Kratom Stories: Kratom Science Comments #2

Here at Kratom Science, we receive daily comments detailing how kratom has helped in recovery from drug addiction and injury, in managing chronic pain, and in dealing with painful diseases, depression, and anxiety.

We felt it was important to compile these testimonials in one place as part of our Kratom Stories series.

These are just a tiny fraction of the people who were helped by kratom, just part of the reason to #FollowTheScience and #KeepKratomLegal

I have suffered with paraneoplastic polyneuropathy since 2002 when chemo from breast cancer took control of my life. It’s been oxycontin, morphine, oxycodone and gabapentin continuously just to function on a daily basis. The doc started weaning me from six 5ml oxycodones per day last year and I started falling due to not being able to feel my feet. Also, was getting burnt and cut fingers while cooking because I couldn’t feel them, yet the full body neuropathy was very painful. It’s difficult to explain to people how it can hurt while not being able to feel. Last winter I was introduced to Kratom and have been using it for weaning off opioids. The biggest issue with Kratom is the duration of effectiveness. It only lasts about 2-3 hours and must take 4-5 capsules every 3 hours for it to do any good. But it DOES HELP! It gets expensive, but if the idiots in government are not using sensible laws or techniques to help people with chronic pain, this is the way it will have to be. I take 5 capsules on an empty stomach before even getting out of bed in the morning (usually 9 or 10 a.m.). If the neuropathy is really, really bad I will pop a 5ml oxycodone and I’m usually good until 1 p.m., then four more, four at 5 or 6 p.m., with five at bedtime (usually 10 or 11 p.m.). Occasionally I will need five in the middle of the night if I’m having a bad day.

The people with chronic pain will need something if we are going to have any quality of life.


I stopped methadone 60 mg cold turkey using kratom… had been on oxys for years. I’ve used it 15 months and it has done more than any pain pill ever did. It saved my life.


It feels like the hand of God keeping me from withdrawal. I’m taking maeng da, not even sure what color, and kicking heroin. This stuff is amazing and needs to be put on blast to save all those trapped in pain and addiction.


I didn’t start using Kratom for addiction, but my best friend did after two back surgeries and six months on heavy strong opioids. She began taking white vein Kratom for pain and was off all narcotics within one week and hasn’t used one since. I began using Kratom four years ago after I had my thyroid removed because of cancer. I was sleeping 18-20 hours a day and had horrible joint pain. Then, because of hypothyroidism depleting my calcium, I broke my ankle and shredded every ligament and was given opiates for pain. After three months on them I decided to try red vein Kratom. My pain was immediately gone. I tried green strains for energy and was once again a functional human being. I’ve had three surgeries since my thyroid removal, all due to thyroid disease, (heart ablation, hysterectomy, and gallbladder removal), and only used narcotic pain medicine for the 2-3 days in the hospital, then I began my red Kratom and was fine. Kratom has been the ONLY thing (after eight doctors and $40,000 in doctor visits, lab work, medicine, and supplements to try and feel better) that has given me back some quality of life. I know two people who were heroin addicts; one for two years and one for eight years who are now clean because of Kratom. It acts on the opioid pain receptors in the brain like opiates do but without the addiction or chance of overdose and death. It is 100% safe. There have been ZERO deaths attributed to Kratom. The six people who died who had Kratom in their system also had high levels of either Xanax or another strong drug.


I have cervical spine pain from a birth defect… born without 3 discs, so my bones have been trying to correct the issue. I am in constant pain! I have extremely tight trapezoids, and this causes deep muscle pain.

I had been on Oxycodone (30 mg) for over 10 yrs! One in the morning so I can function; One at bedtime so I can sleep without chronic pain. My tolerance is now very high to these opioids! I wanted to stop the addiction, or, as my pain doctor (enabler) calls it: dependence. Whichever. Both suck!

My husband watched and shared with me a Netflix documentary: “A LEAF OF FAITH” by Chris Bell. Highly recommend you watch!

We found Kratom (Maeng Da strain) in 500 mg capsules, which is 1/2 a gram ea. Weird, but we bought it at one of our local VAPE STORES, when we googled to locate. The gentleman was very sophisticated & very knowledgeable! After listening to what I have been taking for so long, he suggested taking 3 capsules to start… and then, “Do not be afraid to take 2 more if you are still in pain.”

Well, I have not taken ANY OPIOIDS since 9/15/18, and I feel great! No withdrawals, no side effects, much less pain! Additionally, I take 2 Aleves in the morning for muscle inflammation. Whatever works.


I have taken kratom for 8 years. I can’t believe how this changed my life. It makes me feel normal, not high but feel good about everything. It’s something I would recommend to anyone for any type of psychological issue or opioid dependence. I had both. Off of antidepressants and pain killers


White vein Thai saved my life, no more booze, no more opiates. Literally changed me in my 30’s to a better person. I have used Kratom for approximately 5 years it has helped me to stop drinking as an alcoholic, just stop taking prescription opioids, and the underlying pain from multiple back and knee surgeries over the course of approximately 20 years.


My last 10 years have been a living hell. I was introduced to heroin intravenously for the first time when I was 18 and had a problem ever since. I had to have alcohol, crack, marijuana, and any opiate I could get everyday for the last 10 years. It has resulted in homelessness, loss of friends and family, costed everything I ever had, and numerous felonies. This year I decided to go to rehab and spent almost 4 months locked up in a state facility. When I was released, due to severe depression I started using shortly again because I don’t know any other way of life. My cousin seeing me struggling introduced me to kratom. I’ve been taking it for the last 5 months and I have not touched another illegal substance since. Can you catch a habit in my opinion? Yes. But the withdrawal from that is way more pleasant and I can definitely deal with that a lot better. I can truly say that I am grateful to have found that alternative. I have my own life back.


I use kratom to supplement my ADHD medication. It has a tendency to cause me anxiety on the backside of the medication effects, among other side effects.

Kratom balances out the negative side effects of my ADHD meds very well. My wife said she’s never seen me as even-keeled since I added kratom to my daily supplement routine.

I also get much farther along in my prescription cycle than I used to, because before the kratom I would end up taking another dose of ADHD med to counter those bad side effects.


Having a script for oxicotin because of back surgery when I was 21 yrs.old (I’m 61 now), I just discovered kratom. I usually run out of my script and have to go through withdrawals. During my withdrawals, I started drinking (again) around 8 months ago. Before the drinking, I have a few friends I could buy some oxi’s when I ran out. Very expensive.

Now I’m trying out kratom instead of using oxi’s. When I start feeling like I need an extra pill, which will result in running out, I have to say that doing this has me taking my oxi’s the way I’m supposed to…2 a day 60mgs.

Kratom is far more cheaper. I have a few coffees in the morning with 1 teaspoon in each (bali red), only 2 oxi’s a day now and haven’t drank in a week… It’s a start.

Now my girlfriend is talking to me (she wasn’t for a while cause I smelled of drinking) and I sleep much better. A friend of mine introduced me to kratom and I hope I’ll continue. I feel better from not drinking and kratom makes me feel sooo much better. The head shop I go to always has plenty on hand.

Thanks for reading this where I’m basically a newbie and hopefully I’ll continue on this path.. My girl wants me to QUIT the oxi’s but I dont know.


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