65. Claudia Merandi, Pain Patient Advocate and Author

Kratom Science Podcast
Kratom Science Podcast
65. Claudia Merandi, Pain Patient Advocate and Author

Hulu’s final episode of Dopesick aired yesterday. “I cancelled my Hulu account,” says my guest, Claudia Merandi. “I called it Dopesickening. Hollywood had to profit off the pain community… I refuse to watch.”

Claudia Merandi has suffered from Chrohn’s disease since she was a child, as documented in her book Crohn’s: The Other ‘C’ Word: Crohn’s Disease, Court Reporting, and Custody Battles and her children’s book Dotty on the Potty. It wasn’t until she was an adult that the condition became so painful that she needed medication. After years of safely and responsibly taking opioid pain medication for Crohn’s, only in the last decade was Claudia labeled “drug seeking” and had trouble receiving adequate pain medication.

As a response to what has been labelled an “opioid crisis”, the CDC released opioid prescribing guidelines in 2016. Soon the DEA got involved in the name of busting “pill mills”, but instead, responsible doctors were regarded as pill pushers and treated like criminals for caring for pain patients. Groups like Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) have created an industry for themselves as experts in this new front in the War on Drugs. Chronic pain patients, the elderly, terminal cancer patients, and others are now being routinely refused medication all over the country and in Canada. Some turned to kratom, others turned to suicide.

“I don’t fight like other advocates,” says Claudia. “I don’t stop until I hit bone… We’ve been put in this horrible situation, and the pain patients have been too nice. It’s time to fight fire with fire.”

Claudia’s links:

NPR’s 1A episode with previous Kratom Science Podcast guest Maia Szalavitz discussing NARXCARE (mentioned by Claudia) https://the1a.org/segments/against-the-pain-the-opioid-crisis-and-medication-access/

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