Strains And Effects

Countless people across the world are learning about kratom in 2020. With so many strains, its important to understand which strain is right for you. Unlike synthetic opioids, kratom’s chemical composition is complex, and the effects of this composition are dynamic.

Its main alkaloids are mitragynine, paynanthine, speciociliatine, and the more minor 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG). Kratom’s neurochemical complexity is echoed in its physiological effects.

It is generally understood that at low doses (< 1 gram), kratom “can boost energy and enhance mood,” whereas at higher doses kratom is sedating, and may have anxiolytic qualities.

The following table serves as a comparative base for some of the most popular strains of kratom on the market.

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Ground Leaf Strains

BaliAn ideal balance of pain relief and energy boost. Bali works somewhat differently than a traditional red kratom. Bali helps achieve a gentle energy boost while maintaining the pain relief expected of a red. Euphoric and the most classic opiate like among the strains of kratom.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Maeng DaEnergizing and stimulating with pain killing effects. Maeng Da takes the normal pain relieving properties of a red strain and adds a nice energetic kick because of it’s specific alkaloid properties.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red BaliSimilar to Bali with some red characteristics. This is a known as a versatile strain.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red Vein ThaiSimilar to Bali with a more classic red strain effects.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red Vein KaliSedating and more classically opiate like. Red Kali is a more traditional red kratom offering pain relief & relaxation.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red IndoSimilar to Red Kali and many other traditional strains. Red Indo is a more tame red vein strain and is often touted as ideal for mild pain relief and relaxation.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Green IndoBalances pain relief and energy boosting qualities. The combination of alkaloids in Green Indo creates a longer lasting milder effect although there is not as high of a concentration of alkaloids as SGM.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Green MalayThis original variety of Malaysian Kratom is well known for its mood-lifting, energizing effects.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Green Vein KaliA stimulating strain which also has painkilling attributes. Green Kali delivers a strong boost of energy without sacrificing any of the sought after pain relief effects. It is know for have a higher potency than Green Indo.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White Vein KaliMore euphoric or dissociating. White Vein Kali is a milder white strain known for its energizing qualities – when compared to Red Vein Kali – while still containing notable pain relief qualities. .1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White Vein ThaiWhite Thai may be the most stimulating of all white strains. There are however less pain relieving attributes than a red vein strain or a strain similar to Bali as a trade off.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White Vein IndoSimilar to Red Indo which is best known for its pain relief attributes. However White Vein Indo differs from the calming Red Indo by bringing a euphoric dissociative kick with it.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White BorneoKnown as a uniquely high quality white strain of kratom. It has known for its long lasting, energizing effect.1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Super Green MalaysianKnown for its unique ability to combine the characteristic pain relieving properties of a red strain with the energy and euphoria boost of a white strain. SGM also has some of the longest lasting effects of any kratom with smooth delivery due to the high concentration of alkaloids.1/2 – 3 teaspoons

Kratom Extracts

Ultra Enhanced IndoMost euphoric of the extracts and works well for reducing social anxiety. UEI manages to contain a full range of effects including pain relief & relaxation with a slight energy and mood boost.1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Gold Reserve ExtractPowerful extract made by applying highly concentrated kratom alkaloids back to natural kratom leaf. Gold Reserve is a highly potent extract providing a blend of stimulation and pain relief while providing full body relaxation with a notable energy boost.1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
ISOL-8 ExtractISOL-8 is an outlier and has caffeine like stimulation. ISOL-8 uniquely focuses in on the energy and stimulating effects of kratom while other extracts generally bring out a broader range of effects.1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Ultra Enhanced Red KaliThis extract is made by blending pure alkaloids from Red Vein Kalimantan leaf with high quality Red Kali leaf. This is not made with semi-synthetic chemicals but only all natural kratom leaf alkaloidal extract.1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Natural Enhanced True ThaiMade from taking a 90% pure alkaloid extraction of Thai Kratom and reapplied to a Green Vein Thai leaf. This extract is a high potency version of classic Thai kratom strains notable for a mild energy boost with significant pain relief & relaxation effects.1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Natural Enhanced White SumatraCreated by taking a 90% pure alkaloid extraction from white vein kratom and mixing it with White vein leaf. This reformulation results in a more potent version of white vein kratom with significant pain relief and relaxation effects.1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)

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  1. Judy Deese

    I just used 2 grams of Bali Gold for headache and FMS. So I will wait and see how I feel.

  2. Drew

    Kratom in my opinion will help with minor withdrawal symptoms. I suggest taking it with RSO which is medical cannabis used from extracting THC from the whole plant. It’s way different than anything you’ve ever taken in your life. to get the extract you have to have a medical marijuana card or look up Rick Simpson and he will teach you how to make it. When I took it it was life-changing. Or I said I was the way to go from any detox from benzos or opiates. I suggest taking Kratom with RSO. By the way all Kratom is all the same. I just kicked fentanyl with the two as well as taking a benzo for the first day. I suggest going to NA or AA meetings as well when you’re clean keep off of everything.

  3. Ray

    Red baili and red Mange da have worked for me. I am a recovering Iv using heroin/ fentinol addict of 12 years. These have helped me get my life back in order and also the kratom extract shots. This shit saved my life on some real shit. Good luck to all recovering addicts trying to get back on track.

    1. Kyle

      Hey buy chance how exactly did you do it getting off the stuff? Like how much did you use of what and all that my brother and I are both trying to kick the bs right now and just trying to find anything that helps thanks alot

    2. Genevieve

      I am so glad to read of your recovery using this ❤️
      I lost my oldest child, my son Jamie to OD September 10, 2020 after him being clean almost 3 years…….my heart is shattered 💔 please keep up with your sobriety…… your family and friends will thank you 😘

  4. Mark

    there are nothing such things as strains. just color variations due to drying processes and whether or not the vain color is ground into the leaf powder. these sites crack me up. its insane how much misinformation is still misleading people.

    when we were in indo where most Kratom is grown, you can find a red, green and “white” vein on the same branch of the same tree. vein color is like a phenotype characteristic. if there is an argument about different strains it would be horned leaf verses standard leaf. there is only 1 strain….its called kratom.

    most krsrom is grown in specific regions in indo such as borne(80ish% of all Kratom), jongkong, Jakarta and a few other smaller areas. the “strains” are in fact just the regions of where the kratom comes from and 90% of the resellers haven’t a clue where their Kratom is from

    simply put most are full of shit full stop.

    larger more mature trees usually produce larger amounts of alkaloids than younger farmed plants that just haven’t had the time or environment to get to maturity. either your kratom has a high alkaolid content or it doesn’t period regardless of color or “strain”.

    the time of year and region also affects the quality. we are entering the wet season now in indo and krarom quality usually suffers for the next 4-5 months and gets better during the dry season.

    on a side note when describing extracts most haven’t a clue. using terms like 20x or 50x means absolutely nothing. either the extract powder contains higher alkaloids or it doesn’t. if you want to know how much alkaloids are in the extract you will have to take it to a lab and get it tested end if story. if you have 1 kg extract and 20% is mitragynine than you have 200 grams of mitragynine. its not 20x is 20%. 500 grams mitragynine is 50% extract not 50x and so on. most think 20x means 20kg extract down to 1 kg . thats simply not how it works and even it it was it wouldn’t mean the extract is 20% mitragynine. you can produce extract and not capture the alkaolids and you’d end up with a kg of junk like waxes, oils, lipids, tannins and other photo material.

    there you have it folks. enjoy the lesson.

    1. Logan

      You must not consume much kratom my freind.

    2. Solitus

      Outstanding. Thank you. 🤟🏼

    3. Pharmerdavid

      Kratom science websites explain how there are about 25 alkaloids, although only two of them are considered the most significant, and the potency of the leaves vary by region, with Thailand strains usually being most potent. Yes white, green, and red leaves are found on the same plant, BUT they have different alkaloid compositions. Red Bali is often used for opioid dependence, because it has the most opioid alkaloid effects. Just as cannabis is the same plant, there are many strains, and regions where it’s grown, all with different effects. I’ve been an opiate addict for most of the last 50 years, methadone for over 20 years. It’s getting harder to get, and soon they may require getting the CV19 vaccination, which I will never do. I find that 20 “00” caps of Bali red, about 10 grams, is sufficient to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, and provide pain relief. I haven’t tried taking 30 caps, ~15 grams, but after I get more later today I’m trying a higher dose. I did take WAY too much one time, like three heaping tablespoons, and felt totally overdosed, so too much IS too much!!

  5. Nela

    Hi everyone, great information! Is there anything to come off 20-25mg Xanax a day and 25mg EX tabs at night. I ran out once and thought I was going to die. I can’t keep going like this. I just end up needing more and more. I take it for severe GAD and Social Anxiety and to sleep. I also have horrible PPMD. Please help

  6. B

    Hello! I’m wondering if someone could Give me a recommendation of what to buy? I hate the paranoia that I have experienced when I have tried smoking weed. HATE it! I loved the buttery feeling, great mood & motivation that I got when I took 30mg oxycodone 30mgs. I have severe depression and anxiety. I would like something that makes me feel really good physically but gives me the energy / motivation to get things done but I hate the speed / tweak of cocaine, amphetamines, etc. I do not like euphoria or hallucinations or trips. I was hooked on fan ape tin for about a year and was finally able to put them down about 6 months ago. With Gabba, I didn’t love them but I liked what they did for my better mood and energy to be motivated but it was never a good enough high for me. Just better than nothing at all. I have been clean from opiates for 4 years and currently take Sunoco every 12mg. Subs don’t do anything for me. I simply take them because I would be sick without them. I’m still tired and depressed even when I increase the dose. I won’t lie, I like the feeling of being high. I like being in a better mood and I like not being so down and tired. I just do not like speed either though. Any help or related would be appreciated!!! I’m excited to try this but I don’t know what the right one would be. I love a good nod but I still need to be able to function without others thinking or noticing that I’m high. I would like a pill form.


    1. Judy Picciandra

      B, I am familiar with the problem of those drugs, plus too many more. You know ‘One is too many and a thousand never enough’ ? Me exactly, sooo, I cold turkey of every best-friend-drug I had in an extensive array. Great!
      But, all my pain and problems did not go away. Ten years I have tried alternative anything to find relief.
      WHITE MALAY KRATOM has been my God send! Again, His green growing plants have given me (I know it is a tree leaf) fantastic pain relief and energy! I am a Registered Nurse and I did the research necessary to relieve my mind about what was going into my body! Kratom is my pain relief also, my night time routine include s RED BALI…it doesn’t make anxious or jittery or have bad dreams, etc. I rest and an get 6-8 hours of good, solid sleep.
      I know it sounds like a miracle and impossible to believe. Only it is not too good to be true, it is just true.
      Best luck ever, B. Research to let yourself know what it is all about and try it if you feel it is ok for you. WORKS for me. TXsis70

  7. Lisa

    There’s a very helpful kratom community on Facebook called “kratom united”, and it has a wealth of knowledge, and the people are extremely supportive and will give you excellent information to help you figure out exactly how to get off of heroin using kratom.

  8. Ro Sanchez

    I went thru the same red veins are good for opiate wd. Each capsule NORMALLY comes 500mg. So 2 capsules equals 1gram.
    Beginners dose (Never Done opiates)= 3-4 grams
    Moderate dose=5-6 grams
    Strong dose= 8-10 grams.
    Drink PLENTY of water bc kratom is a dietetic and will dehydrate you.

    1. Traci

      Where can I purchase red vein

  9. Kim Sears

    I am confused about getting the right dose, i have green vein borneo capsules and it doesn’t give you the grams for each capsule, does anyone know how many capsules i would have to take for my pain?,
    I am on prescription suboxone for opioid addiction, and i want to use the Kratom in between or when i wind up short with my strips if i take more than im supposed to

    1. Chris

      In my experience(5yrs since being diagnosed with Crohns/Colitis) capsules are .5 gram meaning each capsule is half a gram….now if you have a low tolerance or are new to taking kratom I suggest you go with 1 to 2 grams I do the the toss and wash method with orange juice or make smoothies plus you get more kratom if you buy the powder form instead of capsules my recommendations include Red Hulu,Green Elephant,Red Bali,Super Green Malay

    2. Susan zimmer

      1 gm = size of regular paper clip or
      amount that would fill a pen top

  10. Brandy

    I am completely terrified as I am coming off of heroin for the third time I have red vein Thai I can’t seem to find anything that tells me a recommended dose I have read everything I can possibly read and I’m just not understanding if there’s anyone out there that can give me a suggested dose and any other advice I would truly appreciate it as I need desperately to take my life back before my life is taken by this addiction

    1. Jeff B.

      Start with half a tablespoon on an empty stomach with grapefruit juice or another citric juice. Wait 30 to 45 minutes. If the effects are not strong enough, take another half tablespoon. After an hour, if it is not strong enough, take another half tablespoon. This is what I typically do. I always take it with juice, and turmeric with black pepper (only on initial dose for the turmeric and black pepper). This causes stronger and longer lasting effects. Toss and wash for the quickest effects and less constipation.

    2. Shelli

      I didn’t come off of heroine, but I did come off of 11 years of opiods and have been off for 2 years now. And I got off cold turkey with kratom and some other things. There was definitely things I wish I had known beforehand like dosing. And other things to help. I got off the opioids and then got off of kratom all within 2 weeks. Not the best strategy and I had post acute withdrawal and never knew it, just felt awful. Since mine was for chronic pain I was never successful in getting off kratom fully especially after falling and breaking my tailbone 1 month after getting off kratom. So I use kratom now for pain control instead of opioids and it has changed a lot for me. I am no longer in bed sleeping my life away from sedating effects…I do have better pain coverage then the opioids.
      Send me a quick email and I will help whoever needs it. [email protected]

    3. Erin

      Hi brandy! Kratom will absolutely make it bearable to come off heroin. How much did you use a day? That is going to play a big factor.
      A body coming off opiates would require more than someone who didn’t take opiates and someone coming off heroin, I believe would start their dosing at a much higher level than that. Best strains starting out will be what’s closest in how it effects you.Reds all the way. I would suggest journaling what and how your doing, what stain, how much your doing and when ect. Start reaching out and learning everything you can about Kratom. Believe in yourself & your desires. Have a plan. And talk to us who use Kratom and have been there. You can do this. Reds will work best through your transition, but once you are ready, greens and whites are Outstanding as well. Reach out if you need anything.

      1. Amanda

        Do you have an email so ican reach out to you

    4. Daniel

      My recommendation would be to start with a real spoon mixed with water (in a shaker bottle. Begin to sip it until effects can be felt. It’s hard to does individuals due to difference in tolerance and body size. From there gradually increase the dose until you get the effect you are looking for. May end up drinking more water then you like but if you keep track of your dosage it will be easier to know what dose is right for you…. too little and you get no effect.. too much and you get sick so stick to the process and it will get you going. Last thing, keep track of the strain you use as all strains will vary in level of effect and desired outcome

      *note I am not a doctor and this is not medical advise just a suggestion based of personal usage.

  11. Agustin Perez

    I have severe chronic pain, I am on morphine slow and rapid release.also gabapentine oxicodine and many more.I also suffer from sleep apnea and insomnia, severe depression and anxiety.(PDSD) which strain is recommended.

    1. Shelli

      You sound exactly like me. Your best bet is to stay with Red and Green. I have found green works best for me for overall symptoms, pain, anxiety, relaxation. But when I have a bad pain day I take Red and depending on how bad I am depends on which red. It does take trying different ones in order to find ones that work best for you. Every one reacts differently to each kind and each strain. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions. I do talk with a lot of people helping them as kratom changed my life for the better. However, it is mysterious and I wish there were more people helping others and talking about it.
      [email protected]

      1. J.Cox

        I’ve read a couple of your comments and decided that you are an angel!
        Educated in the ways of the Kratom. Lol!
        But seriously, I think what you do, and know could potentially help some of us in the world struggling w our drug abuse issues.
        Pardon my language…..
        Fuck them! I’d like to keep in contact with you and share my experience using Kratom. If you would like to help me?
        I think w your help I might beat this god damn monster destroying my family.
        Thank you for your time,

    2. numinous

      Hey Agustin,
      I feel your pain, and i am currently studying medicine. I have taken Kratom before and personally it helped me out. But the risk/benefit ratios, especially given your current drug cocktail (morphine, gaba, oxycodone) seem heavy on the risk side. I believe in the potential of Kratom, but we need to be informed on the potential ADRs (adverse drug reactions). I am medical researcher at a university, specializing in psychopharmacology. Pharmacovigilance regarding kratom does not exist, as there have yet to be any clinical trials with humans in the U.S. The absence of double blind clinical trials, leaves a significant room for error, especially in polyuse with other opioids. While there is some date which suggests partial agonists, and does not recruit b-arrestin that the effects kratom and the extent to which pharmacological interactions occur are quite high. Especially because of the nature of the mitragyna and 7… Currently, information on safety is scarce. However, studies in mice indicate serious conditions may arise after administration, for example, elevated blood pressure and hepatic enzymes after a single dose. Not to mention impaired cognition and the potential for behavioural disruptions, potentially psychosis. I can understand you wanting to get Kratom, but in good conscious I have to suggest you speak with your primary care physician. Or family medicine docs. Are trying to get off of your medications? If so, it is still something talking to your doctor about. I know the medical system can be rough sometimes, but there are good docs out there. If you are in more pain, you should let him or her know, and maybe they can alternate medications and you can consider LAIs of ketamine monthly. But again, speaking with a physician is a good idea. Wish you the very best Agustin, I hope you find relief.

  12. rick

    Im a long time methadone and heroin user , im terrified of coming off methadone .
    Can i use white sumatra or any white to help me taper off or is it the reds i should try , im strggling with dose and if i can use methadone and kratom together as i lower the meth dose .. im trying to amass some know how on the subject

    1. Shelli

      I can try help you out, but I have never been on heroine or methadone. I was on opioids for 11 years. I have done a lotnof research and used kratom for over two years now. If tou would like, send me an email and I will help the best I can.
      [email protected]

    2. Brian Tripoli

      I would do red and being a user like yourself i recommend red start at 3 G and do more if u dont notice. It really works. And i can go days without and not get sick. Fentanyl better watch out there is a new dog in torneo! For real it changed my life

    3. Shawna

      Just be careful with methadone as a rapid taper can cause seizures. I would do a combination of the two while tapering down the methadone. Message me and I can provide a taper or your local pharmacist or your pain mgt. doctor.

    4. Brian

      Hey. Methadone in my opinion is absolutely awful to come off of, but it can be done. For me, i would use the red strains, and a little help from cbd/thc. Cannabis helped my body in between tapering from methadone, easing the desire and taking your mind off the subject in a way. Cbd tincture would help by providing an overall calm, sense of well being, but keep in mind you would need like 85 mg to start. I would also take a fairly moderate to high dose of a red strain kratom in the evening to wind down, like 8- 10 grams. I hope some of these suggestions help.

    5. Lynn

      I used methadone for 17 years for severe and chronic fibromyalgia pain. 20 – 30 mg per day. My doctor stopped prescribing methadone when at only 10 mg per day – I was dosing off. Nothing worked as well to reduce the pain (anti-seizure meds in particular). I was bed-ridden for 16 months until I discovered Kratom 5 months ago. The red vein strains work the best for pain. Plus, my insomnia isn’t as much of a problem, and I don’t need antihistamines any longer to control hay fever symptoms. I mix a red Bali and green Sunda to get the ultimate pain/sleep treatment. Good luck!

    6. Plazma

      im convinced that the doctors and pharma people will never give review of kratom…. reason being is its not being prescribed and there fore cuts out the dealer …. just like a street dude sellin heroin or other opiods. docs and pharma want their money and have no desire to push you to something like kratom if it affects their income levels in anyway. when it comes down to it they don’t care about your medical needs at all. most of us addicts started because of a personal injury or other factor and were introduced opiods by they primary care physician… ;ast thing they want is to lose a customer.

  13. Emmett Hurd

    I’m getting ready to start red baly for the first time. I ve been told I have nerve pain and they put me on nortriptyline, but so far no help. I really hope 🙏 it works. I’ll let you know if it does.

    1. Lynn

      Out of all the red strains the red Bali works the best (for me) for severe neuropathy pain. You can also mix 1/2 red Bali with 1/2 of a green or white strain to get treatment for pain and other symptoms that get in the way of functionality. My neuropathy pain is throughout my entire body and kratom has given me significant relief. All the best 🥰

  14. Nick

    Just started taking Red Bali last Friday for coming off all sorts of pain med/opiates for the last five years….and no BS…..this shit actually works. Hardly any withdrawal symptoms from coming off all the pills and able to actually sleep. IF YOU HAVE BEEN INTO OPIATES AND WANT TO GET OFF…I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING KRATOM!!

    1. Shelli

      Yep worked so great for me too. On opioids for 11 years. Now I only use kratom for my chronic pain. For some it works so good that is all they need. For me it helps keep me functioning but my pain is very high. I know opioids weren’t covering it anymore after 11 years and it does seem that kratom can get to that point as well. Make sure you rotate your strains so you don’t keep going up in dosing.

      1. Qq

        Hi, thanks four your advice/ comments.
        is it heavy liver? I am on Oxy, between 6 to 8 tablets (10mg) day. And do you recommend red to avoid opoid withdrawal symptoms? I’m completely new to this. Can you also advice, if possible, the difference between kratom and medicinal marijuana?

    2. Shawna

      What was your dosing of Kratom and what opioids were you using?

  15. EJ

    As a former heavy Vicodin user a friend told me about Kratom last year while hesitant at first, I finally started taking it, I’ve found what works best for me is White Maeng during the day and Red Bali before bed and I’m about 1 month clean of pills and have really no withdraw symptoms which is a god send if you know what I’m talking about.

  16. Nick

    Bali kratom will fix everything!

  17. tammy

    I have been using kratom for a couple of years for crohn’s disease pain and nausea as well as chonic high levels of pain from other conditions, also for severe anxiety and also panic attacks ..a few years before that I came off of 8 different medicines Horrible withdrawals) and am down to 2. Gabapentin and Baclofen. I really want to come off of those too. I use a lot of other herbal supplement and tea to help with pain and help my stomach and body heal and bring down inflammation. Has anyone here ever been able to come off of gabapentin or baclofen using kratom successfully? I appreciate any input or advice ,Love this site..:)

    1. Candi E

      I was taking upwards of 4000mgs of gabapentin up to 3X a day at one point. I’m not bragging, either, just being honest. I lost so much weight from not being able to keep any nutrients in my system since that amount of gaba gives you major bathroom issues. It was horrendous. But I found kratom and all of that has changed. I don’t need to take such high amounts of gaba anymore as long as I have good quality Kratom powder. I’m still prescribed 2400 mgs a day and I only have take 600 to 1200 at most daily. If I forget to take it, which does happen since the Kratom works so well for my barage of medical issues, I don’t suffer the consequences I used to when I was on such high doses. I’m getting ready to go off it completely by Christmas and I am confident that I will stay off of it. I now just take one at night if I’m in a downward spiral of pain and one in the morning but only if I am having a very hard time moving around without terrible pain once I’m awake. Honestly, if I just give the Kratom an hour to hit my system, I usually don’t have to take anything else. And with baclofen, I substituted it with extra strength Tylenol Arthritis (not the regular Tylenol but the one that says Tylenol Arthritis) and it works better for me! Unfortunately I pay the high label prices since the off-brand one doesn’t work at all, but it’s worth it and I don’t have to take much for it to work along with the Kratom. Good luck!

    2. Tyson

      I took 900mg of gaba and 30mg of baclofen a day for a couple of years after going through medical detox from xanax. Kratom got me through the minor withdrawals from the taper, and now I’m completely off both meds. Your mileage may vary, but that was my experience.

    3. Tonya

      Gabapentin is tricky. I got off by opening my capsule and dumping a tiny bit out. I took 3 are a time so I only dumped out of 1. In a week- I dumped half out. Another week- I dumped most out. Another week- I went to 2 and kept doing that till I was done. Didn’t have a single affect which was a miracle!!

    4. Kathy Haigler

      Tammy, I’ve been using kratom to come off of gabapentin. It’s slow going but it helps tremendously! I’ve gotten good advice from a support group for gabapentin that recommends going down by 10% of your dose at a time. Then staying there until you feel stable for a couple of weeks before you attempt to go down again. But I’ve gone faster than that with the help of kratom. You have to sample some different strains of kratom to determine which ones help with pain and/or withdrawal. Generally, red strains are good for both, but some people get more benefit from green strains. I’m down to 300 mgs three times a day from 800 mgs every five hours. It is truly a blessing.

  18. chris

    gold reserve, bali, etc, i was an iv drug user for 23 years, suboxone, methadone etc, once i had kratom i never went back to the clinic again. this shit really work, and natural feeling, my tolerance is pretty big so often i have to use the liquid extracts, im on kratomscience to lern to convert to powder and build my own spectrum, back surgery no pain either

    1. Caroline

      What strain do you recommend to a addict is 20 plus years on 90 mls methadone
      So desperate please help

      1. Renea

        I recommend a combination of white during the day and red in the evening. I was in methadone for 20 yrs and almost died trying to come off of it. If a friend hadn’t recommend I try Kratom I really think I wouldn’t be here to write this comment. Please try it and just experiment with the different strains…it saved my life. Good luck to you!!

      2. Everett

        I’m no doctor, but just reading this description list, if I were coming off opioids, I would want something as close as possible to “the real thing”. Both Bali and Red Vein Kali seem to be closer to something like methadone than the other strains. Maybe get both, and keep trying other strains too till you hit that sweet spot. Keep trying, this stuff is remarkable.

      3. Nick


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