7. Overcoming Topical Steroid Withdrawal with Nina Ajdin

Kratom Science Podcast
Kratom Science Podcast
7. Overcoming Topical Steroid Withdrawal with Nina Ajdin

Nina Ajdin grew up in war-torn Bosnia before her family immigrated into the United States. She later contracted a skin disease called topical steroid withdrawal. Nina’s story was featured on NPR, Daily Mail, and Kratomscience.com. In 2019 after years of illness that kept her home-bound, Nina started a full time job. She also testified to keep kratom legal in Ohio and in her home town of Naperville Illinois. She plans on continuing her kratom activism in 2020.

Nina’s kratom activism kit can be found here https://topextracts.com/facing-a-kratom-ban-a-how-to-guide-on-making-a-difference-in-your-community/

For more information on all things kratom, and Nina’s back story, see KratomScience.com

Intro music was Memories of Thailand by Risey

Outro music is a 1914 recording of Auld Lang Syne by Prince’s Band (not that Prince)

From all of us at Kratom Science, Happy New Year!

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3 thoughts on “7. Overcoming Topical Steroid Withdrawal with Nina Ajdin”

  1. We were in some groups together when your kratom Journey started. I would appreciate if you look me up on fb Christa Gr I have loved ones suffering skin problems and would like to talk to you.

  2. Thank you for all of your hard work Nina, you are such an amazing woman. I so appreciate your help here in Ohio, you moved so many people that day. I’m very happy I got to meet you and get a wonderful hug. Happy New year my friend what an awesome interview 💖🙏😊

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