27. Stephanie Van Dyke

27. Stephanie Van Dyke

27. Stephanie Van Dyke
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Stephanie Van Dyke was on her way to a professional career in rodeo horse riding, until she had an accident, which would give her chronic pain for the rest of her life. As a result, she got prescribed and hooked on opiate pain pills. Her opiate addiction took 10 years away from her life and she lost custody of her children. Six years ago Stephanie discovered kratom and it helped her break that addiction… This is Stephanie Van Dyke and this is her kratom story.

Music: Risey “Memories of Thailand”

The Kratom Science Podcast is written and produced by Brian Gallagher for KratomScience.com

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  1. kendell clark

    This story reminds me of my tramadol trial, but without the drug court. You start taking it at first,then you gradually, oh so gradually, eak up, then up, and up and up,until you’re hooked. People around you blame you, and it is you, partly, but it’s also the fact that doctors,modern day doctors don’t even know about, or if they know about refuse to acknowledge, that plants have been medicines for millennia. Willow bark ephedra, and many many others. If they can’t prescribe it from some company that markets it,it doesnt exist. So of course when I got hookedonthe tramadol, I was told what most of you were told, go to rehab, try methadone, or simply suffer,after all your pain isn’t that bad. I’m sitting there hollow eyed from exhaustion and insomnia, emotionally unstable, ready to do anything for anyone for that numb feeling and it’s as if they aren’t seeing me. I’m so glad kratom works for you, and me, and so many many others. Each and every day I take kratom I remember what I was like before, and although I do have pain if I go without kratom, I don’t have any other symptoms. Thank god for this plant.

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