Maeng Da Kratom

As a high potency strain, Maeng Da delivers a punch. 

It brings many of the pain relieving qualities expected of Kratom, but with a much bigger stimulating boost. However, unlike other stimulants, the energy boost doesn’t come with any jittery, unfocused side effects.



The details

Maeng Da was specifically created as a high potency red kratom strain in the humidity and heat of Indonesia. Similar to Bali Kratom, Maeng Da blends pain relief and energy into one. However, in order to beat the heat in Indonesia, this strain was made to provide a bigger kick in energy than Bali.

the difference

Because of it’s specifically bred for alkaloid properties, Maeng Da takes the normal pain relieving properties of a red strain and adds a nice energetic kick that some reds lack.

the science

Maeng Da Kratom was created using a technique called grafting, where tissues of different plants are joined together to breed different qualities of each plant into a new strain. In an effort to create a strain which maintains pain relief while mitigating sedative effects so it could be used during work in Indonesia, Maeng Da was born.

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  1. Jennifer D

    Can you take this while on Methadone? I’m on Methadone and it doesn’t help my back pain at all. I know I can definitely use this when I’m ready to come off the Methadone- which will be soon..But in the meantime will I still get the effects from the Kratom while on the Methadone? If so, which strain and dose would you suggest?

    1. Angela Childs

      I used it to get off methadone.. i used mostly reds to help w the withdrawal and lemme just say I’m so proud of u my life has totally changed since taking kratom im free of all the poison.. my name is Angie childs on fb and I’m apart of some very supportive groups if u want to hmu on fb please do.. so so happy for u and I lowered my methadone slowly then when I was about to jump off I started kratom.. good luck to u

      1. Adrienne

        I’m so happy to hear that. Good for you!!! I love hearing positive powerful messages such as this. TY for sharing.

      2. Chris Cortez

        Hey there Angela Childs,
        I’m currently doing what you have done and I’m getting off methadone with this Kratom and was wondering what is a good dose to take for pain..
        I’m at 53 hours cold turkey off only 6mg of methadone but is still pretty painful.
        And thank you for posting on this site! Your comment was exactly what I was looking for. 😁

      3. Christy wagenseller

        Same here…ive been on methadone for 8 years!!!Im so ready to get off! Could someone please tell me what worked best for them at how much to start out with? I have a high tolerance for methadone so im worried it might not work for me??

  2. Kandrs

    capsules help me. For anxiety and mood. Also helps with soreness from being hit by a car. I suffered pill addiction after the wreck. No mkre. This stuff is a life saver. Also if you have an upset stomach this stuff helped take the nausea away.

  3. Ari

    I see so many comments and reviews about how to dose kratom people buy powder and or capsules and do not know how to use them. When I first started using kratom I went threw the same issue. So I started it a different way while talking to a man who runs a rehab clinic. Number one pure grapefruit juice enhances the affects of kratom i buy Meang da capsules I take grapefruit juice fill the cup half way and open my 5 capsules into the grapefruit juice I stick in the microwave 30 seconds and it works perfect the taste is obviously disgusting but you know how much you’re taking you’re still getting the pure powder with out having to wait 45 minutes for a gel capsule to dissolve in you’re stomach and it works great just a suggestion I’ve never turned away from doing it this way it’s making the same tea everyone else does but with you’re capsules so you’re dosing right

  4. Bee

    I take about 6-8 grams of Maeng-Da

  5. Brad

    Maeng da Kratom was a lifesaver for me .I was taking 1000mg. of Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen every morning just to get out of bed . I have a knee injury from a bike accident and lower back pain like fire !! My stomach and colon could not take it anymore. I was developing gastritis . So one day I searched for herbal pain relief on the internet and found Kratom. I now have Medicaid and could get opioid pain relief but the Kratom works so good I don’t feel the need.

    1. Danielle

      I weigh 220lbs I’m female and I’m withdrawing from methadone, 120mg/day. How much red maeng da powder should I take n what should I mix it with

  6. Also Dave. No, really.

    I was an IV heroin user. I did it in 4 days. He can do it. If he wants to.

  7. Marie

    Tramadol is not a drug that was ever intended for long time use like Hydrocodone. It actually has a filler in it that is very bad for older people. You are wise to move on from it.

    1. Kelly

      Hydrocodone is not intended for long time use either. No narcotics are. Where did you get that it’s used for long term use?

    2. Betty

      Thank you all! Im kicking heroin. And suboxon doesn’t work no more. Plus it adds another prob. I get sick days after my last use. Leading me to relapse. A friend told me about kratom now im using this. In so far feel way better Already..all your info is helpful& gives me hope.

      1. Adrienne

        I’m so happy to hear that. Good for you!!! TY for sharing hope for and to others.

  8. Jeffery

    Wow I have heard some stuff on here. Addicted to tramadol! What! I’m 49 and have done every drug imaginable. By far stimulating drugs pleased me the most. Especially pain pills vicodin lortab ect. 40 750mg a day no joke. For about 2 years straight surprised I’m not dead. First of all subuxone saved me originally and then became a problem of it’s own. Yes the withdrawal from subuxone was terrible horrible actually. But nothing compared to withdrawal from 40 vics a day. Anyways kratom has helped me off of everything. Red veins worked great for pain and stimulating white manga worked even better for that Red Bali was to relaxing for me and made me very sleepy. No thanks. Lol. But powder works better than capsules also.a tablespoon every 4-6 hours will give yall exactly what ur looking for. Be honest. Wink wink. Yes you do get buzzed. But hey it’s legal and natural.

    1. Chas

      I just bought some powder. I’m not sure how much to start with.

      1. KK

        2 grams per 100 lbs. more will get you vomiting. Take while calm.. on empty stomach (do not take after meal nor super hungry) just in case it makes you vomit. Quite Bitter.

    2. mike

      i took 3 grams in the morning and 3 grams around 2, i take the powder and i dont feel shit, absolutely nothing, wtf am i doing wrong???????????

      1. Shawn

        I’m a Male and need at least 8 grams a dose to be effective. But I do weigh 240 lbs. 10 grams gives me a nice mild euphoric buzz, kinda opioid like. Red Bali is my fave. I’d just add a gram per dose till you get a desired effect, due to just raising you tolerance too fast. You will build one if u take daily and keep raising the grams. I have found if 10g makes me feel good, 12 or 13 does not really do anything more, is a waste and shoots up tolerance, not to mention stomach issues and fuzzy, shaky symptoms. Take it slow, give at leat 90 minutes after dosing. I was able to stop all opioid abuse of over a 20 years duration with kratom. Best luck !!

  9. Dominic

    I Have The Fat Capsule How Do I Know Witch Ones Is Witch? Like Witch Is 2000mg And Witch Is The 550mg??

  10. Melissa

    Have the maeng da kratom {mitragyna speciosa} powder am planning to put it in a capsule but don’t know how much should go in each and don’t want to put too little for my fiance’s pain relief. If I do & it don’t work he won’t take it.. I’d give anything to be drug free!!!! Want to get married but not like this! I want the real him back!!

    1. Shaun

      You will want him to take 2000mg every 4 hours. So get 550mg capsules and leave enough out so that when you put the capsule back together there is some play(space) left in it. I was on something really bad for a very long time and this stuff literally saved my life. I took 2000mg every 4 hours for 3 weeks. I was clean, sober, and living life again. But please, please, please, make sure you work NA or some other sort of recovery program into it as well. And most importantly hun, they themselves want to be at that point in there life. I will be sure to pray for you and your finance. Let me know how it goes.

      1. Lawrence

        Good comments! Glad you mentioned living a program such as NA

  11. Sandy

    New to kratom
    Does it help with withdrawal from suboxone?

    1. T.d.


  12. Melbird

    Does Kratom make you fail a urine drug screen?

    1. Brandan

      No, only if the company is testing specifically for Kratoms alkaloids. Even though Kratom does act on opioid receptors, the binding seems to be temporary which is why you won’t see a positive result for Opioids while using Kratom.

      1. wendy

        I see your comment / reply here and I’m worried about failing a UDT at my pain mgmt doctors office. I took Maeng Da does this text positive for any time of drug use?

    2. mike

      So I have Maeng Da Kratom and trying to come off oxycodone for 6 years of 60-80 mg per day, how many tablets or pills should I take? I’m going thru withdrawals and should I take Bali after?

  13. Jeremy

    I spent 8 years as an opioid addict and with the help of kratom I have been free of the pills for over 2 years now. When I say I was an addict I mean it in the very literal sense of the word. I managed to loose my job, anything I owned that was worth any monetary value, most of my friends and most importantly I almost lost my family. I heaped massive amounts of debt upon our family borrowing money, refinancing our property, pawning our possessions, using pay day loans all the way down to out right theft to aquire money to pay for my opioid habit. I tried many times to quit and I never had the will power. I had become so dependent on pills that I could not find any joy in anything without them. Then I discovered kratom. Using various strains from maeng da to Bali as a supplement to offset the chemical damage done to my brain and body I beat opioid addiction. I was fortunate to have the help of my wife and kids as well as counseling but without kratom I know in my heart I would not be alive to write this. I am sharing this in hopes that someone else out there may be struggling with the same problem and they by chance read this and know that there is hope. Maeng da is the best strain I have found to counteract the effects of withdrawal. Once the worse of the withdrawal was over I switched to Bali as a way to keep myself leveled off. Bali worked well in keeping my cravings away once I was over the withdrawal. Now I rarely use kratom at all. When I do use it I am using it as a true medicine instead of a life preserver. I take it when my back aches. I take it when my arthritis flairs up. I take it as needed now and it is a glorious feeling. Take heart and know that you are stronger than your fears or your addiction.

    1. Dave

      I’m prod of you
      Wish my son would read this. He’s a IV user.

      1. Willow

        Hello Dave, Maybe you could pick up a bag of kratom for your son and show him some of these comments. Maybe he will see that there’s a better option out there for him… Try it, because if you dont you’ll never know… I’ll keep you and your son In my thoughts. I wish both of you the best of luck!!❤💙💚

    2. Steve

      Hi, how much did you use

    3. Tish

      Firstly , I thank the Most High for this creation . Surely He doesn’t permit any disease without the antidote. Man must only seek and he shall find. Secondly , I am salute you Sir for your taking initiative and remaining steadfast . You believed and you pulled strength from it. Truly inspiring. Lastly , I have used Kratom to help combat horrible opoid withdrawal and can testify to the ease and comfort it does provide. I feel deep inside potential success. Besides, it really helps and gave me a better feeling overall. Wish me the best!!!

    4. Taihaa

      Same here..kratom has saved my life..I don’t think I’d be opiate or cocaine free without it. I have my life back and I don’t have to hide kratom or feel like a junkie when I go to buy it.. Nothing illegal is being done and I don’t feel ashamed. We do recover ♥️

    5. kendell clark

      Amen, brother, preach it. I too have used kratom to combat tramadol withdrawal and chronic lower back pain from scoliosis. My doctor cut me off the tram several times and efter discovering grey markey pharmacies, I started down the same road you did, only I didn’t get as bad into debt, although I did have several months of overdrawn bank accounts. Kratom got me off and helps me stay off. I love this plant, and I love most the kratom capsules. I now have several kilos of kratom laid by so I know I’ll have pain relief for several months to come. No stress, no debt, this plant saved my life. Most of all, I love being able to purchase kratom online or in my local smoke shop and get no judgement. It’s no different than buying stuff from amazon, and no risk of ceizure or some cop showing up at my door. Thank you kratom.

      1. Jay

        Tramadol was the WORST. I was prescribed it for a neck Injury and got to the point to where I was having to take it for years. Doctor told me it was a “new” (at the time) non addictive pain med. but the addiction was worse than anything I have ever experienced. Withdrawals were brutal. Kratom works to help but it can be a bit addicting as well. Trying to find the right combo and strain. Been taking Maeng Da mostly but trying to experiment.

  14. Jason L

    Out of all the Maeng Da kratom i tried i found the yellow was the best overall. It provided good pain relief and was the most euphoric out of all the Maeng Da. If you looking to get Maeng Da Kratom i would highly recommend you look for the yellow strain of it. Some people say the yellow strain is a fermented Maeng Da, some say it is a mix between different strong strains of kratom. Personally i think the batch i got was a fermented Maeng Da because the taste was very strong and it stayed in my mouth for a while but it was the best kratom i ever tried. Again i highly recommend the Yellow strain!!

  15. James B Moran

    After years of pain that was the result of metatarsal amputation of half my foot I found Kratom. Experimenting for about a year on different types ;strains, and forms, I have come down to the following conclusions. Maeng Da is by FAR the absolute best for chronic pain In powder form. Pill form gave me big problems with digesting. The effects are better than Oxy and Vicodin, as you can continue to work and keep it together. Pain literally disappears. Yes It does give you a high but not quite as intense as pain killers do which gives you the ability to work. Eyes do in fact dilate. Told my boss I’m on antidepressants. Worked like a charm. So don’t waste time experimenting with other strains of Kratom, I have done all the work for you ! Good Luck Pain Free.

  16. DIXIE


    1. kendell clark

      according to wikipedia, kratom has a combination of pain killer potencies. The first of it’s pain killers, mitragynine, has the pain relief of oxycodone, while the second, 7hmg, has pain relief aproximately 17 times more potent than morphine. So I hope it will work for you. I got off tramadol with it myself, and I didn’t think it was possible with something natural. Boy am I glad to have been wrong about that. If it does work for you, would you consider telling your kratom story to benefit others? I did to try to help people struggling with tramadol, which I personally think might be too weak to recommend as a pain killer, but that’s just me. It’s pain relief is not that strong, and the withdrawals, blech.

      1. I’m interested in knowing how Tramadol affected you. It seems it didn’t help you much. Can you tell me how much Kratom you took to get off the tramadol? Does your body build a resistance to tramadol? Thanks for any help you can give me.

        1. Tish

          Sandy , Tramadol is a difficult one. Been on it for almost 8 years and alternate depending on pain levels to hydrocodone. Tramadol is a mutha so be sure and take it in “steps”. You may want to have your Doctor switch you to a lesser strength drug and then wean off with 3 good strains of Kratom. All the best!!!

        2. Shawnda

          From what a friend of mine that is a pharmacist says, “tramadol breaks down as morphine” it has the same molecular structure as morphine once it breaks down. I’m not for sure but as I said, that’s why I was told!

      2. D

        I’ve been an addict for 20 + yrs, my life has been a joke on drugs! Lost everything every time, done every drug imaginable, every single way u could do them, no exaggeration! IV, snort, ate, smoked, didnt matter, whatever came my way. I have an addictive personality, the quicker u realize ur weaknesses the better. Mine was every and anything. God finally got ahold of me. I am recently w out anything, I think I’m on 24 days. But I’ve been doctor prescribed subutex for the last 6 yrs or so. . . Too scared of the w drawls! So. . . Subutex is worse than ANYTHING I’ve DT ed off of! Period. I’ve DT ed in jail cold Turkey, off every dope which isnt that bad, pills that’s a different story. But even that the pills, the majority passed w in a wk (estimate). Subutex, ha, I quit cold turkey and literally the skin crawling, sweats, too awake to sleep, to tired to stand was one part of it but the mental n emotional will make u feel crazy, the w drawl lasts no lie close to a mth and ur still not ok just the worst is over. I’ve been trying this since covid started. Made my mind up while I was off of work that it was time to stop the doctor. Cant work and kick! I tapered myself down until there was nothing left. This has helped w my cravings to go n get something. Now its re training myself to not get high. Didnt know that subutex gives u a high cuz it’s just a “normal”. Anyways I didnt have the luxury to have this while I was kicking, wish I did. My hubby on the other hand handled this a different way and what seems like harder in a way, I know everyone reacts differently. This has gotten him completely through it! I say all that for a question lol. We have the maeng da Keaton capsules. It has no dosing guide. I was taking 4 at a time and I have no idea if this is y or not but my back not muscle I think my kidneys were hurting. I want to make sure that I’m not over doing it. Thanks.

        1. T

          I was on opiates 20yrs also along with anything else. I detoxed in a detox for a week.. Did vivitrol for a month and now since December (it’s June) I’ve only taken kratom..6 at a time 2 to 3 times a day.. You can’t overdose on kratom either.. You’ll most def throw up that huge amount of kratom powder you would need to take before you overdose…I’m telling u it has saved my life! Good luck y’all it can be done.. We do recover ♥️

  17. Angel

    I’m interested in ordering the green a red is green for energy and red for pain ? Pill form also do u have a beginner package or samples ?

    1. TravisBrowning

      I’ve been taking kratom for over a year I recently bought some unicorn kratom maeng da this stuff is the best I have tried yet I’m a 11 year opoid user for my back but I’ve been able to stop the pain killers with kratom especially the maeng da high energy and works great for pain relief I feel so much better now that I’m off the dam pain pills wish I would have found kratom years ago

      1. Willow

        Hello Dave, Maybe you could pick up a bag of kratom for your son and show him some of these comments. Maybe he will see that there’s a better option out there for him… Try it, because if you dont you’ll never know… I’ll keep you and your son In my thoughts. I wish both of you the best of luck!!❤💙💚If you need anything just message me on here…

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