There are a few popular methods of using powdered leaf, but the most common are “toss and wash“, mixing with food, and preparation as a tea. The following is a guide to help users discover their favorite way to enjoy kratom:


“Toss and wash” is basically just spooning the powder into your mouth and washing it down with a liquid.
This is the most “difficult” method but likely gives the strongest effects. The powder is incredibly dry and will stick to your mouth and throat, causing many to gag or cough “blow” the dry powder out of their mouth. If using this method of consumption, it is best to spoon small amounts at a time.


 Kratom can also be mixed into a food.

ice cream and coffee prepOur favorites recipes include mixing with apple sauce or ice cream!

Other good suggestions include mixing with chocolate almond milk or chocolate protein powder.

Keep in mind that kratom has a strong flavor and may not mix well in certain foods. Also, you will not reduce the efficacy of kratom if you take it with small amounts of food or any of our recommended recipes.

User Food Recipes (If you have a favorite recipe, feel free to send it to us to post!)

  • Reddit User nicolio8699:
    1/2 c vanilla yogurt (I used light & fit, but Greek would most likely be better because of its thicker consistency)
    1/4 c. lemon juice
    1 TBSP of powdered bali


Kratom tea
Kratom tea

 Lastly, preparation as a tea is convenient and effective. 
It is important to note that only powdered leaf should be used to make tea. Extracts should not be used.

Start by measuring out between 1 teaspoon of powdered leaf. Using an extract is not recommended, as the hot water may break down some of the alkaloids, there’s no added benefit, and it’s more expensive. Boil 2-4 cups of water. The more water you use, the less strong the flavor, but as long as you drink it all the effects will be exactly the same.

Put the kratom powder into a large cup or container with a pour lip, and pour the boiling water on top. Stir until it is thoroughly mixed. Be sure there aren’t any clumps of dry powder. I highly recommend adding sugar, artificial sweeter, or honey (honey works the best to cut the bitterness), and stir. If using artificial sweetener, 2 packets is a good starting amount. Let sit until cool (at least 15 minutes), stirring occasionally.

Once cooled, allow the powder to settle to the bottom. Pour the tea into a drinking cup, and enjoy! At this point you can add more sweetener to taste, or add water or ice cubes to dilute the flavor. As long as you drink all of the liquid, the effects will be the same.

User Tea Recipes (If you have a favorite recipe, feel free to send it to us to post!)


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 spearmint teabag
  • 1 chamomile teabag
  • 2 teaspoons kratom
  • sugar, honey or artificial sweetener to taste
  • 1 teapot (I use something like this)

Double/triple/etc. the quantities to make a bigger batch.


  1. Boil water in a kettle.
  2. Put both teabags and kratom in the teapot and pour boiling water over top.
  3. Let it steep for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Remove teabags.
  5. Put teapot in fridge and let it sit overnight. Kratom will settle to the bottom.
  6. In the morning, slowly pour the tea into a glass. Be sure to stop pouring once you notice the plant matter is about to come out of the spout. There will be a layer of kratom sludge left in the teapot—just dump it down the sink.
  7. Sweeten tea and drink! (I like to use two packets of Sweet’N Low.)



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  1. I am looking for a new delivery method. I suffer from chronic degenerative joint disease and I have been using kratom daily for about 3 years now instead of prescribed opioids. I mix 20-21 grams of leaf powder into an ice cream and almond milk shake. When I started using kratom I used 5-7 grams. So you do build a tolerance to it. I have experienced withdraw if I skip my evening shake. Basically some heavy night sweats and maybe a little extra aches the next morning but not sure on that because of my chronic pain.

    I am wondering if making a tea would allow me to reduce my dosage or if I would still need the same amount of powder. I only use green strains because of the pain relief + stimulant effect, typically Maeng Da, Malay, or Super Green. Thanks for any suggestions.

  2. Gosh y’all ladies are an inspiration. I have horrible fibromyalgia and chronic pain….I don’t get outta the bed some days. I’m new to kratom….what do you suggest and how much….I also have horrible insomnia. I take Percocet for the pain…but don’t want to be beholden to Drs

  3. I used kratom in gel cape(bought at vape shop) to get off oxycontin after toe amputated. Three days of about 2 grams 3 times a day. Worked great….I found the price to be a bit high(25 bucks an ounce) so now I import it myself and sell it 5 bucks an ounce. I’ve got some customers who buy it by the kilo. F the FDA.

    1. Congrats bro. I used it to get off suboxone after 3 years and about 15 of oxycontin and heroin addiction. It’s been almost a year and a half free from all opiates and all pharma’s as well because it did what no other benzo could do, stop my painc attacks. It truly saved my life so it always makes me happy to hear a story like yours. For sure you could’ve gotten kg’s for anywhere between $70-$90 in the states of high quality but it’s cool you’re having luck with importing. I started the same way, paying $60 a week for 100g’s from a local botanical shop until i finally found certain sites online that had the info I was looking for. Congrats again man!

  4. My personal recipe:
    1 tbsp Nesquick powder mix
    1/4 cup Coconut Milk
    1 tbsp of lemon juice
    Mixed with whatever your dose is. From what I read the good fatty lipids work well with the alkaloids and seems to stretch it out a bit. I started out with toss and wash and I just think it’s silly. This masks just about all the bitterness of the kratom and never seemed to hinder effects at all…

  5. Kratom has helped me enormously . I was in a motorcycle crash, spent 5 days in a coma, one month later someone crashed my car. I was a passenger. That night someone beat me and I spent another 3 days in a coma. 4 months to walk again. I discovered kratom. I can now walk without a Walker. Without it I would be related to a life of pain between wheelchair and Walker. Please stop the government from scheduling a food. Kratom is letting me rebuild my life. 65 and trying.

    1. I commend you for your tenacious spirit, hon. I had an infection in my spinal cord that got in there bc of an unsterilized surgical scalpal used during my FIRST back surgery. 3 months later I ended up in the hospital on IV antibiotics 24/7 for 8 days, had my SECOND surgery to irrigate and flush the infection out of my spinal fluid, died on the table twice, and left the hospital completelt paralyzed from the knees down and was told I’d never walk again.
      That was in 2014, and today I can walk, drive, and run short distances (I look funny doing it, though) all without assistance or prostethics. My tendons and nerves suddenly woke up and began regenerating after 14 months! I, like you, will live with pain for the rest of my life. Kratom has given me a quality of life I thought was impossible, I agree that the government needs to butt out regarding this “miracle” plant. They tell us not to self medicate with street drugs, they make getting pharmaceuticals for pain mgmt a NIGHTMARE, and now they want to F*** this up for us, too! Hang in there, if enough of us stand together, we can keep the FDA out of it! Good luck to you, and Good job on your recovery!

      1. Gosh y’all ladies are an inspiration. I have horrible fibromyalgia and chronic pain….I don’t get outta the bed some days. I’m new to kratom….what do you suggest and how much….I also have horrible insomnia. I take Percocet for the pain…but don’t want to be beholden to Drs

  6. Great idea I’m gonna try that

  7. I’ve been doing toss and wash for about a year, and I’ve gotten good at it. I used to get headaches and took BC powders or Goody headache powders and the toss and wash method is a lot like taking those. I take it for insomnia and it’s a lifesaver really. Tonight I’m going to try to make a tea with a filter and see how that works for me. Someone told me if you steep a good long time ( two hours) it is very potent.

  8. I use a percolator to brew my kratom and I do it by the gallon. How much grams should I use for a moderate dose for a gallon? And then how many grams for a high dose for a gallon? Thank you!

  9. I found something that works great for me. I get The applesauce in the lunch size containers. (4 oz, I believe). I put it in a plastic zip lock bag and refill the empty container with whatever kratom I am making and put it in the ziplock bag. I then add a 3 tablespoons of cinnamon (totally optional but it helps with both taste and metabolism. I’ve also been known to use other flavorings – almond, vanilla, orange, etc. extract). Into the bag it goes. Finally, I fill the container with some liquor- rum, vodka, tequila, whatever – I’ve even used frangelica or amoretto. I figure that alcohol helps preserve it, gives it a better kick, and improves the taste. After pouring that into the bag and zip it up. I can mix it simply by kneeding the bag until everything mixes into a consistency, somewhere between sludge and mud. – different kratom comes out differently). Since I rotate my kratom I do one green and one white and I am set for the week. I refrigerate it but the bags are nice because they can be carried. It doesn’t taste great but it’s not awful either. Since the mix is basically equal parts of applesauce, alcohol and kratom Ive found I can simply triple the amount I was taking in dry form by volume. (That may not work for everyone – probably a little “generous” if your dose is large). I’ve been doing it this way for about two years – it’s easy and effective.

  10. I take 4 to 5 grams of kratom tea and mix with a small glass of hot tap water. I let it sit for 5 minutes to steep. I skim off the top, which is not necessary, but I do bc I easily get indigestion. After 5 minutes I fill up the remainder of the glass of Kratom tea with pulp free OJ. Then I pour it into a larger glass filled with ice. It taste like OJ and grapefruit juice mixed. Not bad seeing as how no one drinks Kratom for the taste. 😉 Your welcome!

  11. I measure out about 7grams and dump it into a small glass of orange juice. The acid helps the alkaloids work more efficiently (grapefruit is best, but I can’t stand it). CBD oil has also been added to my daily routine. The combination of the two have easily cut my pain levels in half, if not more on some days. I go with a mix of green MD or green Malay and white thai and about 50mg of CBD oil when I wake up. By the time I’m done showering and getting ready for work, my pain level drops off and I’m more alert and don’t have any morning haze/fog. On high pain days, I swap to red thai or red bali. I’m starting to experiment with golds/yellows as they are supposed to have a really good balance. But mixing it with OJ and chugging it has worked very well for me. I also do my own capsules, but as mentioned, it takes 10 – 12 caps (00 size).

  12. Just discovered Kratom . And boy am I a happy camper. Pain level at least 90% down. Can live with that. I was told to take the powder mixed with grapefruit juice and I cannot consume grapefruit because it does not work well with other heart meds I have to take. But I bought some capsules and one to 2 of those with some orange juice is like a miracle. Am experimenting with sizes of caps and how many work the best but I feel like I have been liberated. Hope this does not fail me. Good luck to you all .

  13. I usually parachute my kratom. I take 1 square of single thickness toilet paper, if multilayer I pull them apart, put tablespoon of kratom in the middle, grab opposing corners, both ways bringing them into the middle to look like a little sachel, twist them together then put that on my tongue then take usually orange juice and take a big gulp and down goes the dose, just be careful not to take to big dose because it will get stuck, its much better to take 2 smaller doses back to back. I also have a capsule machine and fill my own capsules, filling capsules is time consuming though. Toss and wash makes me gag sometimes and then the whole dose is in the toilet.

    1. Use a spring roll wrap cut into 4s. They’re less than $3 and last a while. That way you don’t ingest toilet paper.

    2. Totally going to try this it’s kinda old school but definitely going to try so thanks

  14. I just add 4 ounces of water to powder in a cup and stir. Drink. And I get relief in minutes!

    1. Hey sweetie how much powder do I use?

      1. I would soak 2 teaspoons of kratom in a cup then pour the water over it citrus makes it work stronger

    2. Thats the same thing i do lol

  15. dont dump the sludge it still has alkaloids ..use it again!

  16. For my sister and I couple tea spoons and a large sip of coffee ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. 30 min later pain back under control and (depending on the strain) my anxiety is under control as well as her depression and low energy.

  17. I toss dry powder and wash it down with not super hot, but hot coffee. It cuts the bitter into the coffee, its over quick and it hits me fast. Kratom and morning coffee start my day.

    1. I also add miralax to my coffee because it’s tasteless, and a stool Softener like Ducolax so I don’t have plumbing issues ( literally and figuratively )

  18. I can’t imagine eating a can of peaches for every 4 hour dosing for people with chronic pain that robs them of sleep like me.
    I cap it and have been using Kratom for over 4 years now. Getting off the oxy opiods was easy because they just stopped working and I wondered if the pharmacy was swapping them out for sugar pills.
    I have to dose starting at 7pm, 11pm, 3am, 7am in what is a real battle for sleep.
    I take a powder laxative and dump logs that plug the toilet if I don’t flush half way through the drop.
    My dosing has climbed to 15 caps 000 size and washed down with lemon water, it’s like having a rock caught up half way down.
    So I swallow the caps with water and then drink some lemon water which doesn’t cause the GERD.
    Looks like I am in for a lot of trouble if I can’t find a solution for my pain.

    1. Hey there, I am in the same situation prescribed Methadone back when they still made the 40mg disk. 2004 till about 4 months ago I legally and RESPONSIBLY took my meds. I never even had to be bumped up because my Dr. and me worked as a team and found the perfect dosage for me. Not that the Food and Dead administration gives a fk. but I was on the same dose for 10 years It worked. I’m not like all the dumbed down people who claim to hate opiates and opioids. When taken by responsible people who are not scamming liers the meds work. It’s another right being taken away from true and real people. Now over 20 million people are suffering over the few who have killed themselves on it. So now I am doing this kratom journal crap and have tried 4 types. I am on my 2nd month and nothing. I did pass out once but I think it was because I cried two days straight and was extremely worn out from the pain suffering and the stress of trying to find a doctor that no longer exists. Looking at my journals the maeng da I think was the one that put me out. For a few hours. My legs were running in the bed, the pain that was nerver there before. Bali is the another I am trying to make work. But so far nothing from any. Oh 1 he pain relief from menstrual cramps. That came right back. This is not right what is happening to millions. Not a few thousand . What the gov is doing now will kill more than anyone knows. National pain association has a form on the website for people to fill out and is being used to show real statistics. On the truth of the matter.

      1. If you need methadone that bad go to a methadone clinic.

      2. Try the red bentuangie kratom it has worked well for me 1 1/2 tablespoons mixed with a few ounces of pineapple juice as the acid activates the alkaloids give it a shot the red kratom is best for trying to relieve withdrawl symptoms and is very relaxing

      3. U r right my husband was given methadone for his pain and now they treat him like a criminal and he was just doing what the Dr told him he is in the process of coming down off of it if you were on it for over ten years it could take months before you feel normal

      4. don’t assume your leg problems are due to withdrawal. It sounds like you have restless leg syndrome like I have. our narcs took care of that along with treating pain, but when the narcs are stopped, then restless legs rears its ugly head and thrashing takes over when sleep is so badly needed. Ask your doc for prescription meds for restless legs, many are getting relief. I also find that if I use a stationary bike for just a few minutes when I am thrashing, that helps settle them a bit. Some of my own patients when I was a hospital nurse told me they take added calcium such as Tums and Tylenol at bedtime as well as drinking real tonic water which has quinine in it and that helps. Work with your primary care doc on this.

        1. I buy Hyland’s Leg Cramp pills & take 2 when the RLS starts. It works for me & it doesn’t require a script.

      5. How much maeng da did you take to pass out? You were on prescibed opiates for 10 years, and then stopped taking because of the government’s frowning, and then what followed was opiate withdrawal. Your legs were “running?” That’s what we call “kicking the habit” not a reaction of kratom use. Good luck with medication management and finding a doctor who is willing to work with you.

    2. The best way to toss and wash is to take a big sip of your drink of choice (I use apple cider) hold the liquid on your tongue, dump your powder into your mouth and allow the liquid to guide the kratom down your throat…

      Dumping powder into a dry mouth and then adding the liquid afterwards is sheer madness, you’re almost certain to gag and get powder stuck in your throat. You will not even taste the kratom if you just add the liquid first, then the powder.

      This method works best when using a maximum of 1 teaspoon at a time. You may even want to begin with 1/2 teaspoon at first then work your way up.

      Have fun!

      1. Yes I agree with your method toss and wash . It took me a while to get it right. I use water mostly but any drink works, not hot, but even room temp. then there is no taste of the powder. I stopped the oxys in January, actually my Dr stopped them, and found out about kratom in April. It helps me so much. I like the green powder the best..for awhile I had green, red and white. White made me feel like I had way too much caffeine. I tried them all and still buy the green. I also had either a small glass of orange juice or the Arizona herb tonic energy tea and drank very quickly. Also instead of stirring use a shaker cup, it mixes very well. Good luck everyone !

    3. Coconut capsules help tremendously with constipation. Start with one then work up to two depending on how your body reacts. With this method you get relief and the benefits or coconut oil.

  19. Mixing kratom with food will definitely reduce the efficacy of kratom. The onset will be nearly twice as long and it will take about %30-%50 more for the same effects. Please fix this in the article

  20. You can always make a gel capsule out of kratom. Thats one of the the best choice for you.

  21. Hi! Why don’t you put kratom into gel capsules, available at health food stores? Just wondering why this isn’t mentioned as a form of ingesting?

    1. Anne, the amount of powdered kratom needed to fill enough capsules is rather high. It would likely be a lot of pills to fill and swallow, so it has never been a preferred method.

  22. I have been using Opioids for years because of a severe lower back injury. every three days I would not take them and allow my body to recover this minimized the addiction. then I started using Kratom. Three teaspoons a day work as well as four 7.5mg of codeine but they both cause constipation and I found a solution for Kratom (less effective for Codeine).

    !5 minutes are so before taking Kratom eat a can of peaches, I like ones either packed in natural juices or water. The end effect is you will maintain regular bowel movements using this method. Wait a few hours before eating a heavy meal.

    1. Magnesium supplements tend to work really well to combat constipation.

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