Journal Club #40: Dr. Jon’s 2010 Zebrafish Research

Journal Club with Dr. Jonathan Cachat
Journal Club with Dr. Jonathan Cachat
Journal Club #40: Dr. Jon's 2010 Zebrafish Research

For a special 40th episode, Dr. Jon revisits research he led out of Tulane University in 2010 on psychoactive substance effects in zebrafish. Out of 40+ published papers from this research, we look at one focusing on zebrafish symptoms when in withdrawal from ethanol, diazepam, morphine and caffeine. We also talk about living in New Orleans, the process of obtaining a DEA license, why caffeine was surprisingly highly toxic on fish, a popular film on substance use in the animal kingdom, and the upcoming event at the Cannabis Museum in Athens, Ohio on Sat. April 22nd: Community Hemp Fair.

Reference: Cachat, J., Canavello, P., Elegante, M., Bartels, B., Hart, P., Bergner, C., Egan, R., Duncan, A., Tien, D., Chung, A., Wong, K., Goodspeed, J., Tan, J., Grimes, C., Elkhayat, S., Suciu, C., Rosenberg, M., Chung, K. M., Kadri, F., Roy, S., … Kalueff, A. V. (2010). Modeling withdrawal syndrome in zebrafish. Behavioural brain research, 208(2), 371–376.

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