45. Dr. Abisheak Sharma, Pharmacokineticist and Kratom Researcher

Kratom Science Podcast
Kratom Science Podcast
45. Dr. Abisheak Sharma, Pharmacokineticist and Kratom Researcher

Dr. Abisheak Sharma studied pharmacy and pharmacokinetics in India before coming to the United States to research under kratom expert Dr. Bonnie Avery. He now researches kratom with Dr. Christopher McCurdy at University of Florida as part of the Translational Drug Development Core. Dr. Sharma addresses the concern with kratom and other drug interactions, improved chromatography methods of identifying kratom alkaloids, research on kratom plants being grown by University of Florida, and where we are with kratom and human clinical trials.

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Dr. Sharma’s UFL profile https://pharmacy.ufl.edu/profile/sharma-abhisheak/
Translational Drug Development Core https://www.ctsi.ufl.edu/research/laboratory-services/translational-drug-development-core

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