe he is or has connections with a suboxone doctor.

    He also stated “There is no research that this drug has any medicinal benefits,”
    (Source: There aren’t many studies on kratom at all, and I believe the fact that this means there a no confirmed negative effects, this statement is entirely moot, but will be perceived as true to his withholding of facts. And jesus Christ that statement about Cocaine…

    More importantly, this is disgusting, morally wrong, and terrifying to me. Kratom saved my life, it got me off heroin after 3 years as an addict. I also have had anxiety issues since I was a very young child, so bad it prevents me from living my life because I’m so afraid to be outside my house. I’ve been offered a script for Xanex and I turned it down because, even if does make it go away, I’m so afraid it’ll just become another addiction. I don’t want to be shackled to big pharma and have to worry about keeping my script valid every month. I’ve taken very long breaks from kratom, sometimes months long, and i notice (and this is anecdotal, I know) no withdrawal symptoms aside from feeling a little drained for a day. I don’t steal and lie to get my fix, I just shrug and forget about it until I decide to order more.

    I can live without it, I wouldn’t be roaming the city looking for dealers for Kratom. But I don’t know what to do about the anxiety if its banned. For 18 years of my life I thought I would NEVER be free from it. I finally find this miracle plant, and now they want to ban it. It’s saved my life and I’ve seen it save others

    The main reasons I’m posting here, though, is that I’d like to inform others about it, and if you’d like to assist in getting the word out it would be greatly appreciated. Also, what can I do to fight this? How can I have my voice heard?

    1. Cat O.

      Go to americankratomsociety’s website and sign the petition also write to all state government it explains on the website im also from jersey and im so upset they are trying to do this when all its done for consumers is help with pain and opiate addiction as well as anxiety sleeplessness depression better then the addictive medications that dont work big pharm forces down our throats

  17. Lori Mooney

    Would like to try samples of some super indo and Bali for my fibromynalgia.

    1. Shane

      Kratom has saved my life from the pain and misery that a car accident can bring. I love you kratom you are such a beautiful plant. I stopped drinking I stopped doing oxy I stopped doing subs plus I work full time in the past when I was doing all the other addictions I never had a job that I could hold down now I love my job I’m pretty much my pain scale is a 4 that just beautiful all from the plant named kratom thank you kratom. Pipe down there Jennifer we all don’t have to listen to you you don’t wear the king throne so back off now….lol peace everyone……Shane….PS you politicians just keep your hands off kratom just leave it alone nobody is dying any longer like the opiate crisis pills pills pills go to hell pharmaceutical companies evil CEOS. MUCH LOVE TO EVERYONE. RELAX N ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS THAR ARE AROUND US EVRRYDAY.❤️❤️❤️🌞🌞🌞

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