Kratom Strains And Effects

Updated Nov 11, 2021
Written By: Mark Andrews

Countless people across the world are learning about kratom in 2020. With so many strains, its important to understand which strain is right for you. Unlike synthetic opioids, kratom’s chemical composition is complex, and the effects of this composition are dynamic.

Its main alkaloids are mitragynine, paynanthine, speciociliatine, and the more minor 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG). Kratom’s neurochemical complexity is echoed in its physiological effects.

It is generally understood that at low doses (< 1 gram), kratom “can boost energy and enhance mood,” whereas at higher doses kratom is sedating, and may have anxiolytic qualities.

The following table serves as a comparative base for some of the most popular strains of kratom on the market.

Click on any strain below to find more information:

Ground Leaf Strains

BaliAn ideal balance of pain relief and energy boost. Bali works somewhat differently than a traditional red kratom. Bali helps achieve a gentle energy boost while maintaining the pain relief expected of a red. Euphoric and the most classic opiate like among the strains of kratom.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Maeng DaEnergizing and stimulating with pain killing effects. Maeng Da takes the normal pain relieving properties of a red strain and adds a nice energetic kick because of it’s specific alkaloid properties.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red BaliSimilar to Bali with some red characteristics. This is a known as a versatile strain.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red Vein ThaiSimilar to Bali with a more classic red strain effects.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red Vein KaliSedating and more classically opiate like. Red Kali is a more traditional red kratom offering pain relief & relaxation.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red IndoSimilar to Red Kali and many other traditional strains. Red Indo is a more tame red vein strain and is often touted as ideal for mild pain relief and relaxation.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Green IndoBalances pain relief and energy boosting qualities. The combination of alkaloids in Green Indo creates a longer lasting milder effect although there is not as high of a concentration of alkaloids as SGM.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Green MalayThis original variety of Malaysian Kratom is well known for its mood-lifting, energizing effects.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Green Vein KaliA stimulating strain which also has painkilling attributes. Green Kali delivers a strong boost of energy without sacrificing any of the sought after pain relief effects. It is know for have a higher potency than Green Indo.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White Vein KaliMore euphoric or dissociating. White Vein Kali is a milder white strain known for its energizing qualities – when compared to Red Vein Kali – while still containing notable pain relief qualities. .1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White Vein ThaiWhite Thai may be the most stimulating of all white strains. There are however less pain relieving attributes than a red vein strain or a strain similar to Bali as a trade off.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White Vein IndoSimilar to Red Indo which is best known for its pain relief attributes. However White Vein Indo differs from the calming Red Indo by bringing a euphoric dissociative kick with it.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White BorneoKnown as a uniquely high quality white strain of kratom. It has known for its long lasting, energizing effect.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Super Green MalaysianKnown for its unique ability to combine the characteristic pain relieving properties of a red strain with the energy and euphoria boost of a white strain. SGM also has some of the longest lasting effects of any kratom with smooth delivery due to the high concentration of alkaloids.1/2 – 3 teaspoons

Kratom Extracts

Ultra Enhanced IndoMost euphoric of the extracts and works well for reducing social anxiety. UEI manages to contain a full range of effects including pain relief & relaxation with a slight energy and mood boost.1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Gold Reserve ExtractPowerful extract made by applying highly concentrated kratom alkaloids back to natural kratom leaf. Gold Reserve is a highly potent extract providing a blend of stimulation and pain relief while providing full body relaxation with a notable energy boost.1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
ISOL-8 ExtractISOL-8 is an outlier and has caffeine like stimulation. ISOL-8 uniquely focuses in on the energy and stimulating effects of kratom while other extracts generally bring out a broader range of effects.1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Ultra Enhanced Red KaliThis extract is made by blending pure alkaloids from Red Vein Kalimantan leaf with high quality Red Kali leaf. This is not made with semi-synthetic chemicals but only all natural kratom leaf alkaloidal extract.1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Natural Enhanced True ThaiMade from taking a 90% pure alkaloid extraction of Thai Kratom and reapplied to a Green Vein Thai leaf. This extract is a high potency version of classic Thai kratom strains notable for a mild energy boost with significant pain relief & relaxation effects.1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Natural Enhanced White SumatraCreated by taking a 90% pure alkaloid extraction from white vein kratom and mixing it with White vein leaf. This reformulation results in a more potent version of white vein kratom with significant pain relief and relaxation effects.1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)

1,683 thoughts on “Strains, Effects, and Dosage”

  1. I am new to Kratom–can anyone explain the difference between extracts and powders or are they the same? Also, what does 7-oh-mit mean? An how do I tell what the mit is when I buy the Kratom. I’m sorry I’m so stupid when it comes to all of this? I have had major back surgery and in a lot of pain plus having a difficult time sleeping. Please help!

  2. I have a chronic condition and arthritis plus agoraphobia and OCD, I work at home when I can{artist}. My depression becomes debilitating and Kratom is better than Wellbutrin when it comes to my mood. Of course I can’t overuse it but I juggle between the green maeng da , the Bali red and excedrin. I refuse to see a nurse practitioner and have to practically beg for relief and I honestly can’t go through it again! It’s really hard to find a good medical doctor in this very rural area and anyway I’m allergic to oxycontin and don’t fair well with the addictive nature of Hydrocodone. Keep the Kratom available to everyone while you figure out how to keep your share of it! I know these companies can”t stand anything that won;t kill you!

    1. you should really see a nurse practitioner if you can, especially for your mental health. you may even be able to have an on-line video call with a mental health professional.

  3. I went thru cancer for 3 years chemo radiation radical neck dissection ……..was put on and of pain meds but left on benzo’s fo 9 years ….pulled off and then multi drugged….the only way off Benzo’s is Ashton Manual……Kratom has saved my life from pain meds…….

    But strains of Kratom is BULLSHIT….saying white is energetic and green does this and Bali does this and etc etc tec….You have to get a properly grown and harvested at right time and stored correctly…….THERE IS ONLY ONE NON BULLSHIT SUPPLIER…. WHO TELLS THE TRUTH……..ALL THE RST ARE MARKETING AND TELLING YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR…….IT works for pain …if its from a properly grown properly cured and handled picked at right time crop….ALL THE REST IS BULLSHIT……

    1. im curious just to look into the supplier you speak of. I dont even use kratom any more for years but im interested in learning about this because I always suspected what youre saying.
      also props for getting off benzos. I know about the manual you speak of and ive been attempting as well.

  4. Melissa D Young

    I was hooked on Xanax and my Dr. told me to take L theanine. You get it at health food places that sell vitamins. They make them in gummy forms now with melatonin. I thought he was crazy but it helped me better than anything and I didn’t have withdrawals to bad. Then start taking Kratom. I hope it works for you. Addiction to anything f**king sucks. Good luck.

    1. Theanine is great, it’s naturally metabolized in the body and is not addictive. That said, please be careful with Kratom as it can be highly addictive. Daily use for a few weeks can lead to some really bad depression and insomnia, while daily use for months are years can lead to hellish withdrawals with insane depression, lethargy, and inability to sleep which can last weeks. It’s not quite as bad as benzo addiction but it can still be pretty terrible.

      I am simply speaking from experience as a long-term kratom user, and I highly recommend never taking kratom more than 2-3 days in a row, ideally just 2 days a week should lead to very minimal side effects and no addiction. Just be careful out there!

      1. For people with chronic pain 2-3 days a week just doesn’t cut it. That’s 4-5 days of suffering. I have accepted the risk of bad withdrawals someday to having constant relief today.

  5. I have been on pain killers for about 5 years and have recently discovered kratom…i absolutely love it cause i have NO pain and have the energy to do everything.. i have a very physical job and this stuff is AMAZING..I no longer need or want the pain killers..its a miracle for me!!!

    1. be careful. this feeling will not last forever. Im sure since you posted this in may, you know exactly what im talking about now. unless you’ve practiced moderation and have enough discipline to do so. most of the time most people do not seem to have this discipline when it comes to kratom. thats the only way to go in my opinion or not use it at all. things get pretty rough down the line if not.

      1. I have been taking kratom everyday for months and i still don’t get withdrawals. I also don’t need the same doses everyday.

  6. You need to get medical help for a xanax addiction, because it can be very hard and even life threatening to withdrawl from benzos, like xanax. I believe kratom would not help you during withdrawl. Maybe after you have these out of your system you might try kratom to sleep. It does help, but it also depends on why you are not able to sleep too. Good luck

  7. I have problems sleeping, every one is telling me to use red Bali, I also have been hooked on Xanax, I have tried to get off them and it is horrible. I Started taking them because that was th a only thing that I could sleep on. I started with 1 bar and ended with taking 2-3 anight. With this ending with other problems. Would someone please tell me what is best to take to get off them completely and be able to sleep.

    1. Derek Waddington

      Benzodiazepines are not to be used for more than 3 – 4 months (maximum) at a time. They are for short term anxiety usage. Withdrawals are certain if you use them every day or night.

    2. Woah 2-3 bars a nite?… that’s a rather high dose tbh. A blue football would have me laid out but them again I was an opioid kinda person before Kratom. I’m not 100% sure if Kratom would help without some other “helper” or at least try to ween yourself down before the Kratom. It’s always worth a shot tho and you would prob loose quite a bit of sleep for awhile. I wouldn’t stop the Xanax cold turkey tho at that level, withdraw would be hell on earth. I wish u nothing but luck!

    3. I just started using Red Maeng Da Kratom for back pain and sleep. I take slightly less then 2 grams and it works well for me but to much and a hour later I throw up so I assume I need to get used to it

      1. You’re taking a little too much and you gotta make sure you not taking it on an empty stomach. If you take too much or don’t have enough in your tummy you’ll like. Take a tea spoon or 2 capsules at most.

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