Kratom Stories: KratomScience Comments #3

We felt it was important to compile these testimonials in one place as part of our Kratom Stories series.

This is the third installment of Kratom Stories: Kratom Science Comments. These comments represent a fraction of the people who are helped by kratom, just part of the reason to #FollowTheScience and #KeepKratomLegal.

I heard of it while searching YouTube for help with opiate withdrawals. I took Tramadol for 18 years and then stopped when I was put on Fentanyl for my back. Well, my doctor at the pain clinic had a heart attack and went out on disability and then DHEC was crawling the place after a doctor and his wife (who was a Physician’s Assistant or PA) were arrested for running their own little racket. So my PA said I was over medicated when I told him I’d been in bed for four days. I tried to explain after he flipped that I meant I had not left the house for four days…not literally been in bed. So BAM, just like that they weaned me off in one month’s time after taking 50mg/hr every 48 hours for two years.

Long story short: I heard about the anti diarrhea medicine option, but figured I still needed to shit and taking ten or twenty was not an option. I went ONE day cold turkey and couldn’t handle it. I almost went back to the Suboxone clinic but after trying Kratom, I’ve had zero withdrawals and my pain is much more bearable. If the FDA does schedule it, my doctor will give me a script and my f’ing insurance can foot the bill, because it can get rather expensive. Finally, I’ve found that after about a month, I’m only having to dose maybe 4-6 grams once a day, which is definitely an improvement. Just my take 🙂


I am completely new to this and was enlightened by the Netflix documentary “A Leaf of Faith”. I watched this documentary 9/9/18 a few days ago while in severe neck and shoulder pain causing migraines from hell. I had neck and back surgery replacing discs and have been in constant pain ever since. Desperate and at a breaking point with this pain. Drove to the nearest store and picked up 30 capsules of Maeng Da Kratom and took one right away. 30 min later pain decrease of about 70% and no headache. I can’t believe it!! i called my wife (out of town) and was telling her my miracle find. Recommend watching A Leaf of Faith and go from there. It works for me in such a short time and feel like a human again.


I have been taking kratom for over 15 years. The side effects on taking it long term will be a healthier lifestyle along with fewer bouts of pain and flair ups. It is certainly better for you than the prescriptions . Although I am not a doctor, I am an experiencer of long term kratom use. It’s my belief that I would be dead if I stayed on what the doctors had me on. Nameste ! Hope this helps


I have been taking Maeng Da mostly for over a year and 6 months. I am 67 with spinal stenosios, severe degenerative disease, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy jn all extremities. I had a serious opiate problem as well. I take two heaping teaspoons every 2 to 3 hours. I get pain relief, alertness, energy and can work long shifts. I never get high. I do feel good.


What i did to get off Suboxone (11 year on subs) is the following- micro dosed down to 1/2 mg maybe smaller. You can do this at 2mg as well. You may just need to take a bit more kratom at first. I purchased a kilo of red Hulu, or red Borneo, or even red maeng da. Read about toss and wash or tea method. I do both. Tea while at work, toss and wash at home.

When you get your order. Start taking your kratom. Get a digital scale, if you don’t have one use a teaspoon. key word being TEASPOON… Find your sweet spot. (The right dosage amount for you) start with two teaspoons (That’s about 3.4 grams) Bare in mind your coming off a synthetic OPIOID, don’t feel discouraged. Your probably gonna take more at first, but the reality is less is more with kratom. When getting off opioids, you may need to stack your doses… Maybe a dose every 2-4 hours- listen to your body. You’ll know when it’s time to re-dose.

The idea here is to not think about the Suboxone anymore. The withdrawal from that garbage is absolutely horrible, but taking your kratom WILL help tremendously with the physical and psychological dependence issues to the Suboxone. Take less subs, by taking the kratom. Your gonna prob need kratom for a while, while you reprogram yourself– but when you’re ready, you can take less and less kratom, till you may only need it when you have a migraine or feel pain. This is what I did. I’ve been off subs for 4 months.

As of today I make tea the night before – typically 8 grams, and sip when I needed it throughout the day.. many times I have tea left over for the next day. You can totally get off subs with kratom.


My life has been pure hell for the last 3 years suffering with RA, Fibromyalgia, migraines, which I had already completely cold Turkey got myself off pain medication. Then…I got sick. With the worst pain in my life. It was worse than childbirth pain. And it has been compared to cancer pain. I have pancreatic duct disconnection syndrome, with chronic pancreatitis. I have wanted to die several times over. I was in and out of hospitals every 2-3 weeks on IV medications and once home, having to get off the pain meds and still be in excruciating pain. I am now preparing to have part of my pancreas and spleen removed. They have already taken my gallbladder and gone in by scope several times. It wasn’t until I found the kratom that just took the edge off from the pain, that I actually felt like I was going to make it through all of this. Kratom is a miracle for those of us that truly suffer. It’s not for getting high. If people want to get high, go find your crap on the streets like everyone else. That way it doesn’t effect those of us that are trying to live our lives like normal people.


I been using different strains of Kratom for chronic pain and Methadone withdrawals. My experience has been that the white strains are for mostly energy with some pain relief and mood elevation. The greens are more mood elevation and pain relief while the reds are more sedating with pain relief. Red Maeng Da is an exception to the rule. Because it is a high breed strain it is very stimulating and provides the most pain relief for me. I take 3-5 grams of Kratom (different strains based on need) every 4-6 hours and stop taking the stimulating strains around 4pm so I can get to sleep between 10 and 11pm. Some of the other red strains can be used as a sleep aid. Everyone has a different tolerance so start out with 2 grams and work your way up as needed for the desired result. I limit myself to no more than 18 grams per day.
Hope this helps.


I was hooked on 30mg oxycodone for 10 years. I have tried to quit cold turkey several times and found it was damn near impossible. Kratom is the only thing that has worked for me. In the morning I take 3gm of the green Maeng Da (for energy boost, anti diarrhea, and overall good mood) in the PM I take 3-5g of the red vein Bali. Every one is different how they respond but just thought I’d share my experience.


i take kratom daily for pain and depression. i’ve had abdominal surgery and have dealt with physical pain myself. i was on pain meds for a short time before they cut me off when i was still in severe pain. Of course no one listened so i was forced to medicate myself. i had already knew about kratom but always took it for recreation. So i tried the Red Bali and saw a dramatic difference in both physical pain and the mental anguish that comes with it. Anyway i highly recommend you try Red Bali Kratom start with 4.5 to 5gs to see how u feel then adjust dose as necessary. just don’t take with your pain meds, that’s Important. It has helped me through so much and am glad i started taking kratom instead. Hope this helps a little bit and good luck.


I’ve been on opioid pain killers for 10 years because of severe back issues. I’ve had a fusion and disc replacement in 2007 and I’m still in pain. The last 4 years I’ve been bedridden and in a wheelchair because Insurance was fine with me taking 150mgs a day of pain meds, but not approving the surgeries I needed. Finally a special person paid for both surgeries to fuse my SI joints and that pain is gone, but my lower back pain keeps getting worse. I wanted off my pain meds and I’ve been completely off for 30 days today. I started taking a mixture of a red and green strain of Kratom just 3 days ago. No pain, my withdrawal symptoms that I was still experiencing because I’d been on opioids for 10 years are gone, and I’m finally sleeping for 6 straight hours at a time, instead of 2-3 because I’ve been taking another strain of Kratom to help me sleep. I don’t even spend what I spent on 1 of my pain meds for the Kratom I need and it lasts me over a month. I’m finally living and not just existing in bed day after day.


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  1. I moved to Florida 8 months ago and had to cancel my health insurance and ran out of my pain medicine shortly after. I have had Kratom in the past so I knew it helped with withdraw and pain. I have been clean from meds and still take Kratom every morning. I got my Dad on it for his pain & energy level and we call it the miracle drug. Thank the Lord for this stuff!!!

  2. Kratom has successfully changed my life. I lost my leg in an accident and was on 2 types of pain killers, 2types of nerve pain killers, muscle relaxers, anti depressants and 4 types of blood pressure meds. All ineffective and caused me to be sick and unable to enjoy life or even relax or sleep. For the past year I have quit all of those and only use kratom. It has replaced every one of these deadly ineffective drugs. I now am able to enjoy my life and I feel great! I would not be where I am without it or even here at all. Its saved my life 100 percent. Never had any bad reactions or side effects. Nor withdrawls or cravings on days I don’t use it. Although I try to use it at least 2 times daily to keep my blood pressure regulated.

  3. I have been taking kratom for over 15 years. The side effects on taking it long term will be a healthier lifestyle along with fewer bouts of pain and flair ups. It is certainly better for you than the prescriptions . Although I am not a doctor, I am an experiencer of long term kratom use. It’s my belief that I would be dead if I stayed on what the doctors had me on. Nameste ! Hope this helps – Same Thoughts exactly.

  4. I have fatigue real bad and the Norco never made me tired I took myself off 75mg x 3+8 Norco and fioreict by taking anti epleptics and valuim to knock myself out and a quarter of thorazine so I didn’t puke that was in 2014 I don’t recommend anyone try this unless they have medical experience for 2weeksI only got up to feed the kitties and scoop there boxes! Still had withdrawal 3weeks after but didn’t give in finally the neurologist saw I couldn’t take the intractable migraine disease and put me back on 4 Norco but told me I would have to find a pain Dr. After 2 years of begging for just 1 more pill I’ve had it! I also saw the Netflix documentary and on the way home stopped in the smoke shop, I pronunced it wrong so he called his boss which told him in Arabic they had it I picked the green Borneo out because it said not sedating and for pain relief took 2 to start but my back started burning took another and I felt spacy and sleepy I need something to wake me up but keep me off the meds and handle the headaches which even though my spine, knees hands and feet are getting deformed the headaches are blinding is there like a green and white vein conbo? Otherwise I only took 1/&1/2 today and didn’t need anything

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