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Our website is dedicated to bringing you the best information available about kratom. We have complied a guide to help users discover the best ways to enjoy kratom from communities here, kratom reddit recommendations, and all over the internet. From kratom capsules to teas, discover your favorite method and join the discussion.

Many people also have questions about the effects of kratom and which strain will work best. We provide in-depth information about kratom strains, effects, and dosage. This information is relevant for both kratom in the US and kratom in Europe. We teach you about kratom legality in Europe and show why its becoming so popular throughout the globe. 

Kratom Science also brings you the Ultimate Kratom Beginner’s Guide. This guide will report on recent kratom findings and provide both the kratom tea and kratom strains newbie with a balanced, comprehensive guide. Reach out to the largest kratom community on the internet for support on your kratom journey!

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What’s causing hair loss, a rare side effect in kratom consumers?

So far, no scientific evidence has been found linking kratom and hair loss, but it seems from several online forums that a very small percentage …

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Meet the Mother of All Cannabinoids: CBG

What is CBG? Many have heard about CBD, but are you familiar with CBG? Yeah, you read that right, CBG, or in long-form, Cannabigerolic acid …

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The Big Dietary Supplements Industry Wants to Ban Kratom

Import Alert Imposed During Natural Products Association CEO’s Tenure at FDA The Natural Products Association (NPA) describes itself as the “leading trade association for dietary …

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Join us each week as Brian Gallagher talks to kratom consumers, advocates, and experts about the latest research, news, legislation, and the fight to #KeepKratomLegal

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Kratom Science Podcast
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