Strains, Effects, and Dosage

Strains And Effects

Many people new to kratom have questions about the effects of different strains. The following table serves as a comparative base for some of the most popular strains of kratom on the market.

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  1. Kenneth,

    Can you recommend what I will need for Suboxone withdrawal? I’m tapering now and currently at 1mg. I need to taper sort of quickly due to limited supply of Suboxone and I know what I’m getting ready to deal with. I’ve heard about Kratom from several sources and plan to try it in hopes it helps with the w/d.

    PS I am not nor do I expect any advice from you to be a be a substitute for medical advice. I understand this is just your own personal knowledge.

    Thank you so much

    1. My wife uses the Meang Da after 5 years on Suboxone. We tried all of the available strains but the Meang Da stops the opiate “Jones” and provides the energy and clear mind needed to raise a family. Try them all till you find what’s best for you. The “k-shot” liquid extract was the first she tried and with in a week she was cured of the opiate disease.

  2. My eyes seem to have a film, drainage and puffiness. Does this have anything to do with mayla, horned or borneo? I know it affects my vision some. But my eye lids swelling and drainage is what I am wondering about.

  3. I have been a chronic pain suffer for going on 10 years. The doctor that I’ve had forever recently left my practice. Before she left and let her know my concerns about the current regimen of meds that I’m on and my worry that a new doctor would change everything setting me back. She assured me that my chart was noted and then everything would remain the same that my new doctor would only want the best for me. Fast forward a couple of weeks I called in for my prescription only to have a nurse call me back to set me up with an appointment for pain management. I told her there must be some mistake since I had already been through pain management and physical therapy multiple times with no results even going as far as to cauterizing all the nerves in my lower back. She told me she would call me back and when she did she let me know that the doctor would refill my prescription by half and only to wean me off of it. And after that she would no longer refill my prescriptions. The nurse asked me if I would like to set up an appointment to discuss this and I told her yes before I could even get to the parking lot the nurse called me back to tell me that the doctor didn’t see any point in an appointment at this time. Now mind you I was only taking between 15 to 20 mg of Percocet a day. But it allowed me to function and not be a prisoner to my home. So now because of the stigma that follows opioids around I’m scared I won’t find a doctor to help me. I’ve been researching kratom and would like to try it but when I went to order it I found out that it can’t be sent to Wisconsin. I feel like I’m running out of options and I’m beginning to understand why people turn to street drugs. What a depressing thought

    1. Sarah et al. : This is quite lengthy, for which I apologize. The asterisked paragraph cuts to the chase. The rest is my experience and observations. Hey, I’m old and have no life thanks to massive pain and the inability to use my arms. (Did I mention I was a runner and salsa dancer, and ‘looking substantially younger than her stated age’ until some doctors destroyed me, grrr….)

      I worked for over twenty years evaluating medical care and occasionally doing clinical research, quitting two jobs, while in San Diego, over patients’ lives being threatened due to profit incentives. Ironically, I later tore both rotator cuffs while working out and ended up having the cartilage of both shoulders dissolved, with a ‘chemical burn’ to the underlying nerves and bone, thanks to a corrupt clinic in Salem, OR, and the continuing suppression of established research that the major local anesthetics, lidocaine and marcaine, are massively toxic to cartilage and other tissue.

      I recently moved back to Pgh, PA (forty years after going to grad school there), where some of the research on this was done, only to have an experience very similar to your own, after going through a four week, horrible withdrawal ‘cold turkey’, on my own with no support at 71. My condition is described by researchers as ‘devastating’, and the only remedy is limited motion and opioids, per the most respected orthopedists treating it, and it’s still impossible to get pain relief.

      The financial reasons behind this, in part: Lilly and Purdue’s 1.8 billion investment in an, as yet, non-approved opioid competitor, Kolodny’s ties to Phoenix House, a chain of truly greedy addiction rehab centers, and the extra cost of monitoring and treating pain patients to both insurances and medical groups, but those in control have decided to wipe us out and use an exaggerated epidemic as a smoke screen. The US as early Nazi Germany, when no one would face the reality.

      I was ready to move back to Oregon, to a town I hated, just to resume opioid treatment, only to have my former PCP, who I thought was honorable, write that now that I’ve ‘tapered off’ opioids, he would not restart them.

      ***What you need to know: My previous opioid use was 6.5 years, with a minimum of 60 oxycodone/day to keep the pain at bay. I had been at an additional 40 mg of Opana ER but had weaned to 20. I really only needed one for sleep and breakthrough pain occasionally. After the WD was over I lay curled in a ball on my loveseat for four days–with a .38, waiting for an express delivery of Kratom. It was all I could do to keep from pulling the trigger, as the pain was unbearable, and I have a high tolerance. (The surgeon who did my operations–and played a large part in causing the damage said, wow, you must be some mind over body person. And, I was, but I’ve been bested by this.) Anyway, I kept telling myself to hold on, there was a chance the Kratom could work, although I had little confidence–a reason I had delayed ordering it until utterly desperate. It worked. (I used Red Vein Bali.)***

      Now, I live in terror of further bans–I wanted to return to San Diego, but that’s out at present. I absolutely will terminate myself if Kratom becomes unavailable, but not without first making serious waves. I worked teamed with doc’s (‘hospitalists’) for years and what goes on behind closed doors for medical decisionmakers is as immoral and ruthless as the worst fictionalized portrayals. The truly knowledgeable and dedicated practitioners–like Forrest Tennant–still exist, but their numbers are too small to carry sufficient weight. (Again, think of the rise of Nazis. People like to use the word as a simple pejorative, but in this case, the analogy is spot on.)

      Be careful when you start.The second week I ended up in an ER with my very first case of hives, and one serious enough to almost warrant hospitalization. It was a histamine reaction (my first) to the combination of the Kratom and a frozen dinner with pesto, spinach and tomatoes. I learned more and opted out of the dinners, which I loved, sigh, but continued the same Kratom, purchasing some from another vendor, as well, in the event symptoms returned. They didn’t.

      In other respects…my cognition, per observers, including myself, is better on Kratom, the level of constipation from opioids is gone–from needing 8 stool softeners/day plus my high fiber diet to occasionally using one pericolace, the manner in which the pain returns is more gradual and less intense than on opioids, although the pain is perhaps not as thoroughly obliterated. I’ve never felt high on either opioids or Kratom, and I suspect further research will reveal pain signal blockage has an inhibitory effect on the euphoric response. If they would study that, perhaps there could be a selective process allowing use by those in pain while restricting those at risk of addiction. But, controlling addiction and saving lives is not the goal of the CDC or the DEA, money for their masters is. Oh, out of an MBA, I worked as a federal labor investigator.

      Pain patients really need to organize into a useful force, before we’re eliminated. We need to transcend our limitations and use numbers to have an impact and stop trying to court the favor of groups devoid of compassion and driven only by money and making concessions to public opinion only when it might affect profit.

      P.S. Investigating the golden cows of the anti-opioid marketing demonstrated an almost total lack of evidence for the claims, including side effects I had thought were well-established when working in pain management. MDs, for the most part, just parrot what they’ve been told without ever checking its validity.

      1. I’m so sorry about your pain about trying to get opiates but when you mention about an animal doctor hoping to write your pain and even ready to move back to a town you hate it just to get your medication sounded like me just a few weeks ago when I had a doctor for over 14 years after the last two years that she was my daughter before she moved away 14 years ago I called her last week to ask if she would write a note to say that I never abused opiates and she wouldn’t do that after I talk so highly about her… She crushed me when she said she couldn’t like such a no I thought this has to do with child protective services you have to try to help me with this they have me down as some drug addict person on the street.. And so ugly and so disgusting that they put on documents there is so much more to the story but basically like you said make a long story short… I’ve already been on Suboxone for 7 years and I don’t want to be relying on that but the only reason I ever got on opiates it’s because it helped my stomach issue which is like diverticulitis IBS… And that was it it was so innocent and that was in 2001 little did I know it would grow a dependency for real when I had trouble paying for doctors cuz most Suboxone doctors did not take my insurance I had to wait to get into groups that would take my insurance… So how can I overcome those weeks without which Robin I couldn’t I felt sick and I needed to be at moms at 5 to 6 kids… I was a late start on being addicted dependent on drugs as I like to say it.. and the horrible way I have been treated from people I didn’t ask for this so-called disease… These doctors somewhat know what they’re doing and they’re keeping people in jobs now that a so-called drug counselors they have to keep these jobs going just as child protective services now have bounties on picking on low income families to take old families and make new ones out of the ones they want to keep the keep chosen the healthiest children and then toss the rest off to the Wayside of these things are really true and people are not believe in our society has become so obsessed… I don’t know what this is caused by eye trauma syndrome if I see his wife I like to punch her in the face because when I see that it makes me sick… To see this woman wear high heel silhouette shoes and a most horrific tragic event that happens she gives to wear such Fancy Shoes then changes into snake is… How ignorant can a person be what happened to her sensitivity did she lose it or did you even ever have one or just too stuck on herself and I see their son he does look something’s wrong with him he looks like a loner and I kid that’s going to have a tough time dealing with people because he’s not around enough people that actually bother with them like they said you can be around people and still be alone that theory holds true… Many actors and actresses have that same problem.. That’s why I many celebrities take drugs to get them potty started and them because they cannot take all the extra excitement naturally… Unfortunately they get addicted and then they died from something that they once loved which was there acting a Korea and next thing you know it got ruined because it got too popular Too Much Too Fast Too Soon and they also get older and no longer have the energy to do it.. There’s so many reasons why people get into drugs and alcohol and abused it it doesn’t matter anyways.. Somehow we have to learn to do it ourselves with what information we get over the internet and other people’s ways that worked for them and try them out because I’m sick of going to psychiatry’s that don’t work I still try them but with a little luck.. I think more than realize I know just as much as they do and they get a little bothered that I’m not as dumb as they think I look at because when they tell me something I’m like try to be quiet and listen but then I’m like a lot of been there done that doesn’t work but thank you for trying anyways and eventually shortly there afterwards… With the faults of flying hope again at that I was going to get some sort of help.. The last time I was back in August 2013 just to get myself with six children and try to get myself to get food and groceries until I can get my license back… Unfortunately someone at Catholic Charities that had been with me for two years decided that I needed State called on me because I was going to be evicted little did she know I had money in the bank to cover me in a hotel I just told her right now I couldn’t find housing and I could really use some help as I am it since we’ve had a lot of refugees coming to our land a lot of low-income houses have been taken up so there’s less low-income houses plenty of Condominiums but who the hell can afford them… I don’t know if that made her get offensive or not but next thing I know I have child protective services knocking at my door fast Florida 3 years later… I read a thing about child protective services called The Business of child protective services..
        I read an article by the late Senator Nancy Schaefer sadly this lady was murdered I believe because she knew a lot about CPS that they didn’t want her to know… Google her name and you’ll find out more about her YouTube her videos and you’ll see that she had a sweetness with 5 kids and 13 grandchildren. I would have never made her family think that this was ever to be anything about a murder murder not murder suicide… Anyhow I found out more more why they need bounties for kids and good kids so they can keep guardian litem judges and court-appointed lawyers and so-called council is Excedrin and jobs and this is what I’m fighting now and I hope that people get on my blog and my Facebook and see what more I write about them but unfortunately I hope I don’t get the truth
        All this build-up because I started out back in my teen years with stomach problems that had to do with some of used and then some anxiety that had it in my way really bad in my twenties I got myself that I would that doctor who I gave a lot of credit to who now I’m so disappointed can’t even write a good letter about me back in the days when I didn’t take no meds for so many years I was a late start and using opiates and I only used two different kinds hydrocodone and a cough medicine.. It was so innocently done but when I go to store and that’s when I recognize the meaning of withdrawals… And then the problems begin from there and I had to start rehabs finally by November of 2011… I recognize more what opiates will all about and then bye 2015 16 I recognize What Child Protective Services were more about even though I was already having Whispers in my ear telling me be careful of them they would need children to keep themselves and jobs but I already knew that in my head I already had said it to other people myself only to be online one day and we need it by Saturday and I was so excited then I found out that she had gotten murdered and that would have been the late Senator Nancy who told the truth about the new forms of ways to make money in the government how sad breaking up families so what is America all about now anyways breaking up families low-income people are not to survive basically screw you if you have poor dot-dot or who I see right around with vehicles and taking up all the new low income housing in South America he didn’t come here with all this stuff ready for him he came the right way I’m sorry but we still do in the USA… We can’t even take care of our own veterans so how long do we push for other people to be in our country when we can’t even have our own back friends who saved supposedly our country from being enslaved by another country and us being owned by somebody else and yet we can’t take care of all that doesn’t make sense to me.. That’s like people making fun of me for having so many kids and say don’t breed them if you can’t feed them well America does the same thing they take in people from other countries yet they can’t even feed the ones that are you don’t know how to run your country your own self… On top of that you don’t even know how to take care of people with opiate use said you just watch him die on the streets and have stories to ride on the Nightly News to say how bad it’s looking when there’s so many things that could help people they just can’t afford it it’s not cuz they don’t want it it’s cuz they can’t afford it trust me people bake for the white stuff on the streets when they want to get off of drugs they just sometimes finally give up they don’t want to help people that have this problem they feel like they’ve already beyond help I see it and shelters I see it all the time they snubbed them off… Shelters are the worst of the worst they snubbed people off and make them look like they’re the worst case scenario like everybody there is a murderer I am at not everyone there looks like they’re on top of that game but let’s face it it’s not like American government is really helping those who are poor why because they don’t know nothing about engineering or how to build things so they’re not worthy of being taken care of that’s basically I have people think it’s only a ELITE that seems to survive these days…..
        I just wonder if this will ever stop I almost feel sorry about children into this world when I was a kid growing up I really thought there was going to be more Awkward for them and I see is a past and I see more ignorance and specially since I saw what it’s like to be homeless more than once and I took me 20 years before I was ever homeless as being all that I never was homeless until my late for thirties I couldn’t believe how badly there is help out there.. You really have to kiss somebody’s ass to get help and even then you might still get screwed over if you mess with the wrong people or if you have sick people run in the system.. And trust me there’s plenty of sick people that that so-called help for poverty-stricken people.. They know they’re desperate so they’ll use that against them and for themselves… I can write stories about that but why bother those people will never know how they got in his position makes me sick.. I would want to help people but I also wouldn’t want to promise stuff if I couldn’t deliver and I really wouldn’t want to make people be a slave to me because I thought we had abolished that over a few hundred years ago let’s face it I don’t think it’s ever been eyeballing that people are slaves to other people let’s face it not all of us can be millionaires or close to it otherwise who would of the so-called Elite and who would work at McDonald’s or Walmart… Nobody???? So what do they do keep you in need of the government’s help and drag that out no wonder people are sneaky and do sneaky things who blames them if it’s a way of survival… The government does the same thing as so doesn’t government officials and people that work for the government they know they do sneaky things all the time to keep themselves in a job that’s all it is a job a job a job to have money so they’re not out in the street being a bum themselves dot-dot so they can talk like they have a dictionary and a head where they’re little pinstripe suits and be tapping into a computer or a cell phone looking important and making sure they have everything updated such as cars homes status and even their golf clubs for Christ sakes.. But some of them are real but not that many that I meet they still have that phony like a car salesman pitch to them and it makes me sick sometimes to try to talk to him cuz they still talk down to people that I’m not in there groups.. Who’d want to be I best one better Grandma before I could ever speak to one of them again I guess.. I guess I got to get rid of my Swedish American accent…

      2. If you are still in Pittsburgh, I’d love to chat. I’m a Crohns patient, with a battle cry, lol.

    2. Hello,
      I have been dealing with chronic pain for 10 years as well. Green Vein Kali (not Bali) relieves my pain! I have not had relief with any prescription pain killers. The only problem is that I cannot find Kali anywhere except
      Currently, the company is only taking Bitcoin. They are supposedly changing credit card companies and should be back to taking credit/debit cards shortly.
      I have tried the new Kratom strain called Vietnam. It does relieve my pain, but it also makes me sleepy.
      I have been told that Maeng DA has stimulating and pain relief properties. I am going to order this today.
      Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Michelle
        I read your comment about the availability of the particular strain of Kratom you are looking for. I just began ordering mine directly from a grower in Indonesia. If you’re interested please reply to this email, and I’ll help you to get in contact with him.

  4. Hello,
    Im new to Kratom use & have several different strains but have not felt any pain relief yet. I have kidney cancer & a 10 yr old child. My prescription opiods really knock out the pain but they knock me out as well. I want to be able to spend quality time with my daughter & not be knocked out by drugs or in so much pain that Im miserable to be around. I would really appreciate any suggestions on how best to use kratom. I feel like Im running out of time & I want to do more than just exist.

    1. Hi I’m so sorry to hear. Do you know how much you took? I’ve been told a scale is the best way to measure but people use measuring spoons, starting with a half teaspoon wait an hour see how you feel then try more if needed.
      It needs to be on an empty stomach so first thing in the morning is best I have read that you need to mix it with lemon juice to release the alkaloids
      There are instruction on the internet

  5. P.S. It’s hard to say what strain would be best for you! I would just experiment, but start out with small doses on everything until you see how you react to it. Good luck!

    1. Yes I think you’re correct. When I first started I tried most of the strains and used all sorts of doses. Found that I love white borneo, and really enjoy 2 level teaspoons full. I’m from the uk and unfortunately I started using Kratom when it became illegal here, but there’s great venders in Europe I use. Karli

  6. Exactly what I’m looking for! I’ve been searching for a clear explanation of the different strains and some information along side with it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I need two answers asap. See I am about to go on a missions project that is three months. The first month due to the DEA I will only be allowed 2 qweeks worth,when if I was to stay home i would get a months worth. WHAT is the most powerful kartom for pain. Also, I have a hard time sleeping when I have so much on my mind and this mission project with do it so what is the best kratom to help me get some sleep.

  8. Can anyone help me find a good online supplier? Also I have no idea what strain to use. I’ve got many things going on in my head so I probably need a mixture. I suffer from severe anxiety and have just recently taken myself off benzodiazepines because I’m tired of feeling trapped by them, but I have panic attacks all day now. I also am ADHD and about a month ago stopped Adderrall, so I need something that will give me energy but also not put me in a panic. (If that makes any sense) Then lastly, I was on heroin about a year ago, I don’t want to go back to doing it but I suffer with so much pain that I get scared. I’ve got 3 herniated discs in my back and I’m constantly hurting. So I’m kind of a mess, obviously, lol but I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this for me because I’d really like to try kratom and not be dependent on all these pharmaceutical pills. Thank you!

    1. I will check I’ve been using it for about a month or two now I’ve tried different strands if you want something that up you for depression for anxiety there is one that’s like that I will look for you or do you want one that’s like a sedative antidepressant and pain killer cuz there’s different blends have dibs different mixtures for pain chronic pain anxiety PTSD I will look for you and get back to you

    2. I just read your question/comment in the Kratom forum. Your situation sounds incredibly like mine w a few variances. I’d like to know what you found out and if anything has worked out for you. I have Bipolar, I’m on a variety of medication that cause major drowsiness. I was put on Ritalin a year ago but because of an Adderral addiction many many years ago, I have a very high tolerance. I am looking for an alternative that will give me the energy to compensate for the days when I am out of my Ritalin. But have no idea what strain or the amount that would be appropriate to gain the stimulant effect and NOT the sedative effect. I have 5 children, my life requires me to be active and on top of things. The depression associated w the Bipolar paralyzes me at times resulting in my inability to do what needs to be done for my family and therefore resulting in more guilt for hvng a mental illness that is oftentimes out of my control. I would appreciate and be thankful for any advice in this area

      1. I mix alittle red md in with some white md, the white gives you the energy while the red gives you the pain relief, always start small, if you don’t” feel” it after about 45minutes try another small dose. The white gets me talking too, sometimes I’m the quiet person in the room, but the white opens you up. Also check out kratom on reddit, a lot of good advice there

        1. Green vein in the morning. Mix a good red, Bali works best for me, in the afternoon. Then finish with a
          red when it’s time to get the kids down. White could be good in the morning, but small doses of green is better for bipolar. When you mix green and red go easy. Check reddit to help find a good, reliable vendors.

    3. Hi K,
      I’m speechless by your post. Let me know if I still had a chance to help you out of your problems. I’ll send you kratom.

      1. Kenneth can you recommend what strain should be used to help with Suboxone WD?

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