Kratom Stories: Kratom Science Comments #4

Relatively new to kratom, but I’m a true believer! I have Crohns disease, migraines, arthritis and cluster headaches. I’ve used narcotics, and I hate them. I currently get botox injections for migraines and am on Entyvio for Crohns. I use cannabis regularly and in several forms. It is also a great complimentary therapy! I have used Bali and Maeng da strains of kratom. Bali I had to use lower dose, probably 3.5 gm. Maeng Da I use between 5 and 9 gm depending on my daily needs, i.e. energy or pain relief. I have taken capsules which is tedious because they come in 500mg doses (lot of pills to take), and powder 1tsp= approx 2.5gm. The powder is gross but it can be done and it has immediate effects. Good luck to everyone and blessings!


I am writing this in an effort to help anybody that this information might naturally benefit. I have take kratom daily for 12 months (periodically before that starting about 10 years ago) and over the past year I have found myself more in control of my internal and external world than I ever have before. I was a heroin/cocaine addict (in Detroit) for a good 5 years. Not any kind of lightweight either, hell I remember spending $15,000+ on the crud in less than a month at my worst. While only revealing what I need to for the sake of perspective, I’m sure I committed far more absurd acts in my addiction, aside from wasting large amounts of money. Long story made short, I ended up on Suboxone for about 800 fucking days. I include the expletives in regard to Suboxone because I don’t know who, or why someone decided Suboxone (buprenorphine) to be a reasonable LONG TERM therapy for anyone other than the most at risk people, i.e. top 5% of addicts. ESPECIALLY at doses >2mg. Either way, I bought my subs off the street after the first few months, because it removed the convenience factor associated with getting 60 x 8mg tabs or strips each month. I consistently took 4-8 mg a day for 2 years and anywhere from 1.5-3mg daily for about 6 month before quitting cold turkey, with the help of Kratom. Even with Kratom, I don’t think I slept for 3 months but it’s hard to say what caused that, given I had to try 15 different strains/sources of Kratom before I found one that made me say ah-ha! With that being said I give Kratom at least 50% of the credit in helping me regain balance in my life. Don’t strive towards anything other than what you know you need to do to ADVANCE as a human being. Kratom being a natural medicine, that has came to be by the slow process of time, should not be thought of as if it is of the same essence as any modern medicine. The purpose of synthetic or semi-synthetic chemicals is a complicatedly simple process of medicine where the natural chemical structures found in nature are concentrated or even elucidated upon creating new chemicals. Side effect profiles are VERY RELEVANT, and while modern medicine has provided us all with blessings beyond description, it has also at the same time brought forward some practical, serious ordeals that we are able to easily describe and observe in the light of contrast. What I’m trying to say is you might have to try 20 different strains of Kratom over a period of 6 months to find your balance. If that’s what it takes to undo the faulty wiring within the almost incomprehensibly complex system of circuitry within your mind and body, than so be it. It is worth finding out. Nothing worth discovery presents itself at first glance or inquiry. Or should I say everything good in this world hides itself from those who deserve it the most. Put in the work, find what resonates with the harmony and balance you need. If it doesn’t show up, keep looking, it will. (The first strain I ever objectively KNEW worked after I took it was Green Malaysian. Red Bali was after. Be careful with maeng da, there are many marketing horned varieties as maeng da that are worth little. You could reasonably try the same strain from 5 different vendors and experience different effect profiles from each. I take up to 15 grams some days and have yet to experience anything other than mild dizziness and nausea when taking too much. Too much being 25g+ in a 6-8 hour period. Less is often more with Kratom when it comes to dosage. My average dose after one year is 3grams of my preferred strains. Unfortunately I can’t link to what I buy. It is legal here in Michigan and sold in stores to the degree in which I never buy online. I can buy 60 grams of powder for $12.99 and I find it fresher on the shelves than in the mail regularly. I take convenience over saving a few bucks because I am gradually taking less Kratom as my life improves. If this helps anyone I will be glad. I might be able to answer specific questions for you if you need. Have a good day.


I am an opiate addict who has been on 2 mg of suboxone a day for 7 years. Kaiser has been unable to fill my script due to back order issues and even at a low dose, i have had withdrawal symptoms that leave me painfully uncomfortable..especially high blood pressure. My son recommended kratom and it’s like a miracle for me. I am so tired of being a slave to the pharmaceutical companies and being treated like a criminal when I ask for my script to be filled on time. I have no withdrawal symptoms ad my bp is 120/80. However, I’m scared to get off suboxone only because I never want to use opiates again and it’s been a marvelous insurance policy at low doses….but as i said, I’m tired of being beholden to pharmaceutical/insurance companies. I started out as a pain patient who ended up on the nightmarish road to physical/emotional dependence.


50 years old, 2 back surgeries and finally realizing after 15+ years of being on every conceivable painkiller known to man, except the illegal ones, that they just don’t work anymore. Anyways I’m lucky to have a kratom store here in town, so Friday I decided what the hell and spent 28 dollars on 4oz of super red indo, not really expecting anything but disappointment. Well here I am 4:30am sunday morning and no withdrawal effects and actually feeling better than if I popped some pills. As far as I am concerned the federal government should be prosecuted for not looking into kratom as a viable alternative to opiates. Just my 2 cents


Methadone is more evil than morphine and oxicodone ever thought about being. I got off a year ago with Levorphanol. It’s an old opiate that was re-approved for use. I’m in the medical field and I also worked in a treatment center. In school we did an autopsy of a murder victim who was found outside Ft Worth. This person had been dead approximately four years. They found methadone still the the patients BONES. Sometimes it can take over a YEAR to stop feeling the effects of methadone withdrawal. I also owe my life to Kratom. Be sure to call Congress and tell them if they outlaw Kratom you will make sure the people responsible are voted out of office. I did. Millions are suffering from the DEA making it impossible to get pain relief. Hundreds have thrown in the towel and committed suicide. I’m prepared to break the law and illegally import Kratom if they try taking it away. The more people who call and insist that the DEA eff off on this the better chance we have. I pray all who read this that use this wonder plant band together and fight. I even asked the jerk in Congress if they were attempting population control by forcing the sick and the weak to just die. This IS the solution to the opioid crisis! Also, the National Center for Drug Addiction has publicly come out to Congress and the DEA with a study showing that nobody has ever died taking this stuff. Let’s hope the drug companies (especially the ones making Suboxone- that seems to be readily available) in bed with our lawmakers don’t ruin all of our chances at a healthy alternative to opiates.


I have arthritis in my back and joints from years of carpet installation. I have had a hip replacement and both knees need replaced. I went from only walking a short distance and having to stop because of pain. I took 10 ibuprofen gabupenten. I started using a green kratom in a small amount 1/2 teaspoon a day and I can walk normally now. This is all I take. I just had shoulder surgery from form rotor cuff and nerve damage I took for 5 days and stopped and went back to Kratom and real good. I also found my mood is better. This has been life changing for me.


When I first started taking Kratom, it was to get off opioids (previously on 200 mg Morphine and 5-30mg Roxicodones/day or more). I was put on Methadone to get off the Morphine and Roxi. This was the first time I didn’t go thru that horrible withdrawal. I felt as if I had found a miracle, and still do. I went on a website that told me to use Red Bali and Yellow Indo. It also said to order something called Calm Support. It didn’t help though. The Kratom is the only thing that has helped me and my husband to be able to get off pain pills. I have also had a spinal fusion. I have fibromyalgia and widespread chronic pain. Kratom has been a God send. The Yellow Indo used to make me sick so I quit taking it. Now I like the greens and whites for energy. They also provide enough pain relief to get me thru the day and night. They say the reds are sedative and green and white energizing. I still have never felt this euphoria everybody talks about. But energy and pain relief is good enough for me to keep taking it. I use a small amount of orange juice in a bottle (old single serving orange juice bottle) about one or two inches in the bottom and then add about two teaspoons of Kratom. Right now I am using Super Green Malay and White Borneo (1 tsp each) When I first started I was using anywhere from 9 to 14 grams twice a day. Even though the stuff taste terrible, it is worth anything not to go thru withdrawal. You may be taking too much or a strain that doesn’t agree with you. Try starting out with a small amount and then as your tolerance builds, increase the amount. Withdrawal will make you so sick you want to die. I don’t know if you have ever gone thru it or not, but it is the worst feeling you can experience. It can get to the point you don’t want to live anymore. Like I said before, Kratom has been a God send to me. I don’t know what I would do if they outlawed it. The legislators need to know this is the answer to the opioid addiction crisis this country is suffering from. They don’t want an answer because the doctors and pharmacies are making a fortune getting people hooked. I finally said–NO MORE. I was sick of being a slave to a pill. I wish you all the best. Just know, there are a lot of us out there who have been thru it.


Replying to Patricia:

You know what girl my husband KICKED with kratom! DO IT! We drink the red borneo and i drink because I have chronic life-long back issues and constant pain. I made him 1 tsp in a big shaker bottle with apple juice and whenever he felt sick he just took a chug. BAMMO! I’ve used kratom for years, at least 5 now, and about 3 years in, I cold turkey-ed and was slightly inconvenienced for a week, mild withdrawals. I KNOW you can do this! i slowed waaaaay down these days but kratom for pain is my choice these days


I’m sure there are people with way more experience than me in this area but from my personal experiences withdrawing from heroin and suboxone i found the white indo helped. i would take about a tablespoon every time the pain was too much. it definitely helped. unfortunately there is no 100% silver bullet to cure all the opiate side effects but Kratom seemed to be the closest thing to relief. there are other options like taking a ton of anti diarrheal pills (NOT recommended). they help but will seriously dehydrate you and god only knows what horrible effects they have long term so if you can get a white or red vein ultra premium Indo. that is where I would start. I wish you the best and I really hope you can get through it.. GOOD LUCK and It is TOTALLY worth the misery for a new start.


On opiates for crippling back injury (30 yrs solid) and kratom worked in helping me stop 80mg methadone, and 120mg oxycodone (by rx) daily use! Oxycodone was not the worst. Methadone wasn’t devised for people to ever stop using it (ever) obviously! I guess that is why heroin addicts from the 1960s are still on methadone, if still living!!!


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  1. Brian, Your Post is helpful for us. It is better to maintain its use. because we are Kratom leaves can be used in variety of ways. You can add kratom leaves in your food while cooking something. You can chew the leaves if it looks easy for you. You can brew it in a tea. You can add these leaves in a shake. I really like this kind of post I want you to do more.

  2. I agree with everyone here that Kratom is a leaf that has changed my life for good. One of the things things that I am still not used too is the awful dirt taste of kratom. There are some recipes on the Internet that tells you how to mask the bitter taste of Kratom.

  3. Decin my name is Steve I am on suboxone and want off. My concern being the full blown withdrawal becuz I’m sure I can’t function at my job like that. I’ve never made it thru coming off of it. Always went back to heroin. That being said I’m ready to get all that outta my life. If you could guide me it would be greatly appreciated. Steven

  4. Prayers for you, my heart breaks at what you are going through… You have an amazing attitude, which is half the battle. So glad Kratom has helped! Stay strong and will be praying for you!

  5. I have been taking Kratom for about 6 months and,for the most part, have benefited from it’s pain relieving qualities. BUT… yesterday I had the scare of my life. I have experienced the “wobbles” a few times from Kratom, but yesterday, I almost died. My whole body started convulsing uncontrollably for 30 minutes. It came on like the wobbles but kept getting worse and worse. Every time I tried to move, my body would shake violently. I could barely breathe for 30 minutes and seriously thought I was about to die. I believe the dose must have been more than I am used to, but dosing is hard to control. Has anyone heard of such symptoms before? I want to get the word out, BE CAREFUL!!! This stuff can kill and It is nothing to play with. JUST BE CAREFUL, PLEASE!!!!!

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