Gold Reserve Extract

Gold Reserve Kratom Extract is a powerful product made by applying highly concentrated kratom alkaloids back to natural kratom leaf.

For those days that just won’t stop dragging, Gold Reserve packs a bigger punch than coffee, and minus the jitters and 2 o’clock crash.




A reformulation of classic kratom, combining highly concentrated kratom alkaloids with natural kratom leaf, Gold Reserve extract is highly potent. Bringing together a blend of stimulation, pain relief, full body relaxation and an energy boost, Gold Reserve is similar to Bali Kratom in it’s well rounded, high potency effects.


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  1. BZopp

    Here’s what I know. In the Kratom world, less is more. I know it sounds weird but the smaller the dose, the better the effect. I take the powder in a toss n wash method. The dosage that works best for me personally is about 1 tsp or 5 grams. My tolerance hasn’t changed in 4years either! Also it works best on an empty stomach. (Don’t you find it a bit odd that most man-made pharmaceutical poison pills are supposed to be taken with food and the more the better?)
    Also you gotta watch how it’s stored and how old it is. It should be in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight. The active compounds are most concentrated at about 3 months after harvesting and over time the potency will decrease so an airtight opaque container is best idea.

    One more tip is to try different strains and different veins. I use several strains but my main ones are “maeng da” in 4 vein colors. The vein color will tell you what the leaf will do. Different strains for different ailments.
    Also medicating with more than one type will help avoid “strain drain”, you get used to it and it doesn’t work for you as well.

    Green – regular
    Red – sedative, sleep like a baby
    White – extra energy
    Gold – a mixture of both green and white

  2. Pamela

    How many of the yellow gold bumble bee do you take ?

  3. david

    opiate tolerance is a mother f#ucker

  4. I really liked it. I have an Etremey high drug tolerance and was really surprised how well it “took”

  5. CPT D

    Sounds like you need to try something else. Not sure what your past drug experience is but I use to do a lot of dope and I feel 5-8grams fine. Anything over that and there isn’t much of a difference physically..more in the head for me. I did 15grams at once which is extremely high dose(not so much as in too high and your fucked up but the shit does have to get processed and it will tax your liver and kidneys…please say it doesn’t unless you have blood work as I do to back up your comments).

    So not sure why you use Kratom but if for anxiety/sociability (not pain so much) then try phenibut HCL. Just keep it low dose or you will get addicted to it physically…this is fact. Kratom seems to be hit and miss. also don’t bother with the FAA kind. It hits you faster but does not feel the same. Read on some boards as many agree with that comment.

  6. D

    Sorry, this will be long but I just wanted to give some background. The short version is, Kratom saved me after a 5 year oxy habit and over 3 year Heroin habit. For those interested, read below.

    I was a rec opioid user and then I had surgery and was in the hospital for about a week and a half getting iv dilodid and fent, after being released I had a script for oxycodone. I got up to around 200+ mgs a day, besides cost and all that acetaminophen I started looking for other options. I couldn’t get a constant supply of roxys so I turned to the most wonderful yet evil thing I’ve ever encountered, Heroin. I never used iv, only snorted. In the beginning it was much cheaper, even though it’s super expensive in my area due to not being a big thing. As with anything my tolerance grew and before I knew it 3 years had past and I was spending over $1k a week, the bad thing was I was tired of it and when I’d go cold turkey, the cravings weren’t bad because I wanted to quit but the acute physical wd’s sucked but the paws worse than anything I’ve ever experienced and I just couldn’t continue with running my business and raising my 2 children on my own while feeling like that. I would always relapse just to continue with my responsibilities, I eventually found out about a methadone clinic, this was great at first but having to drive 45 minutes every single day as well as $12 a day, which is much cheaper but the whole thing was inconvenient as hell.

    I started using Kratom and was amazed at the results, I never took it seriously because there was no way a legal herbal remedy could not be affected, right? I was wrong, I was on day 6 with no methadone and feeling like straight death. I took about 6ml of gold reserve extract and 4 grams of opms silver Maeng Da, before I even got home the sweats had stopped, the rls had gone away and I felt a calm come over me that even the methadone didn’t give. I’m not sure it will work for everyone as we are all different but for me personally it was a life saver. Coming from a g to g and a half of heroin a day, if it works for me I’d definitely give it a shot. One added bonus is that it actually helped my pain, this was my reasoning behind the methadone vs subs, I needed the pain relief with my back and leg issues. Kratom truly worked for me, my only complaint is that it has a ceiling and redosing does no good. I can only seem to get the relief I need in my initial daily dose, lucky it works for a large part of the day.

  7. David Masters

    I was really excited to learn about this plant and purchased 8 diff types of various red, green and white, strains (8 x 25g = 200g) and 10ml of gold tincture. Started off with 2g and increased each time until 15g, and felt absolutely nothing, except for mild nausea with the latter dose. didn’t want to risk going any higher. Likewise, unfortunately with the tincture – ended up taking three and a half times recommended dose of 15 drops. Followed all the advice on potentiating (watercress, grapefruit juice, freezing, making tea etc etc) with dismal results.p,
    the odd thing is that a friend was almost nodding with 3g of Red Bali and me, 5 times that on an empty stomach and zip, zilch, abso-frikkin-lutely – NADA – Wait, sorry, I lie – besides constipation and nausea, none of the magic I had read about and ad been hoping for!!

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