Video: How I Make Kratom Tea

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4 thoughts on “Video: How I Make Kratom Tea”

  1. Hi Karin. I have same deal with degenerative thrown in there. My bf came in from WA state and we both have a lot of pain…it really works…he had loose green kratom and gave me 4-6 capsules every like 4-6 hrs it was lasting! Drs wont give me any pain meds either. this stuff is the bomb!! think i am gonna try the red too. The USNavy gives it to their folks!!

  2. I suffer from severe chronic osteoarthritis pain…I am on methadone which does absolutely NOTHING for me anymore so Ido not know why I even take it, but I am weaning myself slowly off of it. Pain Dr. Of course refuse me opioids and to be honest I am tired of the fight for them. I want to use Kratom but am unsure of the amount to use and what kind I should be looking for….can someone with knowledge please point me in the right direction!?….I would be greatly appreciate the help…Thanks so much…

    1. I use about two teaspoons in the morning and two in the evening and I’m good I use to take 40 milg of oxytocin 4x a day and I haven’t took another pill for over two years after having kratom

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