110. Adam Peak and Leann Pierson Fight for Kratom in Louisiana

Kratom Science Podcast
Kratom Science Podcast
110. Adam Peak and Leann Pierson Fight for Kratom in Louisiana

My guests this week are Adam Peak and Leann Pierson from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They co-own Bella Sunrise Smokeshop in Baton Rouge. Recently Adam and Leann gave emotional and informative testimony before Louisiana’s Senate and House, as well as in Livingston Parish, to oppose the prohibition of kratom, and in support of regulation bills. Will their help, both proposed kratom ban bills were defeated, as was an ordinance proposal that would have criminalized kratom consumers in Livingston Parish. We talk about Louisiana politics, Adam and Leann’s personal experience with kratom, and the issues around running a shop selling items that seem to be threatened regularly by potential bans.

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3 thoughts on “110. Adam Peak and Leann Pierson Fight for Kratom in Louisiana”

  1. Now THAT’S is what I like to hear! Our town decided to try to ban it a few years ago too. I fought against it with other members of the kratom community and spoke up at the town hall meetings. After putting in MANY hours, the ban was finally lifted with regulations in place. It’s great what people can do when we work together for a common cause

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