37. Sober October Starts Early

37. Sober October Starts Early

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37. Sober October Starts Early

Just me this time around. I talk about a soon-to-be-released document I’ve been working on through COVID that’s 200 pages of kratom testimonials from over 800 consumers who posted to KratomScience.com. I talk about a study on kratom and metabolism I blogged about here https://www.kratomscience.com/2020/09/22/study-shows-mitragynine-metabolizes-into-7-hydroxomitragynine/. And I talk about my own history of drinking alcohol and how kratom is helping me kick off Sober October a week early.

The Kratom Science Podcast is written and produced by Brian Gallagher for KratomScience.com

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  1. Scars Hernandez

    Good luck with your Sober October, brother! You’ve got this!

    It’s another day in paradise!

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