25. Living with Degenerative Disk Disease: Misty Brown’s Story

Kratom Science Podcast
Kratom Science Podcast
25. Living with Degenerative Disk Disease: Misty Brown's Story

Misty Brown was diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease in 2008 which led to an 11 year addiction to opiate painkillers. After being fired from pain management and detoxing, Misty watched the Netflix documentary A Leaf of Faith which she says changed her life. She found that kratom helped her live with her chronic pain from DDD. Misty is now captain of her district for the National Advocacy Council for the American Kratom Association. She also admins the Facebook group T-SOL AdvoKacy. This is Misty Brown and this is her kratom story…

Misty’s article from Pain Treatment Directory https://www.paintreatmentdirectory.com/inspiring-stories/misty-brown-kratom-helped-me-to-kick-my-addiction-to-pain-pills-and-reduce-my-pain

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6 thoughts on “25. Living with Degenerative Disk Disease: Misty Brown’s Story”

  1. As a man, I can totally relate to your entire story. Gave me chills almost. Thanks for the very thorough explanation on Kratom. I’d trust your experience over some dr’s “training” that was more then likely schooled to them by big Pharma anyway! I am only trying kratom because of your words on it. Truly, thank you. -just a guy in Erie pa

  2. Allison Browning

    This girl is amazing!! I love her to death!! I agree in everything your saying girl!! Keep it legal!! It’s an amazing thing for me and many many many others!!!

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