Kratom TeaWhile many people like the “toss and wash” method of kratom consumption, making it into a tea is a much more pleasant experience for many. The taste can be pretty bitter, but with the right preparation it’s comparable to an extremely potent green tea flavor.

Start by measuring out between 1 teaspoon of powdered leaf. Using an extract is not recommended, as the hot water may break down some of the alkaloids, there’s no added benefit, and it’s more expensive. Boil 2-4 cups of water. The more water you use, the less strong the flavor, but as long as you drink it all the effects will be exactly the same.

Put the kratom powder into a large cup or container with a pour lip, and pour the boiling water on top. Stir until it is thoroughly mixed. Be sure there aren’t any clumps of dry powder. I highly recommend adding sugar, artificial sweeter, or honey (honey works the best to cut the bitterness), and stir. If using artificial sweetener, 2 packets is a good starting amount. Let sit until cool (at least 15 minutes), stirring occasionally.

Once cooled, allow the powder to settle to the bottom. Pour the tea into a drinking cup, and enjoy! At this point you can add more sweetener to taste, or add water or ice cubes to dilute the flavor. As long as you drink all of the liquid, the effects will be the same.

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  1. I’ve left comments on some other websites, so some of you may have seen them there. Got some very nice answers but also some of the worst answers I’ve ever seen. I’m fighting the urge to go back on the tramadol. Not prescribed tramadol either, but from anonamousPharmacyRUs, at extortionist pricing. Not because kratom doesn’t work, becase it does, but because of the amount of capsules I have to take. I can’t stomach the powder. Doesn’t make me sick, but it’s like tea with a very bitter element to it. Have made tea and like otheres hear, just tea with no effects whatsoever. Kratom powder is cheaper than capsules but capsules are easier for me to take. Local smoke shop prices are better than online prices and don’t suffer from the headaches of credit card processers disappearing. Plus, the lady that owns it will buy particular strains or large amounts of capsules if you ask her to. My issue with kratom is that I want a consistent dose that I don’t have to vary depending on the pain. If I can find that, my capsules will last an entire month with just one purchase. 300 capsules should last me an entire month. Instead, I had to purchase a bottle of 250 capsules last week to make the 50 or so caps I had left last me until next month, when I plan to buy a thousand red maeng da capsules. That I can’t go through in a month even if I took 30 a day, which I haven’t done, yet. Most I’ve ever taken is 8 capsules at a time. I would also like to take kratom just once a day. If possible. That will also help to stretch the caps. But my pain doesn’t cooperate. I’ve never been on methadone, and after reading some of the comments hear, will never be. Tram was my demon. Aweful stuff. Should never have been put on the market. I wish kratom came in pills or chewables, but that’s mostly a convenience thing. The capsules have a taste of their own, although not a bad one. Kind of vinagery. Have noticed no difference between capsules and powder as far as effects go. No withdrawal from kratom when stopping except a mild, gee I’d love some kratom. I don’t consider that withdrawal although it’s possible it is. And whoever keeps saying kratom is a drug, you’re absolutely right. So is coffee. So is coca cola, most teas, and a lot of other substances you consume on a daily basis. Your point? If it’s a choice between taking kratom, which I can buy legally and with no lectures accusations from anyone or taking tramadol, in order to get I have to either pay ridiculous prices from pharmacies I’d rather not know anything about, hopint the D E A doesn’t come knocking on my door each order, or begging my unsympothetic doctor who has said numerous times that I wouldn’t hurt if I just lost weight, I am not kidding, or try tylenol it works great, I’ll pick kratom. I did relapse. Once. I don’t deny it. I won’t relapse again. See my above comment if you’re interested. Tramadol made me feel psychotic. I wanted to murder people. Then cry into my coke until I died from the depression. Ended up in the E R twice due to tramadol, once because I felt so exhausted I couldn’t function, would’ve killed for 8 hours of uninterrupted, no itching or rls sleep, and once because the 200mg pills I was ordering from god knows what country and then halving to get my 100mg dose, caused a ceisure. Mom called 9 1 1 and I woke up halfway to the hospital with no idea where I was or how I got there. That, along with my horrible overdraw counts and the one lone I took out to get tramadol, was finally enough to convince me enough was enough.

    1. I dont know if this is the best method but I bring a few cups of water to a boil then bring down to a low simmer. I add a little lemon juice and about a tablespoon of kratom and let it simmer for about 50 minutes. Then I strain with a bandana into a container. Mixed results but sometimes it’s just as effective as Toss n Wash or stronger

    2. Tea is the way to go…no doubt….consuming capsules or tossing it is waisting it. I have 32 oz thermos, i put 2 heaping teaspoons in, boiling water in, and close it up……shake it, 15 minutes later it settled, pour a glass……the effects are IMMEDIATE….No f#&king around. Period…onl y way to go….If you don’t feel any effects, you’re doing it wrong or your kratom sucks.

  2. Finally, someone after my own heart. Tramadol. Weakest of the effective opioids with some nasty anti depressive action. Great when you’re on it, but when it runs out … hold on. I’ve been on kratom capsules for about two years or so. Went back to tramadol once about six months ago because of one pill versus multiple capsules, but went back to kratom, hopefully permanently, about a month ago. The grey market prices for tramadol have gotten ridiculous. I take anywhere from 4 500mg capsules, minimum, to 6, on moderate pain days, to 8, on bad pain days, and I even took 10 once on an excruciating day. No withdrawals whatsoever. I did decide to torture myself slightly and wait until the wd’s started for tram before taking kratom. Symptoms went away. Took it for scoliosis pain. Kratom’s pain killing effects are a lot stronger than any dose of tram ever was. It also helps my mood, which can be volotile while going through tram withdrawals. I also started vaping in order to help curb the pain, this was while I was back on the tram, and want to quit that. Nicotine is just as bad as tram as far as withdrawal goes, although if I’m being honest, it’s not the same symptoms, just a low level, gee, if I only had some vape juice … Does anyone know if kratom affects nicotinic receptors? If not, is there a natural substance I can take to get off of that? Yes nicotine is legal and I can buy it at my smoke shop, but the vape machines you use to puff the stuff are expensive, fragile, prone to failure and not easy to use unless you can see. Oh filling them isn’t a problem, but when they malfunction … anyway, enough rambling from me. I invite anyone struggling with tramadol who wants help, not rehab but just help sticking to kratom, including myself, to email me or comment hear. I’m not a troll, although my comments are long. Email me at coffeeking ms at gmail if you want to, no pressure. I’ve never been to drug rehab, never will, and will quit this crap on my own terms. I wish tramadol had never been approved. It’s a very weak opiate, with a nasty combination of serotonin and adrenaline inhibition. All three of those together produce some truly frightening withdrawal symptoms. I took it to kill pain. Nothing more. No high, no buzz, no, oh my god that feels good. Just absence of pain. And I paid for it, literally, when my prescribed meds ran out.

  3. What is the best way to enhance the effects of Kratom? What is the best way to brew kratom? I’ve been making it in my coffee pot as if you would make coffee. Is that effective or does the hot water destroy the alkaloids? Does taking lemon juice with the capsules increase the effects? Does anyone know where to get any good poppy seeds anymore? The poppy seed tea used to help with my pain but then lately there is no good poppy seeds on the market because the FDA started regulating unwashed poppy seeds. Anyone know is Kratom better than poppy seed tea? I can’t do toss and wash because it makes me sick. Are the capsules just as effective as the powder? I appreciate any answers thank you

      1. Thanks Brian I’ll try that but where do you get the French press? And doesn’t the hot water destroy alkaloids I see so many different methods it’s confusing do you think the coffee pot method is a waste of time?

    1. Tea is the way to go…eating it doesn’t work….people that say it does are lightweights. 32 oz thermos, 1-2 heaping teaspoons kratom, fill with boiling water. I mean HOTT!! Close up, shake…..let settle for 15 minutes, pour in coffe cup… need to strain it if you let it settle. Feel effects immediatel. I’ve been taking it every day for 2 years….any other way is a waste…..ENJOY AND YOUR WELCOME. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TAKE LARGER DOSE. IT WON’T HURT YOU.

  4. Can someone please tell me the most effective way to make Kratom tea

    1. Read my reply a couple comments back.

  5. I am trying 1tsp of dry leaf with boiling water poured over. I will try actually boiling it together when i dose again tonight or tomorrow. Depending how she goes I may or may not double up after that. I will save the used leaf matter to add to smoothies.

  6. How is your recovery now? Also did it help with the suboxone withdrawls and how much do you recommend? Any help is appreciated.

    1. Day 2 of kicking Suboxone with little to no withdrawals effects actually had a kratom tea at 7:30am had an nice sedated feeling for a hour or 2 and feel asleep from then til 4pm! That’s super rare for me….Will post updates of my recovery 🙂

      1. Josh that’s awesome. I am coming of prescription opioids and I make the tea. 2 teas per cup hot water. So I use my coffee maker and pour 4 cups of water into chamber and turn coffee pot on. Once all the water is in the pot, I turn coffee pot off and add my kratom RED Bali. In the morning 1 Red 1 green for energy. Then I stir with wooden spoon and add lemon juice. Lemon helps protect the alkaloids. Then I set my timer for 25 min to let it steep. I then put a filter in my coffee pot and pour the mixture in to filter out the sludge ( I don’t even have to turn my coffee pot on for this to work. This takes some time cause the end is full of sludge. After thats done I add sugar and drink one cup every 4 to 6 hours. Love love love it. Hope this helps give you another idea. Stay strong.

        1. I did 2 teaspoons for two people and then tried two teaspoons per person. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Nothing happened. I am using the directions shown above.

          1. 10 grams of powder in a shaker bottle w about a cup and a half of o.j. Works best …. shake it up and chug … I’ve used this method for 5ish years I take around 20 grams a day .. dose in the morning one dose for bed … sometimes a smaller dose in middle of day …

  7. Just added 9grams of 70/30 White Maeng Da/Bali red into a coffee filter. I boiled 10 cups (about 1 coffee pot) and slowly poured the water into the coffee strainer with coffee filter. I poured an 8oz cup to sip slowly. Saving the rest of the coffee pot for tomorrow. I will keep you all updated.

    1. Please update! I have both strains and would like like to know the combined effects.

  8. Anyone who bakes knows what a teaspoon is. Use the teaspoon from a set of baking measuring spoons NOT
    a teaspoon from your silverware drawer. Scrape excess off the teaspoon with the back of a knife. This will give you a true measure.

    1. where can you but it in the US

      1. You can buy it in WV at the local liquor stores

    2. Indeed!

  9. I’m cracking up such a big argument over what a teaspoon is ha ha..
    Everyone so funny… like 1 gram either way is gonna make a difference 🙂

    1. LOL I didnt even read it yet it is probably over the amount of Kratom, as too much might wack you out. Amen to that.

    2. And even funnier if you understand they are different types of measurements…tsp measures volume, gram measures weight, so since they are not interchangeable, it actually depends on the substance in question;
      • 1 tsp of crushed, dried leaf is lighter than powder, weighing less in grams, so powdered kratom will weigh more for the same amount.
      Technically you are all right about the conversation but they aren’t for kratom, altho they are for something 😁

      1. Dried leaf can’t be lighter than powder, Wright is weight. Weight is an amount. You can’t say it will weigh more for the same amount, unless your specifically talking about a substance that is inside the two products, or an effect it causes. I herd the tea is harsh on your liver and it’s best to drink it with water, and take stool softener. Good luck guys, I’ve never had a heroin addiction though.

    3. Started using Kratom to get off sub. I boil 8+ oz. water, squeezed and bring it to boiled. Then add about 2 tsp powder and piton simmer15-20 min and let sit. Then I feel like I’m ina science experiment. I can’t stand the criticism… so I use a small and a-coffee filter, pout through. Again again and again. Changing filters frequently. I end up with around 8 ounces of tea and there’s usually some powder grid at the bottom of the bottle that I stored in. I pour about 2 ounces into a cop they had to master water sweeten low heat it up and drink it. Are usually never consume the powder is that OK? Our leaves the same potency? it seems to be working but so messy😍

      1. I took my last sub last Friday I’m at 6 days. I tapered down to serious .25mg for a month. I feel almost no WD. The only thing is sleep because I dosed at night and I think the feeling of the meds under my tongue help me sleep. But I just lay there like I haven’t completed something, no pain, anxiety, or RLS. I am drinking a little Kratom I got from my mom because I’m a little fatigued in the daytime but nothing different than being sore after exercise. I HIGHLY recommend tapering to as little as you possibly can. I was on them for 2.5 yrs and I had so much fear behind stopping. Docs and people aren’t kidding when they say taper taper taper. Good luck to you!

        1. Dude no lie, add Magnesium to your diet as high as is necessary for your age/gender. Every day. It makes the ed so much easier and sleep!!

      2. I really don’t even know the amount I use. It’s like I use different amounts on different days, like how much I sense I need. I feel that I probably sometimes use a bit more than what people describe, but yea, different amount depending on the day. I’m in the process of kicking a Tramadol addiction. I didn’t think Kratom would help as much as it does. It’s a sort of subtle kind of help. It sneaks in some normalcy which I really appreciate.

        1. how long were u on tramadol, and does using kratom really help? I’ve been dosing down on tram. but it’s been real hard… serious about rehab. thanks

          1. Hi rod, I’d love to help you. I hope I didn’t butcher your name, I’m blind so typed what my screen reader says, or what I thought it said. I’m trying to kick a tramadol habbit, have been off for a month or so now. Kratom works man. It really, really works. Tramadol withdrawal is terrible, something I probably don’t have to tell you. My doc cut me off cold turkey, and I had no idea at all how much I’d suffer. I doubt I’d suffer more if I was waterborded. The mood swings, the rls, the insomnia, the pain that I took the tram for, wanting to rip everyone’s head off who came near me for the slightest reason, then in the next instant wanting to jump off a bridge and just end it all. I’m not exagerating either. I didn’t end up in the hospital or mental ward only because I held most of the symptoms inside. Kratom killed all of that, although it took a couple of doses before it did. If you’re serious about kicking a tram habbit kratom will help you do it. Dependin on what form of kratom you take the dosage will be slightly different. For capsules, you need a minimum of 4 capsules, 2 grams of powder, before you’ll notice an effect. This is because the parts of kratom that have opioids in them are very small compared to the rest of kratom. There are two opioids in kratom, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. Not to get technical on you but those two chemicals make up about 1 percent (for 7-hydroxy-mitragynine), and 60 percent (for mitragynine), and the rest of kratom are different chemicals, most of which I can’t spell. That’s why you have to take so much, there are only a few milligrams of one chemical and a few dozen milligrams of the other, that will help your tram withdrawal. Depending on the pain and the withdrawal, you may need to take 6, 8, or even 10 capsules before you’ll notice an effect. But if you’re new to kratom, always start small. Take 2 grams of kratom, your bottle will tell you how much kratom is in each capsule, and if you don’t notice anything in an hour, take another gram. Wait an hour, and take another, and so on. Once your withdrawal symptoms eb and your pain is gone you’ve found the dose that works for you. Stick to that dose, only going over it if you have a lot of pain or bad withdrawal. I am not a kratom expert by any means, nor am I a doctor. But this is the best advice I can give you. If your bottle of capsules or bag of powder has dosage instructions, almost none of them do, follow them instead of what I’ve said hear. Kratom is not just a plant, it is a medicine, although a natural one instead of one that’s made in a lab, and like any other medicine you need to be careful about how much you take. Kratom will not kill you if you take too much. If you do, all that will hapen is that you’ll begin to feel sick. You may even throw up. But you will never die from a kratom overdose unless you mix it with other stuff, stuff like valium or zanax, or other opiate pain meds, but kratom on it’s own will never kill you. Stilll, eep to the dose that works for you, although you can move it up a bit if your pain or wd is particularly bad, but always try to be careful, is all I’m saying. If you ever need any more help, with kratom or emotional help, don’t hesitate to email me at coffeeking ms at I’m a former addict who relapsed once, and I am determined to help others fight through what I fought through, and am still fighting through.

  10. So just asking, I use powder. I have been using hot water mix it lump free, then I’ll add some cold water an take it like a shot. Am I not supposed to drink it with all the grit in it?? Am I supposed to let it sit an pour the top in a separate cup an discard the rest?

    1. Hi Adrianna,
      I was wondering if you ever received any reply to this question regarding not drinking the grit. I’m also curious.
      Please let me know if you can.
      Thanks ☮️

    2. I have been drinking this tea for a little over 6 months. (might mean something, might not) Been getting Lratom tea products from the many Kratom/kava bars around here. I like the grit, doesn’t bother me feel its part of the mixture. reading articles to learn how to make the tea for myself. These places charge a bit. It gets pricy if you go every day. Prices range from 6 to 8 for a single (12 OZ) to as high as $13 for a double (16 OZ )… enjoy the effects. several of us at work enjoy splitting a growler of the stuff, changing the color often.

    3. Depending on my day to day hardiness I either drink the grit or not. I do feel I save some powder by actually ingesting the grit. If I don’t drink it, I make a big cup, sip all the way to when it starts getting gritty, then I add more hot water, let it cool again and do the same once more. Then I rinse out the rest. The other way I actually stir after the grit settles and I quickly drink it all which then is all semi gritty. If I need a bit of a break, I just drink some plain water and continue. People just need to get over this idea that this is tea. This is medicine, and that rarely tastes good! I feel anything covering up the taste is a waste, I rather save that for a cup of real tea, if you know what I mean…

    4. Honestly if you’re going to drink the grit you might as well just do rinse and wash. I only make tea to avoid consuming the nasty powder but normally when I dose I do a quick rinse and wash

    5. If you can tolerate the taste & grit no problems. I put it in empty gelatin capsules because I don’t like the taste.

  11. Maybe tea isn’t best for some of you , I make and take capsules couldn’t ever get used to the taste. Taking a pill is so much easier I take 2 in am maybe 2 in the afternoon. Works great

    1. Yes but making it in tea form allows your kratom to last longer, in my experience anyway. So I save a lot of money but have to taste that horrible stuff 😉

    2. Not sure if anyone else does this or I’m killing myself; but I put about 2 ounces of water in the microwave – get it hot, add about 7-8 grams of powder and let it sit for 10 minutes becoming a thick sludge. After that, I add 4-5 ounces of whole milk and a couple of squirts of herseys syrup and can swallow it down in 8 seconds – delish. In 30 minutes I’m feeling fine and usually asleep in 50. Been able to cut my ambien use in half and wish I knew of this stuff when I was going crazy doing a cold turkey stoppage of Xanax. Would have made a huge difference.

      1. OMG I have been taking kratom on and off for over 7 years and swallowing 20-24 pills was painful but I Cannot stand the smell or the taste of Kratom. I have tried it so many different recipes different ways to make it in Tea form and was never able to get it down. Thank you so much for your post and your recipe. I now have a very pleasant way to take my kratom now. I cannot thank you enough for your recipe it is amazing. Anybody reading this I can assure you this is the best way and actually it taste good. And I will tell you I hate the taste and smell of Kratom and I will not drink milk I hate milk but this recipe was perfect.

  12. I’m just taking this for the first time, so how much powder should I mix?

    1. The article says 1 teaspoon 😉 ♡

      1. One tea spoon is like a tease.

        1. Right?! A good tablesooon. Toss n wash. Thee best. Only make tea when I have a couple extra bucks for yogi kava kava tea to put in it to mask the flavor.

    2. I have been using capsules because I couldn’t tolerate the taste. The tea I have perfected for me is

      Measurements for your normal dosage or make two batches
      Measure on scale with a coffee filter
      Put powder in a pot
      Soak powder in real lemon juice and make sure the powder is stirred so it all gets the lemon juice
      Then let it soak for 20 min to activate the alkaloids.
      Then ad your water 2 cups per batch.
      Turn the fire on med once it gets hot turn it on a very low simmer for 20 min. I also add a normal tea bag for better flavor but I don’t leave it in to long.
      Then it’s time for straining
      I put coffee filters on canning jars with rubber bands. When they stop dripping I change the filter again. I sometimes filter them 3 times but two is enough. I add sugar when it completely finished.

    3. 3-6 grams

  13. Let me start by saying methadone will kill you… I was a deputy sheriff and was struck by a car and 33 surgeries later and on over 100 mg of methadone a day and almost dead twice because of it three different pain clinics I was almost bed ridden for 13 years but thanks to a wonderful wife and a heck of support system involving my sons I was able to get off methadone but that left me in constant pain and in bed all the time. Then one glorious day my son introduced me to kratom it has been a God send. Since I’ve been on kratom (for about three years now) I’ve been able to get up start lifting weights and hiking even went elk hunting last year. Kratom has given me a life that I otherwise wouldn’t of had. Thank God for kratom… and before all this happened I served in the airforce as a PJ special operations just to give you an idea of the type of person I am and wouldn’t make this up..

    1. Michael thank you for you story. I am in the same situation as you with Methadone. I have been on it for over 10ys for pain (never over 40mg). It worked great for me but its getting harder for me to find a doctor that understands. I have had two great doctors that I appreciate trying to help me. Well I have had to make the switch to Buprenorphine which its been four days and I have felt nothing but pain and misery. I have seriously debated switching to Kratom but was wondering how bad were the withdrawals when you made the switch? Did you have relief immediately? My fear is that the Kratom will work initially but stop work after a week or two. Anyways I’m glad it has worked for and I pray I find a solution to stop this pain.

      1. I was also on methadone for pain after spinal fusion that left me in chronic pain for 20 years. I was taken off methadone primarily due to the current opioid crisis in the U.S. (Love those doctors who avoid practicing medicine for fear of DEA scrutiny) Then I discovered Kratom from a Netflix documentary “A leaf of faith” which I highly recommend. I started using Kratom powder mixed with fruit juices, but became ill due to stomach aches. Now I use tea brewing 2 – 3 g with boiling water and black tea. Incredible pain relief (Maeng Da works best)! I now follow a rotation regimen with different strains to prevent tolerance problems. THIS STUFF KILLS PAIN as well as opiate withdrawal!



      1. L

    2. There’s is actual 3.4g per tsp roughly. That is from getting a scoop of fine Kratom powder and patting it flat in there decently. Drop on a digital scale. That’s all people have to do…it doesn’t lie and it’s the same for why is this so difficult? Lol

  15. Don’t boil the water, let it simmer.

  16. I make my in coffee maker with tea or coffee. I have used a soft boil with lemon and ginger. Both are fairly good. As some one said it’s cheap so try whatever you want

  17. Here’s how to make the best Kratom tea- Get some CRUSHED LEAF kratom, not the powder, and take a standard tea scooper spoon and put about three scoops into a large French press(I use a Bodum). Pour boiling water in there and let the loose tea sit the boiling water, using the presser to shake the tea around occasionally. After eight minutes or so, you’ll see the water turn to tea. Enjoy a couple big cups of potent tea! You can even make a second serving with the same leaves, it won’t be as potent but it will be worthwhile!

    1. Ok, I’m confused. Do I have to add lemon to it or is that optional? I’m going to be breaking up capsules to make the tea. I tried taking the caps but it has left me burping sulfur and a nasty stomach ache. Please help.

  18. Does the water absorb all the stuff that cause the effects of kratom or is there still some in the sludge that’s at the bottom?

  19. I’m brand new to K and have tried a lot of the idea’s posted here. So far, tea idea is working best.

    1. The best way is with Oblate disks and Tomato Juice! By the disks on Amazon, dip in water, and swallow with Tomato Juice. The tomato juice works best because it is thicker than water or OJ (and has way less sugar) which makes it easier to swallow the packets or Kratom!

      1. Yeah the bags are ok if you take a cpl of grams at a time..if you take a TBL spoon as a dose…no one has time to make 8 of those

        1. I’m pretty sure the 5 gms in a teaspoon idea comes from granulated white sugar – but powdered kratom has different mass (density) and therefore the gram weight is not the same . Get a gram scale – only about 12 or 15 bucks on Amazon or in kitchen stores and you will be able to weigh accurately and reliably !

    2. There is exactly 2.5 grams of powder in one level teaspoon. Trust me on this.

      1. This isn’t true. Aside from the fact that it’s different for different strains, you forget that there is 6 grams in a tablespoon and 1/3 of that is a teaspoon so 2 g lol

    3. Rebecca I make my tea in a cup using a single filter. I cut open a green tea bag..put in filter…pour hot ( 160* ) thru filter…

      1. Is making a tea better than just mixing powder in with water? I have mixed in with water every time I use it…considering tea but don’t want to waste it

  20. How many grams of powdered tea are in a teaspoon?

    1. you can ask on a forum but can’t take 5 minutes to look it up and learn something so Elementary? 5, there are 5 grams in a teaspoon.

      1. There are actually about 2 to 2.3 grams per teaspoon and 6 to 6.9 grams per tablespoon. The grammage (if that’s a word) varies slightly depending on the density of the powder.

        1. Yes!!! Thank you for putting whole Rogue in place 😂🤣

        2. That’s great bud thank you for knowing your shit! Good looking out! 🙂

      2. If anyone is stupid it’s you! How dare you

      3. Why do you have to be a dick

      4. Don’t be an asshole, this forum is for questions, dumbass

      5. What a total butthole to be so snarky when someone posts a comment seeking advice And then on top it off you’re a total dumbsh*t because YOU were wrong Thank God you’re not a pharmacist! 😂.

      6. That is incorrect. There is about 2.2 grams in a teaspoon. Look it up. It’s elementary.

      7. Lol. You must be thinking of a Tbsp. There is 2.1-2.5g of powder in a tsp.

      8. Wrong.

      9. Jeez you sound like fun to be around

      10. DYiu have to factor density you clown, read a book. Imagine being so arrogant to people, while still managing to be completely wrong.

    2. About 2 grams

    3. 1 tsp=2.46g!

    4. Wow Patty! Seriously? I’m a pretty intelligent woman, graduated at the top of my high school class, went to college and excelled but I don’t have the greatest memory retention, especially for things I don’t use and consider on a daily basis! I had to look this up myself and to be honest with you, even 2.46g for a tsp is dependent upon the density of what’s being measured and whether it’s a loosely packed tsp or not. Therefore, this measurement from grams to tsps is not exact and that’s why they say that the best way to measure the weight..grams is weight! Is by using a scale. I, myself haven’t yet bought a scale so I’m going with what I have and have researched as a second best way to measure Kratom.
      You get what you give so if you want to be treated with kindness and respect, than you need to be giving others the same kindness and respect!

      1. I feel certain Party’s reply was intended for Rogue who seemed to think there are 5 grams in a teaspoon and not your very kind AND correct answer. 😉

      2. Thank you! Like seriously Where’s the respect nowadays

      3. Ty u said it perfect, we r here looking for help and kindness

    5. 4 grams per teaspoon. Well 4.2 to be exact

    6. There are EXACTLY 2.5 grams in one level teaspoon. So if you fill a teaspoon and level it off with the edge of a knife, it will be almost exactly 2.5 grams. Trust me on this. I sell Kratom.

    7. It is a universal accepted fact in culinary culture that a teaspoon has 5 grams of what ever. That being said, it will also depend on the density of the substance.

  21. I’m pretty good when it comes to coffee my friends and family say I make the best cold brewed coffee. I wonder if I use my cold brewed setup if kratom would be good cold brewed. With coffee u get waaay less acid content and waaay more caffeine than u would hot brewing due to the hot water killing the caffeine. I’m gonna run a small batch for 13 hours and let you guys know. Mmmm mmm tasty. Cold brewed honey lemon kratom tea!!

    1. Frederick, please let me know how this works out for you!

      1. 2.25 grams my dear

      2. Kartom in grapefruit juice kick ass

      3. High Brittney love that name

    2. I always put a hefty tea spoon if powder in a mug of hot coffee with cream and sugar. Tastes great

    3. How was it?

    4. How did this work out for you?

  22. What is the best way to strain the sludge from the bottom so as not to get any plant matter in the tea?

    1. Pour it through a coffee filter or make a teabag out of a filter. Works great

  23. Boiling kratom strongly increases its strength. Add a fatty coffee creamer for the alkaloids to bind to and it doesn’t take much.

  24. One tip is to drink Immediatly following a meal. The K is carried into the bloodstream with the food. Hugely increases the effect.

    1. I’ve heard to take, drink on empty stomach!? And I’m reading here that boiling is great for it and that it’s bad for it. I know everyone is different and such but what’s the best way to consume it and not get the tree products and such? It is tearing up my reflux and gastritisit but helps with all other issues.

      1. With an empty stomach you can get more effects from lower dose of kratom. But it isn’t absolutely necessary. I’ve never heard of eating big meals with kratom. I don’t believe it’s helpful. But I’m just a years user and not an “expert”. I find it important to eat at least a little when taking kratom, because although I get great effects on a purely empty stomach, the “crash” is worse if I don’t eat a little. Or also I can get very jittery. So I usually go for the middle ground of eating a little a few minutes after I take kratom. A cup of pistachio nuts, or a grilled cheese sandwich, etc are good small snacks to eat when taking K.

        As for the “boiling”? That’s another “middle ground” thing for me. I use to boil it, but it seemed to lose many alkaloids and the effects weren’t as pleasant, for me. Just simmering it was wasteful and time consuming, so what I do now is bring the kratom in water to a boil for about 15-35 seconds, then I remove it from the stove and let it cool. I get a much stronger tea with most of the effects of the “toss & wash” method. The “t & w” method was upsetting my stomach, because the powder REALLY settles in your digestive system…really gross. I’ll leave it at that. The tea is AMAZING! No upset stomach at all. I hope this helps.

      2. Lisa I think everyone’s body and digestion is gong to vary. Try both and see what’s most effective for you

    2. You can also use acids to potentciat it. Lemon, orange or even coke will increase the effects of the alkaloids

  25. I am new to the Kratom find. Tried the tea several times Green and Red and enjoyed the effects,(Euphoria-“Chattiness”- Slight Stimulant- “Itching”- RA Pain GONE- No Crash Or Side Effects For Me). It definetly hits the Opioid Receptors and is effective. I am now interested in trying to perfect the “Solvent Extract” using Evereclear or SKYY Vodka. Anyone have any suggestions on extraction methods? BTW I sure hope Kratom is not doomed for Scheduled Drug Control by DEA. I think I may really stock up just in case they try to get cute.

  26. Thank you for your helpful article on how to prepare Krater tea! I was not sure if you should only have one teaspoon of krater to mix with 2-4 cups of water. Is that right or did I misunderstand?

    Thanks again,


  27. Can you prepare kratom in the same manner you would with Matcha tea?

  28. 7 days off Kratom and I FEEL like HELL. I am IN THE NEGATIVE on any energy level, so I RELUCTANTLY went and brewed 4 grams each for my hubby and I, who feels just as bad as I do. I added two teaspoons of honey to it and downed the warm tea. I only let it steep for about a minute and SQUEEZED EXCESS out of the filter… it’s my intention to get off Kratom ALL TOGETHER… BUT ITS VERY DIFFICULT BECAUSE USING IT HELPS WITH PAIN RELIEF! Does anyone know if it can be stored it in the fridge if I made a gallon of it???

    1. Yes. Once its brewed like a hot tea, it can be turned into an iced tea. Although if you store it in the fridge, make sure its in a covered pitcher or bottle. Like anything else it can spoil and attract bacteria. Shelf life is pretty short as per the effects, so if recommend having it drank no longer then a day or 2.

    2. How long were you on it? How much were you taking on average?

  29. Can I mix with my regular sweet tea??

    1. Yes you can but its better to mix with orange juice or any acidic juice. Real juice! Lol! But yes you can mix it with sweet tea but boil it separate and then mix.

      1. I’d like to mix it with orange juice instead of making the tea maybe but how would you get the excess stuff out of it that? It does GREAT for everything I deal with except I’ve learned horribly, that it is NO good on my GI at all

  30. I’m thinking of trying this out. I love vanilla chai tea with honey and cream. So I think I’ll add the Kratom to this to see how it works and tastes.
    I’m hoping to not only get some calming, but a bit of energy too. I’m thinking 2-4 grams would be plenty, starting low and seeing how it affects me first.

    If anyone else tries this please, share your experience.

    1. Yes you get more energizing effects at lower doses. The more you take the more sedating it becomes.

  31. Trying to use it for withdrawal symptoms but it doesn’t seem to work at all I make the tea like people say medium heat then strain taste so bad too and does nothing to eliviate withdrawal

  32. Does anyone who relies on kratom for opioid withdrawals eventually cease using kratom all together? Or are you simply replacing one addiction for another? I’m genuinely interested in what you have to say.

    1. Replacing but if your will is strong it’s your best option to quit outright

      1. I disagree with quitting opioids cold turkey. You should taper off with support and kratom works well for that. I haven’t found kratom difficult at all to quit.

    2. It will help it totally relieved my wd issues. I used it after I tapered off methadone 90mg to 1mg and I had terrible wd. . It does activate opioid receptors in your body. For me it’s nothing like using opiates I never have cravings for kratom. I’d say it’s effects are extremely mild. Could just be a tolerance thing for me though. I’d suggest starting with a low dose say 3 gram wait 30 min see how you feel then add a gram wait 30 min and repeat until you feel better. As for kratom wd again very mild just tired like you need a coffee and diarrhea because the stuff has anti diarrhea effects along with it activating opioid receptors so you’ll have to taper off kratom but it’s a cake walk compared to real opiates. To anyone that’s on methadone or thinking of it stay the hell away from it because it’s the HARDEST to get off. I almost went to the hospital because of methadone wd after a full taper to 1mg and had the worst wd I’d ever experienced Extreme anxiety, blood pressure 170/105 heart palpitations panic attacks difficulty breathing. If it wasn’t for kratom I may have died.

      1. 👌this Is so nice to hear. thanks so much for sharing. I myself it’s on methadone 20mg looking for a healthy way out (ya right, huh!?) Feel like theirs no hope! So does it take away just partially withdrawal or what?.. Are you still laid up at home. Or does it make it so you can fully function.. Need help😩 thanks for your comment. BTW tried a teaspoon full kratom mixed W/hot water , didn’t get anything out of it. What do u suggest??

        1. Find a strong red strain (ex: maeng da, bali, indo,) and itll work fine! It does take some patience and titration to figure the right amount for yourself, but once you do, it will be easy!!!

        2. Honestly I was where you were. I mix about 8grams into my coffee stir for a few minutes and drink everything. No straining. Keeps me 💯 off opiates.

        3. Different vender, different strain and yea I think it helps with wd.

          1. One of the best reputable vendors I have found with many options.

        4. Today I had my first dose and I used a tablespoon because my friend said that’s how much to take. I was uplifted and the weakness, pain and fatigue were greatly improved. However, 5 hours later I’m feeling like I took a pain pill. I will use less next time. Maybe 2 teaspoons. I do fear addiction so I probably won’t be using this daily. I’d love contact info on Jeff. He said he sells it and i’d really like to talk to someone well versed in Kratom.

        5. You can use kraytom for all these opiod or obiod replacement. I attest it works for those with high opioid tolerance. It also works curbing the craving and anxiety involved with Bupernorphene or similar substitutes. I think weight and tolerance matter, yet THERE have been NO not 1 documented death from kraytom overdose. It is mild regardless of mix or prep? I say 3-5grams of powder in quick boil sreep, with sludge and AGAVE 3times a day for severe withdrawals. Best of luck to you all. Lets FIND our own natural way! NOT put green in big pharmaceutical companies pocket lining?! BLESSINGS!

      2. I’m new to Kratom – it’s working for me . I initially took opiates due to a massive injury sustained at the NYC Workd Trade Center attack. 16 surgeries and years of opiate use and dependence until doc’s turned in me – treating me like a pariah -a junkie. Cutting doses without regard for my pain or withdrawal as the DEA mandated to keep heat off of their pill mill practices. Kratom is working. As for methadone – It’s the devil. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS. I was diagnosed twice with double pneumonia due to its suppressive effects on my respiratory system. The last time , when I went cold turkey – I was pronounced dead , intabated and in a coma and by the grace of God revived twice. The withdrawal is the worst – only a coma brought me through to a point where I could kick. Not an ideal situation but I was finally out of the WD woods by then . Kratom is a great product – if your willpower is such that you’re tired of the opiate circus it’s become since being stigmatized and made public enemy #1′. They’re not the answer for all but some chronic pain sufferers had no recourse -‘until now . Kratom will alleviate most pain if dosed properly , will power and pain tolerance will decide the rest .

        1. Scon1227: I was on the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT CVN- 71 and we were the first to deploy September 18th 2001. In very sorry for you injuries and pain. I was an Aviation Ordnance 3rd class petty officer. I worked on the flight deck checking all aircraft weapons. We dropped a lot of ordnance on Afghanistan for 7 months straight. I was glad to fight for our country but very glad to get back home safe afterwards. I too love Kratom though. Its keeping me away from the negative junk.

        2. Thank you to all of you who served our country and my City. I am truly grateful. I too was on long term pain management when the DEA cut pain meds and sent our nation into this “crisis”. They pegged my a junkie too when I failed my piss test. I went from over 300 pills and 4 medications a month to 60 pills of one medication. I was accused of selling my pills and cut off cold turkey. I was lucky and did not have withdrawals, that is something that runs in my family and is very rare. By all rights I should be an addict. I went and got honey bee venom injections. THEY ARE AMAZING I walked into the office with a cane walked out without it! Within 3 weeks I did a cartwheel. That was in 2012. Last year I had another back surgery and I use kratom occasionally. I now get injured very easily was in the ER every 6 weeks. Now kratom keeps me from going to the hospital when I have a nasty flair up. It is all about money and it makes me sick. You are wonderful people and I am glad Kratom is helping you through such injustice.

        3. If feel ya. On opiates for crippling back injury (30 yrs solid,) and kratom worked in helping me stop 80mg methadone, and 120mg oxycodone (by rx) daily use! Oxycodone was not the worst. Methadone wasnt devised for people to ever stop using it (ever) obviously! I guess that is why heroin addicts from the 1960s are still on methadone, if still living!!!

          1. Hey Paul,
            I’m a first time user of Kratom. I have stage 4 endometriosis and have had 2 surgeries so far. My pain went well above a bareable threshold on FRI. I have an appointment with my specialist on Tues but was trying to find something to help me get through until then. I have used opiates for many years and although my tolerance is way less than it used to be, I haven’t had any luck with Kratom yet. I tried a teaspoon this morning…nothing. Tried another teaspoon of Indo at 2pm…nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions. I used the T&W method. I have another sample bag of Bali as well I was going to try in a little bit. But didn’t want to go overboard. Thanks for any input.

      3. I agree with JG. Methadone is no joke and the withdrawal lingers for sometimes even 2 weeks if not more. I think Kratom is wonderful because when using it i don’t even think of heroin, pain pills, nor even alcohol.

        1. Much longer than 2 weeks.

          1. Agreed, I quit Methadone and was still having withdrwals a month later!!
            The pain doc I see said that is about the average time to get through the withdrawals.
            Couldn’t have done it without Kratom!!

      4. I am trying to get off methadone as well took myself from 60 mg a day to 2.5mg a day been on it about 10 years and other opioids for 5 before that and cant go every other day without takings one or I have the same withdrawal effects. Heart palpitations cant sleep breathing problems. Started using kratom 2 days ago with no withdrawal after day 3 with no methadone.

      5. Thanks JG

        I was on methadone for over 10 years. I also tapered from over 100mg to 1mg., but from 1 to 0 is absolute hell. Everything you mentioned, astronomical blood pressure, not a wink of sleep for weeks.

        Kratom also saved me. I have been on the kratom for a few months now. I was concerned about being addicted to this now, but your testimony has given me some confidence.
        I mean, it cant possibly be worse than methadone.
        Although its pretty expensive, Im gonna stay on for a few more months to be sure the meth is completely gone, then Ill deal with this.
        thanks again

    3. Tom the difference with replacing opioids for kratom is that kratom has a mechanism whereby if too much is ingested you simply throw it up. With most opioids if you ingest too much you die. Replacing one addiction for another here seems like a no brainer.

    4. I used kratom to kick suboxone years ago, ended up just as addicted to K as any “dope” I was ever on, had several seizures due to overdose and had mild withdrawal symptoms as well, it’s a drug just like any and any dope fiend will find a way to abuse it

  33. I make the tea but I drink the whole thing and there’s no sludge left at all

  34. Can I just put the kratom powder in a filter and make tea in my coffee maker?

    1. Hi, did you ever find out about using a coffee maker?

    2. Yes but it probably won’t be as strong. In powder form, it needs to steep a while compared to actual tea leaves. I put mine in coffee filters and tie the end off with hemp string and let it steep for 30 mins at the least. Gonna be getting a cheese cloth so I can just steep the powder in a pot without a filter and strain it in to my tea pitcher using the cheese cloth.

    3. This comment was posted a while ago but I’ll tell you emphatically NO.

      I tried it and It was AWFUL. Bitter as all hell, just plain nasty. Toss and wash or mix with OJ. I’ve read the hot water destroys the alkaloids in kratom anyway.

    4. No. Boiling it is best.

      1. Heat DEFINITELY destroys the alkaloids. Make 3 grams in tea however you’d like. The next day swallow 3 grams or mix the powder w juice and drink. Everything else being the same you will see VERY marked differences in effect and duration imo.

        I haven’t tried this but cold brewed kratom has got to be the way to go.. long steeped over night or a very long time.
        Or just making Chai tea or something (juice etc) and just mixing powder in.
        There’s ZERO way hest above 100 degrees matters since our bodies stay under that and all you have to do is toss the powder back. Things that need to be heated (like cannabis) aren’t active until they are Decarboxylated, in cannabis’s case.

  35. I have severe constipation with kratom, been taking it for many years, but started to get blockages. Very nasty, makes you puke and terrible abdominal pain.
    I am prescribed Morphine for pain, but find Kratom much better.
    Do you find drinking Kratom Tea less constipating than toss and wash?
    Love to hear anybodys opinion on this matter.
    I really do not want to quit Kratom, it has benefited me way too much.,

    1. All the fiber makes the constipation. Some people have to use daily enemas so as to ease the intestinal sisters. So yes yes would solve it. At the same time, I find that powder is much stronger than tea. Not sure if the heat destroys the alkaloids. May be worth it to try a solvent extract like 90 proof ethanol. It will extract with out damaging the alkaloids and you don’t have to pass all the dry plant matter.

    2. take probiotics, that’s what i use for opiates far stronger than Kratoms: 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.

      if that doesn’t work use a combination of “stool softener” and “sensitive overnight laxative” like dulcolax.

      will not give you the runs. soft stools that will pass gently.

    3. I ran into this problem after a couple months. Just the worst intestinal pains. Started taking black cumin seed capsules with my Kratom, problem disappeared. Highly recommend.

    4. Do you take them together? Kratom is a delta receptor agonist which can modulate the mu receptor, which is what opioids MAINLY target (most have some activity and all 3 sites, mu delta kappa).
      I’ve noticed mixing kratom GREATLY increases sedation, although it seems to be from the kratom as low Bp and heart rate (what you’d expect with opioid cns depression). However even high doses of kratom don’t cause much bp and pulse decrease as they act on the OLR-1 receptor mainly known as the “opiate-like receptor”, and is also responsible for akuamma seeds pain killing effect.
      Less than kratom, but if ur in a state that can’t have kratom it’s ur next best bet .

  36. Can anyone tell me what to do with two Kratom caps? I am waiting for. Y order to arrive in a storm and I only have two left. Should I make a tea or just wait it out?

    1. A delivery I meant

  37. First time making maeng da tea. I booked 8 grams into 2 cups water. Not sure how long to let it boil in there. And hoping I feel the effects. Any help?!?

    1. Hey, i make kratom tea everyday, twice a day. I just boil kratom and water together until most of the water is evaporated, then strain out all the water from the kratom make sure you get most of it out, you should end up with about 1/4 a cup of green water. Sweeten it, ice it, and down it. BOOM amazing kratom energy. 🙂

      1. I use 10gr red MD into 2 cups water. Bring to boil, remove from heat, add cream & sugar like your making coffee (K is a coffee-type plant) and let cool 15min. The fat in creamer binds the alkaloids and dramatically increases the strength. < That's enough to last me two days. Same effect as a low dose hydro.

      2. How much K do you use?

        1. Joseph, he uses 10 grams. MD = Maeng Da, type of Kratom.

    2. I use a tsp er a tsp honey in a cup and 2 pkg tea in kerig stir and sip c

  38. After pouring tea into a cup, do u discard the powder? Reading so many blogs on different sites, some say to reuse the powder. It’s my First time trying to make a tea and want to do it correctly.

    1. Hi Oeyenee! If I were you, I would not keep the leftover powder, I would strain all the liquid and then throw it away. Kratom is cheap enough that it’s not a big deal, and the remaining powder will only create less potent tea. Some people like to put it back into a pot immediately after and boil it and strain it again to get the most out of their kratom. I would say you can do this but it really depends on your tolerance. There really aren’t any wrong answers.

      I definitely wouldn’t eat the leftover sludge though. That’s one of the reasons us weak-stomached people make tea, so we don’t have to eat so much plant matter. And yes, straining your kratom does inheed take away a bid of the effects but they’re still very noticeable. It’s a good tradeoff for a happy tummy!

      1. lmao you sound JUST like me. <3 Kratom 🙂

      2. Okay, so I’m glad to read I’m not the only one having tummy issues here. I have been getting such bad cramps after taking Kratom with just the toss and wash method. I’m glad to hear the tea helps!

        1. This can be avoided by drinking a lot of water. Standard medicines & supplements generally say take 8oz. of water per serving. With kratom, it’s actually closer to about 32oz. per serving, but could be more or less depending on your body type & weight. Internally, it’s the exact same thing as drinking the tea, minus burning off alkaloids, plus you get to enjoy your preferred method of toss & wash.

      3. Everyday and I save my old Kratom powder and put it in the next batch of tea along with the new fresh kratom I think some alkaloids remain behind in the used kratom but not enough to make a fresh batch of tea by itself

    2. I use a fine mesh nylon bag and stain then squeeze the sh$# out of it.

  39. Can I mix it with the green tea??

    1. Yes you can! I personally make cup of chamomile tea, then put in 4 grams of kratom, let it sit for ten minutes. Add a squeeze of lemon and enjoy. Try not to drink all the stuff on the bottom.

      1. Why wouldn’t you want to drink the stuff on the bottom? … because I just did 😬

    2. I use mint tea with honey. Sometimes I even add a bit of mint extract to completely cover the taste. Works wonders!

  40. Just wanted to say thankyou for the helpful Kratom information!
    THANK YOU! 🙂

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