Kratom Stories: Shane Dick from Maryland

Shane Dick is from Cumberland, MD where he runs a shop called Appalachia Awakening, “a collective of holistic practitioners focusing on healing and personal well being, we offer Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Theta Healing, Tarot & Intuitive readings, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, and feature hOMॐ crystal creations energy jewelry.”

I got in touch with Shane via Twitter. He was responding to last week’s edition of “Kratom Stories” where I interviewed Joe Turner. Shane credits Joe with helping to save him from opiate addiction by introducing him to kratom.

KS: How long have you been using kratom?

SD: I have been using kratom for two years.

KS: Why do you use kratom? Did it help you get off opioids or other drugs?

SD: I was addicted to every drug you could prescribe or imagine other than IV heroin. Kratom helped me get of Oxycodone, hydrocodone, adderall, and vyvanse. I was a addict for 15 years daily. Also drank heavily. Quit drinking at 27. I’m 33 now. Quit the pills one year ago, October 24th, 2017.

KS: How did Joe Turner help you out?

SD:  I met Joe Turner through Facebook and he has a business called Appalachia Botanicals — not affiliated with our business at the moment. Anyway, I told Joe a little about myself and situation and without hesitation he sent me Kratom on good faith I would pay him back when I could. If it wasn’t for him, and Kratom, I truthfully don’t know if I’d be alive today.

KS: What are your preferred strains, dosage, and preparation method?

SD:  My preferred strain is Green Malay. 4-6 grams 2-3 times a day. In “00” capsule form.

KS: Are you involved in any activism around keeping kratom legal?

SD: I am currently involved in multiple Facebook groups just as someone whom is trying to help others and the Kratom community in the same way Joe, helped me. I strive everyday for the constant legality of kratom be it talks with folks in my community that is currently heavily affected by the opioid epidemic. I also donate to the AKA when I’m able, and help in any fashion that I can.

KS: What about any side effects you’ve experienced with kratom?

SD: Side effects. Yes at first, some minor stomach issues that were resolved with proper hydration and a probiotic supplement. When I stop using kratom I notice some minor side effects including some restlessness.

KS: You run a holistic healing center. We know people have used kratom for pain, PTSD, and to get off harder drugs. Why do you think more and more people are turning to alternative healing methods? Is it the healthcare system that’s pushing them away or do you think people get a mental/spiritual benefit from using some of the alternative therapies you offer (like reiki, meditation, etc)?

SD: We actually offer reiki as a service as well as meditation. I believe more people are turning the holistic way for a variety of reasons. The main reason I believe is people got tired of being deceived by numerous organizations and started doing their own research. In doing so, it created a ripple effect in the “holistic” community. Yes, it’s more popular than ever due to people doing their own research on the internet which has opened all these old methods of healing back up – reiki and meditation, etc. When it comes to natural alternatives, they have always been around, and on most occasions readily available. They have just been demonstrated and demonized in a sense for centuries. So in conclusion, we are living in very interesting times, times of the unknown and healthy explorations of the body and mind and achieving peace.

Also the war. Soldiers got educated on numerous herbs whilst abroad. Also like I said the internet is playing a huge rule in this renaissance.

KS: So what would you say to someone who says kratom is just replacing one addiction with another? What would you tell them the difference is between your life now and your life addicted to pills/alcohol?

SD: Kratom replacing one addiction for another? Well, in a sense yes but in a much less damning fashion not nearly as self destructive and dangerous as some addictions like alcohol. I gave up cigarettes for vaping. One addiction for another.

KS: What would you say to politicians who want to make laws that would ban the possession of kratom?

SD: I would tell politicians to listen to the facts listen to the people. I’m living proof that Kratom in particular helped save my life from a bit of heavy pill addiction. Also I would tell politicians to hopefully do their own research on the plant and don’t make any rush to judgement. Example. Banning this plant in the opioid capital of the country, Ohio, will have dire consequences that the Ohio Board of Pharmacy needs to be aware of. Kratom is saving people’s lives. Respectfully, I hope they listen to all the facts with no bias or agenda.


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