Best Preparation Methods

We have compiled a guide to help users discover the best ways to enjoy kratom. From kratom capsules to teas, discover your favorite method and join the discussion.

Strains, Effects, & Dosage

 Many people have questions about the effects of kratom and which strain will work best. Learn from others and share your favorite strains here.

Explore Kratom Around Europe

Learn about kratom legality, news, and discover why it's becoming so popular throughout Europe.

Kratom Podcast: Recent Episode

Journal Club w/ Dr. Jonathan Cachat #10: Kratom and Alcohol.. study in mice shows 4 isolated kratom alkaloids all reduce alcohol consumption

Kratom Beginner's Guide

This guide will report on recent kratom findings and provide both the kratom tea and kratom strain newbie with a balanced, comprehensive guide .

Kratom News & Research

Kratom as a Harm Reduction Tool

The term harm reduction refers to a public health strategy to reduce negative consequences resulting from activities such as illicit substance use and addiction. Whereas

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Do you take kratom for ADHD ?

Do you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and consume kratom? Or have you tried kratom for ADHD symptoms or side effects of medications? How

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Is Kratom a Drug?

Is kratom a drug, a medicinal herb, a dietary supplement, a “safe food”, a tea? These terms have a whole lot to do with social

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