46. Surviving Decades-Long Severe Chronic Pain with Dijon Evans

Kratom Science Podcast
Kratom Science Podcast
46. Surviving Decades-Long Severe Chronic Pain with Dijon Evans

Dijon Evans is a survivor of severe chronic pain, and as past Kratom Science Podcast guest Nina Ajdin refers to her, a warrior. At 16 and working as a lifeguard, Dijon injured her leg trying to save a little boy from drowning. Doctors applied a cast too tight, and despite days of pleading, they would not listen to her, and this led not only to an amputation but blot clots and several other complications, and a condition known today as “chronic regional pain syndrome”, which is one of the most painful conditions a human can have. Despite her disability, she was determined to go to medical school for neurosurgery. Another injury during her time in medical school prevented her from continuing her education. She has since had 240 surgeries and has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She nearly committed suicide when she was abruptly cut off of her opioid pain medication, and discovered kratom, which gives her some quality of life again. Dijon is a researcher and advocate for kratom and plant medicine in general. We talk about her life, relationships, God, and plant medicine…This is a gift.

American Kratom Association commercial featuring Dijon Evans: https://vimeo.com/442145460

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  1. Just like your morning cuppa coffee. It’s my medicine today and almost every day. I haven’t drink in five years. Saved me my mom and dad’s life.

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