39. Recovery in the UK with Paul W.

Kratom Science Podcast
Kratom Science Podcast
39. Recovery in the UK with Paul W.

Paul W was prescribed hydrocodone following a car accident… the beginning of a long journey with opioid pain pills. Living in Florida during the golden age of pill mills (early 2000s) didn’t help. After addiction, recovery, and relapse Paul moved to Italy where he met his future husband. They moved to England where Paul relapsed again, starting off with over-the-counter codeine. This time, Paul is using kratom to help in his recovery.

Music: Risey, “Memories of Thailand”

Written and produced by Brian Gallagher for KratomScience.com

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3 thoughts on “39. Recovery in the UK with Paul W.”

  1. I just stumbled upon this while researching the dangers of combining kratom with hydrocodone before I attempted a cold water extraction. The lengths I go to to convince myself I can achieve a safe high is rediculous. Ive been on and off opiates for years, been sober from alcohol for over a year after rehab and jail, and I recently just got my VA Medical Marijuana License. Only one dispensary has opened and my wife and I decided that purchasing from a friend was off the table because we have kids now and we just don’t want any possibility of that past life to chase us home. I was using a legal hemp product, Delta 8 THC, however the vendor had a problem with product availability so I was left with nothing but a kratom extract I’ve been using. I figured the extract would help cut back anything that would cause liver damage since it reduces the amount of plant matter I have to process, but it doesn’t seem to work the same for me some times. Well tonight was one of those times it didn’t work and after having ruined a peaceful night with anger and withdrawals my wife left with the kids for the night to her parents house. I instantly went into planning mode on how I can get her Tylenol 3 without her noticing, then furthered my process by trying to figure out how to remove the acetaminophen. Luckily though in my recovery I’ve learned a few tricks, like stand and stare at the clock until it’s past twelve and I have no option to go and buy alcohol, or go and read forums on the dangers and the experience stories of people who wish they didn’t make that decision to hop back on the wagon of substances. I’m only ten minutes in to the podcast, never been to this site before, and I felt compelled to leave a reply to let you know your impact. I’m terribly sorry for taking up so much space and making this ungodly long, I’m sure most won’t even read the whole thing, but it’s now 12:34 and the time I’ve spent typing this out has helped me to calm down and actual realize that this extract worked great, I was just really really upset. Thank you Paul and Brian for doing what you’re doing, I believe you can help many lives and families; and thank you Kendell for being the first to share otherwise I probably would have thought this was a really old post and no one would ever see my comment. Have a great night every body and thanks again.

  2. Hi kendell, Paul here, unbelievable another kratom user from the uk? Those trams were evil mate, I’ll tell you I’ll never go back. Stay well, hopefully soon we can get a kratom Uk group going. Paul

  3. Oh man, this podcast hits me close to home. There aren’t too many tramadol addicts these days, but I was once one of them. the withdrawals you describe I went through, and ordered mine illegally over the internet and it was insanely expensive. I might still be doing it if I hadn’t had a seizure, and woke up midway to the hospital. Now I take kratom, any strain, 6g at a time, 3 to 4 times a day, and man, I can feel the difference. Read http://kratomherald.com/real-life-kratom-stories-episode-1-kendall-clark-defeated-tramadol-addiction-and-chronic-pain-with-kratom/ if interested. It tells the whole sage. Long story short, the kratom works a hell of a lot better than any dose of tramadol ever did. But you’re right, coming off of tramadol is like coming off of opioids, but also antidepressants as well, and no one told me until I was suffering, and by then I’d have sold my soul for more. THank god kratom works. Hopefully we can get kratom legalized in the UK, but it’s going to be a long and complicated process. but I hope it happens eventually

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