Bill to ban kratom to be considered by Maryland Judiciary Committee

Democratic State Senator Ronald Young has introduced SB147, a bill that would ban kratom in Maryland effective October 1, 2020.

In a call to action surrounding a January 22 judiciary committee hearing on the bill, the American Kratom Association posted an easy contact form to help put Maryland residents in touch with key lawmakers.

Maryland Kratom Warriors:

We need your help IMMEDIATELY to reach out to several key Maryland lawmakers who sit on the Maryland Judiciary Committee.

These lawmakers will be considering SB147 which will criminalize consuming or possessing kratom.  They will be meeting on January 22nd.

We need to flood the committee members with emails and ask them to reject a ban on kratom.

Fill out the form on the right to send an email automatically to these key lawmakers. 

You can add your testimony on how kratom has helped you or a loved one in the email.

The bill makes no bones about its intentions and even uses the term Prohibition:

AN ACT concerning
1 Criminal Law –Kratom –Prohibition
2 FOR the purpose of listing certain substances on Schedule I to designate them as controlled
3 dangerous substances that may not be legally used, possessed, or distributed; and
4 generally relating to controlled dangerous substances.

The motivation behind Senator Young’s push to ban kratom is not immediately apparent. He’s a member of the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee, and Chair of the Comptrollers Issues Subcommittee which deals with Alcohol, Labor, Licensing, and Regulations.

Instead of creating another unregulated, illegal market in Maryland, the American Kratom Association is suggesting states implement a Kratom Consumer Protection Act to regulate kratom as a dietary supplement.

Senator Ronald Young’s contact info.

Please, Thank You, and Have a Good Day: When contacting any politician, please be concise and polite. More than a few representatives have changed their minds simply by being informed about kratom.

[email protected]

Phone 410-841-3575 | 301-858-3575
Toll-free in MD 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3575
Fax 410-841-3193 | 301-858-3193

4 thoughts on “Bill to ban kratom to be considered by Maryland Judiciary Committee”

  1. I’ve seen the results. I’ve seen people take small amounts and free themselves from the deadly cycle of addiction. I’ve personally helped over 20 people and only 2 people went back to there old ways.
    I think we have something here and its cheap effective and it actually works. Believe me, I know these things.

  2. I am a subcontractor in Home Improvement. And I do extremely physical work.. I am 53 years old.. and I am not a rich man’s by any means. I was almost done with working the pain was sometimes unbearable. I have been taking Kratom on and off for 2 years I would tell people that Kratom saved my life. And I only take it when I need it. It Is by no means addictive to me. And I can keep working now, Kratom takes all the pain a way for me…

    1. Well Brian you know the aggravation of employees showing up to work SICK . wouldn’t it be nice to not have to deal with that ?
      Kratom works .
      I know these things

  3. I have been using kratom off & on for years. I work an extremely physical job & had aches and pains all the time.Some mornings I couldn’t hardly get out of bed from so much pain. When taking kratom I do not have that pain & I am able to do my job to the fullest & I’m not in pain when finished. If kratom was to be banned I don’t know how I could possibly be able to continue working. I would have to go on disability & I do not want that.

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