2023 State Kratom Bills with Sponsor Contact Information

State lawmakers who are crafting kratom legislation should hear from all American kratom consumers who may be purchasing kratom from vendors in those states, and who wish to travel freely throughout the nation.

If you live in any of the states listed below, It is essential for state legislators to hear from you. State lawmakers are more likely to listen to their constituents, those who have the power to vote them out of a job.

To find your own state representatives and senators, we recommend an address lookup tool like https://openstates.org. Remember these are STATE bills, so contact your STATE representative and STATE senator, not federal.

Your personal story is the best email you can send, whether you’re emailing about a bill you support or a bill you oppose.

Below, we’ve listed all current state kratom bills, including sponsor phone number, email address, and/or a link to a contact form.

For bills in committee, we’ve provided a link to the committee’s website, if available. These websites usually include contact information for the committee or its individual members.

As of 1/20/2023, the American Kratom Association (AKA) is asking kratom consumers to contact representatives in Virginia and Mississippi through their web portals.


Legal Status: Currently legal

Current bill: HB05134 An Act Requiring The Department Of Consumer Protection To Conduct A Study And Submit A Report Concerning Kratom. Introduced 1/10/2023 and referred to Joint Committee on General Law. To “study the effects of kratom on the health of adults and children”

Sponsors: Rep. Devin R. Carney, [email protected], 860-240-8700

Current Committee (as of 1/20/23):  General Law Committee, (860) 240‑0470

Current Bill: SB00920: “To prohibit the sale of kratom products to individuals under twenty-one years of age.” Introduced 1/27/23

Sponsors/Current Committee: Joint Committee on Children


Legal Status: Currently legal (except for Sarasota County under Code of Ordinances since 2014)

Current bill: H0179/S0136 Florida Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Filed 1/11/2023 and 1/9/2023 respectively. H0179 in Regulatory Reform Subcommittee as of 1/17/23. S0136 in Commerce and Tourism as of 1/19/23. Prohibits sale to people under 21, prohibits contaminated/adulterated products, specifies label requirements

Sponsors: Rep. Alex Andrade, [email protected], (850) 717-5002
Sen. Joe Gruters, [email protected], 850-487-5023

Current Committees (as of 1/20/23): House Regulatory Reform Subcommittee, Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee


Legal Status: Illegal

Current bill: HB1500, LEGALIZES KRATOM. “Defines “kratom product” as a food product or dietary ingredient; Establishes requirements for the manufacture, labeling, and sale of kratom products. Specifies that a kratom product is not a controlled substance. Introduced, first reading, referred to Committee on Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development on 1/17/2023

Sponsors: Rep. Alan Morrisson, [email protected], 317-232-9753. Rep. Jim Lucas, [email protected], 317-234-9447.

Current Committee (as of 1/20/23): House Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development Committee, (no contact info found so far for this committee)


Current Bills: HB2084 Kratom Consumer Protection Act. ” defining kratom as a food product, prohibiting the sale of kratom that is adulterated, requiring persons to be at least 18 years of age for the purchase of such product, establishing civil fines for violations of the act and requiring the secretary of agriculture to adopt rules and regulations for the administration of the act”. House Hearing: Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 9:00 AM Room 346-S. 77c83e

HB2188. “Regulating the sale and distribution of kratom products, requiring the secretary of agriculture to adopt rules and regulations and requiring licensure of kratom product dealers.”.

Sponsor/Current Committee: Both bills sponsored by and in House Federal and State Affairs Committee (chair and members listed in link). Both schedule for 2/1/23 hearing


Legal Status: Banned in 33 counties and cities. Legal in the rest of the state.

Current bills:

SB2244 Kratom Consumer Protection Act, Introduced 1/13/2023 and referred to Judiciary. Standard KCPA that regulates sale of unadulterated kratom to adults over 21 only.

Sponsors: Sen. Jeff Tate, [email protected], 601-359-3232

Current Committee (as of 1/20/23): Senate Committee on Judiciary, Division B

HB364 adds kratom and tianeptine to list of Schedule I controlled substances. Introduced and referred to House Drug Policy committee 1/9/2023

Sponsors: Rep. Donnie Scoggin, [email protected], 601-319-5421. Rep. Randy Boyd, [email protected], (601) 359-3373.

Current Committee (as of 1/20/23): House Drug Policy Committee

HB5 adds kratom to list of Schedule I controlled substances. Introduced and referred to Houe Drug Policy committee 1/3/2023

Sponsor: Rep. Lee Yancey, [email protected], 601-359-3744. Contact Rep. Lee Yancey (Chair, Drug Policy) via AKA portal

Current Committee (as of 1/20/23): House Drug Policy Committee

South Carolina

Legal Status: Currently legal

Current bill: H3742. Adds kratom to the list of Schedule IV substances. “Tests for inclusion of substance in Schedule IV. The Department shall place a substance in Schedule IV if it finds that: (a) It has a low potential for abuse relative to the substances in Schedule III; (b) It has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States; and (c) Abuse of the substance may lead to limited physical or psychological dependence relative to substances in Schedule III.” Introduced 1/18/2023 and referred to Judiciary Committee. This would make kratom illegal to manufacture, sell, purchase, or “possess with the intent to manufacture, distribute, dispense, deliver, or purchase a controlled substance or a controlled substance analogue”.


Rep. Don Chapman, [email protected], 803-734-2403
Rep. John West, https://www.scstatehouse.gov/email.php?T=M&C=1903408863, 803-212-6954
Rep. Anne Thayer, [email protected], 803.734.3113
Rep. Cally Forrest, [email protected], 803.212.6938
Rep. Marvin Smith, [email protected], (803) 212-6719
Rep. Brian Lawson, https://www.scstatehouse.gov/email.php?T=M&C=1067613508, (803) 212-6885
Rep. Craig Gagnon, [email protected], 803.212.6934
Rep. Davey Hiott, [email protected], 803.734.3022
Rep. John Mccravy, [email protected], 803.212.6939
Rep. Thomas Beach, [email protected], 803.734.2403
Rep. Thomas Pope, https://tommypope.com/contact-tommy/, 803-734-2701
Rep. David Vaughan, [email protected], 803.734.2403
Rep. Timothy McGinnis, [email protected], 803.212.6935
Rep. Gary Brewer, https://www.scstatehouse.gov/email.php?T=M&C=192045432, (803) 212-6948
Rep. Matthew Leber, [email protected], (843) 227-1331
Rep. Max Hyde, [email protected], 803.212.6790
Rep. Brandon Cox, https://www.scstatehouse.gov/email.php?T=M&C=428124949, (803) 212-6886
Rep. William Sandifer, [email protected], (803) 734-3015

Current Committee (as of 1/20/23): House Judiciary Committee


Legal Status: Currently legal

Current bill: HB861. Standard Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Introduced 12/1/2022. Sales prohibited to under 18. Unadultered. Safety info on labels. No synthetics. 7-HMG at less than 2% of alkaloids.

Sponsor: JM Lozano, [email protected], (512) 463-0463

Current Committee (as of 1/20/23): n/a


Legal Status: Currently legal.

Current bill: SB1108. Virginia Consumer Protection Act. Adds kratom to existing consumer protection law. Restricts sale of impure, synthetic, or kratom with an amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine greater than 2% of alkaloids. Introduced and referred to Committee on General Laws and Technology 1/10/2023. Hearing at VA Capitol 1/18/2023. Voted to pass on 1/25/23, 15-0, with an amendment that strikes the word “safe”. See similar House bill,HB1521, introduced 1/5/2023

Sponsors: Sen. Frank Ruff, [email protected], (804) 698-7515. Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant, [email protected], (804) 698-7512. Delegate Hyland F. “Buddy” Fowler, Jr., [email protected], (804) 698-1055

Current Committee (as of 1/20/23): Contact Virginia Senate and House Committee members via AKA portal.

West Virginia

Legal Status: Currently legal

Current bills:

SB220 Kratom Consumer Protection Act introduced and referred to Senate Judicary 1/13/2023. This is a staadard KCPA, prohibiting adulterated and contaminated products and sales to minors, but with a provision preventing financial insitutions (banks, credit card companies) from refusing service to kratom vendors.

Sponsors: Sen. Jack Woodrum, [email protected], (304) 357-7849. Sen. Vince Deeds, [email protected], (304) 357-7959 (???).

Current Committee (as of 1/20/23): Senate Judiciary Committee

SB225. “Banning sale of Kratom in WV”. Introduced and referred to Senate Judiciary 1/16/2023, bill would simply add kratom to list of WV’s Schedule I Controlled Substances.

Sponsors: Sen. Mike Stuart, [email protected], (304) 357-7939. Sen. Vince Deeds, [email protected], (304) 357-7959 (???), Sen. Mark Hunt, [email protected], (304) 357-7841

Current Committee (as of 1/20/23): Senate Judiciary Committee

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  1. Please keep kratom legal!!! In 2018 I had 2 hip replacements. My Orthopedic doctor was just allowed to prescribe pain pills twice before surgery. I was in terrible pain. Then I was in a pain group on Facebook and someone said kratom would take care of my pain. I thank God for kratom, because it kept me from being suicidal.

  2. Kratom has literally saved me. My chronic pain and ensuing anxiety is managed via this route, versus commercially produced medications. I cannot say enough thats positive…. without Kratos, i would be non functional and miserable.

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