Gold Reserve Extract

Gold Reserve Kratom Extract is a powerful product made by applying highly concentrated kratom alkaloids back to natural kratom leaf.

For those days that just won’t stop dragging, Gold Reserve packs a bigger punch than coffee, and minus the jitters and 2 o’clock crash.




A reformulation of classic kratom, combining highly concentrated kratom alkaloids with natural kratom leaf, Gold Reserve extract is highly potent. Bringing together a blend of stimulation, pain relief, full body relaxation and an energy boost, Gold Reserve is similar to Bali Kratom in it’s well rounded, high potency effects.


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53 thoughts on “Gold Reserve Kratom Extract”

  1. I was really excited to learn about this plant and purchased 8 diff types of various red, green and white, strains (8 x 25g = 200g) and 10ml of gold tincture. Started off with 2g and increased each time until 15g, and felt absolutely nothing, except for mild nausea with the latter dose. didn’t want to risk going any higher. Likewise, unfortunately with the tincture – ended up taking three and a half times recommended dose of 15 drops. Followed all the advice on potentiating (watercress, grapefruit juice, freezing, making tea etc etc) with dismal results.p,
    the odd thing is that a friend was almost nodding with 3g of Red Bali and me, 5 times that on an empty stomach and zip, zilch, abso-frikkin-lutely – NADA – Wait, sorry, I lie – besides constipation and nausea, none of the magic I had read about and ad been hoping for!!

  2. I’ve built a tolerance to OPM gold extract and want to change. Any suggestions for a powerful euphoria/energy kratom?

    1. I use the dropper and drop a couple drops on my tongue. Very effective euphoric feeling. I have tried a lot…but this is amazing.

      1. What is Red oven. I never seen anywhere this Kratom? Did you mis-spell it? Please correct. What is it? what helps to get a heavy sleep?

        1. I found that Bali puts me to sleep well but if you are just looking for sleep try getting Dramamine it helps me really well.

        2. None put me to sleep. I get stimulated from all veins at any dose. If I take very high doses (20g+) I just get overstimulated. I guess it’s due to tolerance? Everyone’s body is different.

  3. For the first time in 16 years I’ve not taken opioids in 8 days. For me it was not about Craving it but instead getting through the physical withdrawals. I Was eating 240 norco 10/325 for about 8 years before moving to Oxy. I then went to methadone and and for the last 3 or 4 years have been taking Subutex 8mg. Had a friend buy the gold reserve extract 10g but they never tried it and gave it to me. And I’ve got to say this stuff is absolutely amazing. After first taking it my cold sweats bubble gut and leg pain and rest withdrawal symptoms were completely gone. Waking up sucked until I fixed my drink the night before instead of trying to mix it on day 3…. A true life changer

    1. How Awesome 😇l love kratom as well I have so much pain in my body it’s unreal buy now that I’m taking kratom it’s been a life change for me I’m like 90 %pain free on takinging red kratom three times a day a teaspoon no drugs I’m so happy 😇

    2. I kicked morphine and V, after 8 years. I am still tired when I don’t have enough kratom but the other withdrawal symptoms are totally gone. Amazing, after so many tries

      1. i am so happy you are doing well.keep up the good,and all of the people out here trying to live without pharmaceuticals,as i do,
        deserve to be happy.not that everyone does not deserve to be happy,but,i think you get it.
        and,WOW SERG,having a bad day?
        Hope you feel nicer soon.your post Was 2016.
        i also have not been able to sleep when i took
        too much red BALI in a dose.i used a different amount,because my scale was going out,and though it Looked wrong to me,after 8+yrs,usage,i trusted my scale…wrong move That day.up ALL night.of red bali,i do Not get
        stimulated on a small pain just is not gone.Everyone is Different,you know.

    3. That’s awesome. Congrats from a recovering addict of any and all pain meds at high doses like you and about the same amount of years.

  4. I’ve used gold kratom for detox off of methadone,it helped alot.I have end stage liver failure,and it didn’t make me sick like other methods.I will always buy gold deserve first but would love to try all the other kinds.

  5. It feels more like Bali ha then how is it so stimulating. Plus u disregard hoe the fucking plant even works low doses fucking stimulating most of the time higher doses relaxing most of the fucking time.

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