No evidence kratom cures coronavirus

Wash your hands, stay in your house, avoid other people as much as possible. Covid-19 rates are climbing exponentially. Following these simple steps will save lives in your community.

There’s no evidence kratom is a cure for the COVID-19 strain of Coronavirus. It is completely irresponsible to suggest otherwise. Anyone experiencing symptoms should call their doctor and not rely on kratom. Kratom is not yet proven to be a cure for anything.

Most people use kratom for general wellness, as an energy boost, or as a tool to get through anxiety, depression, and/or chronic pain.

The Indonesian newspaper Pontianak Post recently published an article quoting Dr. Thamrin Usman of Tanjungpura University. Dr. Usman said that certain kratom alkaloids behave similarly to Chloroquine, a medication used to treat malaria.

Chloroquine has been misreported as an alkaloid found in kratom leaves.

Dr. Usman was giving advice to the Indonesian people regarding the outbreak of Covid-19, for which there is no cure and no vaccine. He suggested people try to boost their immunity through natural herbal supplements that grow in Indonesia. Dr. Usman said:

By looking at the chemical structure of Chloroquine molecules which contain secondary and tertiary amine compound structures, it can be considered to use kratom leaves. Because Mitragynine compounds in kratom are actually secondary and tertiary amines.

Billy Carlylse, in pointing out these false reports, writes:

There are no scientific experiments to prove kratom has alkaloids that can stop the coronavirus. While there are molecules that are similar in their atomic structure to chloroquine, as Dr. Usman was announcing, this does not mean kratom’s molecules would behave in a similar fashion in an experiment with the coronavirus.

There may be some indication that kratom is an immune booster, however not enough research exists to conclusively prove this is the case.

Many alkaloids in kratom are thought to act as immunostimulants. Here is a full list of alkaloids found in kratom. But some of these alkaloids are present in kratom leaves at less than 1%.

Anecdotally, dozens of comments both on and Reddit from kratom consumers claim symptoms of common colds are alleviated faster when consuming kratom. We’ve also experienced this personally.

From r/kratom:

In summary, there is no evidence kratom fights Covid-19. Kratom should not be used in place of hand-washing, staying away from other people, and calling your doctor when you have symptoms.

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  1. I know for a fact that kratom doesn’t keep you from getting covid I take 2 shots of opms every day and I’ve had covid for at least 3 weeks it might help your immune system in other ways but fact be known you can still get covid

  2. I know an elderly (mid 60’s) couple who are daily consumers of kratom. They both came down with the corona virus and both had only mild symptoms. Whats more, their health is probably a little bit below average for their age. I personally Know from taking kratom over 8 years that the severity of colds is not as it was before I began taking kratom and the frequency as well as the severity of the Flu is drastically reduced. I will just say this, Kratom needs to be thoroughly explored scientifically and I personally believe it’s equally ,if not more, beneficial than marijuana. And just as safe! Much is to be reviled about Kratom! If it can just survive the smear campaign long enough so that the research can be done.

  3. I fully believe that my Kratom use aided in me NOT contracting Covid-19 when my wife fell ill with it in March/April. It was still early and I wasn’t as careful as I should have been but I feel there is something there and it should be looked into. NONE of the Kratom users I know have suffered from Covid-19. Are there ANY kratom users out there that had Covid-19?

    1. Hi Tom. We really feel it does boost the immune system based on hundreds of user reports – however there has not been enough science on it to definitively say so. However I believe someone asked a question like this somewhere – on Facebook or Reddit, and at least 3 users responded that even though they were kratom consumers – they’ve contracted the virus. However as most kratom consumers are also health conscience it’s probably safe to say that they have strong immune systems as a group. There’s just not enough science on it yet

    2. Daily kratom user here. Just tested positive. It is not responsible to tout this nonsense because people will take it too literally. You will have covid positive people going out and about because muh kratom. Sincerely, a biologist.

  4. There’s a reason kratom makes cold/flu symptoms better, but it’s got nothing to do with any chloroquine-like compounds.

    Like codeine & other opioids, it dries up mucus & suppresses cough as well as relieving pain which is just what the doc ordered during a respiratory infection. It can also give a nice mood/energy boost in some cases. There’s a reason codeine cough syrup is prescribed for these kinds of illnesses, and why it’s so effective. Bonus: kratom is safer as it doesn’t cause respiratory depression.

    Would be really interesting to see if it eased symptoms of milder COVID-19 cases. But yeah, advocating it as a treatment or prevention is a dangerous road that will surely get it banned.

    1. My pet peeve is when so call science sources try to twist people’s mind against something by saying there’s no proof, insinuating that it means it can’t be beneficial. All it means is that if there are benefits, nobody has been financially motivated to do the studies. And if there was studies there is too much financial motivation to find bad results anyway. If it helps symptoms and boosts immunity a bit, not being confirmed by people in lab coats “yet” doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the effect.

  5. Few years ago, my whole family had caught the influenza b virus, except for 1 of my daughters. My whole household was super sick with influenza b, except for her. She has a strong immune system due to what I wonder??? Hmmmm ….maybe cz God protected her from getting it, cz she was practically taking care of all of us. And when I noticed that I consume kratom powder, I noticed I got better faster than the ones that don’t consume it. I’m sure kratom has many great benefits!

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