Zachary, Louisiana Kratom Ban Hearing Scheduled for Today at 6:30pm CST

The town council of Zachary Louisiana will hold a hearing today (Tuesday September 12, 2023) at 6:30pm CST at Council Chambers, 4700 Main Street to determine whether the possession and sale of kratom will be banned in the town.

Kratom advocates are encouraged to contact the councilmember sponsoring this ban, Ambre Devirgilio at [email protected] as well as Mayor David McDavid at [email protected] . Or they can go through the AKA’s page at to sign up to attend Zachary’s hearing. Local advocates are also encouraged to contact kratom activist Paul Schexnaydre at [email protected] .

Schexnaydre contacted the Department of Justice about a possible free speech violation after Devirgilio announced she will be blocking and deleting messages from kratom advocates on her social media accounts, which she may use in an official capacity. This seems to have violated First Amendment rights. According to the ACLU, “enabling government actors to block critics from petitioning them for services or seeing public information would mean punishing them for speaking out or holding critical views.”

Schexnaydre was told by the DOJ last week that they would assign a lawyer to work on the case.

Zachary is the first city in Louisiana to attempt to criminalize kratom consumers locally after a state regulation bill was passed in 2023 restricting kratom sales to minors.

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