24. Kami Ann Davis

24. Kami Ann Davis

24. Kami Ann Davis
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My guest is Kami Ann Davis. Kami was in a rafting accident in her 20s that led to a life of chronic pain.. She went on to become a nurse. The physical strain of nursing combined with the opioid medications for her chronic pain led her to search for an alternative. Kami discovered kratom has become an advocate for the plant that she says provides focus, energy, as well as pain relief. This is Kami Ann Davis, and this is her kratom story.

Kami’s article “Kami Davis: I Got My Life Back After 20 Years by Taking Kratom” for Alternative Pain Treatment Network. https://www.paintreatmentdirectory.com/inspiring-stories/kami-davis-i-got-my-life-back-after-20-years-by-taking-kratom

Kami’s kratom advocacy group is Southeast Beautiful https://southeastbeautiful.com/

Music: Risey, “Memories of Thailand”

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  1. Nikki Mencl

    Such an awesome kratom testimony!!! Great job girl and I’m so happy you have relief!!!

  2. kendell clark

    I love this kratom story. The fact that anurse former or not, is advocating for kratom is a huge step. I was addicted to tramadol, the weakest prescribed opioid, for over two years, actually resorted to ordering it over the internet from grey market pharmacies and getting into huge money debt, until my mom turned me onto kratom. For me personally, it works a lot better than the tramadol ever did, it gives me energy, and most of all I have no withdrawal if I run out, although I won’t let myself run out. If it’s echanging one addition for another, so be it. Compared to the tramadol, as scars and so many others ahve said, it’s much much better. The best part about kratom in my opinion, apart from the pain relief, which is total for me, is the ease of access. Before I quit tramadol, cold turkey I might add, I was having to practically beg my gp for them, and she cut me off more than once. I can go into my local smoke shop or recently, buying kratom online, both are good ways to get it. I take capsules, since the powder is too bitter for me to swallow, but I love this plant.

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