Kratom News: Science- and evidence-based articles (for a change) posted in popular websites; AKA to hold webinar on Kratom Consumer Protection bills

In Kratom News this week, two websites popular for the average person to research health topics, Psychology Today and WebMD, have posted excellent articles about kratom this week. Usually with popular media, kratom is, at best, presented with the question “Deadly drug or miracle cure?” — one or the other, suggesting their readership or viewership is unable to think with any nuance.

“What Is Kratom? Why Is It Being Used For Opiate Self-Detox?” was posted in Psychology Today by mental health expert Adi Jaffe. Dr. Jaffe lists the positives and negatives associated with kratom use. As for the FDA’s claim that kratom itself can be deadly, Dr. Jaffe writes, “The FDA doesn’t point to any clear correlation between a known property of the botanical and the manner a person died.”

Dr. Jaffe also comments on kratom legality:

So do we put a ban on the substance, because of the potential risks? I think that the answer must be a clear NO. Because that would only make it harder for researchers to study its potential benefits and do NOTHING to reduce the problems associated with Kratom.

As we’ve seen in the past (many, many, many times), a legal ban will have two primary consequences: Firstly, it will send the drug underground where quality and purity can’t be controlled, and it will support violent and illegal organizations…Secondly, those who want to use it will either continue buying it through those illegal channels… or they will find yet ANOTHER still-legal option and we will go through the whole process again.

In the WebMD article, “Regulations Are On Hold as Kratom Debate Rages”, medical journalist Jennifer Clopton profiles kratom consumer Kim DeMott, who, like many in our own Kratom Stories, uses kratom to manage pain associated with multiple ailments she suffers.

The article goes on to provide an excellent overview of kratom, legality issues, and advocacy that we’ve covered in this blog. Many in the kratom community, but not many outside of our community, are familiar with these issues.

It’s great to see that more and more journalists and scientists are catching up on this issue and using their platforms to inform the public. Much of the news coverage we see of kratom and other drugs is sensationalism, which creates a train wreck for rubberneckers and in doing so misinforms people on the issue. I can rant about media sensationalism all day and I’ve done it quite often here.

Upcoming AKA Webinar

The American Kratom Association will hold a webinar February 17, 2019 at 7:30 PM EST on the issue of passing a Kratom Consumer Protection act, similar to the bill in Utah being considered.

From the AKA webinar announcement:

This legislation looks to protect consumers by allowing them to continue to have access to kratom, while banning adulterated kratom protects.

But what exactly is this legislation and what progress is the American Kratom Association acheiving (sic) in states across the country?

You are invited to attend a special webinar where we will be discussing this critical legislation and providing updates on the states where we are actively fighting to protect kratom.

Please register for the webinar using the following information:

When: Feb 17, 2019 7:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 
Topic: What is the Kratom Consumer Protection Act 

Register in advance for this webinar: 

American Kratom Association update

I’ve participated in three webinars with the AKA, and they are always very informative updates about the fight to #KeepKratomLegal.

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