Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is quite similar to Bali kratom, but even more energizing. Maeng Da kratom is often the kratom of choice for those that need a very energizing strain that is still very effective for relieving pain.


Maeng Da

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  1. New to this. I ordered extract and some powder. I can’t wait to try, I’m expecting great things. I had back surgery >6yrs ago and continue to have chronic lb and hip pain. Want to get off opiates so badly. Use Fentanyl patch 25mcg and take 30mg oxy. They just don’t work anymore. I’ve tried cutting back, but the SE’s are brutal. My order should be here Sat. Wish me luck and any dosing advise would really be appreciated. Also wondering if Kranker Kratom is an honest reputable place to buy from. Any other suggestions of where and what strain to buy is so helpful to me. Thank you..

    1. Hi! I myself have been on opiates and have had great relief with this! Lemme know how u do!

    2. My comment below was meant for you but I think it got scrambled in with some others.
      Please scroll down till you see one from Curt Manners. I’ve spent a bunch of time studying this stuff and it might be what you need, but don’t cross addict yourself.
      If you have any more questions I’ll be happy to help.

  2. I been taking and trying different strains of kratom….my daughter told me to start with the Red maeng da and i really loved it and it gave me so much energy and helped with my pain, then I also tried, the green maeng da I don’t like it as much it doesn’t seem to be as strong of a strain…today I am trying gold and I have white maeng da on order I also have tried bali which I found it to give me headaches which I suffer enough from I even lowered doses and tried different things….the green maeng da is good for anxiety and depression but once it wears off it hit me hard with a bad case of anxiety….I didn’t like that….I will probably go back to the red maeng da but I want to try the white because it is good for RA and also pain…and I have fibromyalgia and RA and alot of back pain…it has helped me alot and my g/f is going thru stage 4 lung cancer so with me having to be her caregiver and take her to and from appt. I have to be active and i don’t always feel it this helps me and i rather take this then opiods…I also have gone thru a few days w/o it and the withdrawls are not that bad not like I go thru with opiods….I am glad that my daughter put me onto kratom.

  3. I bought Maemg Da powder, 7oz. I’m 69 and have DDD/ DID. Hip knee replaced back surgeries I’m in constant pain. How much do I need to take? Using 2 tablespoons in small smoothie. Seems to me too much

    1. Every strain is very different, as is the same strains from different batches. It’s best to start out small with each new strain to see how your body reacts. Some strains I can take 10 grams, others I can only take 3-4

  4. I want to try some but EVERY website I go to wants me to order $50 or more in order to use COD or debit card payment. This has been the most frustrating time trying to order it!!! 😢😢 I have taken myself off pain pills after being on them for 14 years. Does ANYONE know where I can buy some online without the $50 min?? Thank you xo

    1. Where do you live.. just look up kava bars or smoke shops near you and call them.. ask if they sell kratom thos way you dont get scammed online and you dont have to spend 50

    2. I’d hate to have to feed that monkey you got, but if you’re serious, study the strain types on this site. Then go to Coastline Kratom and read what they have.
      They are an American mom and pop, their stuff weighs right when it arrives, it’s clean, and it’s quality.
      To kick Hydro after a 3 year run, I went to the head shop and got those big tabs that are 900 mgs. 1000 mgs. is a gram, for reference.
      I took one at a time so I could test the FX a little at a time, finally settling on two to get the edge off each morning. One later in the day.
      Don’t guzzle a bunch of coffee and eat this on an empty stomach, have a cookie or something before and then be sure you’re hydrated with water.
      I’m a real hard sell on holistic crap and they don’t make the drug that can kill me, but kratom did actually keep my mind off that Vicodin for long enough to stop that $6 a pop nonsense for Vickies.
      The Red Bali is said to be most akin to the feeling you and I are needing, but I’ve got all different kinds, for sedation/stimulation.
      I ain’t gonna lie to you, I still like that feeling of well being, and I use high grade bud along with Kratom to stay off of anything else and I mean anything. No booze, cigs, or Peruvian marching powder.
      Get you one of those el cheapo capsule makers off Amazon, some 00 empty capsules, a 50 gram bag of Red Bali and set up shop.
      Those caps hold right at .6 gram packed good and tight.
      Good luck Pal, you’re gonna need it.

    3. I ordered from Sacred Kratom and got a few ounces of several different strains for less then $15 each. I also found a local “head shop” that sold it by the ounce.

  5. I’m on day 1 of my journey the maeng DA kratom powder and its working wonderfully!
    I started will 3grams this morning. Did it like a shot! Tastes like dirt, but as others have said. If you really want it you’ll get over it.
    Waited 20 minutes and did another 2 grams.
    Have not even thought of wanting an opioid!!
    This is gonna be a true lifesaver for me.

    1. Beware, the withdrawals are worse than opiates for alot of ppl. And mix it with orange juice, it really masks the taste. I use mango orange juice (Simply orange is the name brand)

  6. The “pimp grade” kratom works well, other than Green Maylay its my most favorite. 4 grams gives me the energy I need plus reliefs my fibromyalgia😁

  7. I started Krantom white Thai. Green malya. And White horn. 2 tea spoons on empty stomach. All the strains a different one each day. And I have vomiting twice now. Why? I take for the energy and mood lifting effect. And pain relief. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and I’m bi.polar

    1. You may be taking to much, you need to invest in a accurate scale. See Kratom has different grinds, and heavyness from moisture content. So let’s say you have a tablespoon of green MD that on a scale is 3 grams…then some white Indo at a exact tablespoon could weigh 5 grams. Even though it looks like the same amount.

    2. Because you are likely taking too much and you’re doing so on an empty stomach. You should eat first and try halving that dose. You can always take more, never less.

      1. You’re actually supposed to take it on am empty stomach for best results (so that you’re not wasting it) but also I agree they could be taking too much

  8. I take condoms teaspoons 3 times a week I’d like to take more I enjoy it it helps but I’m worried about overdosing

  9. This does not act like opioid to me. I do not get high. I don’t have any cravings nor withdrawal symptoms at all. Life saving for me.

    1. Hell yah! I wish I woulda discovered this YEARS ago! I stopped opiates once again and said to myself “I’m gonna try it” and boy am I glad I did! Didn’t have ANY w/d symptoms. No RLS, cramps, diarrhea, sweats, NOTHIN! Get this if you run out of your opes

      1. So happy to hear from all of you about the opioid w/d. My son has been on soboxan for 5 years and the detox has been worse than the opioids. He is on day 2 of the Kratom, we are still working on dosage but he feels better today! This is such a positive after the last 2 weeks of hell! God has gifted us with the plants to heal!! Bless all on this healing journey, may they find the plant medicine they require to heal them.

  10. I need to correct something I wrote, I said normal horseplay instead I meant housework lol 😂 And when I said maeng da Kratom underneath leave I meant the word “krave” sorry

    1. I know this must b annoying now, but when you say capsules take longer, actually about how long is longer? K, I’m done bothering….sorry again!

  11. Just bought the krave maeng da capsules, and says 500mg Beach capsule. I am taking them mainly for energy and happy mood and some pain relief. It just says maeng da Kratom, no specific color, but the powder looks green, how do I know which strain it is and how many 500 mg capsules to take? To describe the bottle…..says all natural at top left then leave in larger black print w/word botanicals in small green print underneath leave and then maeng da **kratom in orange like color. So sorry to bother you but I just want to know which strain and how many capsules to take because I am deserperate for the energy because I can’t even seem to get my normal horseplay and dinner cooked for my family (3 kids included). So tired of crying on daily basis. I already take Ritalin for ADHD and synthroid, cuz doc said it would help my energy levels(nope). Psychiatrist continuously insists I smoke marijuana, but everyone I try it makes me lazy and hungry. Please help if u can, would be so grateful! Thank you for reading this lengthy comment

    1. You need to buy a scale first of all cause if you’re buying it from a headshop it isn’t weighed out correctly most of the time. If I’m ever waiting on an order and I have to buy my Kratom from a smoke shop I empty the capsules into a cup and weigh it out. Second you need to start with trial and error. I would first try 3 grams. If you are keeping them in the capsules the weight won’t be that much different cause I’m guessing if it says 500 mg it is a “0” sized cap. Which weigh a gram after 10 empty caps. Anyways just keep going up to desired effects. If you take it raw it will take 15 to 20 minutes if you take it in caps it will take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. More than likely you got green Maeng Da. If it isn’t a brownish reddish color then you’ll be getting a energizing effect. If it is you’ll get a relaxing sedated feeling.

      1. Don’t buy from head shop! Way more expensive!!!! Order online. I buy a huge bag for $90… The small bag you get for 30 could go into this bag like 50 times. Buy bulk kratom USA. Look it up 😊

  12. I tried the 7 capsule dose according to directions and all day felt like I had a ton of led in my stomach and felt no effects all day. I decided to try the powder and took two teaspoons again according to directions with a little water and 10 minutes later threw up but STILL felt nothing all day. I really wanted it to work so if there’s any feedback that may help please let me know

    1. Where are you getting your Kratom? If it’s a smoke shop there is your problem. I had the same problem. I took it and nothing. Then I tried good Kratom and it just blew me away and I’ve been off opiates for good.

  13. Just received my Kratom in the mail, tried Green Maeng Da mixed in with my tea, I felt kind of warm and my tongue went numb… then about 30 minutes I was in the bathroom throwing up. I’ve bought “0” gelatin capsules, but I haven’t learned the conversions yet, I’m studying the measurements and I am realizing I will probably have to take several capsules per day just to feel the affects of what I’m taking. I will try it in yogurt today like Jessica mentioned… hopefully it wont make me sick again. I used to take vitalize the herbal supplement shots and I loved them, but the shop I was buying them at quit selling them!

  14. I am a 65 year old man who was recently diagnosed with throat cancer, and just finished chemo and radiation. I have chronic pain issues from multiple gun shot wounds severely damaging both legs and hips.
    I’ve been on hydrocodone for almost 10 years for the pain. All my medical is handled by the Veterans administration so I have to live by there rules. While being treated for the cancer the nausea was horrible, so, I tried pot. I also new by using pot that the VA would stop the hydrocodone.
    I no longer need the pot and I no longer take any narcotics.
    I’m taking maeng da for the pain, works well, and need no hydrocodone.

  15. I agree.. The capsules sucked for me too. I guess cuz they take SO long to dissolve and they all dissolve at different times. I won’t get them again. The powder is much better for me anyway. I don’t bother putting it in anything except my mouth- hahahaha! but seriously, it’s better to keep your stomach as empty as possible so I just pour the powder in then take a huge slug of water…… swallow. It’s not that bad, really. It’s a weird consistency, kinda like dirt, but if you really want to take it- you will get over that real quick.

  16. ‘t have an an empty stomach but I took 3 capsules of ka tu M it did not work at all why don’t I feel it

    1. Try mixing your kratom in pudding or yogurt. I took capsules and it kinda sucked. I mixed a teaspoon of white maeng da in chocolate pudding and it was very nice. Hot me ALOT QUICKER, and in still feeling it almost 3 hours later.. I have a very bad back and it helps so much.

      1. Orange juice. Specifically mango flavored orange juice- simply orange name brand

    2. You may likely need to take more caps. for me kratom has no effect on me under 5 grams.
      so depending on the size of your caps your taking you may need to take any ware from 6-10 caps per dose.
      start low and work your way up.
      hope this helps.

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