Kratom Legality

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International Kratom Status

There are only a few countries confirmed to have made kratom illegal at this time. Those countries are Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Despite these countries banning kratom, usually for politically motivated reasons, you will find that kratom is legal in most of the world.

Kratom isn’t completely banned but it’s legal status remains uncertain in Finland, Denmark, Romania, Germany, and New Zealand.


United States Legal Status

Currently, Kratom is legal in all states except Indiana.

In Louisiana and Tennessee, the laws are open to interpretation but Kratom is currently illegal to sell for human consumption. To our knowledge, no one has ever been prosecuted for possession of Kratom in the US.


Keeping Kratom Legal

The following resources are dedicated to the fight against misinformation and political influences in the continued access to Kratom worldwide (Please inform us if you know of a valuable resource that should be added):

 Botanical Legal Defense: The Botanical Legal Defense is dedicated to fighting over-reaching government criminalization of nature’s most significant gifts. Chief among these is Mitragyna speciosa (aka Kratom), a natural analgesic, muscle relaxer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. This herbal supplement from southeast Asia has been widely misrepresented as dangerous and without medical value, when the truth is that is has already been under the scrutiny of the scientific community and has been found to be not only benign, but highly therapeutic.


Current Areas Where Kratom Is In Dispute


3 thoughts on “Kratom Legality

  1. @Chris
    Man, I completely sympathize with you. I developed panic disorder and severe anxiety a few years ago and it has been pure hell. I’ve been put on Paxil (paroxetine HCL) off and on to treat the panic attacks and that works very well though I have found that kratom is a much better drug for it. I sometimes will have a series of random panic attacks once a year or so and I will get on paxil for a few months and then taper off; that seems to alleviate the panic attacks for quite a while and I take kratom every day to keep it under control.

    Another great thing about it as a medicine/psychoactive and shamanic tool is that it has helped me tremendously to better myself by keeping the anxiety at bay so I can desensitize to prior anxiety/panic triggers, thus slowly breaking the anxiety down completely.

    Wonderful, beautiful plant. Such a powerful healer and helper.

  2. I have recently read about a proposed ban on Kratom in New Jersey. Source at the bottom of my post.

    The media outlets as well as the proposer are using statements like “This drug is addictive as cocaine and gives a high like heroin,” “There are people getting high around here. Kids are dying.”
    and I believe he is or has connections with a suboxone doctor.

    He also stated “There is no research that this drug has any medicinal benefits,”
    (Source: There aren’t many studies on kratom at all, and I believe the fact that this means there a no confirmed negative effects, this statement is entirely moot, but will be perceived as true to his withholding of facts. And jesus Christ that statement about Cocaine…

    More importantly, this is disgusting, morally wrong, and terrifying to me. Kratom saved my life, it got me off heroin after 3 years as an addict. I also have had anxiety issues since I was a very young child, so bad it prevents me from living my life because I’m so afraid to be outside my house. I’ve been offered a script for Xanex and I turned it down because, even if does make it go away, I’m so afraid it’ll just become another addiction. I don’t want to be shackled to big pharma and have to worry about keeping my script valid every month. I’ve taken very long breaks from kratom, sometimes months long, and i notice (and this is anecdotal, I know) no withdrawal symptoms aside from feeling a little drained for a day. I don’t steal and lie to get my fix, I just shrug and forget about it until I decide to order more.

    I can live without it, I wouldn’t be roaming the city looking for dealers for Kratom. But I don’t know what to do about the anxiety if its banned. For 18 years of my life I thought I would NEVER be free from it. I finally find this miracle plant, and now they want to ban it. It’s saved my life and I’ve seen it save others

    The main reasons I’m posting here, though, is that I’d like to inform others about it, and if you’d like to assist in getting the word out it would be greatly appreciated. Also, what can I do to fight this? How can I have my voice heard?

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