Hamilton Morris, Soren Shade, and Dr. Oliver Grundmann Talk Kratom and a New Survey

Kratom Science Podcast
Kratom Science Podcast
Hamilton Morris, Soren Shade, and Dr. Oliver Grundmann Talk Kratom and a New Survey

Take the new anonymous kratom survey! tinyurl.com/kratomteasurvey

Hamilton Morris, creator of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, and producer Soren Shade talk to University of Florida scientist and past Kratom Science Podcast guest Dr. Oliver Grundmann about his new anonymous research survey on kratom tea. All kratom consumers are invited to participate.

Plus, how an overly positive kratom narrative can be just as misleading as a negative narrative, kratom dependence, quality standards, toxicity and safety, fresh vs. dried leaf, the variability of kratom product, labeling issues, and the stigma against opioids in general leading to under-prescription.

3 thoughts on “Hamilton Morris, Soren Shade, and Dr. Oliver Grundmann Talk Kratom and a New Survey”

  1. 70-y/o physician with severe chronic pain on kratom a month or so. I have been very careful, moved forward slowly … and seen all YouTube and read everything on K. I am on low-dose kratom. 1.0-1.5g x4-5/day, but still now seriously habituated. Withdrawal symptoms started with insomnia — awoke at 2-3a unable to sleep without a dose of K — then, (now) as K wears off, headache, stomach ache, and worse pain. With coffee and K, very jittery. K is great for my ADD, my writing (professional writer) is great. BUT the arc of my future treatment is uncertain and somewhat scary. Looks like I will need a K-dose every 4 hours for the rest of my life? Spoke with someone at Tea Company, and he suggested 2-3g q.i.d.
    For people like me, 5 back surgeries, including an L3-L4-L5 fusion, never on an opioid. I was actually on ultra-low-dose naloxone for pain, but discontinued that when I started Kratom. Should I use it too? So many questions. I am a smart, judicious academic physician/scientist, and I am having a hard time seeing the path forward. I am an important (pain) demographic, and it is impossible to get medical supervision, other than self-supervision. (BTW, tried to do survey? Over now? Couldn’t find that link.)

    1. Thank you. That company is sponsoring the survey, which is a legit survey conducted by Dr. Grundmann. I usually don’t talk about any kratom companies on the podcast but in this case I felt like it was a great conversation and took the opportunity to post it on our feed. Also I don’t think they even mentioned the name of the company and I believe Soren did that as a favor for me – he didn’t have to – because I had the same concern with the appearance of advertising.

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