48. Plant Medicine from Food Waste with Andrew Tait

Kratom Science Podcast
Kratom Science Podcast
48. Plant Medicine from Food Waste with Andrew Tait

Andrew Tait from Vancouver BC Canada got his PhD in chemistry at the University of British Columbia and founded Tait Labs in 2011. He studied traditional Chinese medicine and “realized a need to apply scientific rigor to traditional medicines in order prove their potency, safety and efficacy in the treatment of a wide range of ailments that are plaguing the world today.” Tait Labs developed a product based on a Traditional Chinese Medicine recipe extracted from aged mandarin orange peels that he now sells as a supplement for digestive relief, nausea, and gut health promotion. We talk kratom, snake oil, plant medicine, naturopathy, and the politics of access to helpful substances.

Tait Labs https://www.taitlabs.com
Andrew Tait on Twitter @taitlog
Andrew Tait’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZTO3eEqAodJcgoJb0atr_A

Music: Risey, “Memories of Thailand”
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  1. This guy should go up against guys like andrew kolodny. He could talk their language and dismantle a lot of their hatred towards plants in general and kratom in particular.

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