80. Everything Kratom Podcast Host Jamie

Kratom Science Podcast
Kratom Science Podcast
80. Everything Kratom Podcast Host Jamie

Jamie is the host of Everything Kratom Podcast that started in the fall of 2021. The podcast features shorter episodes about different strains of kratom and Jamie’s thoughts on kratom related issues, but also longer episodes with conversations with guests. We talk about why he started the podcast, why there should be more podcasts with our own unique formats, kratom deaths and mourning parents, his own brothers opioid addiction and terrible death, how kratom helped him deal with mild Tourette’s Syndrome and helps with motivation, and why he thinks kratom and blue lotus are like peanut butter and jelly.

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1 thought on “80. Everything Kratom Podcast Host Jamie”

  1. Jamie often talks about his favorite
    Kratom (Indo White). I am very curious what vendor he is using, since I see very few vendors even offering that particular strain.
    Would love to give this specific strain & vendor a try since he makes reference to it so often! If this information can be shared, please respond to my personal email referencing “Everything Kratom Podcast”
    (Indo White). Thanks much, Randy.

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