Maeng Da Kratom

As a high potency strain, Maeng Da delivers a punch. 

It brings many of the pain relieving qualities expected of Kratom, but with a much bigger stimulating boost. However, unlike other stimulants, the energy boost doesn’t come with any jittery, unfocused side effects.



The details

Maeng Da was specifically created as a high potency red kratom strain in the humidity and heat of Indonesia. Similar to Bali Kratom, Maeng Da blends pain relief and energy into one. However, in order to beat the heat in Indonesia, this strain was made to provide a bigger kick in energy than Bali.

the difference

Because of it’s specifically bred for alkaloid properties, Maeng Da takes the normal pain relieving properties of a red strain and adds a nice energetic kick that some reds lack.

the science

Maeng Da Kratom was created using a technique called grafting, where tissues of different plants are joined together to breed different qualities of each plant into a new strain. In an effort to create a strain which maintains pain relief while mitigating sedative effects so it could be used during work in Indonesia, Maeng Da was born.

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Kratom Science

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  1. Mike Mo

    Ok Tim last one I promise.. haha But first wanted to clarify on kratom being grown in shaded, or semi shaded conditions vs sunny locations. The predominant alakaloid produced by the plant is mitragynine. Mitragynine to a large degree is responsible for the stimulant effect of kratom. On the contrary 7hdroxy-mitragynine is more analagesic/sedative in nature. Expressing traits more in line with classic opioid analogs. Studies have shown pure 7 hydroxy-mitra as being 13 times more potent than morphine mg for mg. However kratom grown under normal circumstances before harvesting has virtually no 7hydroxy. Or varying low amounts. However kratom growing in excessively sunny locations test the highest for 7hdroxy present before harvest. So you want a shade grown, and indoor dried green vein strain. Last but certainly not least consumption amount, and method of consumption. I’ve already pitched my regimented dosing schedule. So now I shall go into method I simply weigh out my dose of 4.5 grams. Don’t cheap out weigh your dose accurately use a scale. With kratom less is more, and I’m not sure you understand agonist, and antagonist relationships on u – receptors. But essentially kratom has safeguards for abuse. These include overdosing for the sake of euphoria. Which leads to loss of said euphoria, and a rapid spiral to drowsiness. Being nauseated at the end of the day. From chasing one dose with another. While neglecting to eat. Anyway back to the story I’m running out of time. My method First I set water towards a boil. After I weigh my dose I throw my 4.5 in the bottom of my glass cup. I wait until the water starts a simmering boil. Then I grab the kettle, and wait for low boil to quiet, and steam to roll. I pour the water in about 4-5 times the amount of the powder. It fills less than half the tall glass. I stir it up well making sure it’s dissolved. Leave it spinning spoon on top of glass. Come back ten minutes later. The powder has settled to the bottom. And the tea with all the alkaloids you want like the mitragynine which is water soluble. 7hydroxy-mitra is not water soluble. It will not be in the tea. However it will remain in the powder. You can simply carefully pour off the tea on top. Being careful not to disturb the sediment. Or you can filter it. Though in my opinion is a waste of time, and filters catch good stuff. Anyway.. Added advantage you can detect contaminated kratom this way. Inspect the sediment on the bottom. You will notice the soft parts of the leaves separate from stem, and vein. You can see what proportions they are in. You can sometimes visibly see contaminants. White goo floating on the surface of sediment is usually not bad unless it’s excessively gooey, and creates a layer nearly as thick as the green plant matter layers. When your stirring your glass let your spoon lightly rub the bottom of the glass. If you hear, and feel sand scraping between your spoon and glass. Carefully bust your good pan out. And sift that green powder down to the heavies. Get a magnify. Inspect the contaminants. Any contaminate should be deemed unnacceptable. But very fine uniform grained sand. Can just be due to accumulation out of the air from silica particles(sand). But un-uniform sand particles especially large ones that nearly crumble like glass under your quick moving spoon. Likely mean that kratom plant underwent flooding, and was either not washed at all. Or simply dunked once in a 55 gallon drum of river water. That has already had fifty other bundles dunked by other workers. All of which do not think of sanitation like you, or I do. They also don’t understand immunities, and cross continental contagion concerns. Be careful where you get your kratom. It’s great to get to cheap kratom. But what’s the real cost? Amongst things found in the bottom ridge of the pan may include sand, rusted metal shavings, and maybe a few specks of gold. Haha jk. But you never know. The rusty metal shavings can be from when again these shady small time Indo facebook vendors, wild harvesters, or “farmers” Use old rusty milling machines to mill, and micronize the cured leaves. Unless these machines are properly maintained they quickly begin to degrade from the high volume, and frequency of use. This coupled with the often constant high levels of humidity, and lack of access to climate controlled facilities. Further contribute to the rapid degradation of these iron work horses. Which inevitably means oxidized rusty shavings contaminating the kratom. These are often very fine, and hard to see without magnify. But if there is metal there is usually sand. Anyway I’m super drained from a long day. Be happy to answer any questions email me at [email protected] Also as a last bit of valuable knowledge. If you do not consume the powder, but only the tea. You can avoid the overwhelming majority of negative side effects. Nausea, constipation (for those who have this problem) I never have. But I do know a friend who fixes the issue by taking his dose with an oil meant for consumption. He says they call him grease lightning at work. Because when he goes number two. They hear pow pow, and a flush and a few moments later out he comes a load lighter. Haha. But really in Indonesia the majority has always not consumed the leaf. They either make a tea from the leaf (unground) and filter the whole leaves before drinking. Or they stick a leaf under their lip. To absorb sublingually. Which is actually really effective. But they never consume the leaf itself except for in meals prepared for those in extreme pain. In which cases the highest content 7hydroxy velvet red leaves are chosen to infuse into a fatty meal. As 7hydroxy-mitra is not water soluble unlike the more stimulating precursor mitragynine which is water soluble. But ive got to jam to bed. Have a Good one Brother. Hope me passing a little of what I’ve learned has helped you to make some informed decisions as to routes to take. Feel free to email me with any further questions, or inquires.

  2. Nick

    Hello guys,
    I am 67 years old. I was in pain 10 plus years. taking every type pain killers. In that 10 years i swallowed ” a tonn” of medication. Last medicine was hydro morphine . What is Hydro morphine? It is Morphine [email protected]##$ Doctor easily prescribed me that medicine like it is aspirin. It took me about a week to get rid of that poison.
    Despite of medicine I was just laying …not doing anything .After two years I almost forgot to alk.!!!!###???
    Now I am using green Green Ming Da. Daily i am taking 10-15 g two times
    So far I fill good , and preparing for competition for my age on Canada events.
    I am still looking for best green Kratom that relief the pain but to not make mi slippy. IF SOMEBODY HAVE GOOD IDEA PLEASE WRITE ON THIS DISCUSSION.
    I hope my story will help for some people.

    1. Jami

      has anyone noticed this helps with cough? I’ve had a chronic cough for years, the only thing that would help is Norco ( I guess it blocks the portion of brain that makes you cough), well I don’t want take narcotics so I tried this & it’s actually helping, I’ve tried for over 20 yrs to get relief from this cough, can’t believe this is actually helping me plus gives me that little boost of energy. 🙂

      1. Richard Waggoner

        Hi my bulldog has severe allergies and some vets think it might be cancerous, and I start giving him greenhorn for his pain in this busted off teeth and it looks like all his skin didn’t condition cancer has dried up by looking at my dog I would think that greenhorn cures cancer he wakes up every morning wagging his tail and for a couple years straight he just laid there unable to move, and I was on pain medication due to a back injury from 97 so I was on pain medications for over 15 years until I found kratom it really changed my life thank God for kratom

    2. Aubrey

      Hey guys can someone help me! I got premium maeng da kratom capsules! I’m about 130 pounds! I’ve never tried the capsules but I got them because I have NO ENENERGY! Can someone help me with the dose I should start off with???? Don’t want to overdo it!

      1. Shawn

        Start with 3 capsules and see how you feel.

    3. Mike Mo

      Nick you are taking way too much kratom powder. If you take too much it will make you drowsy. Try taking 4.5 gram doses spaced evenly throughout the day. When you take a dose, and start feeling great don’t take more even if you really want to. Even if you think it will make it even better. It likely won’t. More may have the opposite effect, and sedate you. Instead wait until it’s been at least 5 hours since your last dose. Taking more sooner can sedate, or cause nausea. Kratom has natural anti-abuse antagonists. Eating shortly after a dose is not advised. However a snack, or even meal is advised around three to four hours after you last dosed if your body prompts you so. Do yourself a favor do just ignore the urge, and dose again. Now After the food has digested, and some time has allotted you may dose again. For mornings kratom may be taken on an empty stomach. However this is not a healthy habit. As this means dosing shortly after waking. Which is terribly habit forming, and hard to break. And is hard on your digestion. It’s best to first have a banana, or even an apple. Digestion takes around 45mins. I’ve through experimentation found that thirty minutes after finishing eating. On the tail end of the morning/ breakfast digestive cycle is the perfect time to dose. no nausea. It’s also best to have been awake at least 30 preferably 45 mins before eating breakfast.

    4. Mike Mo

      Nick this is my second response to you. But what I have learned about the morning is important starting the day by immediately taking a dose will cause negative side effects. Especially when made habit, and it’s so much better to allow waking up time, and a small snack before. And tailgating your dose onto the last 1/3 of the digestion time of previous meal. Also how you prepare your kratom matters. As well as how your kratom was dried, and the age it was harvested. whether the tree was young, or old. Location it was grown. I.e. By a river? Or in a flood Delta? Or in the dense tropical forset? Wether the leaves were mature, and previous weather patterns before harvest. As well as temperatures, and moistures, and drying method employed. Meaning indoor, or outdoor. Time taken, or in other words single dry..Or repeated rehydration, and exposure to sunlight for fermentation. All these things matter for instance fermenting cycles convert much of the stimulating mitragynine into the much more sedating/analagesic 7hydroxy-mitragynine. This process usually turns the leaves red. Hence reds. All kratom plants are the same they are not different strains. The only exception is elephant kratom. And it’s a tricky thing to explain. But real elephant can be a treat a btw. Back to the moral of the story.. but first a word of warning The Young kratom plants cropping up along rivers like the lengthy Hulu kapaus river. Which are commonly harvested by small scale local indo “farmers”.. Who will post pics next to “their” 8ft tall kratom plants growing in abundance. smiling amongst the leaves. Be weary young wild kratom grown within the flood zone of the banks of these lengthy, and wild rivers. Are often struck with sudden river rise due to tropical down pours. These flooding events are quick, but kratom is Hardy even young plants. They will one day grow to be mighty ten story tall pinnacles of strength. As tall as the plant/tree is that is how deep the root is. One long tap root. Because of this they hang on through flood events. problem arises when a snail rudix rubungai or something like that.. Comes out in abundance they are normally elsewhere eating other things. but in the power of the flood currents.. They end up latched to any green thing the flood torrents couldn’t wash away. Including sadly our beloved mitragynine speciosa. Certain times of the year after these events the snails are so abundant that they dot the landscape. Like slow moving raindrops slowly slipping down the branches, and dripping off the boughs. These snails leave slimy trails behind wherever they go. And in these trails are a nasty merciless vile thing. That is parasite eggs. A particularly harmful parasite known as a liver fluke.

    5. Mike Mo

      Nick third response sorry I got side tracked however as I was saying. You need a green strain preferably shade, or semi shade grown. Like mature trees away from river banks. Located within dense forest regions. Borneo, Sumatra.. You don’t want your kratom to be sun blasted either in situ i.e. where it grew. Or during drying. you don’t want fermentation. some darker greens have been fermented to convert Mitra into 7hdroxy-mitra. They achieve this without turning the leaf red by creating a green house effect with low uv penetration. This takes employing two layers of tarps. One below upon which the rehydrated leaf sits. and one layer above to protect the leaf from direct sun exposure. This prevents the leaf from turning red, but creates a drowsy green with higher levels of 7hydroxy, but still retaining more mitragynine than one with near complete conversion to 7hdroxy like a dark red. Which are made similar except rehydrated leaf is left on tarps exposed to sunlight for quick conversion. Depending on weather conditions the leaf may have to go through many drying, and rehydrating, and fermenting/drying, and rehydrating.. The sun is an important factor for conversion if it’s cloudy, or excessively humid for long periods. This can cause ruined harvests which turn brown instead of red. And while they may have achieved significant conversion. The phyto nutrients in the plants have begun to acidify, and break down. Leading to awful flavors, and aromas. Indonesian vendors often try to salvage these harvests by naming them bentuangie. And claiming they are high in pain killer 7hydroxy. When in reality they never finished conversion, and are no more than anfailed red. That’s began to spoil. Moral of story. Be careful never buy bentuangie. Especially because often small time Indo vendors will adulterate it to compensate for diminished effect, and unpalatableness.. This can come in the form of many unsafe things kava, chemically converted 7hdroxy (common practice of small time shady indo facebook vendors) Two tips on this growing problem. Look into vendors performing conversions of Mitra to 7hydroxy-mitra using nasty oxidizers like chemically altered lead, and other heavy metal oxidizers. And I’ve done detailed research into the industry on both sides. Look out for these things. First I wouldn’t get Hulu anything if I was you. But if you open a kilo, and it smells like fish. Don’t consume it as it has been contaminated by flood, and possibly worst by parasites.. But this is my routine. First however I must say toss, and wash is not advised. Inhaling kratom powder is not healthy. Nor is swallowing large amounts of unhydratee hydrophobic material with anything especially water. Talk about asking for trouble later on the toilet.. Anyway I keep getting terribly side tracked. About to have to wrap this up important part coming next. Hang in there.

  3. All the info you need...

    There is a LOT of info in these comments, and a LOT of it is wrong. First of all, if you are an addict…you should know that Kratom is addictive, just like whatever you are coming off of. That being said, it is much easier to come off of it than most actual ‘drugs’. And THAT being said, I don’t know why you would want to. It really DOES work, for literally everything mentioned here. Red strains work best for pain, white give lots of energy, and most greens do a bit of both. Vietnam and Thai strains are great for anxiety, and the former seems the best for euphoria (if it’s truly a Vietnam strain!) Dosage…is difficult. I recommend STARTING at 5 grams. That seems high compared with some comments here tho. But IMHO you want to take enough for it to have an effect. I take much more than that now. Over the years my tolerance has increased, much like anything else. I now take 15 grams, 2-3 times a day. Never less than 6 hours apart in dosing, it won’t work as good if it is less than that, and may make you nauseous if you take too much. Most pills contain roughly 1/2 gram per capsule, which means I take 30 pills at a time. Start with 5, wait 30 minutes, take 5 more if you feel you need to…repeat for desired effect. This will allow you to find your ‘sweet spot’…you’ll know if you take too much. As far as WHERE to get it…you just need to try some trial and error. Don’t give up if the first time or two yields low quality kratom, it is worth trying until you find the right brand for you. Headshops have recently become decent places to buy it, since popularity and demand has risen, but some may not really work at all. I buy it by the kilo online, but still try new brands at headshops to this day. I have been taking it for 8 years, so if you have any questions at all…I would be happy to answer them. Good luck, and do yourself a favor…try it until it works for you, because…it will.

    1. Mike Carr

      THANKS FOR INFO, I’m addicted to METHADONE but down to 10mgs a day, at one time I was on ridiculous high 180mgs of mdone, have had spinal surgery & had to relearn to walk, I’m feeling shitty at 10mgs but I know longer crave euphoria, just want to help detox, I’m aware of it being addictive but I don’t think it can be any worse than what I’m going thru, I did a “test”, bought 30 capsules of mang da & took 10caps at once 2x 1st day & skipped my mdone dose, 2nd day skipped my mdone & took 5caps twice & i vried watching a movie for 1st time in yrs, i didnt get euphoria that my non-opiate friends get but thats fine, i just want to be clear headed again, ppl usually say stay away from headshops but i undetstand what your saying as KRATOM has bcome more popular in last fee yrs, i was taking some from a friend that got from online vendor but i was stil in ADDICT MODE, wanting to feel something more than just withdraw releif, maybe I was getting much of anything cuz I was stil dosing mdone but this 30capsules helped for 2 days & believed it would’ve benifitted if I stuck to it, I didn’t want to buy ALOT & waste my cash, I’m bout to head to shop as I’m 43, new relationship & SPENDING Holiday w/gf family, I liked m-da & they also have Bali, as a long time KRATOM user, what would you recommend for lil energy, not really in pain anymore, calm, relaxed, I don’t think il find anything that will produce euphoric effects as I’ve been on man made synthetic opiate for quite sum time but it would be nice to feel lol upbeat to ease social anxiety, hence I mentioned energy earlier, any feedback would be HIGHLY APPRICIATED

      1. Rick N.

        Congrats man.. I was addicted to opiates and fentynal for 15 years using the kratom i am happy to say i am clean now for 113 days and feel what normal feels like. It relieves my pain from a motorcycle accident where i got busted up bad..but it works. Stay strong brother

      2. Mark Elmore

        Jumped off 70mg of methadone with nothing but kratom. 4 months later I’m done with both. It truly did save me.

    2. A

      I know this seems like a silly question but I was only taking 1-2 pills of the green Maeng Da or red Bali & needed to take more every 2 hrs. I could feel withdrawals when I didn’t take them. I took 6) 10/325 hydro’s ea day for 10 yrs so I finally got off of them. If I take a higher dose, will that last longer? Is that why you’re able to go 6 hrs or so in between? I am taking about 12 a day right now

  4. Nick

    I agree with everything positive that has been posted about Kratom in general and with Maeng Da in particular. However, one thing I would add to anyone who may be afflicted with A-fib (irregular heartbeat) is that your symptoms may be exacerbated by using any strain but especially so with Maeng Da. This was extremely disappointing to me as I had terrific initial results with Maeng Da for pain relief but it caused my heartbeat to go so wacky that I had to stop taking it. I currently am sticking with Red Bali which isn’t as effective for pain but doesn’t mess with my heartbeat as much.

    1. Meg

      Nick. I’ve been having the same thing going on with my heart beat going through the roof. But I thought that was just since I’ve been off pain meds for a few days?! I didn’t even think that it was the Kratom strain. Guess I’ll be ordering new Kratom online and dealing with this for now. Ugh. I am thankful for Kratom,it’s helped. But people are making it seem like it’s just this big blanket that will cover every symptom and problem. Like it will come in, clean your house for you,pay your bills, feed the kids, work your job! No, it will barely help with withdrawal just so you can crawl your ass into work and barely walk and get thru the day. But I have to keep telling myself it’s worth it. So here we are. What does that have to do with your comment? I don’t know. 😂 Ffs .

  5. Lauren

    Ive been using green maeung da and green malay kratom for the past 7 months. I was on three opiates, dilaudid, fentanyl patch, and percocet for severe back and neck problems for about 13 years! After weening off opiates i tried kratom. I am amazed! My pain is a 0-1 level now with 3tsps kratom in water. I take one to two doses each day and im great. I also suffer from major depression. The kratom gives me energy and im always smiling now. The kratom is a lifesaver for me! I never thought id get off opiates but now i cant believe i was ever on them.

  6. treigh

    just so everybody is aware, if your EVER withdrawling from opiates (I’ve withdrawled from medthodone and Suboxone, so I know withdrawls are like) hop down and sit cross cross with your spine straight up for as long as you can handle, the pain will get bad, but I’d rather be in pain all day then to be jumping out my skin.(meditate) and I promise you you will get sleep and relief when you hit your head on the pillow. the pain feels good on your mingmen where vitality and chi is made.

    1. Christopher

      That’s awesome if that method works for you. It is completely worthless and useless for myself and anyone I know that has “legitimate” pain. I’ve been through withdrawals off of every medication to ever exist. The worst has been with benzodiazepines and methadone. I can’t attest to the withdrawal symptoms that come from Suboxone because I have absolutely NO intention of stopping the ingestion of Suboxone. It’s the one and only pain medication that legitimately keeps my back pain at a tolerable enough level to go to work everyday. I’ve taken every prescription/non-prescription medication and/or drugs that have ever existed. If it weren’t for this alleged “opioid epidemic” (complete bulls**t designed to get as many people as possible hooked back on illegal street drugs so these douchebags can write more tickets and generate more revenue for their repeatedly failed war on drugs) that is no worse than it was decades ago….it finally started effecting people who are on the higher end of the financial spectrum….so they deem it an “epidemic”.

      1. Celena G.

        Amen, brother. Same here. And… EXACTLY. No shame in having to take Suboxone or Subutex. I used to think I’d quit, but each time I did stop cold turkey, my life went to hell in a hand basket. I wouldn’t feel like working, get depressed, be so lethargic I was physically useless. And yes, the drug war is political propoganda to wage a social war against the lower working class and it’s disabled and/or chronically ill populace. Point blank, it is NOT the government’s business what we choose to ingest into our bodies: particularly “free,” of-age Americans. Anyway, Go Kratom! Big fan. Helps my breakyhrough pain, stress, anxiety, and energy/positivity/alertness.

  7. William Jackson


    I’ve been taking Kratom for about 2 years. I’m a veteran that has PTSD and a lot of pain. I have to keep increasing my dosage. It doesn’t seem to be helping much for the PTSD now. I’m chest pain is starting to come back because of stress. I there another strain I can take? I tried a couple of other strains but the effects didn’t last long.

    1. Al

      Hi William, buy as many different strains as you can. Alternate like a madman. Always keep in mind that you will get pain relief from them all, but if you need energy and focus (like during the morning and afternoon)…
      take green or white .. (Green gives me good energy) , and take reds and/or yellow (combining red and yellow makes GOLD, which is awesome) in the evening (or when you want to relax and don’t need an energy boost) .

      Alternate strains/colors to a ridiculous extent and you will get a good experience every time.

      If you dont the feeling you want with your typical dose, take another teaspoonful once every 30-45 min until you DO get that feeling .

      Make note of the strains that just don’t get you where you want to be, so you’ll know to start with a higher dose or avoid that one altogether

      Hope this helped

      1. Trishibebe

        Hey I am brand new and take diludad and have intense debilitating pain. I just started last night. I take 4 mg of diliduad 4 times a day and I have to have migraine fiorcet med, and Gabepentine for nerve damage. I just tried it as a tea, did not work so I tried again with lemon juice and some hiot water, I threw up a little the taste was so bad. In the tea it was fine with honey but I found that others said put lemon juice on it 15 minutes for alkaloids and then hot water and chocolate milk or yogurt fur taste. Chocolate milk works. I am not getting the pain relief from my pain medication and I think I am either having an allergy or bad side effects so I was nervous to try higher dosage of Kratom too fast. I really need some help with someone that has big pain, can you help a sister out? I want to get out of this pain and and off the opiate train. I used to get great relief with my old doc, because he was an expert biochemist and pharmacologist and he was cancer doc so he knew about bad pain. I have 3 diseases causes intense pain and bad injuries. I was on fentanyl but can’t get the brand I need, and I also hate the sweating and that you can’t get heated in shower or even outside. . I don’t want to give up on Kratom but I needs some help with the dosage. I bought the powder. I also got kava kava cause I need to get restful sleep. I have not tried it yet. I have CBD oil, which helps some but not near enough on sleep. i need this “big pain” knocked out. I have become bed ridden the last few months and I have to get this Kratom thing down right before giving up. I do have more pain that moderate, mine is the devil, and when I read and researched Kratom I looked for people that had similar injuries and bad disease and pain like me. We just passed the marinol pill but who knows how long before I get to see the doc or clinic. They have dragged it out for years not getting the clinic and now I hear their is waiting list. I only took 2 teaspoons of powder last night. I figured people were using more. I git mine at kracken krwtom because of the American Kratom guaranteeing the product was safe. Wondered if I should have combined the yellow and red. I am not looking to get high, just relief. Last night and 1st did nothing. I did have some weird throat feeling which I get with opiates and I hate cause it feels very dry and kinda of choking like. I was so upset but hung in there, the 2nd time I did it like a YouTube video guy recommends. What I want to know is does it really work on people that have major pain? And how do you get the same amount to equal opiates you take? I can’t take OxyContin and I think that something in those drugs makes me feel hyper, and sick maybe the dyes and I break out like crazy. Don’t want to be hyper, just want relief. I was doing great until my doc does. Also does anyone know if it affects your gut, I have ulcerative colitis and don’t like opiates action slowing your gut down. And I have massive bladder pain from other disease. I want to be safe and get relief. Sorry I wrote so much, I am desperate. Thanks.

        1. Tami

          Hi my name is Tami. Please contact me about Kratom. Please. I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much!
          I am in severe pain & take alot of oxycodone but cant do this anymore. Please contact asap if possible. I am an above the knee amputee

    2. J

      Red bent or Bali. Even gold Bali. Most of the reds. I’m in the same boat about taking multiple doses a day. It really doesn’t last very long if you have a tolerance.. At least the peak effects don’t. I’d recommend mixing some together. Some green but majority red. Like AL said alternating works best as you become tolerant to particular alkaloids in each strain. You can potentiate it with orange juice (not grapefruit juice). Be careful with that tho. I’ve taken my usual and with the OJ it made me sick since it was much stronger. Just so you understand it’s not just you. I take 8-10 grams in the morning, maybe2-3 grams every 2 hours or so and then another 6 when I get home and probably another 8-10 grams at night. Not always though. Usually if I’m working I’m taking more but at least two bug doses in night/morning and some smaller throughout the day

      1. KH

        So j everyone else mostly says grapefruit juice what’s the diff w OJ and also lemon juice

    3. Brent

      Please look into getting B vitamin injections! I am a clinical psychologist and most people in my field and in medicine do not know that stress that you have endured that is abnormal and extreme causes the body to become depleted in B-vitamins. I know it works because I had PTSD and still do to a degree. Although my PTSD is not from war the effects can be similar because its all a matter of ones own personal experience and how they handle their trauma. When I began taking B-vitamin shots everything changed! My anxiety was almost completely gone. My energy was fully back. My mind was clear again! Everything that had been bothering me was pretty much ALMOST gone, not completely, but drastically better. Most lab tests will show a person has adequeate levels of B-vtimans but not OPTIMAL! This might sound crazy but on Amazon you can buy vet made B-vtiamin vials for 14 dollars and if you read the reviewws, and there are a lot of them, many humans use them because they are the same thing and gone through the same manufacturing process as the ones for humans go through. I purchased some insulin needles online which are cheap and gave myself sub-conatnious injections every day and do not worry about overdosing because they are water soluable vitamins and its almost impossible to overdose because we just pee them out. I wish I could post the scientific journals that are discovering what I am writing you right now. Please look them up. PTSD and B-vitamin deficinecy study on google and you will find them. Or look up stress and B-vitamin defciency study on google and you will find so much info on this! I can almost guarantee that you ahve a B vitamin deficinecy and if you start taking them via injections you will see such an huge improvement! I promise you! And I hold two masters degrees in pscyhology from a prestigious univeristy so I am no dummy and I have expereinced the benefits of taking these injections first hand so its why I am so passionate about this. If theywere to give you vets these injections so many of you would improve is so many ways its unbelievable but instead you are given ativan traizadone and whole bunch of meds that do not fix the problem. B vitamins FIX the problem. Look up the vials on Amazon and go and buy your insulin needles for 20 bucks online and start giving yourself daily injections and I promise you that you won’t stop and you will be amazed how you feel! It will only cost you 50$ max and it will change your life. What do you have to lose?

      1. Crystal M.

        Brent I am curious how these different strains affect serotonin. I have had serotonin poisoning a couple of times and hell would be a picnic in paradise by comparison.
        I believe I saw you were a Psychologist in your post? So you would be familiar, with both serotonin uptake and Selexa/Citrolipram (sp? Sorry) which I already take 40mg of.
        I will have to take this dose for the rest of my life because any attempt to change it or add another drug targeting serotonin (I tried Champex for smoking and ended up in hospital).

        So, after rambling the long way around, do you think any of these strains would effect serotonin levels?

        1. Bridget

          Good old celexa. Getting off the last 10-15mg was a nightmare for me! I was on it for two years & the day I lost my gallbladder at the hospital, I forgot to take the celexa during my surgery & recovery days, & so two days after, I started having RLS, night sweats/cold sweats, and body convulsions (they were small ones). It lasted two weeks. The TRICK to getting past the “body’s addiction to serious habit forming meds,” (also, I helped get a cancer client off of Dilaudid, & two Fentanyl patches), is muscle relaxers, so your BODY can sleep, AND ONLY for the first week, EVERY OTHER DAY(if you can), 20mg of baclofen ( Drs approval of course), and then QUIT cold turkey, (do not get refills), AND THEN rest, do yoga, get exercise, do daily meditations (20mins each twice a day), this is to keep the body busy/distracted/to burn off any leftover anxiety from the body not getting it’s “fix of celexa,” (everytime you get triggered or your body starts to flip out, YOU MOVE: exercise, even if it’s ballslams, jumping jacks, jump rope, or burpees, just to calm the energy down, you have to move), So, if your asleep and you wake up from a panic attack, you GET UP & run in place, jump up & down, move your body…this will RETRAIN the brain, which helps the body stop whatever it’s doing. (and I’d also see/do phone sessions with a Behavioral Counselor to establish a NEW behavior for your body to be addicted to, something to break the old habit… something healthy of course.) Took me two weeks to stabilize from body convulsions.
          5 Years after that, other stuff came up and it turned into passive aggressive anger/buttloads more of anger. Did NOT want drugs after getting off them once already.
          I had actually managed to suppress the past by being a workaholic to avoid the person who was making my life hell.
          I had to do this on my own. Lots of research, lots of meditation, lots of being PATIENT with MYSELF. Lots of ballslams & punching bags…(to not get codependent on a therapist)….Just cause your off the meds/drugs doesn’t mean you fixed the real issue(s)….You will have to break yourself of old habits, old ideas, and old systems of belief, if you wish to fully get off/stay off the meds and feel better, long term.
          It won’t be easy (as you already know), you’re going to purge, you’re going to be emotional and you’re going to want to give up. But that’s why I advised a behavioral coach (counselor)…they can help keep you in check, give you things to do to change a behavior, or adjust it to tailor it to your needs or where you’re at in the process of letting go of the past. It’s a mental, emotional, physical journey… exhausting. But it will get calm and you won’t need to be on & off medicine your whole life. You have to declutter, unfriended people for real who are toxic to you emotionally. You have to widen your view of the life your in. If you can’t do all that while your in the environment that made you ill…then take respite and get AWAY from everyone & everything so you can focus on yourself without distraction….even float centers are great for that…take the time to do SELF-care. No it’s not selfish.
          Also….if you can’t do muscle relaxers (cause it’s easy to get addicted to drugs for their calming/knock out effects, which just puts a bandaid on things), then try blue lotus tea leafs or any calming teas as you work through your issues. Again, your body is going to flip out, you will feel loss of control of it and will think you need the ER, but it’s just the body having a tantrum….of course if it’s like life threatening then absolutely see a doctor/go to ER….BUT I can tell you, there really is no cure for all that makes you ill, Except for the TIME & DEDICATION you put into YOU changing your lifestyle, your eating habits, your sleep schedule, & your routine. It’s not an overnight deal or after a couple of weeks deal, it is an every single day of your life deal, till you have no doubts, no one pushing their agendas down your throat causing drama, it’ll take you listening to your GUT for a change, to deal with anything you experience.
          And as I always say….”If doubt arises, take your emotions out of the picture,”….. you’ll be surprised how much clarity you get when you do. Hope this helps you.

        2. Kavie Love

          Hi Brent! I agree B vitamins are worth a try. I couldn’t find anything on amazon, would you mind sharing the link?

          All the best,


      2. Kratom User

        Maeng Da is great for everyday use in my opinion. Of course it’s probably better to cycle through a few different strains if you consume daily. Always a good go to strain.

      3. Kratom User

        Wow, do NOT listen to Brent’s advice. It is NEVER safe to self-administer yourself with needles. DO NOT do your own injections. Go to a medical professional.

        1. Tracy Rogers

          Omg, really ? Who do you think manages insulin administration ? Diabetics, and daily. MS patients and Interferon injections ? MS victims ! Your argument is worthless, especially when referring to “sub-cutaneous” injections. Jeez !

      4. DrJohn

        Brent, I tried B-12 injections at a local hydration place with little effect. When I tried methylated B-12 sublingual tablets my blood levels were still good but I felt better.

        I’m just trying these kratom leaves for fatigue and cervical neck pain and so far the maeng da has been good, but I’d like to know if there is really any difference besides the main ingredient percentage?

      5. Christophe

        Your exactly right. I’ve been taking “B-Vitamin Complex” vitamin supplements for about 6 months now as well as 3-5,000 Mcg’s of B-12 “Methylcobalamin” daily. It’s very important you make sure your getting actual “Methylcobalamin B-12” and not the usual crap in your standard cheap types of B-Vitamin Supplements. Also taking L-Tyrosine along with Acetyl L-Carnitine and a good source of “Choline”. The best, most absorbable form is “Citicoline”, the next best absorbable form is “Alpha GPC”. Also taking L-Theanine is a great muscle relaxer. These are just a few things you can get legally….nothing you can get legally can or ever will compare with anything that requires a prescription or that you can get from a friend or on the street. Trust me. I’m giving you the facts based on real life experience. Believe what you choose, but what Ivetokd you is 100% accurate.

    4. Maria Salas

      More i read about kratom and more confused I’m, sorry! I have back pain and that’s way i was introduced to pain medications( oxycodone) ! Excuse my ignorance, but i didn’t know about ” legal prescriptions medications”! I didn’t know meds can cause withdrawal like street drugs ( and i don’t want to discriminate withdrawals” because they all are painful). I was introduced to pain medications from my doctor and i got cut off from suddenly without a support for the withdraw, like suboxone. Honestly i don’t trust doctors anymore, i don’t think our pains or our withdrawal is what matter to them!!! Anyways now I’m still dealing with my back pain and withdraw and i also have anxiety depression and sleeping problems!😔 i tried the kratom but it didn’t help a lot with any of my problems and I’m new to cbd oil and i still can’t find any progress with my issues! I’m not trying to discourage others i actually need help and suggestions myself! I keep reading about kratom and cbd oil and all i find is a confusion of informations! Pls can anyone be honest and suggest me helpful directions! Sorry for my english . ty

  8. Shannon Bradshaw

    Been there, done it (above) all! Crazy how the majority of us have the same story! Weened myself of Of Oxi’s & have been on A Kratom daily dosage & Its A life saver! My husband is an ER Dr. & is skeptical on Kratom because it is not FDA approved but he has been w/ me through my 12 years of chronic back pain & Is supportive because Kratom is the only thing that curbs the pain & keeps me from constantly whining about how bad it hurts. Only thing is if we find a diagnosis for my back pain & figure out a permanent way to cure the problem & make pain go away I’m going to hv to ween myself off of the Kratom as well. Sometimes when I wake up and don’t take my red kratom the night before I go to bed, I can feel my body going through withdrawls the next morning, they are the same withdrawls you go through weaning off of opiates. However looking forward to that day that we do figure it out and I am dependent on nothing at all. Grateful for what Kratom has done for me the last three years, don’t know what I will do if they ban this product. #KratomBeliever

    1. Celina

      Hi Shannon,
      I have read your story and would like to ask you something. I’m praying that you will receive my message and hopefully reply back. I too am looking for a NATURAL alternative to ween myself off of opiates. I’ve been taking 10/325 (3 a day, sometimes 4, depending on the severity of the pain, or what I did that day)pills for a LONG time now for CHRONIC pain. Rheumatoid arthritis, knee pain and lower back pain. I feel like I am 90 yrs old! my body HURTS so bad! Unfortunately I don’t have medical ins. and have been purchasing the pain pills from a friend of mine, which has become VERY expensive! But I cannot function through a regular day without pain medication. NOT because I’m HOOKED on them, but because of the pain. My attitude is horrible at times because of it. And I’m tired of people constantly asking me what’s wrong. I have purchased “Kratom Maengda Premium,” in hopes, that it would help and it did seem like it worked the very 1st time and I only took 3 pills; however, it didn’t last long (hrs). I then increased it to 6 pills, but it made me nauseous and now I feel that its not working at all! Can you PLEASE tell me what your regime was/is EXACTLY and which one(s) are you taking. I REALLY need help with withdrawals. Maybe you can ask your husband too? Can you please email me your response also ([email protected]).

      1. Jim

        I am a long time opiate pain medication user that got cut off when switched to Kaiser Permanente. Your opiate tolerance is pretty low, but you do need something stronger than non-opiate addicts. You are DEFINITELY physically dependent on opiates If you’ve taken them daily for even just 30 days, let alone 8yrs like me. The problem with regular kratom powder is there are like 26 alkaloids at work, and only 2 of them are opiates. 7HMG is like 14 times more potent than morphine, but it’s like 0.45% of the alkaloids in kratom, and the total alkaloid content of kratom is only like 4% of the total weight. You see, your body can only tolerate so much of all 26 alkaloids a day, so at a certain daily amount it only makes you feel worse (nauseous). However, your body needs a lot of mitragynine and 7HMG. I was unable to avoid opiate withdrawal using just kratom powder. What you gotta do is get some “black diamond” 50x or 60x extract. By weight, this extract is supposed to have 60 times the mitragynine and 7HMG as kratom powder, but without any of the other alkaloids. The stuff is not cheap- like $65/oz. And only 2 companies sell it. You can’t import kratom extracts anymore, so any company sell extracts has to make it themselves. The black diamond extract is by far the best method – it ends up with sparkly alkaloid crystals it’s so concentrated. It looks kinda like glitter. Austin Organic Village has the 60x, and they are the ONLY company to sell a red kratom 60x extract called “Ruby Red’. Its way more potent than the black diamond or green emerald. Try taking 0.5g -1g of ruby red with like 2-3g of regular red bali or red maeng da kratom. This way you get the amount of opiate alkaloids you need (mitragynine and 7HMG) as well as the full effect of the other alkaloids at a low enough dose that they feel good and don’t make you nauseous. Trust me, I had a fentanyl level tolerance and this worked for me. I mean I can take 2-4g of ruby red per dose, but you can take as much 60x extract as you want without any worry of nausea. Hope this helped .

        1. Connie

          You are obviously knowledgeable about this and I am preparing to embark on a regimen of maengda. I’ve suffered many years since MD refuse to fill anymore pain meds. The past 8 years acetomenophin is my only pain meds lol. 18 yrs of Dilaudid, then 9 yrs of Oxycotin, 33 yrs alprazolam now nothing. I’m close to immobile. Post op from two back surgeries, total knee, steroid injections, etc. Found Kratom by accident and getting ready to start today or tomorrow. What is the black diamond you refered to? And the effects of Kratom physiologically. Thanks much

        2. Tami

          Jim please get ahold of me.
          I take 30 mg 6 times a day of oxycodone immediate-release I need help on trying to come off of these I have excruciating pain pain that sometimes makes me want to not wake up I need help! I am an above-the-knee leg amputee my leg feels like it’s anywhere from freezing 2 I have shooting lightning bolts going up my leg that isn’t even there. what and how should I use this kratom I’m a new user to it and I have the maeng da

      2. Stephen DeMarco

        THE most important thing to remember about kratom is not all vendors sell the same quality kratom. And, even if you did get a good batch from a quality vendor, the next order you get could be complete junk.
        Look at a company’s reviews on the specific strains they sell. Some vendors are known for selling certain strains that are much better than other vendors.
        Last thing: don’t take too much. I assume each pill was .5 grams. Instead of doubling your dose, try going up .5mg’s every 45 minutes until you reach a theraputic dose.
        Getting sick from kratom sounds like you took too much.
        Give Super Green Malay a shot for pain during the day.
        It lasts a long time, offers very good painkilling effects, and is stimulating enough to offer motivation.
        The SECOND MOST IMPORTANT THING to remember when taking kratom is to constantly change strains, so you do not become tolerant to a specific type. And, if you want to stop kratom, either mix it up in a water bottle and nurse it throughout the day, or step down from a red strain, to a green strain, then a white strain. You can walk off a stimulating white strain much easier than from a strain that offers good painkilling effects.

        1. Nick K.

          I have a question if you are still reading thees comments. Or maybe some other users can help me.
          Stephn De Marco mention Super Green Malay for pain relive – killing . \my main problem is the hip pain . I am now using green Ming Da . But in bigger dose 10 to 15 grams it make me sleepy .
          Does Super Green Malay make you sleepy in bigger dose . That is my main concern.

        2. Nick K.

          I have a question if you are still reading thees comments. Or maybe some other users can help me.
          Stephn De Marco mention Super Green Malay for pain relive – killing . My main problem is the hip pain . I am now using green Ming Da . But in bigger dose 10 to 15 grams it make me sleepy .
          Does Super Green Malay make you sleepy in bigger dose . That is my main concern.

  9. Dizzle

    I have had three surgeries in the past 7 years (Back/Knee/Shoulder). All big surgeries. The pain doc started me out at 5/325 Norcos at 1-2 a day, eventually, after 9 years it led to Percocet (oxyc) 10/325 up to 10 pills a day. When that started wearing off, I went to 12 pills a day. Then the doc discussed the Fentanyl patch. I was like, NO WAY. What happens when that wears off doc? Exactly.
    It came time to where I couldn’t live this vicious cycle anymore. So over two weeks I found myself just completely tapped out. I have tried Blocks in the back, epidurals, over 60 sessions at the physical therapists. Ice and tenz unit every night before bed WITH a Soma AND Ambien 10mg WITH the pain meds. I was a complete mess. So, what did I do? I was a complete idiot and tried to wean off myself. By the second day, I went to urgent care. After a long discussion with this new doctor (as he’s reviewing my med history)…
    He laid it out for me. He said, YOU NEED TO GET HELP and I want you to go to detox for a week. So, I did it. I entered detox the next day. They put me on Subutex along with about a million other meds (made me a zombie at first) but I trusted the process. Started out with high doses and by the 7th day, I was on none.
    I have to tell you all right now, GO TO DETOX. Get your body and mind straight FIRST. Trust me, When I came out I felt like I haven’t felt in 9 years. I felt new. I felt good. BUT my pain was still there. So, I asked about Kratom. I was pointed to kratom maeng da red. I started taking it the day after I got out. This is no joke, I have not even thought about taking a pain med. This stuff has seemed to help with the pain and head clarity So far, so good. I first tried the pill form, but since I am 6’2 and 205 pounds and the dosages I used to take I switched to the tea version. I use a spoon full and make a hot tea out of it in a good size mug. And it just works great. Anyone else have these results?

  10. Andee

    I have been on oxycontin for awhile now and have been wanting to get off but withdrawals suck. Does anyone have any help that can help me feel the effect like an opiate but not resort to suboxone.

    1. Dizzle

      Andy, read my story above. I pray it helps you man. You will find peace. It’s just a process and some time.

    2. Sharon Lubyck

      Hi Andee,
      For me the red strain helps best when kicking. I found mixing white with it took care of the sedation. Sometimes I throw green in but you must understand, I dont get the same feeling from Kratom as opiates, for me theres no high feeling thank God, I just feel at peace as if I took opiate without being goofy in the head. Kratom saved me. Good Luck. Sharon

    3. Tina

      I have the same problem,I am withdrawing from oxycotin and Percocet,I can’t stand withdrawals and the only reason I took it.
      I have just started Maeng Da Kratom,and I swear by it…
      Everyone with addictions and pain,Need to not walk run and Get Kratom..I haven’t felt so good in year’s!
      My Uncle was addicted to opioids and Before that heroine..He has been clean for 5 year’s..On Kratom for that entire time.He told me about it..

      I was so sure it wouldn’t help! I was wrong…
      And the people are there to need to be honest with them, they will point you in the right direction! I wish you well!
      God Bless

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