Red Kali Kratom

Red Kali is perfect for pain relief and relaxation, as it contains a mild, but long lasting sedative effect.

It is a traditional red vein strain, as it doesn’t bring the stimulative qualities of Bali or Maeng Da, but has significant pain relieving attributes. 



The details

Just as mom had her two (or five) glasses of red wine after a long day at work to relax, Red Kali makes the incessant nagging from Todd at work melt away from your mind.

the difference

Red Kali Kratom is a traditional red kratom, bringing pain relief and relaxation. Milder in effects than Bali, Red Kali brings longer lasting pain relief and relaxation.

the science

Sometimes considered the “original kratom”, Red Kali (or Red Kalimantan) Kratom is an incredibly pure strain from the Borneo region of Southeast Asia. While this limits potency, it does mean it provides the classic qualities of kratom that many seek.

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45 thoughts on “Red Kali Kratom”

  1. hard to get a rounded measuring spoon into the bag and get a good measurement. I found a product perfect for the Kratom Bag, the Alegacy 2315 4-Piece Stainless Steel Flat Bottom Measuring Spoon Set.

  2. Is red meagn da a good one for saboxin withdrawals and how many scoops a day? I just started two days ago with the powder form you mix in a drink and it seems ok but still feel the withdrawls and im doing about 4 teaspoons a dose two times a day. Its just not working for me, yet. Is the maeng da a good one? How do I find Kali and Bali? My shop only has maeng da.

    1. In many of the online
      Posts “ive read” to decrease the majority of wd’s for the sub. you could invest in a cheap digital scale and up to “they” said a (possible) 5-8 grams they said 2-×3 a day (possibly) for the first 5 or so days also heavily depending on the person and what day of full detox said person wld b on but almost always start small and if it is not helping much one could gradually increase by 1 or 1.5 grams slowly not to exceed the recommendations of your “health care providers” (of a disclaimer.. i am not.) If you have a hard time. I have a very good idea of the details and can share in many trial and errors in the proper dosing especially for the sub w/d and all. You can always email me if you need any advice..again i am not a health care professional so all i can offer is possible experience both negative and positive. But reply to this msg if u want my e mail I’ll respond to you with it if u want. Good luck*! You can do it..i know that saying doesnt help in the midst of the torture i have witnessed but again my thoughts and prayers are w you.

      Also a teaspoon out of the kitchen drawer if nothing else..should be between (and of course depending on the density of the strain you are measuring)..should be between 1.95-2.05 grms (IN NO WAY is this specific only approximate* :).


  3. This is why we need to fight for this stuff. From cancer patients to people that suffer from arthritis and back pain to opiate and opioid addicts. If i didn’t find kratom I would be on the streets doing horrible things to get dope. It saved my life. And I went through 3 weeks knowing I would have bad withdrawal if I didn’t have it. And now I maintain. Just like someone who takes methadone or suboxone. Plus I feel great everyday I take it.

  4. I can empathize with Anastasia. I have Chiari Malformation. In 2007 I had brain & spinal cord surgery. 2012 discography showed grade 5 annular tears at L4-5 / L5-S1 and I began having seizures. 2013 I had surgery to release a tethered spinal cord. 2015 in an accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury, concussion/swelling on the brain. I have degenerative arthritis & disk disease of the spine and a torn rotator cuff. The nerve pain is an agony that words cannot describe. Because of these issues I don’t go out much, I’m like a shut-in, so I suffer from anxiety and depression. I’ve been given more Meds than I can stomach, i.e. various pain meds, muscle relaxants, anxiety meds, anti depressants, psychotropic meds (seizures) and nerve pain meds (gabapentin: lyrica, neurontin). Needless to say, after going through hell for 25 years, I started using medical marijuana for seizures. By itself, I didn’t get much relief so I went online and spent months researching alternatives. Then I found Kratom. The red vein Bali is awesome. The first time I tried it I slept for 7 hours!!!! I take the red vein Kali in the morning and it helps me get through the day with a great attitude. The red vein has helped my anxiety, stress and depression. I feel focused, relaxed and happy. I want to actual get up and do things, socialize with people again, etc. I was so amazed at how well it worked I made my husband take it. I can’t believe it’s the same man. It would take to long to explain, but it’s the happiest and most relaxed I’ve seen him since his double knee replacement. Then I passed the information onto my friends and relatives that suffer from MRSA, cancer, debilitating arthritis, etc. you have nothing to lose. Just remember the first one you try may not work for you, but don’t give up, keep looking and you will find one that will work for you. I didn’t give up and I’m glad I didn’t. Kratom give me back my life

  5. I took Kratom for the first time yesterday. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis along with depression and anxiety. I have a high tolerance as I abused opiates for 15 years before stopping 14 years ago. I now use flexeril, medical marijuana and ibuprofen for pain. Yesterday I toss & washed 6 g of Bali from a reputable online vendor with little effect. This morning I took the same dose in hot tea. Felt a slight effect but it disappeared within 2 hours. I chose Bali because I read it has the closest effect as an opiate. I did take oxys each day the past 2 weeks. My question is should I be taking more and which strain is best for me.

    1. You shouldn’t take opiates with kratom. They both feed the opiate receptors. So you have to take much stronger dosages, for even minimal effects, sometimes NONE. If you ever get injured, you’ll have to tell the Doc you take kratom, they may have to give you something different to handle the pain.

  6. Im new to the kratom. I got chocolate bars that contained 2 grams. 2 a day they said, didnt do much. I just bought an ounce of the red type, made a cup of tea with 1 and a half teaspoons. Im hoping it helps. Trying to come off subs.

  7. I’ve just started researching kratom for opiate withdrawal. I’ve read that the red strains are best for sedation and pain relief, I’m just curious what other people who have used it think???

    1. January 2018, after 25 years of surgeries, pain treatments, Meds that either don’t work or give the worst affects and allergic reactions. The doctors keep putting you on one pill after another until they find one that works. This just destroys your body and there’s really not much you can do. For example, Lyrica caused me severe pain and health issues and I was immediately taken off of it. It took almost 2 years for my body to stabilize. So I decided to use medical cannabis for my seizures and I have stopped all my medications, pain shots, and began detox. This does sound like a drastic thing to do, but I don’t even know my own body anymore. I decided to help myself. I love the Kali and Bali red vein. It took me a month to find the right ones that would work with the medical cannabis. I have gone from taking 6 to 10 pain pills a day to only using three or four a week for heavier pain. The first one you try may not work for you but don’t give up and keep trying them until you find the right one it is worth the effort.

    2. Hope you’re off the subs(i hate em). Me, personally, i switch from Bali to Red Kali and back. Those two worked the best for withdrawal for me. But its different with everybody. You have to find the dose that works the best for you. Considering the the only bad side effect is a stomachache, start off high, maybe10 to 12 grams. Who knows, it give you a buzz. It does for me. But really the point is not to try to get high( unless that’s what you want. God knows it’s a million times safer than dope or pills), it’s to take away your withdrawals. Honestly, I’ve been doin dope for about 20 years and this is the only thing that works really good to take away my withdrawal. I know your post is old but if you are still struggling, hope this helps.

  8. I’ve had a hip, shoulder and elbow surgery and suffer from insomnia without meds. No Dr.s (that i can find) will prescribe pain meds for “chronic aches and pains” even though it prevents me from sleeping if I don’t take the sleep meds and I still wake up from pain often. I take zolpidem (benzo) for sleep and ativan (benzo) for anxiety (and I find these do offer some pain relief just from being less physically tense). I just started taking Maenga Da in the morning which I’ve found provides some pain relief and much more “even keeled” mood and energy level. I’ve now added Bali (and going to try the Red Kali as well) for after dinner and evening. I’m much less stressed and even though I don’t notice a big difference in pain relief, I DO notice some and the mood and relaxation really does help make the pain feel less signifcant…like I”m not stressing about the fact that I’m in pain even thought I’m still experiencing some. Hoping there are no legal issues with this and plan to get stocked up. I don’t want to end up taking benzos for 20 more years and I’m already 43 years old now. Withdrawals SUCK (I’m been dry from alcohol for 3 years now and really wish I had found this stuff when I quit drinking)…. all and all….GLAD I FOUND KRATOM!!

  9. New to Kratom still experimenting. I am a Witch that specializes in herbs . I have only come upon this leaf recently. I must say that, without giving away any recipes , that mixing with certain other herbs has enhanced the experiment. Glad to have this in my herbs bag. It has helped me with getting people through withdrawal mostly. But other things as well.

    1. Terry, hopefully you will see this, would you mind helping me with some of your recipes for pain and withdrawal? I have been using kratom to help but would you contact me via line? Xargon13 is my line, thanks

      1. @Terry Peace King Belial can help you with that as well. I say this as one practitioner to another (I’m a left hand path black magick demonosopher). Crown Prince Lucifer can also do pretty much anything for you. Merry meet and namasta

      1. I’m sure if you want to whine about that there is a whole forum for the issue somewhere. If she recommended kratom for help then she’s a brilliant witch! CHEERS!

    2. Hi.The kratom helps but gives me a headache.The white borneo and red bali.Have you come across any combinations that help this problem? Thanks Jan

      1. I have the same problem — headache. Even on the smaller amounts. Not sure what to do because it really works for pain and energy. I’m taking capsules and looking into switching to extracts but not until I get a better handle on doseage. Thanks.

    3. I am a three year user of fet heroin, I am actively looking for a more natural way to get off of this horrible hold it has on me. I got out of the Navy in 2014 and with the PTSD when I lost my benefits I found myself using. I just bought Kali Red Vein and still doing a lot of research. I am really interested in Terry Peace’s knowledge with helping people through withdrawal. If by chance I can catch his or anyone else’s attention, I would love to have a conversation and or help is always welcomed.

  10. Three teaspoons seems to work just right for me(200 lb male) even two teaspoons will work. I Use green maeng da in the morning and red bali at night for rheumatoid arthritis relief. The dose works five hours with some light stomach discomfort at the end telling me it’s about over. It helps me in other ways besides pain.

  11. Im using kratom to come off know morning dose, aftrernoon, and doses are usually 5–6 grams. I may use a lil extra if i have to go out n about.i still feel the w/d from the methadone but its not as thinking a bout grabbing some kava kava tii. Untill next time recovering addict. Be smooth I suggest that you don’t use but if you do use used the drug do not let the drug use you. Kratom rockks

    1. Maeng Da. I used 15 pills a day until this. Relieved all cravings & zero withdrawal since I started. I only take 4g & it’s all I need. This works.

  12. I’m super confused. I have the powdered form of red vein Thai. So I understand the tea making process. What I don’t understand is the dosage. So I brew between .5-3 teaspoon of the powder?

    1. Dosage varies. Depends on your size, metabolism, pesonal chemistry… There is no way anyone can tell you what YOUR dosage will be except you. Start small (like 1gram) and see how it feels. I had to go up to two grams to feel better- but i know there are folks that take five to seven at one time. I would imagine those are very large sized men- but who knows. Again, it depends on your own chemistry.

      1. I am actually a small 5’2″ woman who has to take 10 grams, I have a gene mutation that does not process supplements, meds, or vitamins. That is actually why I tried Kratom, because pain meds weren’t working for me. Kratom has helped me tremendously! I agree with start small and go up an ounce at a time. The first time I tried Kratom, I took too much and got sick.

          1. Ohhh, 1 gram, not 1 ounce. Now you tell me! I knew something was wrong when I shoveled the whole 28 gram bag into my mouth. (jk)

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