Dosage Conversion Chart

Please be aware that the below charts reflect estimates and not exact measurements consistent across all kratom vendors. While it is recommended that you buy a scale to correctly measure your kratom, these charts offer support for those who are unable to do so.

When measuring an extract, we strongly recommend purchasing a small digital scale as they often have a significantly higher degree of variability.

Average Powdered Leaf

1 gram0.035 ounces
50 grams1.75 ounces
100 grams3.5 ounces

Crushed Leaf

1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon0.9 grams
000 Capsule0.70 – 1 gram

Bali Powder

1 Tablespoon6.2 grams
1 Teaspoon2.3 grams
000 Capsule0.75 – 1 gram

Maeng Da Powder

1 Tablespoon7 grams
1 Teaspoon2.6 grams

Green Malay Powder

1 Tablespoon6.9 grams
1 Teaspoon2.4 grams

Extract Capsule Conversion (00 Capsules)

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Extract00 Capsule DosageEquivalent Powdered Leaf
Gold Reserve Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram7-8 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf
ISOL-8 Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-7 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Red Kali Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf

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  1. David Malcolm Currie

    I went from being on methadone (20+ years) to kratom without ANY withdrawal syndrome. I even still have some of my methadone pain pills left from six months ago, because the kratom works so well. Unlike other people here, kratom does get me loaded if I take too much, but too high of a dose causes dysphoria from negative side effect, possibly because kratom also contains opioid antagonist alkaloids, along with agonist alkaloids. I find the sweet spot for me is right around a tablespoon, which is ~6-8 grams, depending on how hard it’s packed, and density of powdered leaf. When I first got off methadone, however, I took larger doses because of my fear of withdrawal sickness, so it was around 10 grams in the beginning. The lower doses last about 4-5 hours, larger doses 6-7 hours. Red Sumatra seems to last significantly longer than the other strains, so I take that an hour or two before going to sleep, but not too much – which keeps me awake, and interferes with sound sleep. It’s good to rotate strains, so I’ve been using a variety, usually white or green strains during the day, red strains in the evening and before bed. I’ll likely have to continue using kratom every 4-6 hours the rest of my life, having been dependent on opioids for most of my life. When I don’t use any opioids, I always felt miserable, which drove me to alcohol, which is much more toxic than opioids. I caution against using too much, but in the beginning if you want to avoid withdrawal syndrome from quitting opiates, especially heroin, take ~7-10 grams. If I take more than 10 grams, it’s too much, and I regret it every time. In the beginning I stupidly took about 15-20 grams a couple times, which was a horrible experience, gave me tremors, and I felt on the verge of having seizures. I use medicinal cannabis along with kratom, which potentiates it, but I’m only going to be using cannabis at night in the future, because I need to function normally during the day. I’m getting a liver test later this month, which will hopefully tell me if my liver enzymes are elevated, and will have to lower my dose if that happens. I take cats claw, ginger, turmeric, BioPerine (black pepper extract), magnesium, vitamin C, chamomile, cayenne, and various other substances to potentiate kratom, which does seem to help. Kratom is relatively inexpensive if you buy kilos of it, and gave me my life back from control freak doctors and pharmacists, who have caused me so much lost time, money, and suffering in the past. Finally, kratom is a great pain killer, and even my broken shoulder pain, which was excruciating, was alleviated by kratom. Too much might cause you distress, but likely won’t kill you – it’s MUCH safer than opioids, especially now that fentanyl is being put in heroin, and even black market ‘hydrocodone’ tablets.

  2. .5 gram to . 75 gram conversion
    Every 2 750s is 1.5 grams so 3 would be around your normal dose of 4 .5’s

  3. Memo (Spanish for Billy)

    I had been taking no less than 6 10/325 Hydrocodone for Back pain for 18 years.
    I missed my Dr.’s appointment for refill during The Texas ice storm.
    She could not refill until I saw her again.
    The earliest time was 3 wks.’ after I would have run out of meds.
    I had taken the precaution of ordering about a pound of Mitraga Speciosa, just in case I would not be able to get meds in the future.
    I decided to give Kratom a try.
    First day 2 tsp/day for 3 days.
    The 1 tsp/day for 3 days.
    Then 1 tsp every 48 hrs.
    It has now been 3 full wks. I only use every other day or 2 .
    AND I have lost twenty two pounds of colonary contents.
    Saw the Doc today and do not need to take Opioids anymore. I just don’t need them.
    I am no longer an opioid user…..Thank you so much.

    1. Tho is incredible as I am in the midst of experiencing the same thing. I took Kratom because I had read about it helping people with opiate dependence. I have been on Percocet for 4 yrs due to chronic back pain after a car accident. I can’t believe I have been able to go 24hrs without a Percocet! And no withdrawal symptoms…it’s like a miracle! I hope to get to where I only use the kratom occasionally. Did you just taper down on your dose of Kratom. I started with 6 grams and that’s my plan. 2 doses a day. Would love to hear if you had Symptoms when not taking the kratom daily. This feels like a miracle!

  4. You are definitely right! It’s a spiritual malady. It affects everyone on a great scale. But addicts are the ones who society looks at and shames lol… We are constantly seeking. Meditation is an effective tool

      1. Andrew Sciascia

        If I had known about Kratom years ago I would’ve skipped the Suboxone. Honestly. The Suboxone withdrawals are heavy, man. Also, I don’t know about you, but for me having suboxone around ultimately became the in for the disease to be all like “well I mean if you have suboxone around you might as well get high and not worry about withdrawing. Mistake every time. Couple precipitated withdrawals which honestly made regular withdrawal seem like a picnic. Kratom is a bit more transparent. I literally followed a random dosage schedule for opiate withdrawals from a site like this that had a lot of positive comments. I revisited it a few months later to taper the dose down. Now I only take it if I have one of those PAWS dreams or like if my girlfriend’s being especially bitchy. Instantly tolerable. Good luck with the Suboxone. I hope it sticks but like that same girlfriend used to say to me every time I got sick “you did this to yourself – suboxone is a tool to get clean and if you’re just taking it without working on yourself it’s a drug and I don’t want it here.”

        1. Hi, I currently want to stop suboxone, and have red malay but I don’t know where to begin. I took 4mg of suboxone this morning and I don’t have any more left. I’m really afraid to start withdrawals, because they ate so horrible and really need to know when and how to start taking the krattom. Thank you for any help. And congrats on your suboxone free life, can’t wait to be there!!

          1. Hi Dayna, I’m almost done with day four coming off Suboxone. I had a couple tramadol to try and offset the withdrawls and they did ok but I was still restless, no energy, and no focus I started googling help for withdrawal and came across threads like this. I went and bought 30 capsules for $13 and took 3 and 2 more a couple hours later. I have to admit that I feel pretty ok. I think I’m gonna switch to the powder tho cuz I heard it is better. Oh, and before I ran out of subs I was on really low dose for like 2 weeks Withdrawls have always terrified me and I’ve never made it this long before. I think I’m actually gonna do it. Wish you the best getting off that stuff. God bless

        2. I’ve also taken it for nearly 10 years now. But it is all I take. There is no getting high. It has turned into my pain med as I got older, my anxiety meds I could cut back the whole way. So for me sub is just a daily med like any other. There is no more addict behavior in me. Actually have a lead role at a great job and a family that is now getting old too lol. I credit it to sub. But I still would like to see if there was something even better to try like kratom. I am in the initial trial stages of it, I like the white because I’m so damn busy all day with work and family I can’t lose energy. Sub always gave me energy, I’ve always taken a half twice a day. But why not try this, I’ve ordered white meng da and have some red for bed time. But if this turns into more of a need then the sub was…idk we will see. Im years past problem stage, now I’m trying healthiest.

      2. Absolutely the best decision I’ve ever made. I was a IV heroin user for 10 years went to prison and got on subs when I got out as a premeditative measure and was on them for a year and was finally ready to be off everything so I got Red Maeng Da for night time to help me sleep and a delta 8 pen and then Green Maeng for the day time cause I was worried about not having every and ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I ordered mine from Better Botanicals I think there I’m Missouri and literally only took 3 days to get to me!

    1. So happy for you! I lost a family member who just could not take withdrawals from heroin! I am so angry that I had never heard of Kratom and helped him try…it really works for making you feel better off opiates! I’m a nurse of 30 years and just do not understand a government that legalized Motrin, Aspirin, alcohol…ALL of which have and do kill 1,000’s every year, EVEN when taken at recommended dosage levels. Yet here is a plant that works for pain and withdrawals, that does not make you “high”, and the first reaction they have is to try and ban!!
      Spread the Kratom message as much as you can for people to safety take and educate themselves, and also join Kratom society/groups to help us have a voice in Washington! If we don’t, big pharma will get rid of Kratom….especially if and when more pain pill patients start taking it and the sales of their opiates drop.(which I am convinced would occur if more people knew about how to safety dose and take Kratom!)

    2. If you don’t mind, can you give the exact doses, which strain and the time table you used to kick suboxone, I was put on it about 5 years ago from a pain dr. For neuropathy, I wasn’t coming off ANY opiates, I had zero idea that subs were almost impossible, way worse than any other short acting opiates, all he said was this will reduce the pain signals, I’m furious, I tried to cold turkey it, I lasted about 4 days, and then that’s when I learned of the monstrous nature of the drug, nightmare!! I just want off, it’s like a prison, I’m bound to my Dr. I have to always worry when I want to take a vacation, it disrupts my life and during covid I started major research, even as far as taking short acting ones to wean off subs, I’m on 1mg, but as you know doesn’t matter what mg you jump from your doomed! I’m so thrilled to see your success, cause we’re not going to get it from the dr’s and that’s a crime in my eyes… hope to hear from you😊

  5. Still Farley knew to kratom been taking for couple months now atleast but normally take the 0.5 grams capsules just got a bag of the capsules which are 750 mg idk how many I can take I normally take 4 at a time of the 0.5 gram one’s Idk how much of the 750 mg ones to take anyone able to help me I feel its better the kratom than taking opiates which I’ve batteld for years and don’t want anymore

    1. I’m in the same boat, been badly addicted to pain pills for going on 17 years (I was prescribed Oxycodone for pain (Endometriosis) at 18 and have been battling the addiction ever since, even though I don’t really take it for pain anymore. Kratom has been a literal God send. I found out about it in the comment section of a music video about addiction, on Youtube. Someone mentioned how it helped them over come their addiction and I was lucky enough to stumble upon that conversation. I have no idea how I have never heard of it before, and God, do I wish I would have heard about it much sooner. Damn government or whomever, I suppose. They caused the opiod epidemic, got so many people addicted, then all of a sudden and out of the blue, they cut the majority of these people off, cold turkey (which I’m not even sure is really legal), and basically told all of those people to go screw themselves. Sick and desperate, with no help from doctors or anyone else, a huge chunk of them had no choice but to turn to herion and pain pills off of the street. Which lead to the rise of people overdosing and dying. If they weren’t such immoral bitches, trying to ban Kratom and keep Kratom quiet, a miracle solution for all of these problems, so many people might have lived. Because this stuff literally saves lives. But they want to keep it on the DL, because they are greedy and unethical, morons, who would rather ban it (causing many people to lose their lives, by turning back to herion and pain pills) then to get up off their lazy asses, run the scientific tests, and gather the data on it, that they claim they need so badly. It’s mind boggling to me how some of these idiotic people ended up in our government. But enough about politics, the only Kratom that does anything at all for me is White Meang Da. I use Kat’s Botanticals, but it’s up to you which vendor you go through, of course, as long as they are reputable and you trust them and their products. I’ve been taking Kratom for 2-3 years now, I think, and tried the whole capsule ordeal for a long while. Even bought a gadget and made my own capsules for months. Until I finally realized that the effects were nothing compared to drinking it. Honestly, I can’t recall the capsules ever doing anything for me, unlike drinking it, even though it was the same dosage. So I really recommend drinking it instead. Since I already had a high tolerance to pain pills (and Kratom hits on those same opiod receptors in your brain), I started drinking it with a somewhat high dose. Thanks to my wonderful tolerance (I’m obviously being sarcastic here, lol), I now take 9 grams of the white meang da in each dose, usually twice a day. That’s a high dose, so start somewhere between 5-7g at the very most, until you get a good idea on whether that is too much or not enough for you, and adjust accordingly. And how I make it, is I take a small scale, measure out my 9 grams in a clear plastic solo cup, then sprinkle a good coating of tumeric powder on top (tumeric is a popular potentiator, which makes your kratom even more potent and/or longer lasting), then pour in about 2-3 inches worth of 100% grapefruit juice (another powerful and popular potentiator), stir or use an electric hand mixer, then in another plastic solo cup, I pour in almost a full glass of whole chocolate milk (always use whole, not the 1% crap, trust me), then chug the kratom (yes, it tastes God awful), and then chase it with the chocolate milk. I know that sounds disgusting, but believe me, that’s the best thing to chase it with. The thick coating of the whole chocolate milk takes 90% of the nasty kratom taste away almost instantly. After that, give yourself 20 mins to an hour, and you should be feeling pretty decent. If not, you would probably need to adjust your dose. But start small and work your way up, because better safe then sorry. If you drink too high of a dose for you, you may get nauseous and sick to your stomach. Anyways, sorry for the novel and I really hope this helps! If you can, let me know how it all goes for you, please! Take care! ❤️

      1. Its even worse then that they will prescribe an opioid, then when the person wants help to get off opioids they offer them more medication in the disquise of something that will help you. But doctors do not mention the medication they are giving is 10x harder to kick then opioids.

        1. Just trying to help one person. We have so many Od’s an suicides in the united states!.
          You guys are worth so much more than we lead ourselves on to believe!
          We have addictive minds, anything can become addicting. I am always trying to think what if that ends up not being around anymore? Why go through hell then, why not right now? Nothings stays the same forever! I have been an depressed addict most of my life 12-27 and this is what I have came up with, when I stopped and actually thought about everything.
          I believe the first problem is that we depend on “stuff” too much.
          We have ads blasted in our face everyday. This product will help you, that product will help you, for just about anything you can imagine.
          We can achieve anything we set are mind to!

        2. That’s right, almost impossible!! No warning from pain dr😠 I wasn’t even on opiates in the first place, I was seeking pain relief for joints and neuropathy, was not warned that it would be a lifetime sentence, I’m just trying to find the dose, the taper schedule, the strain, any guidance would be much appreciated if you succeeded, I hope to God this helps me get off 1mg of suboxone poison!!

      2. Hello Angela.
        It’s very helpful for others to read these testimonials and I wanted to commend you for taking the time to write it. You inspired me to do the same. I found out about Kratom pretty much the same way you did, in the chat section of a Youtube video.
        Here’s another page for your novel.

        I kicked 30 years of methadone maintenance 2 1/2 years ago using Kratom. I slowly weaned down to 15mg/day then tried Kratom for the very first time and much to my astonishment, it cut through the methadone. After that day I never dosed again. I just kept taking the Kratom. The Red Bali, Borneo and Maeng Da got me through an almost painless withdrawal(after 30 years of exposure). I started by taking 3 or 4 teaspoons of Red Bali every 4 hours. I have continued taking Kratom to this day to manage pain.

        As a sidenote: Once after about 2 years in I stupidly ingested 5mg of Methadone to see what effect it would have and it fucking near killed me. It was a horrible experience, and the best possible positive reinforcement to never(ever) go back or do it again.

        My tolerance to Kratom has remained fairly constant. It has far less affinity for bonding to your Mu receptors than any opiate.
        Because of that Kratom is fairly short-acting (2 or 3 hours) so don’t be afraid to take it as needed when attempting to WD.
        I got relief every time I took it.

        If you are reading this I hope this is as helpful, it’s for real.
        Your friend from Canada.

      3. I’m a nurse of 30 years and can’t believe how well Kratom works for pain and withdrawal symptoms! I’m now very angry that this product is not well know and tested/regulated! Takes away pain but not really making you high? And the governments answer to this is a potential ban?? Incredible!! I now tell everybody I know about Kratom. The more people know and use safety, the louder and more power we will have when they try to schedule it!

      4. I’m new to kratom too, and seriously thanks for the details. I’ve been experimenting and it gets expensive! I just wanted to pop in cuz Ive been using Kat’s too. Then someone on Twitter from Indonesia DMed me and I got it right from the source much cheaper. Only problem is no lab tests, but it looks like lots of happy customers. Anyway, might be something to look into.
        Be well!❤️

  6. Hi I’m here looking for any adivce I can get from those of you who have been in my position or close to even. I’ve been using opiates daily for the past 6 years or so. The last three of which my addiction graducated from perscription opiates to black. the most i’ve gotten up to using each day has been a half gram to a gram a day. I am not good at tapering down and so i’m diving into this first attempt currently go through a half gram every 2 days..
    So I have heard a lot of good things about kratom but there is so much information out there about this stuff and i’m overwhelmed with what to do. I refuse to take methadone or subs of any kind.
    My approach with this impending withdrawl I am going to finally face is this: treat the symptoms. So I’ve been stock piling items like epsom salts, melatonin, benadryl, advil/ibeprophen, immodium, hell i would even be up for a valium. and i am a 420 enthusiast, so i will also have some exquisite herbal alleviations as well.
    But i have no idea about dosing, . and does anyone possibly know if there are any potentiators that woul be good to know..?

    1. Kitty, check out kratom on Reddit, huge amount of info from everyday users. Kratom binds to a different opioid receptors then the meds you listed so always start off with a low dose. Between 1-3 grams. So say 2-6 capsules. The day you start it, make sure not to take your other medication for pain relief and take 1-2g and see how it makes you feel. You could easily dose up to 5-20 grams per day. Kratom does have its draw back though!!! You can get addicted and you can experience withdraws from Kratom, so that’s why you gotta keep the dose low. There’s a bunch of stuff to increase the affects depending how much you want to get into. My favorite right now is 100% pure white grape fruit juice and then taking a dose about 45 minutes later. Good luck!

    2. Go to Reddit and look up the r/kratom sub I’ve learned so much helpful stuff in that sub.

      Plus the people who comment on there are extremely friendly/helpful when it comes questions that you have!

      Hope this helps because I was in the same boat as you!

    3. Hey Kitty,
      I’ve posted another commentary in this thread that will be helpful. Kratom is the most effective substance I know of to treat WD symptoms. For it to work well you need to wean down as best you can. I jumped off at 15mg/day of methadone(after 30 years of exposure). Methadone is the worst. So there’s a benchmark. You can find out what the heroin, morphine or oxy equivalent to 15mg of methadone is. I’m not exactly sure but it’s much more.

      Here’s what I know about weaning down from experience:

      1) It’s not too tough to wean down from higher doses to moderate doses, it’s mostly psychological. You can do this fairly quickly. Don’t let it fuck with your head, just try to come up with a plan and execute it. Your thinking is totally on the right track.

      2) It’s not too bad going from moderate to lower doses just take your time and do it in smaller increments.

      3) It’s much tougher(almost impossible) to go from a low dose to nothing and it’s a bitch hovering around at lower doses for long, which is where the Kratom comes in. Once you get down there you will be able to switch from the dope to the Kratom. Good Kratom will cut through the WD’s and give you a good sense of well being.

      I hope this is helpful.
      Kratom works like charm.
      Keep on keeping on. -Allan. 🙂

  7. Shoeless Joe Jackson

    This was one of the most informative reads all posts, I have read on Kratom, wow, so much human experience to help each other. Stay Safe.

  8. So I’ve been on 100 mg of Tramadol every day for 16 years due to back pain from degenerative disc’s yet I also liked that it stabilized my mood and got rid of all my anxiety. I know it’s a small amount but I’ve been on it so long that I know coming off even those 2 pills a day had me in horrible withdrawals as I’ve tried stopping it a few times now over the years. I decided it’s not worth it to keep taking these damn pills so I tapered down to 50 mg a day (1 pill) and then to 25 mg a day the week prior to Christmas. The day after Christmas I took my last 1/2 of a pill. I had Kratom so I started Kratom (about 8-10 capsules) 4 times a day starting on Dec. 27. I now am taking Kratom 2 – 3 times a day. I have had very mild withdrawal symptoms from the Tramadol doing this but now I’m afraid to stop taking the Kratom and have bad withdrawals start up but I also don’t want to keep doing Kratom daily. I can tell when the Kratom is wearing off that I’m getting moody and having RLS and just am achy…I have been trying to wait longer and longer before taking another round of Kratom. Since it’s been about 10 days straight, should I try taking a break from Kratom for a few days or is it ok to keep taking it daily for another week or so? I don’t want to build up a tolerance and have to increase doses but at the same time this has been a lifesaver for me both for work and personally and don’t want to just stop and go through anxiety and pain. Any advice would be so great! Also any vendors that people really like would be helpful too! I have been taking red Bali and switching it with gold but the gold doesn’t seem to do anything for me actually. I am thinking of trying a white during the day and red maeng da. Not so sure about the greens…

    1. Aside from benzo withdrawal, Tramadol was the worst withdrawals I’ve ever experienced and that includes cold turkey Suboxone wd.(I was taking Gabapentin during that period, I think that probably helped)

    2. I just wanted to commend you on your attention to addiction even in so much pain!! I took dependence breaks with opiates monthly. I was so terrified of becoming addicted to them. There’s also a difference between addicted and dependent. I depend on Kratom for daily pain relief but I don’t feel addicted if that makes sense. I went cold turkey off the opiates. I have an autoimmune disease and was told I have fibro. Not sure I agree or not but I was in pain daily. Mostly from inflammation in my joints, eyes, ears and the lining of my brain and spinal cord. Going temporarily blind was terrifying. I feel like the pain is not excruciating but I feel like going days without relief makes it hard on me mentally. I’m sure people with chronic pain will know exactly what I’m talking about. So I started searching the interweb for natural pain relief options and learned about Kratom. Read a lot of articles and then found an herbal shop that specializes in it. Having knowledgeable people to discuss it with in person has been amazing. It was opened by a medical doctor who decided to switch to homeopathic natural medicine. I’ve not talked to him about dependency breaks and for some reason don’t feel the need as much as I did with the opiates. I think this is a very personal decision to make. My old routine was to take a 5 day break every month. Even with the opiates I never really had withdrawals like I’ve heard of. The worst part was not being able to sleep and feeling way more tired for the first couple days. Sorry I’ve rambled on lol.

  9. I used Kratom to wean off prescription opiates.I used 5g of powder (I got it down using toss and chuck method !!) each time I had even the tiniest withdrawal syptoms,so around 4 times a day.It does sound a lot written like that,but I got through it in 2 weeks.I will not tell you it was easy ,but I was not ill in the way I had been when I tried to go cold turkey.The main thing for me,is the fact that I did it.
    Good luck.Stay strong,and make this the year you do it.

  10. I’m coming off fetty and just want to get through days 2-6. I want nothing to do with subs, methadone, zubslov, subutex etc. just trying to figure out how much kratom to take each day. I have a bag of indo kratom green vein leaf powder. I also have 30 capsules of gold label premium kratom. If anyone could email me it would be really helpful. Been on and off opiates 11 years after injuries in marines and ptsd from there and before plus TBi so I know there’s lots of things to address but first I just need to get through detox without rawdawging it- it’s near impossible cold turkey and with covid always a possibility I’m not trying to go through a rawdawg detox now. I hope someone answer me soon cause I’m starting today. My email is [email protected] would love help from anyone

    1. Can’t really give you help on that one. Your good with methadone on a rapid taperper day: 2-1-1/2-skip day-1/2-1/4-skip-1/4-done

    2. Suboxone costs a lot 1000$ for one month in chi town. And it is a halfway opioid .so it makes you sicker unless you already went through detox but if so why need it? Methadone tablets work best the liquid is half as good and a lot of clinics take Medicaid so you pay nothing .they say not to mix benzodiazepines with d but if you are not using it helps with the anxiety and frustration . you are strong and screw the ppl that use tough love as an excuse to treat you like dirt.if you haven’t been thru withdrawal you can not understand how horrible it is .your body thinks you are dying. And I asked for help from my family and got treated like crap for years.meditation and prayer also helps .i hope you get better and addictive personality is inherited so don’t let alcoholic family or friends talk down to you.i wrecked my body when I was a binge drinker that’s how I went down the road of being chained to opiates.i fell 30 ft from a tree at a bonfire with 50 witnesses.

    3. I’ve been taking opiates also for many years. Have tried Kratum for 3 years + with NO PROBLEMS. If you want the best in my opinion you can get Maeng Da white Kratum for daytime, & Maeng Da Red for sleep time. Each will prevent ” restless leg syndrome.” I see a pain specialist which I am trying to wean away from. He has me on 40 mg. oxy & 2 time release morphine per day. 15 m.g. each Not a huge dose, but I am tired of pills. When the shit hits the fan we may not have oxy OR morphine anymore. So, I stock up on Kratum by the pound. It’s from Indonesia, the kind I get is pure & wonderful. Hope this helps. Do NOT take over a Tablespoon per glass of tea. I only take a teaspoon, works fine. You will build up a tolerance after awhile, use it sparingly.

      1. For how long? I want off my bupe too but I’ve tried coming off methadone and bupe even at minuscule doses and had withdrawals so bad I lost jobs trying to get off. I’ve had people tell me kratom works for getting off subs. Like alot. Just last night a friend of mine was withdrawing from missing her refill that day and used kratom for relief and sleep with great success. Shes been on subs for 2 years. I have red Bali from a friend who has done the work on finding quality products. How long do I need to suffer withdrawals before using?

    1. No!!! It worked for me and I went cold turkey off nearly 10 years of strong opiates. I have severe pain from fracture throughout my spine. Get red maeng da

    2. Gratefully yours

      Actually I’m on subs….after 8 freaking years of being on them, I am down to 4mg daily…prescribed. I was on anything I could get my hands on before that. I was introduced to the white vein kratom a few days ago and it’s literally a miracle. I’m still taking my subs, but have found that in the last few days I can get by with 2mg. I am trying to wein down. Actually I don’t believe the effects are blocked by the subs. It has helped me cut my dose in half in 3 days!!! I am going to continue wiening down using this natural supplement! Also oddly enough, I am on Adderall and Xanax and have not needed to take my Adderall in days and halfed my Xanax dose.

      1. Hi!
        We’re you successful at tossing the subs? If so would you mind giving me your exact schedule, taper, which strain, how much, and how long it took, I’m on 1-2 mg per day and I know it really doesn’t matter what does your on, it doesn’t make it any easier jumping off at high or low doses, I was not prescribed suboxone to get off any opiates, I have neuropathy and my Dr put me in them saying it would block the pain signal, it did for a few years and then I realized I had been given a life sevenfold sentence of poison😠I will take any advice you have to give…
        Thank you in advance!!

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