Journal Club #18: Pineal Gland and DMT Facts and Myth

Journal Club with Dr. Jonathan Cachat
Journal Club with Dr. Jonathan Cachat
Journal Club #18: Pineal Gland and DMT Facts and Myth

In a departure from kratom science, Dr. Cachat and Brian look at a paper by a pioneering pharmacologist and researcher in the field of psychedelics, Dr. David E. Nichols. Dr. Nichols methodically lays out his case for why endogenous DMT produced in the pineal gland, brain, or other parts of the human body is not present at adequate enough doses to be psychoactive. Therefore there is not enough evidence that endogenous DMT explains out-of-body experiences or near-death experience. This is controversial in drug nerd world as evidence by YouTube comments on a related talk given by Dr. Nichols, and may run counter to Rick Strassman’s arguments presented in his popular book and documentary The Spirit Molecule. Is endogenous DMT a neurotransmitter? If not what is it? If DMT doesn’t explain near death experiences, what does?


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