Red Kali Kratom

Red Kali Kratom feels a lot like a traditional kratom. Less energizing and more sedating than Bali or Maeng Da or Green Vein strains, Red Kali Kratom is effective for pain relief and kali


Red Kali

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10 thoughts on “Red Kali Kratom

  1. I’ve just started researching kratom for opiate withdrawal. I’ve read that the red strains are best for sedation and pain relief, I’m just curious what other people who have used it think???

  2. I’ve had a hip, shoulder and elbow surgery and suffer from insomnia without meds. No Dr.s (that i can find) will prescribe pain meds for “chronic aches and pains” even though it prevents me from sleeping if I don’t take the sleep meds and I still wake up from pain often. I take zolpidem (benzo) for sleep and ativan (benzo) for anxiety (and I find these do offer some pain relief just from being less physically tense). I just started taking Maenga Da in the morning which I’ve found provides some pain relief and much more “even keeled” mood and energy level. I’ve now added Bali (and going to try the Red Kali as well) for after dinner and evening. I’m much less stressed and even though I don’t notice a big difference in pain relief, I DO notice some and the mood and relaxation really does help make the pain feel less signifcant…like I”m not stressing about the fact that I’m in pain even thought I’m still experiencing some. Hoping there are no legal issues with this and plan to get stocked up. I don’t want to end up taking benzos for 20 more years and I’m already 43 years old now. Withdrawals SUCK (I’m been dry from alcohol for 3 years now and really wish I had found this stuff when I quit drinking)…. all and all….GLAD I FOUND KRATOM!!

  3. New to Kratom still experimenting. I am a Witch that specializes in herbs . I have only come upon this leaf recently. I must say that, without giving away any recipes , that mixing with certain other herbs has enhanced the experiment. Glad to have this in my herbs bag. It has helped me with getting people through withdrawal mostly. But other things as well.

  4. Three teaspoons seems to work just right for me(200 lb male) even two teaspoons will work. I Use green maeng da in the morning and red bali at night for rheumatoid arthritis relief. The dose works five hours with some light stomach discomfort at the end telling me it’s about over. It helps me in other ways besides pain.

  5. Im using kratom to come off know morning dose, aftrernoon, and doses are usually 5–6 grams. I may use a lil extra if i have to go out n about.i still feel the w/d from the methadone but its not as thinking a bout grabbing some kava kava tii. Untill next time recovering addict. Be smooth I suggest that you don’t use but if you do use used the drug do not let the drug use you. Kratom rockks

    1. Maeng Da. I used 15 pills a day until this. Relieved all cravings & zero withdrawal since I started. I only take 4g & it’s all I need. This works.

  6. I’m super confused. I have the powdered form of red vein Thai. So I understand the tea making process. What I don’t understand is the dosage. So I brew between .5-3 teaspoon of the powder?

    1. Dosage varies. Depends on your size, metabolism, pesonal chemistry… There is no way anyone can tell you what YOUR dosage will be except you. Start small (like 1gram) and see how it feels. I had to go up to two grams to feel better- but i know there are folks that take five to seven at one time. I would imagine those are very large sized men- but who knows. Again, it depends on your own chemistry.

      1. I am actually a small 5’2″ woman who has to take 10 grams, I have a gene mutation that does not process supplements, meds, or vitamins. That is actually why I tried Kratom, because pain meds weren’t working for me. Kratom has helped me tremendously! I agree with start small and go up an ounce at a time. The first time I tried Kratom, I took too much and got sick.

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