255 Pages of First-Hand Kratom Consumer Experiences

Thousands of comments posted to various pages of KratomScience.com from 2014 – 2021 reflected first-hand experiences with the consumption of kratom. Commenters independently found KratomScience.com and shared their experiences without solicitation. Though users can comment anonymously under different usernames and IP addresses, efforts were made to group together multiple comments made under the same email and IP address.

Comments were chosen to reflect first-hand kratom consumer experiences only and compiled into a 255 page PDF file. Parts of comments not reflecting first-hand consumer experiences were omitted (such as conversation, opinion, etc.), but a link to the comment in its entirety is available by clicking the timestamp in the Date/Time column. The chosen comments were not edited for grammar, spelling, or clarity. KratomScience.com webmasters regularly delete comments from advertisers.

Terms used in this document reflect different harvested batches or blends of kratom used by vendors, commonly called “strains ” in consumer slang, but not actual botanical kratom plant strains. These terms include: red, white, green, gold, yellow, bali, maeng da, malay, malaysian, kali, indo, borneo, etc.

Comments were hash-tagged with the following terms: addiction, alcoholism, anxiety, depression, energy, fatigue, mood, opioids, pain, sleep, withdrawal

3 thoughts on “255 Pages of First-Hand Kratom Consumer Experiences”

  1. I’ve spent 10+ years of being disabled because of severe lower back pain and now, thanks to Kratom I have my life back. I had doctors tell me I’d be wheelchair bound and unable to walk by the time I was 35, told I’d never work again when I was 22. The fact I’m actually currently working, walking and functioning is an absolute miracle and I couldn’t do this without Kratom. I’ll be 39 this year and I’m working full time again in the mental health field and able to enjoy my family and life again. I tried a life of pain medications but they made me groggy and unable to function. I cannot and do not want to go back to that. I know many others who have similar stories. I am asking that you make a motion to adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in place of the proposed bans so that we can continue to protect the rights of peaceful loving citizens and prevent their imprisonment for consuming something as part of their daily diet that they believe has brought them relief and allowed them live, love, laugh and work again.

  2. Mary Ann Dunkel

    I am a nurse who had to retire on disability. Kratom saved me from horrible chronic pain that I had suffered for more than 25 years. It restored me to a functioning individual and returned me to a normal happy life. I am so thankful for this wonderful herb.

  3. Kratom has been a lifesaver for me. It originally helped me with intrusive thoughts at bedtime—it could quiet my mind without making me a zombie. Now I have rheumatoid arthritis and it makes the pain so much more bearable. It has never stopped being effective, it never impairs me and I’m never tempted to take more than the minimal effective dose. My husband who is very wary of taking any substances asks for it occasionally when his back flares up, and every single time he says “kratom is amazing.”

    As far as side effects, constipation is the only noticeable one for me. Psyllium husk and daily magnesium have made that not an issue anymore.

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