Maeng Da Kratom

As a high potency strain, Maeng Da delivers a punch. 

It brings many of the pain relieving qualities expected of Kratom, but with a much bigger stimulating boost. However, unlike other stimulants, the energy boost doesn’t come with any jittery, unfocused side effects.



The details

Maeng Da was specifically created as a high potency red kratom strain in the humidity and heat of Indonesia. Similar to Bali Kratom, Maeng Da blends pain relief and energy into one. However, in order to beat the heat in Indonesia, this strain was made to provide a bigger kick in energy than Bali.

the difference

Because of it’s specifically bred for alkaloid properties, Maeng Da takes the normal pain relieving properties of a red strain and adds a nice energetic kick that some reds lack.

the science

Maeng Da Kratom was created using a technique called grafting, where tissues of different plants are joined together to breed different qualities of each plant into a new strain. In an effort to create a strain which maintains pain relief while mitigating sedative effects so it could be used during work in Indonesia, Maeng Da was born.

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  1. Rachelle

    I was taking Kraton and I was feeling great , but i couldn’t understand why they was selling it in smoke shops. Well today I read that it contains high levels of lead and nickel ( Lucky I only been taking it for two days) please go to your doctors ASAP. Let them know that you need to be tested for lead, and nickel. The state of Ohio is trying to band Kraton. Because 15 people since 2016 has had Kraton in their system and it’s listed on their death certificate. I’m really disappointed because it was working but all things good have a side effect but death shouldn’t be one of them.

    1. Jeremy Wood

      This is ludicrous! I’ve gotten off of Suboxone with Kratom. I’m VERY much a health nut now. I’ve not seen any VALID research the backs your claim and trust me I’ve studied lots. Anything that comes from the CDC or the government isn’t credible to me. Check the REAL facts, please. Just Google it and scroll down a bit past all the lies and you’ll find the truth. It’s a wonder plant. It’s completely changed mine and my wife’s lives for the better. Not trying to be crass. Please forgive if my tone is off. Be blessed!

      1. Andee

        I’m having issues getting off of pain meds myself. Which kratom did you take to help?

        1. Bernadette

          Andee, after researching which strain is best to switch from opiates to kratom I found red bali works the best. That’s what was recommended from several credible sources so I tried it and it worked excellently. You can avoid opiate withdrawal within a week in my experience. I’m also interested in the suggestion above to mix red and yellow kratom to make a gold mixture. I’ve had pain relief and relaxing drinks with a gold mix that do the job. So alternating and working to see what works for you are worth it. Plus you can change it up for whatever help you’re looking for that day. That’s what’s so nice about kratom, you have so many choices available. Hope this helped, take care.

    2. Kratom > all opioids

      Please no disinformation.. There is no fucking lead and nickel in Kratom. Do you think lead and nickel are found in tree leaves?? NOPE, and Kratom is crushed tree leaves. PERIOD

    3. Sharon Lubyck

      Hi Rachell,
      You need to order organic kratom . Smoke shops have kratom thats cut every which way. Please dont get caught up in negative crap lies. Used properly Kratom helps with all kinds of medical and physical problems. Please read up more. Your information sources aren’t given you accurate information.Sharon

  2. Bobby

    Wondering what the starting dosage is for the Maeng da ? Just ordered some for pain relief. (5 level lumbar fusion). Currently piggy backing acetaminophen and ibuprofen every 4 hours. No opiates at all, never take them. Just tired of taking so many pills every day and dont want to resort to marijuana (yet). I’m willing to try this but am concerned just how much to start off with. I’m 160 pounds and 5’7. I was thinking half a gram? Wait an hour or two and see what happens? I’m totally new to this and only just discovered it. Hopefully it will help. Just tired of the chronic pain and tired of going to the ER for a shot of Toradol when the pain gets too bad. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! :o)

    1. Brandon

      I’ve been taking kratom for about 3 months now, I especially like the maeng da kratom. I’d say take 2-3 teaspoons(2-3 grams) starting out. I take 1 tablespoon(about 4 grams) 3-4 times a day. Start small, and see what works for you. You can get sick if you take too much and it’s awful! Drink with coffee and plenty of creamer, don’t take on an empty stomach. You can parachute it, I hear there’s pills you can buy but I just buy the powder.

      1. Bobby

        Thanks so much. I’ll start with 2 grams. I’ll have to Google what “parachuteing” means. I’m 43 and already behind in the times when it comes to lingo. Lol. Thanks again and I’m glad it works for you. Coffee and creamer it will be for me I suppose. Cant go wrong with coffee! Glad it helps you. Chronic pain is no fun. And I imagine withdrawal from opiates isnt either. Ugh. I appreciate your reply. More than you know. Thanks again Brandon!!

        1. Jinzai

          A teaspoon is 5 grams. A tablespoon is 15 grams. Most kratom in pill form is one gram per pill, but check the label. Just FYI.

          1. Kratom User

            So wrong. First off, 1 teaspoon is 2-3 grams depending on your scoop. That would make 1 tablespoon 6-9 grams. Most capsules I have come across are the same size and 8 capsules is 1 teaspoon.

    2. HippyNoShoes from CA

      Hi Bobby,
      I started taking Maeng Da for pain relief last year and found it to be very effective. Like you, I was alternating Tylenol Advil and prescription Alieve. Tired of taking so many OTC’s and not willing to take opioids I took a chance and tried this. I don’t use marijuana as I haven’t found a strain that takes pain away without psychoactive effects (feeling high). maeng da kratom helped take the edge off the pain along with providing a “clarity” to my brain function. When you deal with chronic pain your brain gets so tired, and this was an unexpected bonus.. clear bright mind without jitters or a stimulant feeling. I took 4 capsules (.75grams each) in the morning, that’s a total of 3.0 grams daily. Started with 2 capsules to see how I felt, but 4 seemed to do the trick, I didn’t take it in the afternoon/evening as I was worried it may keep me “up” .. I suffer from insomnia.
      I stopped taking kratom early this year after I was diagnosed with breast cancer and started chemotherapy.. not enough studies to show if it would interact with my treatments, so I am waiting to get past this phase of my treatment and look forward to putting Kratom back into my regime after breast surgery etc…
      All this to say, I think you should try it!! Start small and work up.. be careful to look at the source of the product and the dosage per capsule.
      I hope this helps!!

      1. Bobby

        Thank you so much!! I hope hope HOPE you get through this treatment and live a long and happy, stress free life. Filled with nothing but happiness and love. I appreciate your reply more than you know.

    3. debbie

      i been taking kratom Meang Da White Vein over 5 yrs i have broken my back in half from a car wreak and as well as Cancer both lungs known as the black lungs i have Chronic Pain as well im grateful for this kratom i start off with a teaspoon when i get up i take the powder i chase it with water or juice depends on how active i am that day when ever i start to fill pain bam i take a teaspoon im 58yrs old been on pain pills more then half my life the kratom is AWESOME no addictions no withdrawls START WITH A TEASPOON AND BE YOUR OWE MANAGER ON HOW MUCH TO TAKE hope this message help have a bless day

    4. Mongo

      Don’t know, but I am willing to give it a try. I have a failed back fusion, fused from L3 to Sacrum with 3 disk replaced with pucks. With anything new make sure you start slow and see what works for you. Stay away from Ibuprofen and acetaminophen, these are pushed heavily but have severe side effects over time. My best advice is to learn to ignore the pain taking the least of anything you can. Exercise, a glass of wine, and some good love making can release your natural endorphins and not only help with pain but increase your activity, wellbeing, and improve your relationships with your loved ones. Yes their are plants on earth that can come to our aid, but to be used in natural form and not abused.

    5. Matt

      I’ve been taking Kratom for opiate withdrawal and I take 6 capsules once or twice a day.. no harmful side effects experienced.. one capsule is about the size of an 800 mg ibuprofen by the way. I take the white maeng da strain but I’m sure the others work as well

      1. Alana

        Kratom is a game changer in the opiote addiction I’ve been addicted to opioids so long 13 yrs and I spent 2 yr inside prison also I was a member of the methodone clinic for 2 yrs doing anykind of drug to stay out of pain and bet the withdrawals witch everyone who is anyone knows u can beat them. I started taking kratom a yr ago and also have a hurniated disc in my lower back so I’m no stranger to pain iam so impressed with kratom I don’t take anything else please try !!! It will change your life !!

        1. Chris

          Alana what strain and brand do u use. My friend is coming off tramadol and I need to get kratom today. Please tell me which one for withdrawls. Thank you so much and good luck to you.

          1. Rachael

            Chris, get your friend Maeng Da, it’s a miracle for withdrawals! I’d have them so bad my legs would jump, every muscle in my body would crawl. Not to mention all the other effects. I’ve had no withdrawal symptoms since taking Kratom.

        2. James

          So it really does work

    6. Craig

      It takes 5 grams to feel the effects

    7. Rachael

      Hi Bobby,
      I take Maeng Da, started out with 1 1/2 to 2 grams each time, on an empty stomach. It never bothered me and works faster that way, guess it depends on the person. I load mine into capsules, got 1000 on Amazon for like $12! It’s been a life saver for me, chronic back pain plus an old foot bone injury that hurts when the hell it wants; ) I took opioids for years, I’ve had no withdrawal symptoms since taking the Kratom. I buy it up in large amounts to make sure I don’t run out. I feel better than I have in years, actually have energy but it doesn’t make me jittery. This is the best stuff ever.

  3. Bdavis1

    Has anyone tried this to come off of suboxone? I’m currently on less than 2mg a day, from 16mg 2 years ago…I have mixed kratom.and sub the last 2 days and it seems to make me feel a bit better and sub down..this morning I haven’t taken any sub yet. Took 2 green Malay, 1 red Bali and I feel pretty decent. Any advice or any stories of your own experience would be so incredibly appreciated. I’m so ready to put opiates behind me. Thanks so much for any help!

    1. Wap

      Yes I am coming off of my subutex and it really does help me. It isn’t like your classic opiate , for me personally it mimics the benefits of Bupenorphine or however you spell it

      1. Bdavis1

        Awesome! I’m on day 4 with no sub and so far I dont feel awful. My last dose was sat night/sun am at around midnight and it was a half of an 1/8 of a strip. I’ve actually gotten sleep every night… I cant believe it! I’ve been using green Malay and red Bali, but a friend said I should seriously consider maeng da… any advice you have of what strains of combos work best for you?! Thanks for the help and good luck on your journey as well!

        1. Alexis Farmer

          Maeng da is one of the best ones in my opinion. I have tried many strains but nothing works as good as this strain. I have to take 4 capsules & then 4 more an hour later but my tolerance is high. I have been on & off opioids for 7 years & this has saved me. Red vein bali made me sleepy & the green Malay didn’t do anything. The white maeng da is good for energy but not pain. Good luck!

          1. Jeff

            I rotate between white maeng da and the red maeng da to avoid building a tolerance. I have several back diseases including arthritis which is pretty much my whole body. Both the red and the white have helped with the pain and give me energy. I messed up and used something called trainwreck a few weeks ago. This stuff was awful. I didn’t want to do anything, but lay around. My dosage is usually 5 grams around 6:30 every morning. I use the powder now and it seems to kick in in about 10 to 15 minutes. The results last me about 5 to 6 hours. I love this stuff and recommend it to everyone who is in chronic pain.

      2. Sevrah

        Iv quit my suboxone film 8mg 2 times a day. This is my second day with out it and my withdrawals are really getting to me. Iv decided to purchase some kratom maeng da they are 32.5 Grams a capsule I took 1 about 11:40 this morning it helped for about an hour and once it wore off my head started to hurt really badly and my withdrawals came back. It’s now 6:00 PM and I just to 2 capsules. I’m praying this works I have work tomorrow and iv got to get through this prayers and advice would help me so much. Thank you all

        1. Jason

          Hello Sevrah I quit my suboxone 2mg a day last week. It was very difficult even with the Green Thai Kratom I was using. I was taking 1 tablespoon of kratom every 4 hours for nearly 5 days. I have been on suboxone for 12 years. Coming off suboxone was one of the most hardest things I have ever done. I hope your attempt works but if it doesn’t dont get discouraged because you can take very small amounts of suboxone and get your tolerance down like I did. Then you can make another attempt with Kratom and get better results. I hope this information helps stay STONG

        2. Christina DiPasquale

          Man, good luck, I just walked sweating and nauseous to get some, I’m tired of the opioids in my life!! But I can’t miss any work being sick, nor a POS at work! So good luck man….I’m really rooting for you!

    2. Tina

      Kratom has helped me taper and eventually stop my meds (Xanax, gabapenten, and my ER transfix) I’ve been a pill addict for decades and let me tell you, Kratom saved me in a way. Just remember, only a certain percent of The alkaloids go to the brain, take only a little, because to much will make you vomit and can get you very sick for a short period of time, but small doses are the way to go. GOOD LUCK!!

      1. Christina Cruikshank

        Hi I am also in benzo withdrawals. I stupidly decided to stop taking my prescription after 8 years of taking it and I am in hell. I just bought a bottle of kratom. I am hoping it will help me as it did you. My anxiety is unbearable it seems to help so far. 4 pills when I wake, repeat afternoon and around 4pm again. I am not sure if it will intensify my insomnia in the evening? I took the red bali and I experienced headaches and was irritable when it wore off so I am tring Mang Da

    3. Brian

      In the process right now. 10 years of heavy opiate use 2 years on subs. I started kratom a week ago after tapering subs (Only tapered like 3 days at half sub dose). If full blown WD’s are say a level 10 WD’s with Kratom never got above 5. Most of the negative effects were the ones you can control with OTC meds.

    4. Maga Skawee

      My Girlfriend was on that medication and I told her to just take this and it’s works better then the suboxone. The way I see it is, natural and not as harsh on your kidneys as long as you drink a lot of water. She’s a heavy set woman, so she has to take 8grms to make it work. The opioids in this plant, can’t be addictive; so be Carefull.

      1. Biggest Al

        No opioids in Kratom.

    5. Angela

      Yes, Kratom absolutely helps with coming off Suboxone. I couldn’t have done it without kratom. Suboxone is awful. Ide much rather with drawl from heroin. In fact, I had to use heroin to get off suboxone the first time I did it. Then used Kratom to get off the heroin. The 2nd time, I just used Kratom to get off the Subs. Now I just use Kratom occasionally when I get the PAWS.

    6. Sara Adams

      Worried reading pros and cons.coming off Heroin smoker for 1 year.Everyone encouraging subs!!but don’t want to start down that path.Some say kratom will do nothing so scared of starting. Out of heroin!!Bought Red Mang Da.Smoked last little bit of Heroin 5 hours ago so….??
      Guess will TRY THIS SOON, PRAY PEOPLE R BEING HONEST!🙏Guess 1-3 tsp.(guess grams equal to)in juice or water. know powder is nasty does NOT mix up!!!!GROSS!!
      Just praying nothing real noticeable for next few hours!?🙏just want to get through the next worst 5-7 day HEROIN W/D’s!!PLEASE PRAY this is the ANSWER!!and DONT NEED THOSE SUBS-FEW THAT I HAVE(never taken).IF ONLY🙏 NEVER TOUCHING OPIODS AGAIN EVER!!want my life back!!

      1. Steve

        I was taking oxycodone for 7 years. Tried to wean off it several times but the withdrawals were unbearable. Started taking white Maeng Da kratom 5 months ago and I have not had a pill since that day! It really works! Plus I have energy and it elevates my mood. I mix it into a glass of water. Take it on an empty stomach. Try 2 grams (tsp) to start. Wait 30 minutes. If you don’t feel anything take another gram and wait another 30 minutes. Take another gram if needed until you find your perfect dose. Effects should last 3-6 hours. Good luck! It has saved my life!

      2. Maggie

        Try red and white Borneo for pain, mood and red Thai is also good. Look up different strains and see the effects that you may want. Red Borneo helps my pain and mood and sleep. Good luck Sara . I quit years of oxycodone from Dr. Put me on 8 mg Subutex . Hated it and I passed out and quit breathing and my 16 yr old cat brought me out of it, hitting my face and crying loudly. Went to Kratom and no withdrawells after 10 yrs on oxycodone . Found out I don’t have the gene that processes pain pills and others so was only getting 1/4 of 15mg oxy’s. Maeng da can be mixed red and green work well for pain.

      3. Stephanie

        If you can avoid having to take the subs, please do. I have had so many friends who started using them to get off of opiods and found out that they were just as addictive and much harder to get off of. I will be praying for you 🙏

      4. Mr. Friday

        I’m in a similar boat, started a 3 month IV Heroin habit back, not even sure why. And I went and bought some premier recommended red Bali from a boutique kratom store where I live, but a head shop. Blessed to have access to such a store first off. But I’m scared to just take the kratom and nothing more. I’m sitting here fighting doing a cotton shot just cause. I just took two teaspoons ( that clear plastic sooon they give you with your cup of powder kratom ) not sure but I think that’s 5 grams worth? Wish I understood the measuring system a little better. But I wanted to write this to you, even though I don’t know you, you are not alone. My habit may not have been for very long but there’s still the intense fear of the hell if H withdrawal. I have fought opiates on and off for 14 years. I keep telling myself I need to give myself a chance, I’ll be honest I was taking 4 OPMS capsules from a head shop for a good year before I got back on the H. And I started taking those outa shear curiosity. I had been clean clean off of everything for a good 6 months before taking the kratom opms ( purple leaf logo ) and I think I just bought a two pack and pooped em because that’s what we do as addicts or at least I do. I try and use or find that one manageable drug. Sigh

    7. Alana

      Do it kratom is a game changer

  4. Carol

    I take two caps for full blown anxiety attacks – works like a charm.

    1. Ray

      What strain do u use? I have anxiety so bad and have for yrs. but PANIC ATTACKS are always peering around the corner. I’m 48 yrs. old and 275 Ibs. Male. What strains should try what dose. I’m also on Subs one strip a day. Was in a car accident that left me paralyzed on the R side I have Server nerve damage from the 5 surgery’s I had. Please any help will help

  5. downtownhumanoid

    hello all. I am a recovering opitae addict still using heroin and fentanyl. I had read that kratom effects the opiate receptors in the brain, and in some cases has actually been effective enough to get people off of opiates. at the very least, I am hoping to get relief from withdrawal, which I believe I read the maeng da to be the best in that capacity. unfortunately everything I read on the internet says something different in regards to the effects of the different strains. all I know for certain is that kratom is the only known plant aside from opium poppies to act on the opiate receptors. I just need some direction to go in, as I would like to soothe withdrawal discomfort as well as some euphoria and stimulation. Thank you to anyone for reading this, and any comments will be appreciated (yes even the comments bashing my addiction :). Thank you again. Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation.

    1. Kristina

      I normally don’t reply to these, just read and move on but I felt you could benefit from my reply. I have been using opioids on and off for the last 4 years. First recreationally, then was in an accident that had me taking them for a long time. I have tried weaning off with no luck and then go on binges. Today after about 24 hours of not taking anything and the onset of withdrawal I remembered kratom… I went and bought the strain mentioned. I took about half gram in the car as soon as I got it. Literally poured it into my mouth and used water to swish it around. I sat there for about ten mins and the cloudiness in my head and vision went away… I felt happier, more energetic (not in caffeine way but opioid energy). About 20 minutes ago I actually mixed about 6 grams(3 teaspoons with water) again taste HORRIBLE but here I am 20 minutes later and I feel slightly euphoric, headache gone, body feels good. This is just wild. Absolutely recommend.

    2. Kristina

      @downtownhumanoid. I also meant to say on my last reply; the fact you’re an addict who is able to admit that and are genuinely seeking help and advice, looking for alternatives, and researching is a wonderful thing that no one should bash. You have done what most people won’t do and that’s admit you have a problem. Whether it’s to a room of family, or an anonymous poster in a forum, you’re admitting it. Even small steps forward is in the right direction. You got this

    3. Brian

      Two years 40 a day. Previously 2-3 30’s a day.
      I quit. Went through three days of misery, small piece of suboxin on day 3, one big spoonful of Maeng, leg cramp pills. (4), day four better, day 5-6-7 roller coaster of betterness! Three weeks later Im motivated as f… working 12 hour days. Over it, so happy!!! Life is so awesome without that bull…. you can do it. Every othrr day i still do a spoonfull of maeng. Good stuff. Good luck!
      3days!!!!!! Thats it! Then its smooth sailing

      1. Jeanne Watson

        Maeng work for you? Are u still taking it? Been on perk 15 @5 plus a day. Tried the red Bali it’s ok but not real sure on how much to take. Gonna go buy the stuff you are taking, hows it going so far for you? Any suggestions would be great. I had 3 major surgeries in 2 and half years 2 back and hip, also attached by neighbors dog 4 weeks post OP for hip. So yeah chronic pain as ll the time but the pills run my life

    4. Sandi

      I used it for Fentanyl patch withdrawals and it takes about 70% of the withdrawals away! It truly helps. I took a teaspoon to start with
      Good luck I sorry you have to go thru this

    5. Josh

      I used heroin, meth, fentanyl and if you want something to ease the WD I would highly recommend taking kratom. Just make sure you come off of is over time not all at once. coming of of both of those drugs can kill you just be careful. I wish you all the best.YOU CAN DO IT!

    6. Dan

      I was on a pain Management program and went to my appointment to find the facility shut down. I didn’t even know what withdrawal was at that time. My friend introduced me to kratom and it took my pain and withdrawals away. I was buying blue magic maeng da for it’s pain releiving properties as well as mood enhancer. I normally bought a 30gram bag for $10. I was taking 4-6 grams twice a day.

    7. Colleen

      Please try your very best to quit the opiates!! I lost my best friend and love of my life 3.5 years ago to a fentanyl overdose…keep up the research and QUIT! ❤️

      1. Marcia Ann Pasthing

        You can. Do this from a. angel mom

    8. Tina

      I feel your struggle, and you must get to a headshot ASAP, I list a life long friend to black heroine and I wish 3years ago I would have known about Kratom, because it actually works, helped me stop and I think I KNOW it will help you too!!

    9. Angela

      Yes, maeng da will help your withdrawals . I’ve successfully used to WD from heroin and Suboxone

    10. Craig

      Addiction sucks but kratom should help ease the withdrawls. Prayers buddy

  6. Lily

    I know exactly what you’re going through, and I know it’s not easy but it is necessary. anything worthwhile takes effort and hard work. The withdrawals and sweats are terrible but after about 5-7 days it’s all over except for the mental changes. At least the physical is NO longer painful. I tried many d’s 30mg capsules and it’s a good pain reliever for all them aches. I try 2 or 3 at a time and it’s very helpful for all those aches

    1. Alissa Johnson

      Hi! I was taking tramadol. 10 per day. I know alot of people say that tramadol isnt even a narcotic, “non narcotic they say. But let me tell ya. The withdrawls from this stuff is absolutely horrible! Thankfully I found kratom. It has been 6 days since my last tramadol and feel great! Good luck to you!

  7. Leeanne

    I need any advice. My 18 yr old daughter just finally came clean about what shes been doing. She was first taking xanax, then went to something otc called “triple C’s” which apparently she almost died on. To get off of those, she started taking percocet, but it quickly escalated to smoking percocet. She is refusing to go in to rehab, but wants to stop. She is going through incredibly painful withdrawals. I have a friend who suggested Kratom. I went to the local head shop, bought Klarity Kratom capsules, 750mg. If anyone could help with dosage and any recommendations at all, I would really appreciate. Its killing me watch her in so much pain, and i haven’t slept in days for fear that she will take off to get more pills in the middle of the night.

    1. Tiff

      Any Maeng da would do green in the day red at night. And try kratom extract chewables. Start with 2 gs and go every four to six hours. Do it in teas don’t toss n wash

    2. Jamison

      5-7 grams of Kratom will take the edge off while withdrawing. If you have half gram capsules that would be anywhere between 10-14 capsules every couple of hours.. kicked opiates not too long ago and Kratom worked for me. Good luck to you guys.. hopefully she sticks to it.. the painful part of the withdrawals last 4-5 days.. also get her immodium AD for the diarrhea.

    3. paige

      I’m 23 I went through the same thing. I just smoke bud now but instead of doing those things I heard about kratom. I enjoy the maenga da and the white strains. I usually take 8-13 capsules that are size 000 and 500mg each capsule. Your tolerance can build up fast but you can switch up strains to avoid that. There is a too much point. Throwing kratom up is gross. You should start her on 4-6 depending on her tolerance.. if she doesn’t feel it within 30mins to a hour, sometimes longer, then get her to take a couple more

    4. Megan

      Have her try 6 capsules at a time every 5 hours or whenever she starts to feel withdrawals again. After a couple of days try 5 capsules, then 4, then 3 etc. you may decide it is beneficial to continue taking the Kratom for a while before you taper down while a treatment plan is established and she develops some healthy coping mechanisms. Kratom was a life saver for me and enabled me to come off percocets, adderall, etc. I still take Kratom but not nearly as much as I did when going through WDs. Best of luck and let me know if you have other questions.

    5. Chris Hawk

      If the capsules are about 750mg and she has no tolerance to Kratom already 4 capsules should be a good start she may not feel it the first couple times if she does not then continue to up the dosage every day until the effects are felt if she has taken too much a fatal overdose is extremely hard to achieve she may get nauseous and vomit and if she has taken too little she will feel nothing the effects are very subtle but enough like opioids to ease some of the withdraws

    6. bryan

      start her at 2-5g per dose, i was/still addicted to morphine, percs, opiates… i take a about 3gs as soon as i wake up. usually want to puke up the pills(take with a flavorful juice). hop in the shower and start getting the kratom burps. by the time im done with my shower the slow moving, aches and pains all start to dissapate. drink lots of water, and be weary of headaches at first. ibuprofen helps as well, and immodium ad(get the generic ones from dg that are tiny) is actually a synthetic opiate that doesnt include uephoria. the kratom will help with the euphoria hunt. i reccommend green maylay(day time), great energy, great analgesic properties(pain relieving) and lasts a few hours compared to most other strains. A red strain is great for night time, or an indica strain for bedtime.

    7. Blake

      Buy powder instead of capsules. You get more for your money plus she needs to break the habit of swallowing pills. The powder goes great with grapefruit and orange juice but you need to have a container that has a lid on it so you can shake vigorously to mix it. Or a blender works. The citric acids enhance the alkaloid content of the kratom, thus making it a bit stronger from what I understand. You can also buy kratom extract. This stuff is absolutely amazing at alleviating opioid withdrawals. A company called O.P.M.S has small vials that can be found at most smoke shops that sell kratom. They’re about $15-$20 depending on the store. Kratom is incredible for opioid withdrawals. I kicked a 10 year opioid dependency in a single day by taking kratom.

      1. Daryl

        Hi Blake. I’m not going to get anyone and on your ass much but anyone and everyone knows that you don’t and can’t kick a 10yr opiate dependency in one day. Sure the first day isn’t as bad as day 3-5 and beyond sometimes. I have found that after about 2 weeks the body will accept that the drug isn’t there. I have also found that it’s the brain that causes all the grief. There’s a reason that many 30 60 90 day rehab programs don’t work for some people. The brain remembers how wonderful opiates made us feel. I loved it. If you’re not strong mentally it’s so easy to say something like ” I’ll just try for old times sake”. If someone would lay a pill or 2 in front me I was taking it. Even after six months. Today is 1 yr since I stopped the hydros/oxys. Somewhere along the way I found Kratom. Maeng Da was my choice. I have terrible neck issues. No way do I desire surgery. Usually I will do a heaping tablespoon when pain is so bad. Not everyday but every other day. Depends on level of pain. I Some might think that’s a lot but not for me. Well, didn’t start out to tell some of my story. I just wanted to say that I think that after 10yrs addicted that I felt it’s impossible that you were over it in a day. I guess maybe be truthful with yourself. I hope you’re not looking on the street for anything. Fentanyl seems to be mixed in a lot street stuff these days. It’s no lie. The street stuff is TRULY DEADLY.

      2. Gisele

        Hi Blake , thank you for your input. I was having difficulty with mixing and I will try your recommendation . What is the ratio of powder to liquid and what strain do you use?

    8. Andy

      Your daughter is a liar triple cs are not addictive so she didnt get on percs to change that. At 18 she hasn’t been on them long so the kratom will work. Kick her in the ass and tell her to straighten up shes to young to be acting like she been on pills for years

      1. Stephanie

        If you can avoid having to take the subs, please do. I have had so many friends who started using them to get off of opiods and found out that they were just as addictive and much harder to get off of. I will be praying for you 🙏

      2. Stephanie

        @Andy In response to you calling this woman’s daughter a Liar and your general harshness, this is a forum where everyone deserves compassion and respect. And you have no idea how long her daughter has been doing triple “c” s. Yes, I know what they are and you’re misinformed that they’re not addicting. What happens is the body reaches a point where they no longer provide the high… So it’s completely realistic that the use of triple Cs would lead to opiate use over a period of time.

      3. Amanda

        Andy I just went to rehab for triple Cs. They are so addictive and can kill you so easily. They are a dissociative anesthetic and hallucinogen and are the most nightmarish trips I have had in my life.

    9. Josh

      Be supportive as I’ve done both there are very little withdrawals for triple c’s brand name is corciden cough and cold and can be bought at any pharmacy. Xanax can be dangerous. Just show her how much you love her and keep her close

    10. Bdavis1

      How is your daughter?

  8. Rachael

    I am looking for the positive-feel good feeling I get with opiates. I am not addicted to them, but find that when I do take them, I have more focus and a can do attitude. So a combination of focus/energy/positivity. I was told the Yellow Bali Kratom is the best for what I am looking for. Advice?

    1. Tiff

      White Maeng with a kratom extract chewable does it

      1. April

        Kratom extract chewable? Can you provide more info please?

  9. kendell clark

    The biggest issue now is money. Getting enough kratom so that I last the month, while also having to take as little kratom as possible to get pain relief. This stuff works amazing on pain, better than any opioid I have ever taken, and with maeng da it takes very little, two capsules is almost always enough, but on very bad pain days I may have to double that, but I never need more. I’m having a lot of trouble getting the powder to dissolve completely no matter how long I stir it, I do have a keurig strainer, at least I believe I ahve what you’re talking about, a small single cup sized coffee filter meant for coffee, and the kratom works just like regular coffee grounds, only I’m not sure it’s as easy as run water over the kratom, the powder has to actually dissolve in the drink. If this continues to be difficult I may just toss a handful of capsules in and wash down with a drink, problem solved. I’m hoping to find some actual kratom pills or kratom tablets, since a couple of times the capsules have come apart half way down, but I’m not having much luck with that, they don’t seem to exist. My smoke shop supposedly has them, I’ll check in a few hours when they open. Hard to understand why this stuff is available over the counter, but I’m extremely greatful it is, finally an OTC pain reliever that actually works and works reliably.

    1. Tiffany Early

      Have you tried your dose with kratom extract chewable they woo boy kick it up a knotch

  10. kendell clark

    Last adventure was me going to the doctor about a week ago, asking for either more tramadol or dosage instructions on kratom. Was told several times not to mess with “that herbal stuff” take tram instead never go over, follow the doctor so on and so on. Tram is the weakest of the effective opioids, so for my pain takes at least 100mg, sometimes as much as 200mg to kill it. I have gone as high as 4 grams of maeng da kratom for pain relief, 4 1 gram capsules. Kratom tea sounds like a great idea. I have a keurig, I wonder if I can open some kratom capsules in a mug, drip my coffee or tea over the top, stir, put sugar in, stir some more, and drink. I bought the capsules partially because messing with powder was very messy, partially bevcause capsules are already measured so it’s easier to stick to one amount, but mostly because I had people coming up to me when I was out and about making comments like, what’s that stuff, you know that’s probably illegal, and so on, got tired of defending kratom. Keurig doesn’t actually boil the water, just heats it up to around 100 degrees f, and kratom isn’t very water soluble. I have only red maeng da kratom, at least until my next order shows up, then I’ll have some gold. How many capsules should I open for kratom tea? 2 to 4 g? I neevr go over 4g unless told because maeng da is a very potent strain, supposedly, and you don’t need much. I’ll make me a cup now actually. I feel like some pain relief.

    1. Tiffany Early

      I would do this have you ever heard of a keurig container strainer you can put your kratom in it and let the hot water strain through it helps to not get all that kratom mess in it also don’t forget to soak the kratom in lemon juice makes the alkaloids stronger. How is your day going?

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