Dosage Conversion Chart

Please be aware that the below charts reflect estimates and not exact measurements consistent across all kratom vendors. While it is recommended that you buy a scale to correctly measure your kratom, these charts offer support for those who are unable to do so.

When measuring an extract, we strongly recommend purchasing a small digital scale as they often have a significantly higher degree of variability.

Average Powdered Leaf

1 gram0.035 ounces
50 grams1.75 ounces
100 grams3.5 ounces

Crushed Leaf

1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon0.9 grams
000 Capsule0.70 – 1 gram

Bali Powder

1 Tablespoon6.2 grams
1 Teaspoon2.3 grams
000 Capsule0.75 – 1 gram

Maeng Da Powder

1 Tablespoon7 grams
1 Teaspoon2.6 grams

Green Malay Powder

1 Tablespoon6.9 grams
1 Teaspoon2.4 grams

Extract Capsule Conversion (00 Capsules)

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Extract00 Capsule DosageEquivalent Powdered Leaf
Gold Reserve Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram7-8 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf
ISOL-8 Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-7 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Red Kali Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf

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  1. Tell him to take Benadryl diarrhea medicine it helps out with the withdrawals way more than taking 1 a substitute such as Suboxone or methadone which you would be just switching over to something else. That’s just a hard to get off. The chemical in diarrhea medicine he may have to take multiple capsules 3-7 every eight hours with Benadryl name brands those not make any difference you get more by buying the generics. Hope this helps anyone Looking for help. Prayers and BLESSINGS to ALL have FAITH through the HOLY SPIRIT and HOLY GHOST. I’ve been thou it all thr best is the truth Brothers and Sisters they is a Most High GOD 💯

  2. Question, my husband was told he can take Kratom to get off heroin. He just started today and it’s been a painful day the kratom doesn’t seem to be working. He is taking 5-10 capsules. Should he keep taking this much or does he need more.

    1. No that is terrible advice. I’m sorry if he’s been on heroin the best thing to do is to switch over to a medication that will keep you from being sick and also keep you from taking other opiates such as Suboxone or zubsolv period do not take Subutex there is no naloxone in it so it will not stop you from taking opiates. The same goes with methadone. My personal opinion cuz I’ve been through it is go from the heroin to zubsolv for a week that way you don’t have to be in total withdrawal for it to work. Then go to Suboxone or zubsolv and wean down off of that then start going to the natural stuff like THC CBD and kratom as a former heroin addict if you’re going through opiate withdrawals kratom is not strong enough to keep that away. Taking more crate and will only make you sick or extremely tired. Just remember you didn’t become an addict and a couple days so it’s going to take more than a couple days to get off of it but the most comfortable way to do it and safest way is to go from opiates to Suboxone and then THC CBD or kratom but again everybody is different. A lot of people don’t smoke anymore because they say it gives them anxiety but they used to smoke when they were younger. The reason because of that is in the late 90s early 2000s the THC percentage in most of marijuana was five to twelve percent, now it’s 15 to 30 so that’s quite a big difference start off with Indica strains or indica dominant hybrids not sativas CBD is great for you also and as far as the kratom goes with what strain or what dosage don’t listen to anybody else try it in smaller doses study it for yourself. I haven’t said this in any other posts but if you’re dealing with depression issues I think a few years ago they started testing psilocybin for depression which is the active ingredient in magic mushrooms small amounts may be a gram. Or you could try Ayahuasca which is similar to DMT they’ll get legality on that depends on the state but don’t ever believe anyone do your own research. Good luck to you though

    2. Telling someone that they cannot use kratom to get off H is bad advice and then pushing them to Subutex which is chemically 50x more potent and binding the the opiate receptors than morphine? Learn pharmacology dude. I got off Subutex, a 350mg plus oxycodone daily habit with kratom. Ma’am each capsule is typically half a gram for a true opiate withdrawal he needs to probably take at least 8 grams which is 16 capsules to get any relief sometimes more. I would not exceed 9grams or 18 capsules and advise him he wants red strains.
      Dude do not tell people that Subutex is a lifelong leash been there done it and it rots and erodes your teeth enamel in a very short amount of time.
      The only reason somebody does not get high from buprenorphine AKA Subutex is because it lacks the ability to be a complete agonist and only binds to certain opiate receptors and does not release or cause an influx of dopamine all at once unlike methadone which is a full antagonist which is how those who use methadone are still able to obtain some kind of high from it as it activates all the opiate receptors where Subutex only activates some Subutex though is very binding to the opiate receptors that it does latch on to and it can take over 60 plus days to get off of it then you experience something known as precipitated withdrawal syndrome which is essentially withdrawal only drug out for an extended period of time it’s horrible and it is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy

        1. I agree wholeheartedly Katy. I have extensive firsthand experience with withdrawal from opiates; heroin, morphine and the worst by far was methadone. I went to the clinic to get help, and ended up with a five year medically sanctioned addiction that was as crippling if not more so than the street drugs. Ultimately, I quit myself with titrating down and then once at low doses, just bit the bullet.
          It would have been brilliant if I’d known about kratom back in those days! I still suffer from considerable chronic and acute pain with different conditions. I manage quite well with fairly low dosages of kratom daily, supplemented with turmeric tea.
          Capsules are not a good option for me as its way too pricey. I suggest people find a good online supplier of bulk powder and either make tea or toss and wash. Tolerance issues are not uncommon, so mix up strains and suppliers and also simply don’t let your dosages get too high.
          I wish anyone seeking freedom from opioids all the best and encourage at least trying kratom to help. Finally, medical supervision may be prudent in severe addiction. Be well!

      1. Can you email me what to do please I dont want to lose everything I’m on 8 mg a day of subs I ordered 250 grams of kratom I’m getting clonidine and shit load of gabapentin can you please help email is [email protected] thank you if you do

      2. what about the red bali powder , how do i measure it out do i use like a tea spoon, and , im wanting to use it to get off of suboxone ANY and ALL advice is appreciated

      3. Yep! I came here to say this but I see you got it covered. What an ignorant statement, pushing someone toward suboxone. I’m not against it but it’s certainly not something that should be used as a first option. It’s also not true that suboxone stops you from getting high, it has naloxone but it doesn’t take much to break through. I’ve been through this entire process. I wish I’d been educated on what suboxone actually was (just another heavily addictive substance) before I took it to stop heroin, only to go through the worst kick of my life a year later, getting off the suboxone. So ya, if you can make it through withdrawals with kratom, please do it.

      4. Hi there. I am new to Kratom. Im trying to figure out my doseage because I would take 3 to 4 norcos at a time for my back. I’m trying to get off everything and have a better quality of life. I am reading the powder works better, but I dont have powder nor the funds to get any at the moment. Can I take the capsules apart? What should I do?

    3. I got off all my meds using Kratom and cbd together. 10 years on meds Hydro ,soma and gabapentin. I dont use any of them anymore !! Kratom worked well for me you have to find the amount that works best for you after you find the kratom strains that work best for you !

  3. Yes the gold is the best I’ve had so far !! Ad I’ve tried a lot only do one at a time tho I have a high tolerance so I thought I’d need two and got sick the first time platinum is ok too but not as strong

  4. Hi there.
    I currently suffer with Degenerative disc disorder and bad arthritis. Been taking tramadol and fentanyl for few years now for the pain.

    I have a physical job as a bathroom installer/plumber/tiler so I am constantly in pain throughout the day. Then someone mentioned kratom to me, I’d never heard of this before so I decided to check it out for myself.

    So, this week I’m tapering off the opiods and taking kratom and I find it to be having little effect if any!

    Should I wait until the opiods are out of my system before anticipating any positive response from kratom?

    I’d love some feedback on this if anyone has had similar experiences!


    1. Please do not do that. You are currently taking the strongest most addictive pain medication there is with fentanyl. to just stop taking it and switch to kratom is not going to help you at all. I would suggest reducing the amount of pain meds that you have to take or try to get switched to something that’s not as potent but my guess is if they have you on that you’re going to have to wean down slower do not just try to call Turkey fentanyl. I’m not sure why they have you on all trim as well but I would try weaning down on the opiates before switching to something else. And once you do get your opiate levels down then go to Suboxone or zubsolv so you’re not sick puking at home when you need to work. THC is great for nausea and helps with pain along with sleep CBD is great also and so is kratom but do not cold turkey fentanyl. If your doctor’s willing to work with you ask him for Subutex first. Subutex doesn’t have naloxone in it which is the opiate blocker that Suboxone and zubsolv has so it will not make you sick if you have opiates in your system. After a week or two on Subutex the opiates should be out of your system and then you’d want to probably go to either Suboxone or zubsolv just to take the edge off weaned down slow and you can always use THC especially indica for your pain I would use an Indica hybrid during the day if you’re working. But again I’m begging you do not try to call Turkey fentanyl. You can beat this I know you can but you don’t want to put your body in shock. If you got a doctor that will actually talk to you about it I would ask him about lowering your fentanyl dosage and also ask him what the purpose of you being on ultram and fentanyl is also please do not decide to switch over to methadone or go to a methadone clinic or you’ll just be addicted to that in the same way. I don’t understand the point of methadone clinics at all. Suboxone zubsolv is the way to go. It’s a lot easier to wean down off of that than it is to wean down off of fentanyl. It takes time please do not rush it.

  5. Hi there,

    I’m worried for my friend and don’t know what’s too much when ingesting kratom.
    If you take 20 capsules all at once, everyday, what is that like? To me, 20 already is a lot. What is a normal or max amount of capsule intake that is recommended daily. What to do for a friend who takes this much. How to help?
    I’m very worried.

    1. Hi Emma, hopefully, I can help you. When it comes to Kratom a lot of information is going to be anecdotal as there is not enough research. Kratom is addictive and you can develop a dependency fast, it is a good way to come off opiates because the risk of overdose or seizure on opiates (such as tramadol or oxycodone is high) and the risk of purchasing heroin on the street once a prescription runs out is also high. There is little evidence that you can overdose on Kratom and reports show that OD related deaths with Kratom included in the toxicology report is always with another substance such as cocaine, heroin, or benzodiazepam. That being said, it cannot be ruled out, but I wouldn’t worry too much from my experience, and once you eat something the effects drastically decrease. On my lowest dose of Kratom I used to take 6 tablets at once 3-4 times a day with a low effect after 10 years on opiates. I would say 10 at once is “normal” (lack of a better word) if a person has been using for a long time and that dose three times a day is averagish. I know people to take a lot more and people who take a lot less. Most people would usually make a tea out of the powder between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon and when you compare that to capsules is quite a lot. Also, the type of Kratom (Green, Red, White) and the supplier quality is going to have an effect on how much one should take because potency will vary. Kratom is from the coffee family and in moderation can be (at a very low dose) and can be used recreationally much in the same way — it does have a huge potential for abuse. If your friend is using a lot of Kratom I would say he/she has a lot going on in their life and is probably getting to a point where they cannot function without it. Contrary to popular belief, people who are dependent on drugs NEED drugs in order to perform their day to day tasks, if he stops he is going to get really sick. Withdrawals are no joke. I was hospitalised for tachycardia due to withdrawal. Quitting cold turkey is dangerous in some cases and tapering is not much fun either. I can recommend a way to taper effectively but the best way to do this is at home with medical advice and treatment from a doctor who can manage the symptoms effectively. If your friend has no desire to to quit your chances of convincing them to is slim to none. People who quit have to really want to. But as far as a dangerous, at least they are on Kratom and not something else. Be supportive and the less judgements you make the more likely they will listen to you and eventually have the willpower to quit. 🙂

  6. Hey guys, awesome thread here. I’ve got a rather unique situation I was hoping I could get some help with. I was an opioid addict for years. Bad car accident in 2013, pain meds led to relapse and I ended up on suboxone. Fast forward 4 years or so, still on subs, though very low dose(1.2mgs daily) as I was trying to taper off. Tore ligaments in my knee and needed surgery so I got off subs and onto OxyCodone 15mgs 4x daily for about 9 days. Just ran out of Oxy and thought this might be a good opportunity to get off opiates(including subs) altogether since I’ll have to be 24+ hours off Oxy for suboxone induction. I’ve got a big bag of Bali Red and a smaller bag of Maeng Da. How should I be dosing? Bear in mind I’d like to be off everything (including kratom) within a 2 weeks or so if possible. I did go through some withdrawal going from subs to Oxy but since I’m no longer sick I’m thinking maybe it’s now an Oxy detox??

    1. I’m not an expert by any means but I recommend starting with a teaspoon of either, diff ppl like diff kinds, I prefer Red Meng Da myself, to me it’s the closest to opiates in feel. The Bali tends to make me very nauseous but it does work on my pain. If that’s not enough just take another teaspoon until it is. I was in a wreck in 2014 and f’d up my back and Dr’s don’t seem to give a shit about my pretty severe chronic pain, kratom was a god send when I found it in 2018. If the kratom is good quality usually 1-2 teaspoons does me pretty good for a few hours. Hope this helps.

    2. Had a similar experience with the pain meds after my 5th back surgery last year. I mainly use the red vein kratom for pain relief and relaxation. Bali,Bentuangie,and even the chocolate Borneo seem to be most effective on my pain. I dose about 6 grams in AM(about a full tablespoon),and then again before bed. If I need an extra dose at mid day(especially cold and damp weather),I’ll take another 6 gram dose. Hope this helps,bud.

    3. I got the perfect answer for you. See if your doctor will put you on Subutex for a few weeks unlike Suboxone and zubsolv it does not have an opiate blocker therefore it will not make you sick while the opiates are leaving your system. Then I would either stick with suboxone or zubsolvs and try to get your tolerance down. Nothing wrong with good old-fashioned THC for pain sleep appetite nausea all the problems you can have from coming off of opiates. a lot of my friends who used to smoke back in the day say they can’t anymore because it makes them too anxious the reason for that is because people that used to smoke 20 years ago the THC percentage in the marijuana was probably 5 to 12%. Now it’s testing between 15 to 30%. There’s three different strains of marijuana indica which is more for pain and relax. Sativa is more uppity and hybrids are right in the middle since most people are coming off of opiates I would suggest a strong Indica at bedtime and an Indica hybrid during the day . Take it with the Suboxone. I keep telling people you didn’t become a drug addict overnight so you can’t make it disappear in a few weeks but after a lot of trial and error I can tell you never called turkey something try to wean it down first or if it’s a pill medication try to reduce it to something not as strong period example if you’re on oxycontin or morphine tried to go to hydrocodone or Percocet. As far as the kratom goes I would save that till the very end. Wait till you feel comfortable enough being on Suboxone and finding the best strain of weed to help your pain and everything else that comes with it. Once you’re down to that you got it made. That’s when I’d start looking into kratom. Also CBD is great for your system and has no psychoactive effects. But if the only reason you’re looking to go to kratom is for pain relief you’re definitely going to want to start with the red manga would be my suggestion take three capsules see how you feel in an hour and a half. If you take too much kratom you’ll either fall asleep or get sick so don’t overdo it in the beginning . If you need any advice on anything else just ask. And I pray to God that you don’t live in Oregon because they just decriminalized every drug there is. I’m talking about you can walk down the street with heroin and one pocket methamphetamine in the other pocket and they won’t arrest you. I have no idea who thought that was going to be a good idea but the way Portland is right now I could see why they’d use that as an experimental place. Also remember your doctor is not going to make any money if you start using natural herbal remedies as you can get them from a store and not have to pay to see him and then go to the pharmacy. If you know anybody that has cancer recommend RSO AKA Rick Simpson oil I have personally witnessed six different people from stage two to stage four that have different cancer have been told they have 30 days to live or they need to seek out hospice. Those six people all got introduced to RSO from me and there is a 3-month regimen on how you are supposed to take it. Speaking on behalf of those six people if they would have listened to their doctor they would have went home and died because there was nothing more they could offer them. If you bring up RSO or THC killing cancer cells they will not comment or agree with you because it’s still considered a schedule one illegal drug which is the same category as heroin and meth. Cocaine is a schedule too try to figure that one out. LOL also you might try looking into ayahuasca if you’ve never heard of it it’s a show on TV but it’s kind of like DMT. Very interesting search Kentucky Ayahuasca and watch one episode of that it’s amazing. Good luck

      1. ***WARNING****
        This is DEAD WRONG. Subutex (buprenorphin) is only a partial agonist and will put you into precipitated withdraw if you have ANY full agonist opioids in your system at all! Even without having any Naloxone in it like Suboxone (buprenorphin+naloxone) it will make you VERY SICK VERY FAST!
        Same as suboxone.
        Stop posting things that you know nothing about!
        What your saying is dead wrong and Extremely dangerous! Pls stop

        1. I’ve been on subutex for two years. I was switched from suboxone to subutex due to a “medical condition” that developed and couldn’t take naloxone as a result. Naloxone is what pushed the opiates out of your opiate receptors when you take it behind a full opiate and causes you to go into precipitated withdrawal, which I’ve also done to myself. Tex do not have the naloxone in them. Back in the day when I used to abuse all kinds of drugs, I could do opiates at noon and tex at 6 pm and I never went into precipitated withdrawal, ever. Now suboxone, I took one too soon after getting off of methadone and I was sick af for a month!

    1. You always want to start on a low dose as in 1 or 2 capsules. Each body is different and will have different tolerances and reactions. I have been taking Kratom for 2 years now and still only take 1.5 gram at a time. (I am 5’9″ and weigh about 220lbs.) I have Fibromyalgia so I’m in pain every day of my life. You will know pretty quickly if you’ve taken to much as you’ll get nauseated / throw up, get a headachr or fall asleep. Those are the Only OD effects I’ve ever heard of. Well wishes for a wonderful and productive Kratom experience.

    2. It depends why you want to try kratom? If it’s to come off a medication then there are certain kratom strains that work better than others such as red seems to work better for pain and white is more uppity I just got a bottle of yellow which I didn’t even know existed but I tried it tonight for the first time and started reading about it period seems to be what I’m looking for. Until I seen it I thought they only made red green and white but yellow has been getting a lot of positive reviews however since most people are on here to try kratom for pain I would not recommend starting with white I’d recommend starting with red maybe two to three capsules and give it some time it’s not going to kick in as quick as those strong pain meds did but you’ll be happier because of it. Good luck

  7. You need red Bali kratom. Mix a teaspoon in liquid and take that 3 times a day. I dont think the capsules work because I think it comes out better in water. Like tea does. Hope that helps. It helps me alot with my pain.

  8. I’ve just started taking kratom myself for about a month and I used to be a big pill pooper now I only take tramadol for my pain 2 to 3 days out of the week the rest of the week I take kratom 2 whites and 2 greens about every 4 hrs and it helps tremendously with my withdrawal symptoms and energy. Now in ur case I’ve experimented with subs and strong opioids until that chemical in subs is completely out of ur system kratom will not work

  9. I took Kartom for the first time today. I don’t know what I expected but I was hoping it would have helped with my chronic pain. I have had 16 back surgeries. My neck
    As well. I got of my subaxone 3 weeks ago. I know this sounds like a lot but
    My sister told me to take 30. capsules. I don’t know how many grams that is. It gave NO pain relief, didn’t caln me at all. And absolutely no euphoria. Any suggestions? How many can u take and be safe?

    1. Depending on the size of capsules and what strain it is and where it came from but thirty 00 caps is about 15 grams which is a high dosage especially for the first time. I’ve been taking it for four years and take about 4 grams per dose. But if you are taking suboxone, it sort of cancels it out until the opioids are out of your system. The kratom will help you get off of the opioids and then will help immensely but if you took 30 caps, I question the quality. Typical reaction to that much would be throwing up.

    2. I would give it a while the suboxone is a very weird drug and takes a while to get completely out of your body so then you will have zero tolerance kratom didn’t work for me until at least two months after suboxone then I started taking kratom- Bali kratom my opinion it’s the best and acts more like an opioid than anything and gives you energy I take five grams at a time so ten capsules and I feel it for almost five hours so I would give it some time to let your body get back to normal from taking the subs …my opinion subs are the worst drug to get off of ..i detoxed for just about five weeks from it..horrible experience

    1. Yes. You should be fine. I’m NOT A DOCTOR I May play one on TV ha ha just kidding. Really I stayed at a holiday express. Again
      Kidding but seriously As long as you take your beta blockers and your normal meds. You should be fine, you need to consult with your PCP, or your Cardiologist, then maybe look into the SVT ablation. That works.

  10. Soo ive been on subs for 2 years now and have been trying to wean myself since august. the last few weeks ive literally been doing crumbles of sub every other day or when that 36 hours lapse starts. for some reason my withdrawls are really bad still even with how little sub i was doing and kratom isnt doing anything at all at night for me,. do i need to be doing way more? im doing about 4 grams every few hours and it only seems to help a little until night time where it doesnt help at all. im about to start doing my subs again and go back to the recovery center at this point….wash and tossing kratom is the last thing i want to do when i am withdrawing at 3 in the morning. anyone have any advice? i really want to be drug free

    1. Hey I hope I’m not too late! Suboxone can take a long time to fully exit your system. You can be feeling withdrawals for a month or more but I think the Kratom can help. You need to do your research as different strains have different effects, much like most other substances. Check out the Kratom sub on Reddit as they will be able to provide you with quick, experienced answers with much more detail I can. Just do not go back on subs. I am in the research of addiction field and a receiving addict myself and unfortunately, doctors and institutions are really great at prescribing drugs like suboxone, but they do not participate in weaning patients off. You can do it though! I have watched many people get through it and you can too. Just please don’t go back to full doses! Give the Kratom a chance when you have more anecdotal info…the uncomfortableness of withdrawal is bad but it’s temporary and you’re almost through it. Don’t give up.

    2. I have been on subs for 1 and 1/2 years my doctor took me off my oxy and put me right on subs without telling me anything about. I’m struggling trying to get off them and no support from anyone!
      How do you use Kratom? Is it safe when I’m still on subs.

    3. I’ve just started taking kratom myself for about a month and I used to be a big pill pooper now I only take tramadol for my pain 2 to 3 days out of the week the rest of the week I take kratom 2 whites and 2 greens about every 4 hrs and it helps tremendously with my withdrawal symptoms and energy. Now in ur case I’ve experimented with subs and strong opioids until that chemical in subs is completely out of ur system kratom will not work

    4. Best thing I can say is wait it out took me little over five weeks of withdrawals from suboxone ..I take kratom mainly for cravings ..I noticed when I was trying kratom while detoxing it just didn’t work or help at all only worked once my body got back to normal and after being sick for five weeks then I noticed the kratom working but like I said I use it mainly it for cravings and that helps me out a lot ..but I need to be drug free as well including the kratom

    5. I quit subs 5 years ago and it truly sucked. It was just as bad as the heroin withdrawals. I quit my last week in rehab I decided I didn’t want to try to quit on the street so I went from one 8 mg a day to none. It sucked for 2 days but when it was over it was so worth it. To be truly drug free and not have to take something all the time every day is amazing. Kratom is great 5 years after all of this I just found kratom and it is such an energy boost without the jitters.

    6. I’m not sure if you are just taking the capsules with water or how you are using it but obviously not tossing and washing yet. One of the most efficient ways to have Kratom work fast and seems to have much faster & stronger effects … is to drink it mixed into a highly acidic drink like orange juice. The acidity of the orange juice or grapefruit juice seems to intensify the effects of the Kratom for me and absolutely everyone that I’ve spoken with about it in the last two years. People that take it with orange juice tend to take a smaller dose because it really is quite a bit more effective. Also, make sure that you’re not keeping your kratom where the sunlight is hitting it or in a warm spot as this lowers the efficacy exponentially! Also many people make it like a tea but the Heat from the liquid actually negates a great amount of the effects of the Kratom. So stay away from hot liquids. I would just strongly encourage trying it mixed in with orange juice.

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