Red Kali Kratom

Red Kali is perfect for pain relief and relaxation, as it contains a mild, but long lasting sedative effect.

It is a traditional red vein strain, as it doesn’t bring the stimulative qualities of Bali or Maeng Da, but has significant pain relieving attributes. 



The details

Just as mom had her two (or five) glasses of red wine after a long day at work to relax, Red Kali makes the incessant nagging from Todd at work melt away from your mind.

the difference

Red Kali Kratom is a traditional red kratom, bringing pain relief and relaxation. Milder in effects than Bali, Red Kali brings longer lasting pain relief and relaxation.

the science

Sometimes considered the “original kratom”, Red Kali (or Red Kalimantan) Kratom is an incredibly pure strain from the Borneo region of Southeast Asia. While this limits potency, it does mean it provides the classic qualities of kratom that many seek.

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45 thoughts on “Red Kali Kratom”

  1. This is literally the only thing that helps with my pain that is not a prescription drug, and even that didnt always work. I am so so happy to have found this plant

  2. HI I have LUPUS , FIBROMYALGIA, RA, High BP, border line diabetic , Server back pain from botched epidurals an ibs which in itself is a pain in the behind , I also have depression and anxiety , Sleep apnea an have a very painfull mouth surgery coming up so what is the ABSOLUTE BEST to buy???

    1. I would use. Super Red Kali, Green MD, and
      Thai MD Batch or Maeng Da

      See I would get 3/4 bags. Use one one day and the other the Next and so on so forth. So I don’t get used to same one. I order random red, green, and ever so often white.

  3. I have fibromyalgia and am trying red vein for the first time. It seems to help. I only take 2 capsules at night. Trying to lower my Gabapentin. I was taking two 300mg Gabapentin at night. But since taking the red vein I only take one.

  4. I’ve been taking kratom for years now, I decided to give kratom a go after shooting heroin for years and speedballing with crack too. I was most definitely abusing it, I liked the euphoria.

    Kratom has been enough for me to never want to destroy my body or my mind with serious drugs like that anymore. Yes, I’ve also grown and learned a lot since I was abusing drugs but at least now I have something that is cheaper and less harmful on my body.

    I wouldn’t recommend for anyone in their right mind to take the doses that I take, but 15g of red kali in a few ounces of apple juice did me really good. It’s pretty similar to my favorite, red horn which is my go to night time strain.

  5. Some chick who likes kratom

    I just tried some red vein Kali and while it isn’t as stimulating as a green strain, it goes well in a cup of coffee. Helps with my chronic pain and puts my morning anxiety at ease

    1. My Anxiety Is Crippling

      Just took in hopes to relieve the sporadic morning anxiety attack im having this morning. I’m at the end of my rope I am so desperate for this strain to work.

  6. Because of my history of awful pain meds I have a super high tolerance. I started Kratom from a reputable vendor (still use them) with the suggested dose. Nothing helped to the point I had to raise dose. To a bit over 5mg. I do NOT recommend this dose at all. It is due to my history and maybe my illness. I have severe lupus (cerebral) vasculitis and some related depression and anxiety pain is a daily thing. It’s hard to leave the house sometimes because I’m always I’ll. After Kratom I have been able to rest a few days and take it prior to going to events. I still need more appropriate treatment for my illness but in many ways Kratom has saved me and I have not been sucked into those awful drugs which nearly killed me. Ironically I have never tried Kali, seems I should because pain is the main purpose I use it – also mood enhancement to some extent

    1. I have had 6 spinal fusion surgeries(2 neck, 4 lower back) and red Kali is my favorite for pain mngt. I quit all the opioids and steroid shots in Nov 2018 4 wks after my last fusion(L2-L3). I feel like I have been granted a new lease on life. no more 1000$ shots, no more opiates!! Granted, opiates are much stronger but kratom doesn’t have the baggage that opiates do and I use it every day. Kali, Bali and red Maeng da are the best for analgesia that I have found, Kali being the easiest and least obtrusive(milder, less side effects), Kali will make a bad day all better too.

  7. Hi! My name is Jennifer and me and my old man have been talking to others about KRATOM for a little bit now. It is to find which one would work for me to come off pain killers. I have tried a couple of different ones. I truly find that the green KRATOM works the best for me. It takes the withdrawals away and gives me energy. Also, there is a liquid shout out there called K-shout I find that works as well. I get one of them if I can not get the pills. I also find that 5 grames works for me which that is 10 pills cause the pills to come as 1/2 gram each. So my best idea for those who are just staring KRATOM is to do your homework. Take 5 mints and get online and look KRATOM up and the color you are thinking to try. Talk to others about KRATOM see what others have to say about it.I would love to talk to any of you out there that wants to chat about what each other knows about Katom. Do not give up keep trying cause there is one out there that will work for you.

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