Maeng Da Kratom

As a high potency strain, Maeng Da delivers a punch. 

It brings many of the pain relieving qualities expected of Kratom, but with a much bigger stimulating boost. However, unlike other stimulants, the energy boost doesn’t come with any jittery, unfocused side effects.



The details

Maeng Da was specifically created as a high potency red kratom strain in the humidity and heat of Indonesia. Similar to Bali Kratom, Maeng Da blends pain relief and energy into one. However, in order to beat the heat in Indonesia, this strain was made to provide a bigger kick in energy than Bali.

the difference

Because of it’s specifically bred for alkaloid properties, Maeng Da takes the normal pain relieving properties of a red strain and adds a nice energetic kick that some reds lack.

the science

Maeng Da Kratom was created using a technique called grafting, where tissues of different plants are joined together to breed different qualities of each plant into a new strain. In an effort to create a strain which maintains pain relief while mitigating sedative effects so it could be used during work in Indonesia, Maeng Da was born.

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  1. Dear Donna start of with 5 pill twice a day and drink plenty of water of 500mg red da Maeng And you’ll be set you can go up or down but if you take to much you just throw up

    1. I started the red bali and it helps but I bought the RED MAENG DA by mistake and I think it’s better than the other. I have severe scoliosis. My curves are 40degrees on top and 80 degrees on bottom. So I’ve been on all types of pain meds the last few years and I run out alot but I read about this and it’s really been a life saver. I tell everyone about kratom because my nerves in my arms and legs just ache because of my spine being twisted and this is so wonderful to have this because I’ve tried CBD oil and it does nothing for me

  2. Thank you guys for your advice!!! Im giving it a shot as we speak! I’ve heard nothing but incredible reviews and not its my turn to try it! Again… thank you all so much!!

    1. I’m using maeng da Kratom , 3 pills once a day every three days after 14 + years of high dose opioids for my severe back injury. I have went from 6 pain pills a day to 0. Or a maximum of 2 pills depending on my activity level. I can go two to three days however with zero need for my pain meds! I am grateful I found the Kratom community!

      1. Dear Mary,
        I know exactly what your saying I went from 4 Hydromorphone 3 times a day to 8 kraton pills and for when the crap hits the wall maybe a Tylenol 4. Yeap I went from 1049 pain pills A year to 20 at the most it’s a life saver I actually got my brain back nice

      2. Take about 8-10 grams per dose & get you some stool softener softgels at Walmart. Red vein kratom is typically better for pain.

    2. I’m scared.
      I’ve been on Hydrocodone for 2 years to help with Lupus pain. I refuse to take medicine with steroids and I can’t have anti inflammatory meds because of Gastric bypass.
      Hydrocodone doesn’t help anymore really. And I’ve been taking more pills to help with pain. I’m supposed to take 4 and I’ve been taking 8.

      Three weeks ago, I had a tooth extracted. My dentist called in Tylenol 3 with antibiotics because I got a severe infection in a dry socket.
      I didn’t take the Tylenol 3 because I’m not allowed to. I had already told my dentist I take pain meds.
      He called in more antibiotics a week ago and again, gave me Tylenol 3.
      I went to pain doc yesterday and they won’t give me the Hydrocodone because I signed for the Tylenol 3. Even though it’s not in my drug screen and I didn’t take it.

      They gave me nothing to get over withdrawals or to get off Hydrocodone.
      I’ve been in a panic and depression all night because I will be out of my pills soon.

      I got up this morning and researched. I went to my local store and got White, green and red Kratom.
      I’ve been told the white Kratom works best.
      I just took 4. I’m terrified of this journey. I’m not ready to be off pain medicine, but I know I’m highly addicted to it and I need to be off.
      Any advice is awesome.

      1. Jenny, I was on hydrocodone for ten years solid. I took very large amounts, at least 20 a day and up to 50 in a 24 hour period. It was a severe addiction that I could not kick and trust me I tried many many times. Getting dope sick was terrifying to me so I ended up getting on Methadone maintenance program, which is highly addictive in its self. No I’m weaning myself off methadone with KRATOM and CBD honey oil. Only a week so far on the KRATOM and much much less of the methadone but it seems to be working and I’m so excited. I have some work ahead of me but I feel like I finally have a chance now with the KRATOM. I was taking 120 mg a day if liquid methadone and now I take about a quarter of that. 6 Maeng Da a day and 2 viles if my honey CBD oil is what I’ve been taking so far. Today I got some of the Bali to try. I’m winging this because that’s all I can do at this point but so far so good. I know all to well how scary it is to even think about getting sick but I recommend KRATOM. Good luck and I’ll say a prayer for ya.

      2. Hi Jenny, my heart goes out to you, as I went through a similar situation. I have CRPS, Fibromyalgia, CFS, RA, Sjogrens, Raynaud’s, Chronic Migraines and Spinal Stenosis. They had me on a 100 mcg Fentanyl patch and 120 Hydrocodone every month. Then, my life went into a spiral. They told me that I had a drug that showed positive on my UA (I never took anything that they didn’t prescribe) and that my count was off on my patches for 2 months in a row. Then they sent me to a different dr in their practice (the only one that prescribed Suboxone) It helped as far as withdrawals from the Fentanyl and Hydrocodone went. But, they kept me on it telling me that it would help my pain. It did, minimally. So I started reading up on it, and the one thing that kept jumping out at me was that the withdrawals from Suboxone was worse than any other opiate, including heroin. I was on it for over six months at that point. I did NOT tell my dr what I was doing or he would have tapered me much more aggressively, but I started slowly tapering myself, until I was splitting a half of a strip over a 24 hr period, and that’s when I jumped over to Kratom. I was not as concerned with energy as I was over pain and insomnia. I made the jump 35 days ago. I do not regret it for even a minute. I realize now that Suboxone to me, was a poison. Kratom however, has been my lifesaver. I started out on green maeng da, which is awesome, especially for pain. But I also needed something for anxiety and insomnia. I read up as much as I could, and I now take Bentuangie Red or Red Maeng Da for sleep and Yellow Maeng Da for anxiety. I am not a dr, and I am not giving any advice, I’m just telling you what worked for me. If you need a trusted source to get your Kratom from, I cannot say enough for everyone at Beaufort Kratom. They are fantastic and the Kratom is top notch, and it is all third party tested. I wouldn’t get it from a head shop or tobacco shop. Good luck on your journey. I have no regrets about doing it, and my very large family is happy to have me back among the living. If you ever just need to talk, I am on fb Karen M Augustine or Twitter as Fibro Grandma

      3. Jenny,
        My guess is I read your post too long after the fact, as you’d written this over a week ago. Changes are, you’ll probably never read what I’m writing. Regardless of whether you do come back this way to read other people’s responses–their experience, strength, and hope, I just want you to know you are not alone. That’s what we feel like when we’re hooked. Our minds tell us that nobody will understand us–that no one could possibly relate. We convince ourselves that yes, we understand the “you’re not alone” line, technically, but it’s one thing to understand not being alone, and another thing to feel like you’re not alone. As men and women with substance abuse issues, we feel alone, no matter how much people assure us and continue to love us. We can be in a room with our best friends and family–all the people we love–yet still feel utterly alone. It’s a feeling we can’t seem to shake… you live day by day wondering if you’re from some other world, as if you’re an accident, like you just don’t belong, like everything in your life and in your world is an inch off from where it should be. Addiction is not entirely about our compulsive use of a chemical. In fact, using drugs is the outcome of something much greater: an untrue but deeply held conviction that we. are. alone. Obviously, I’ve fought with this. I know in my head that I am not actually alone–I have friends and family. Yet I often feel a sense of loneliness that very few people can understand. When friends–especially friends of mine who have kicked their habits–say to me, “Dude, you’re not alone!” my mind automatically thinks, “You always say that. You just don’t fully understand me.” When my mind starts saying things like that… when it tries to convince me that I’m a unique exception to the “you are not alone” claim, well, that’s the pills and the alcohol talking. The addict in me wants to protect itself. It will convince me of the lie that I am alone so that it can keep me captive in addiction. But let’s think about this a moment. You wrote: “I’m terrified of this journey. I’m not ready to be off pain medicine, but I know I’m highly addicted to it and I need to be off.” You have taken an enormous, bold, and dignifying step here. You at at the point in which you can’t imagine life going on without your drug of choice, and nor can you imagine it being able to continue. It probably feels like you have two different brains at times–the addict who wants to continue on forever, and the rational, yet worried, facet of yourself that want to want to stop (this is known as negative capability–that is, when you hold two conflicting thoughts at the same time). Most people who have addiction don’t even get to the point of acknowledging this, let alone admitting it publicly. Most addicts refuse to, or cannot, or will never have the level of introspection you clearly do. I mean, you’ve taken a deep look at yourself! You know how hard it is to do that? Oh course you do. Most addicts run away as fast as they can when the moment of introspection comes upon them. They never look back: it’s too terrifying. They will always know the opportunity to look inward and become honest with themselves is something that can happen–at any time–but they’re so terrified that they spend their lives running away from it by blotting themselves out. Eventually they leave this world, just as shackled in addiction as they were the day they first ran away from introspection. But you, Jenny. You looked. You were courageous. Who knows–maybe since you wrote that, you’ve been using drugs. That doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It means you’re a human. It means that next time you allow yourself a moment of introspection, you’ll be that much stronger, stronger than you are already. I’ll leave with this. What’s so scary? What is that thing–that supposedly terrifying thing–that we discover, confront, realize, or face when we look deep into ourselves? It’s the truth about ourselves in relation to the world. We realize that we’re worth it. We’re worthy of love, regardless of what we’ve done. We’re worthy of happiness, regardless of what we’ve done. We’re worth it. Whenever someone used to say, “I love you,” to me, my mind would start talking to me and say, “No, no, he’s got it all wrong. If only he knew how bad, how despicable I am, he’d change his mind. He, and everyone else, they’ll see who I really am sooner or later. They’ll know the truth about what a waste of life I am.” That story I tell myself about who I am: the only reason why my mind tells me that they’re all wrong about loving me, and I’m a certified heap of garbage, is so that I can go get high. Drugs make me feel love and loved. It’s not the real thing, of course, but I’d convinced myself I don’t deserve the love from my parents, lovers, and friends–that they got me all wrong, and one day they’d realize that I’m a horrible piece of garbage. I rejected their love, and when I did that, a big dark hole opened in my heart. I filled it with drugs and alcohol (because when I’m high, I love myself). I’m going to tell you the absolute truth, Jenny. You are worth it. You are so utterly worth it. You are worth love. You’re not a bad person, a mistake, a screw up. If the people around you give you love, trust them. Don’t second-guess their love for you because in their eyes, you are worth it, even if you’ve brought pain into their lives. You are worth it. Here’s something to do. Like I said, addiction is not just about taking drugs. There’s more to it, like the fear that drives addiction (there are so many fears… like the fear of actually being loved). Getting out of the “self-centered fear” mindset, as well as getting out of the “I’m worthless” mindset takes some practice, but I know a good icebreaker. You ever heard that phrase, “Live your life today as if it’s the last day you’ll ever live”? No, I’m not going to suggest that. Reason being, it’s so darned selfish. We addicts have lived selfish lives, so we’ve tapped out of that. Instead, pick someone… a friend, a family member, a coworker, whom you feel love toward. Tomorrow, treat that person as if it is the last day that he or she will ever live. Let that person know that they’re worth it… worth all the love in the world, no strings attached. Trust me, when you’re letting someone else know that they’re worth it, and how much you love them, the last thing that will come to your mind is pills. That’s the key. You already know this stuff. You already know what’s ahead of you. You did, after all, call this a journey: “I’m terrified of this journey. I’m not ready to be off pain medicine, but I know I’m highly addicted to it and I need to be off.” The moment you recognize the journey, you’re on it! Even if you’re still buzzing on oxys. You’re on this journey, and you are worth this journey. (I’ve said nothing of Kratom. Here’s how I see it: useful and helpful. In my experience, I was not replacing one crutch for another… I wasn’t transferring addiction. Kratom didn’t work like that for me. I took it for four months. It got me through the worst of it. It gave me a good sense of well-being and motivation without inebriating me. The effects were subtle; I can’t say it made me “high,” but it did calm me the heck down and help me focus and stay awake. It helped me get out of bed in the morning. When I first started taking it, my intention wasn’t to find something to replace the hard drugs I was struggling with. My intention was to commit to a journey or self-honesty and rebooting my entire life and outlook on life, as a man who doesn’t want anyone to feel alone or worthless. It enabled me to take the necessary steps into the journey. Since my intentions were pure (that is, I wasn’t looking to find a drug replacement that’s easy to score) and I wanted to change, I didn’t become addicted. That’s not the relationship to Kratom I’ve developed. I was able to moderate my use (without any pain or temptation to take more than necessary), and tamper down. Now, years later, I don’t partake but occasionally, and it’s typically when I start feeling depressed, hopeless, alone, anxious. I’ll take a several does as day for a number of weeks, and it’ll reset me and bring me back on the journey. Listen, Jenny: Reading your message evoked tears from my eyes. I’m so sorry you are going through this. Please don’t assume it’s happened because you’re “bad” or a screw up. I you have setback, please know that your journey waits for you… that nothing you do will EVER disqualify you from getting back on board to continue the journey. You’re worth it. What you wrote tells the REAL truth about who you are: you’re a courageous, smart, caring woman with a big heart. You’re worth it. And you’re the kind of woman who will show others, one by one, that they’re worth it. Stay strong–for yourself and them.

      4. Jenny, you won’t regret switching to Kratom. I prefer the Maeng Da myself. But I take up to 60mg of Hydrocodone a day for hip dysplasia. Kratom has definitely helped me ease off the pain meds. I usually take 7 Kratom pills in the morning & the 3-4 throughout the day.

  3. I’m on Tramadol 50 mg and want to get off of it. Not sure what to get that’s comparable in the Kratom. I have family member that takes the White Maeng da. Is that a good start for me to try that to see if it helps with back pain and enhances energy and mood..? Thanks much!

    1. I experimented with several strains of Kratom when I decided to quit tramadol.
      They all helped relieve withdrawal. In fact, I had literally no withdrawal from tramadol when I switched to kratom.
      The best I found for pain relief though is any red strain and that’s what I’d recommend if you are just seeking pain relief.
      If you’re just wanting help with relieving withdrawal from Tramadol then any strain will help with that.
      Just make sure you get good quality kratom which you can get from any reputable dealer online.
      The trick is finding the right doses for what you need.
      I generally take 4 grams three times a day.
      I take it for pain relief and for its mood boosting quality.
      Since I started Kratom a few months ago, I haven’t had to take any prescription pain medication.
      It’s good stuff!

    2. If u r coming off meds choose a red one. Helps with pain tremendously and has little to know over stimulation. When taking meds, and then coming off, being over stimulated can make u moody and anxious. For me this worked. Kratom works diffofor everyone.

    3. I was dependent on Tramadol for over two years. I tried to get off it, but the sude effects were just too unpleasant. I read about Kratom, tried it, and was able to stop using Tramadol cold turkey without any side effects. The strain of Kratom, at least for me, didn’t matter as it all worked.

  4. Can you use it to come off Suboxone? Ive been on it for 10yrs and im struggling to kick it all together. And honestly im nervous because the withdrawals are worse than oxycontin which is what I started taking Suboxone for to begin with. I really want to try

    1. Mike Canavan this is great for helping with withdrawals. I’ve been on norcos and percets for over 10 years. This takes away the worst part of WD . You may still have some but nothing severe and you will be able to function in the real world as normal. Try to stay busy and don’t just stay in the bed . Makes a world of difference

    2. Hey Mike, I’ve been on subs for 8 years and I started at 12mg and lowered myself with in the last 2 years from 12mg to .5 mg. And im telling u once you get down to half a mg a day. U will not be so worried about taking that leap of faith to zero. Its scary and not easy. And I’ve been using red vein Bali kratom for the last 2 months and it was alot easier then u think. The worst part for me was the first 2 days off of all suboxone. The Withdrawal is no where need at bad as you would think. Just a little pain and no sleep. For me the no sleep was the worst. I hope this will help someone. But using kratom was super helpful and also a little weed never hurts for the restlessness.

    3. Yes. I was on suboxone for 8 years and kratom was a lifesaver to get through the withdrawals. I had tried to quit multiple times but due to my job and constant work, the withdrawals just made it intolerable. I wish i would’ve known back then that suboxone is actually harder to quit with longer withdrawals than that of regular opiates. The entire suboxone industry is full of a bunch of corrupt doctors who just want to make money and keep you on the subs as long as possible. For many it is a lifetime contract when they realize how hard it is to quit.

      Kratom made it possible to finally quit for me. This stuff is an absolute game changer for withdrawals and it really ticks me off to see and hear how badly our government would like to outlaw it and keep people on suboxone. Im telling you right now that if you give this stuff a shot, you will have zero withdrawals from the suboxone. However, if you stay on the kratom for too long you can have withdrawals from it..but they are much quicker, like 3 days. Hope this helps! No thanks to our medical industry…but you can do this!

    4. It’s all in yo head

      It does help you gotta take a handful at a time to feel anything try bupropion w/Kratom it’s non narcotic Anti depressant start a week or so before u want to quit the subs. I’m telling u that shit works no WD symptoms and tapper down on the subs to like tiny ass pieces

    5. Yes I would suggest the red strain meang da blend in capsule form. I started on 3 pills and seen how long they lasted me which for me was 6 hours before I needed anymore. I had ZERO withdrawals from opioids. I now take maeng da twice a day.

    6. I used it to get off a ten year suboxone habit Mike. It helps, I would say it helps enough to make it tolerable. That said, suboxone is a bitch – not like an ordinary opioid it’s worse than kicking heroine and on par with methadone so please please don’t expect to not be miserable for a solid 30 days and seriously uncomfortable for another 60 after that. Kratom helps and will buy you a little relief from time to time – but that’s all. Red strains seem to work best for circumstances like ours. Obviously, the goal is to get your brain to a place where it’s naturally comfortable, without anything. Try not to prolong the process any more than necessary brother.

      Give it a hundred days buddy. You’ll feel like a new man soon, I promise you.

      1. Im a little more cautious in my wording but I agree with Jorge 100% here – I wouldn’t call it a miracle necessarily but Kratom is absolutely a game changer. I don’t know that I could have managed that level of misery without it.
        It’s gonna be a tough one Mike but it will be worth every uncomfortable minute. I will be wishing you well every day.

  5. Okay. Have used it for the past three years, mainly for focus– Started with green Maeng Da. Is there another strain that would be better for focus and dosage? Also, I never sleep and have sharp leg pain that keeps me awake, Advise please if there is a strain for this and dosage. love Kratom!!!

    1. Try the red maeng da blend. That covers everything you have listed. I do the capsule form which works for me about 6 hours. So I’m only using mine 1 to 2xs a day max.

  6. Can you take this while on Methadone? I’m on Methadone and it doesn’t help my back pain at all. I know I can definitely use this when I’m ready to come off the Methadone- which will be soon..But in the meantime will I still get the effects from the Kratom while on the Methadone? If so, which strain and dose would you suggest?

    1. I used it to get off methadone.. i used mostly reds to help w the withdrawal and lemme just say I’m so proud of u my life has totally changed since taking kratom im free of all the poison.. my name is Angie childs on fb and I’m apart of some very supportive groups if u want to hmu on fb please do.. so so happy for u and I lowered my methadone slowly then when I was about to jump off I started kratom.. good luck to u

      1. I’m so happy to hear that. Good for you!!! I love hearing positive powerful messages such as this. TY for sharing.

      2. Hey there Angela Childs,
        I’m currently doing what you have done and I’m getting off methadone with this Kratom and was wondering what is a good dose to take for pain..
        I’m at 53 hours cold turkey off only 6mg of methadone but is still pretty painful.
        And thank you for posting on this site! Your comment was exactly what I was looking for. 😁

      3. Christy wagenseller

        Same here…ive been on methadone for 8 years!!!Im so ready to get off! Could someone please tell me what worked best for them at how much to start out with? I have a high tolerance for methadone so im worried it might not work for me??

  7. capsules help me. For anxiety and mood. Also helps with soreness from being hit by a car. I suffered pill addiction after the wreck. No mkre. This stuff is a life saver. Also if you have an upset stomach this stuff helped take the nausea away.

  8. I see so many comments and reviews about how to dose kratom people buy powder and or capsules and do not know how to use them. When I first started using kratom I went threw the same issue. So I started it a different way while talking to a man who runs a rehab clinic. Number one pure grapefruit juice enhances the affects of kratom i buy Meang da capsules I take grapefruit juice fill the cup half way and open my 5 capsules into the grapefruit juice I stick in the microwave 30 seconds and it works perfect the taste is obviously disgusting but you know how much you’re taking you’re still getting the pure powder with out having to wait 45 minutes for a gel capsule to dissolve in you’re stomach and it works great just a suggestion I’ve never turned away from doing it this way it’s making the same tea everyone else does but with you’re capsules so you’re dosing right

  9. Maeng da Kratom was a lifesaver for me .I was taking 1000mg. of Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen every morning just to get out of bed . I have a knee injury from a bike accident and lower back pain like fire !! My stomach and colon could not take it anymore. I was developing gastritis . So one day I searched for herbal pain relief on the internet and found Kratom. I now have Medicaid and could get opioid pain relief but the Kratom works so good I don’t feel the need.

  10. Tramadol is not a drug that was ever intended for long time use like Hydrocodone. It actually has a filler in it that is very bad for older people. You are wise to move on from it.

    1. Hydrocodone is not intended for long time use either. No narcotics are. Where did you get that it’s used for long term use?

    2. Thank you all! Im kicking heroin. And suboxon doesn’t work no more. Plus it adds another prob. I get sick days after my last use. Leading me to relapse. A friend told me about kratom now im using this. In so far feel way better Already..all your info is helpful& gives me hope.

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