Please be aware that the below charts reflect estimates and not exact measurements consistent across all kratom vendors. While it is recommended that you buy a scale to correctly measure your kratom, these charts offer support for those who are unable to do so.

When measuring an extract, we strongly recommend purchasing a small digital scale as they often have a significantly higher degree of variability.


Average Powdered Leaf
1 gram0.035 ounces
50 grams1.75 ounces
100 grams3.5 ounces
Crushed Leaf
1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon.9 grams
Bali Powder
1 Tablespoon6.2 grams
1 Teaspoon2.3 grams
Maeng Da Powder
1 Tablespoon7 grams
1 Teaspoon2.6 grams
Crushed Leaf
1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon.9 grams
Green Malay Powder
1 Tablespoon6.9 grams
1 Teaspoon2.4 grams

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  1. TERI

    Hi I am currently coming off of Alcohol for a very long time.
    I would like to use Kratom in the evenings to help with my cravings so I don’t relapse until I have a better hang of life without booze. I ordered some red bali. it hasn’t arrived yet but what dosage would anyone recommend for evening or do I start earlier?. I am female, 5’8 and slender. Don’t know if that makes a difference. Also is it better on empty stomach?
    Any help would be SO appreciated.

    1. Kristin

      Hi there! First off, gratz on quitting the booze! I am a year off it and if it weren’t for kratom, I doubt I would have succeeded. My favorite types are the white and red veined Maeng Da for energy, and the yellow for when I just want to smile. I take exactly 1 tsp of the MD about 30 min to an hour after waking up on an empty stomach and then eating about 45 min to an hour afterwards. I’ll take a half tsp of the slower vein (like the yellow) about 6-8 hours later and I’m good to go! No booze for over a year doing it this way. At first the withdrawals were almost unbearable, so give yourself time to be completely unsociable and just watch tv or play Big Fish games until you start feeling like you can socialize again without feeling completely awkward, clumsy or just plain grouchy af. Stay away from hard drinking friends and family until you have a good grip on it! AA was a complete fail for me, because I’m NOT religious and very much an introvert. Make sure you find a trusted vendor with quality kratom and you will be living again in no time. Hope this helped, and good luck!

      1. Denise

        What are some great vendors. Please help.

      2. Teri

        Oh and yes AA did not work for me at all either.. NOT powerless, don’t need dogma and more guilt and shame.

      3. Dave

        I’ve used kratom for years and I’ve found out through trial and error that using teaspoons and tablespoons are not accurate measurements for powder kratom i buy kratom powder at least250grams at a time and I had to go buy a digital scale with a good scale you can get a accurate dose and is way safer for first-time or inexperienced Kratom users.

    2. Kristin Rose

      Hiya! First of all gratz on quitting the booze! I quit over a year ago and without kratom I seriously doubt I could have stopped, or stayed off of it. I take exactly 1 tsp of the white (or red) Maeng Da powder about 30 min to an hour after getting up, then a half tsp of yellow (or whatever your favorite slower strain is) about 6-8 hours later. I have been doing this every day for over a year now and in all honesty it probably saved my life. For the first few weeks all I could do was watch tv or play Big Fish games to try and help with the ungodly feelings of withdrawals, even with the help of kratom. AA did NOT work because I’m not at all religious and I’m very much the introvert. Try and steer clear of your heavy drinking friends and family, at least until you have a good grip on it. Also, make sure you find a trustworthy vendor with high quality kratom. There are 50 scammers for every honest vendor so do your research! I wish you the very best of luck and again a BIG gratz to you!!

      1. Teri


        Thank you SO much for your nice and thoughtful reply. It’s nice to hear from someone that beat the beast 🙂
        I have been messing around with different dosages of extract from 3 different vendors.
        I think I’ve now found a good one. But Bali is definitely the only one I’ve tried that works. I also made the mistake of ordering the tea (crushed leaf) instead of the extract so I wasn’t really getting the desired results
        just massive stomach cramps and constipation (Sorry TMI) from the sheer amount I had to use.
        Was wondering what vendor you recommend? I’m traveling to Asia next month as well so worried about how I’m going to work that issue out. Congratulations on your sobriety! That gives me hope 🙂

    3. Kristin Rose

      Okay, I thought my first response was deleted, so I wrote another one. I’m not crazy, just stupid. =/

    4. Ted

      I would start with about 1.5 tsp wait about 45 minutes and see how you feel. 1.5 tsps is roughly around 5 to 6 grams

    5. Lady S

      Hi Teri,
      My advice for you is to buy a cheap kitchen scale $20 so you can weigh out the amount you’re taking. This way you know exactly how much you took and what effect you got from it. I’ve drank tea, and swallowed it toss and wash- both taste terrible so I recommended taking it in capsules. You can put powder into capsules yourself to save $ on the powder. Do take it on an empty stomach but definitely eat a snack shortly afterwards. I’ve taken too much on empty stomach and it comes right back up (very unpleasant). Maintain your food with powder throughout the day. I suggest starting off your dose with 1-2 grams and go from there. Bali is a nice one for relaxing, it’s not strong like maeng da.
      Good Luck

      1. Jana

        So, I bought OO capsules. How much does one of these capsules hold? I thought I had heard .5 grams each, but wasn’t sure it was OO size. It may have been 0 size??? Do u kknow?

  2. Monica

    Hi everyone. New to Kratom and needing some advice on dosages for Rising Phoenix Green Phoenix 600mg (if I’m correct, bottle says 1 serving is 5 caps=3000mg) capsules. Due of 9+years of chronic back pain, sciatica, and now bulging disks from a car wreck, I’ve made my way through basically every form of Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Tramadol, Tyl. 3 & 4, and Talwin and built up a tolerance. Nowadays, my limit is 7-8 50mg Tramadol maybe 2x a day, anymore at one time would probably make me puke. Can anyone guide me in correct dosages based on my tolerance level with this brand of capsule? Thanks in advance!

    1. Derek J

      Is it the Maeng Da? That is usually a strong type. If it’s an extract then you will have to play around with the dosage to see what edges the pain away. The amount of capsules you will need will depend on the strength of the Kratom.

      The easiest and cheapest way I have found is to purchase crushed leaves use about 9-10 grams. Put it in 2.5 cups of water. Cover it and bring it to a boil for 5 minutes. let it steep for 8-10. Strain then drink. (I pour it over ice because I have a Histamine reaction to the steam. Puffy eyes scratchy throat.)

      The effects usually start in 15 minutes.

      Try this vendor. I use them. They are cheap, quick and have high quality product. They use a Venmo and facebook pay services. (which sucked until i got an account)

      Reply back and lets see how it goes.

      1. Bob Darigan

        Derek J. Could you share that vendor with me? I have been taking 25mg of Metadone for back pain and it isnt strong enough, Im hoping Kratom will help, but what kind? I bought some Bali but after taking 8 capsuls, nothing except my stomach threatening me. any helpful suggestions?

        1. Sue

          Hello! I was in an auto accident as well. I’m trying to come off of hydrocone. I have ordered from a few vendors but have not had very good results. Thank you if you can share your vendor info with me. I also just ordered FSE extract, made from 11.5 grams of Bali today. I have never tried it and can’t find anything about the dosage. Any idea? Thanks again!

      2. Michelle S

        which vendor(s) are reputable?


      3. Peggy miller

        Hi Derek J could you let me know who your vendor is …….I am not having good results from head shop…… thank you

        1. Kathleen Bourque

          Enhanciosa, Acadica.

      4. Charlene Daugherty

        Hello. I just bought powdered Maeng Da from a smoke shop. I am on my 1st week of opiate withdrawals due to two lower crushed vertebrae. I had the accident that caused by broken back about 10 years ago and decided to just stop the madness of being a slave to the doctors and the fear of not having them. I know I can do this. I stopped drinking 13 years ago and I remember the hell. I’ve got to say pain Med withdrawal is bad. Can you please give me the name of a reputable online vendor? I have no idea who to use and like with everyone – I want to make sure I’m not buying something potentially dangerous and will not rip me off as well. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated

    2. David

      Hello Monica, New to Kratom Myself, !st time use about a month ago. Tried to research the different strains and their effects. my primary interest is opiate withdraw also. Got very lucky and found a local source. I’ve only used 2 strains, Yellow sumatra and and yellow vietnamese. Have not seen a lot of these strains available i was told their new. I’m 6’0″, 200lbs 57 yrs. i dose with 3 level Tsp, 2 to 3 times a day. (it was a shot in the dark actually) but it works well for me. no withdraw, no chronic pain, acute ? yes but i can handle acute. lets me know my bodies limitations. These strains are strong first couple of doses. i very much agree with moderation advice. Start with a minimal dose until you find what works for you. good luck to you.

    3. David

      Hey! On the off chance you’re reading this still. That’s too much Tramadol Bro. Anymore won’t make your puke they’ll give you seizures. I got of a 500mg Oxy a day habit a few years back, so trust me, I’m not judging. Its just that many people don’t know that a) Tramadol, while helpful because it doesn’t build a tolerance nearly as fast, is incredibly dangerous to take over the daily max of 400mg a day as it causes seizures and death. b) Tylenol in hydrocodone kills you much faster than the opiates. Tylenol is deadly AF. Not too far north of where you’re at both tram and opiates with Tylenol get real, real life threatening. Good luck continuing you’re journey back. Hardest/best thing I’ve ever done. If you slip though, try to safe safe.

  3. Tyler

    Just want to write down a couple things that may help some people looking to kratom.

    I am 25 years old, been struggling with heroin addiction since I was 19. I’ve had periods of sobriety, and have fallen off multiple times. I want to tell anyone struggling or not struggling with opiate addiction, kratom IS NOT a cure all. It can be used instead of prescription opiate medication, but beware some of the side effects of repeated kratom use can be the exact same and as unpleasant.

    If you have ever been through opiate withdrawals before, then you probably know about the agony I am speaking of. I used Kratom for months daily, and also for about a month 3 times a week and have experienced withdrawals both times. Obviously not as strong as when I was IV’ing a half gram a day, but the same restlessness, sweats, chills, etc. come into effect with kratom withdrawal.

    I think it can be beneficial as a SHORT TERM thing, but just know that kratom will cause withdrawals VERY similar to opiate withdrawals.

    Would I choose kratom over opiates? Yes.
    Would I choose sobriety over both? Yes.

    1. Bobbi

      Hi Tyler,
      Not that I totally disagree with what you’re saying, yes if you use kratom daily you will experience withdrawal, however I will disagree with the intensity of it and if you are a chronic pain sufferer, the alternative is a chemical that messes worth your brain chemistry, while kratom is a natural substance known for its healing properties.
      I would just hate for someone to be scared off and rely on what the pharmaceutical companies manufacture that almost ruined my life. Kratom just like coffee can cause withdrawal symptoms, however done properly, the weening process should anyone choose to go off is quite manageable.
      There have been times that I’ve run out due to financial issues and even though I only had a little bit left, was able to be pretty comfortable and I’m a hard core withdrawal person.
      So, just my 2 cents 😊

  4. Stephanie

    Im about to take my first dose of kratom for severe heroin withdrawals. I do about a half gram of heroin a day. How many capsules how many times a day should i take of the maeng da silver capsules?

  5. Cooper

    Hi everyone. I bought two small packages of Kratom quite some time ago and never really “got” it – no one was really talking about it, except that it helped for detoxing opiates and helped people relax and sleep.

    At that time, I knew nothing about strains, vein colors, varieties and such wide ranging costs…
    I tried it a few times when I got the packages (Both black zip lock bags with silver inside – very sturdy: 2 oz Maeng Da Leaf and the other one is a powered strain called Super Indo.): I tossed and washed – and flossed my teeth for hours!! (LOL) ; I mixed with lemonade in a water bottle and chugged; mixed with yogurt. It just wasn’t working. I must also say that I have had a medium size heroin (snorting not needles) habit since late 2012 that really started to get bad in the middle of 2013 – so figure I’ve been a dopehead for about 3.5 years or so? I’ve been reading lately that you really have to be in serious withdrawal for the kratom to work. This may have been my problem. We’ll see. This all may be for the best – get a load of why I’m doubling down:

    I have a buddy who gets not only 30mg oxys (he’s allowed one pill 6 times a day or so 180 pills/month) from his doctor, but since he admits he takes too much and such (and this really IS NOT ME), he apparently also gets to take up to NINE 10mg methadone pills per day (figure he gets a bottle of 270/month) – along with lyrica, gabentin (??) and all sorts of things. He’s an ELECTED OFFICIAL (Repub, of course). and used to sell me like 30 methadone pillls to get me through a bad week or month for 40 bucks. He’s also done straight one for one. He pays something like a $10/20 co pay because they’re generic.

    Now, since our new dealer meets us in parking lots and sometimes waits so there are 4 white people sitting in cars at a mini-mall in a mixed race (mostly african-american) area waiting for them. He chats them up and has gone into big business as of last month – he told me that he’d never raise prices on me bexause he knows I struggle just getting my dope. Last batch I bought for $50, he promised me 50 tablets. He gave me 31 and said “look, that’s less than 2 bucks a pill and well, I have so much demand now….” and I immediately chimed in with “you’ve spread yourself too thin”. Walking back into the house in the snow, I realize this guy who I’ve trusted (he’s never fucked me over until now) is an asshole who apparently doesn’t give a shit about me, but just wants to make his “coin”. That’s fine. I wish he would have been a little more up front about it. He knows I would have never given him that 50, though which is why he was playing fast and loose – I even recommended the coolest pharmacy that doesn’t fuck with you (I have a terrible benzo addiction – another story for another message board….)

    That day, though I swore never to give this man another dollar from me for being such a douchebag. One month later, I give in. I text him yesterday about getting some… He writes back kind of like a little popular schoolgirl, “well, I’ve really gottta check my inventory & see if I have enough for ME, but you’re gonna pay 3 bucks a pill how many do you think you want?” I text: “Really, what happened to our 31 for Fifty? I’ve been out of work and can’t pay that. Can we do like 25 for 50 even 20? I can guarantee you 50/month if you guarantee me at the highest, $2 a pill” He never texted back. Part of me wants to tell the drug dealers he’s squeezing in on his turf. Part of me wants to call the state in which he’s an elected official. Part of me wants to call his wife. The rest of me just needs to be calm, graceful and realize that karma is gonna get him.

    So, back to KRATOM: I’ve got 2 4oz. bags Red Borneo; 1 20oz bag RedMalay (a sample) plus those older ones (should I dump?) . And then a bunch more coming soon (4oz Red Bentuangie; 4oz Red Vein Bali; 1 oz. Yellow Vietnam; 2oz each of Red Bali, Red Horn Kali, Green Hulk and a mix called MYSTERY RELAX. I’m scared to death now more than ever about withdrawals because I have NO MORE methadone access. And it’s for the best I guess, as it’s supposed to be way worse then dope ever was, even mixed with baby laxatives LOL.

    I simmered 1tablespoon (*approx 6.5 grams?) of Red Borneo with some lemon juice and two bags of vanilla tea with 9-10oz water for about 16 minutes maybe 18, put it in a travel coffee mug (silver – like from starbucks, with the twisty black top), screwed the top on tight, and it’s in the fridge because I don’t get any more stuff until Monday and I ate the last two methadone last night and the jab i bought today will be gone in a few hours, I MAY be able to save myself a bag, but who has that willpower?

    Question: On the Kratom side of tea-making, etc. How did I do? On the Kratom side of Strain Choosing, etc. How did I do? In regards to the methadone, I’m better off with the Kratom in the long term, yes?? And finally, all in all, how do you think I’ve handled this really scary situation that now has me thinking about quitting for good. But it’s all going to come back when some family members die shortly and I am their only relative, you know?

    I dunno what to do. Even if I come off of the dope and get addicted to the Kratom. I’m not going to quit – I don’t want to quit. It doesn’t get in the way of my life – it enhances it, makes me friendlier, a harder worker and such without anxiety, fear or even drinking alcohol anymore. If this is too long and crazy, cut it down, mods. Otherwise, I thank you all for listening to/reading my story here – I thank you for your compassion and coolness in advance and will treasure and consider all reasonable (non-trolling) replies. Thanks so much!!!! Yours in the fight to keep it legal.xoxooxGC

  6. BustySue

    So anyone here is is not previously an opiate user what kind of dosage sizes are you taking to get an effect? I mostly want to take it for anxiety and depression relief. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Dennis Watson

      Effect depends on 3 things: type(strains), dosage, tolerance. A new user gets the best effects, unless they get to much. For most strains, 2-3 grams mixed with orange juice or coffee and on an empty stomach will be about right. (This reply is on powders)
      Some types come on slowly, others fast. Be patient. All gently fade off after 3 – 6 hours.
      Some types provide relaxation(euphoria), others energy or pain relief. Some products have mixed effects. I’ve found that a good quality red+green mix is nice. MaengDa is the strongest and most popular.
      Finally, the powder is not the same color as the type. All powders are some shade of green. Google it.
      Please, no replies or junk email. Thanks!

    2. Tom Sommer

      BustySue I would start out with 4 grams. You may want to buy Red Maeng da. Did you already purchase it?

    3. RKats

      I started out with one teaspoon, worked fine for several months, now I do 1/2 tablespoon (or & 1/2 teaspoons) twice, sometimes 3x a day. This is about 4 grams. I almost always use red strains for my back pain, but it does wonders for your attitude too. My advice to you is to buy from a reputable internet supplier, do not buy the garbage in head shops or gas stations. I don’t know if recommending certain vendors is allowed here, if so let me know, I deal with the most reputable, highest quality source out of Boise.

      1. mike

        cap em quick and 00 capsuls are the best way to package them and eat them. I use it works good. I take kratom every day for extreme pain

        1. linda cassell

          mike, have extreme pain also from failed lumbar surg Recovering from the surgery was so horrible for, that i thought about suicide every day.Refuse more surgery because i wont go thru that again. Will you please let me know which kind you use that works best for you and the dosage you advise. I read so much controversy and comments about what to do, but not much info can i find to single out the best for really bad bad 10 pain, chronic now. hoping to hear from you soon and thanks for being more specific enough for me to actually get a clue and reach out to someone. linda

        2. Jana

          How much is in one 00 capsule? I just got the cap machine and 00 capsules and just made up a bunch, but need to know how much relatively is in one oo capsule?

      2. Rain Mark

        Hey was wondering if you can give me the name of the place in Boise..I am in Nampa so that would be great!

      3. Dawn

        I would be interested in the source from Boise as I live in Idaho myself. I am looking for help with quitting the opiates and for energy and would be a first time user myself. And not exactly sure as what type to get or how much to take.

      4. jack

        I don’t know how much kratom will help while taking methadone the methadone has a really high affinity to the receptors the kratom is trying to attach toto which means kit Prolly take over most of the receptors itself leaving not much space for the kratom akloids to fit

      5. jack

        I would like to know your vendors please and I’m trying to find red bentuangi in bulk for a good price best ice ever had

    4. Meshach

      Newbie safe dose model

      I’m part of a group of about 20 people, equally male and female, of widely varying body types and ages from 18 to nearly 80, all of us recently experimenting with ingested fine powder kratom, and all of us neophytes. We’ve experienced much support for your warning: “Caution: People vary in sensitivity to kratom, and kratom from different sources can vary in potency (sometimes quite a lot), so these dosage estimates should be regarded as loose approximations…”

      In the interest of avoiding bad first experiences, I requested data from all of them and have produced this model which seems to work well:

      A good safe dose of fine kratom powder ingested, based on typical body fat proportions in men and women,* is 1 level teaspoon (2.25g) per 75# for men, and 100# for women, of whatever was their minimum healthy adult body weight. This compensates for differing body sizes and fat proportions.


  7. Ainedo

    One of the greatest things about using Kratom now for my chronic pain disease is that the opiates are not in control anymore. I have an unfortunate soft spot for them and I would run out early. Naturally this kicked off a massive pain flare in addition to the withdrawal symptoms from opiates and I was remorseful every time. I didn’t doctor shop or double dip or use street drugs but I was horribly irresponsible and unsafe with my allotted amount each month. Ironically it was this pattern of abuse that precipitated me just giving up on pain meds altogether. I always had a half of a pill set aside for my pain management appointment and the day I forgot to take it was the day I was screened. Of course I was clean and even though the pain doc had specifically told me I was to use them only as needed I still had a contract that said I would have it in my system anytime I was tested. He fired me and I didn’t pursue another doctor. (I was down to 2 Percocet a day when he was my doctor. Previously it had been the OxyContin with Percocet for breakthrough pain or MS Contin with morphine for the breakthrough but I wanted to limit my access and requested far less when I saw him) It was about that time that I first learned of Kratom. I’m so thankful.
    I’ll be honest, I’d be off meds and still crave them but the craving is gone with Kratom. The pain is a 2 on a daily basis instead of a 6. My flares are few and far between and I haven’t been seen in an er for intractable pain and related hypertension in months. It’s amazing to me. My organs aren’t in danger of failing anymore because I’m dumb and can’t moderate myself. I have no desire to drink now even though I didn’t drink much before. I can do house work again and play with my kids. It’s saved me.

    I tore my Achilles and was given Vicodin and when I took it, even if I took it wrong, it did NOTHING. No euphoria whatsoever. I’ve learned since that cross tolerance is the reason for that but Its not an issue because I didn’t even use half. I actually disposed of them and didn’t hesitate.

    I’m a bit worried about the cost eventually but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I really can’t report getting sleepy, having energy or euphoria or any of the effects that people report aside from pain control and that’s okay by me. I’m scared to take more than I do because I don’t want to get nauseous. Anyone else have this?

    1. Cheryl

      How much Keaton did you take to Eliminate your WD. I been taking 30mg oxycodone once a day and 60mg OxyContin 3 times a day. How much to diminish my WD? I have purchased 3lbs of maang Da red vein powder. Thank you so much.

      1. Brenton Campbell

        Take 5 grams to start and if you don’t feel great in 15-30 min just take another 5, or 10, or 20. You’ll overdose from pot faster than kratom. Its a world away from the poison Oxycontin. If you don’t feel great just take more, people say it helped… It doesn’t help, it all the way fixes it if you take enough. I went from curled up dope sick from heroin to feeling as good as I do on dope but not all fucked up. Enjoy the rest of your life and feel free to contact me if ya need advice.

        1. Michael B

          Hi I’m Mike, I’m on a lot of oxycodone and morphine, I have abused this month’s script as I can’t tell you why. Cause I don’t know. I have also been taking kratom for about 3 or 4 years now. Will taking kratom and morphine keep me out of withdrawal until I get my next script. I’ve never run out before but been though withdrawal before. So was just wondering if I take my morphine as I have a lot of that so I could double up on a dose of two if needed keel me out of withdrawal. I have about 9-10 ounces of kratom all different types. Red, green, white, all mang da

    2. Mega_virus

      Yes they make me nauseous two I take 1/2 gram at a time total gram a day and there’s no reason to go higher unless it’s urgent but only temporarily.

    3. Lee

      I went cold turkey off my Morphine. It took 30 days of horrible withdrawal. When I told my doctor I had gone cold turkey, he came unglued. I now realize I should have slowly come off the Morphine. My caregiver at the time had taken my prescription to the pharmacy and then in the process, lost my prescription. Of course, I reported the loss. I wanted to make sure that my caregiver was not using my script. I am a happy camper now. No Narcotics. I live in Oregon where MJ is fully available. But, no more for me. I love the Kratom and now hangover from the use, I pray the drug companies do not take this drug and turn it against us.

      1. truth

        Im 60 yrs old, have come off heroin, methadone, morphine, dilaudid, among others. 30 days of withdrawal is BS. Either your mind is very weak or you are lying. It takes nowhere near 30 days to get past withdrawal of anything. BTW, I was using over 100 mg of MS along with 50-60 mg oxy, and shooting a bun or better of heroin daily as well last time I got arrsted, and withdrawal is over in 7-10 days max. SMH at some of the bullshit I read on here. “30 days of horrible withdrawal” lmao.

        1. Heidi

          Good for you!!!
          Everyone is different! I was taking a shitload of narcorics and for many years. I never did H, but YES it IS possible to wd that long and hard! You should be thankful yours didn’t last that long, but don’t minimalist others experiences. You aren’t them. It has nothing to do w having a weak mind either. Every persons chwmistry and make up is different. Be respectful!

          1. Marie

            I have to agree. I was on suboxone for years and because of the long half life, my withdrawals lasted a long time. I was taking 3 or 4 8mg strips a day, which only 1.5mgs is roughly equal to about 60mg morphine. Onset was about day 2-3 and it lasted for 2 weeks but there’s something called PAWS which is also a form of withdrawal, just not on as much of a physical level. You can still experience lack of energy, pain, and insomnia 30 days later. So let’s be respectful of everyone and share our experiences as a testimony for others, instead of condemning someone with a hawty attitude. No one here knows better than anyone. Kratom helped me tremendously. I stopped that much sub cold turkey and burned kratom in place, which relieved 90% of my withdrawals. Just be sure to stay on top of your dosing at first. Give or take, kratom lasts about 4 hours. The whites, more for energy and mood lift, lasts about 2 hrs. The red, more for pain and anxiety/insomnia, lasts about 4 and one of my favs, the green Malay, lasts about 6 hrs. Everyone is different and I personally recommend starting low, like 2.5 grams which is a level teaspoon on average. Toss and wash or mixin with an acidic juice is best. I like grapefruit or apple cider vinegar diluted in water, which both enhance the effects. When in active withdrawal, you won’t experience the full benefits of kratom but relief is what matters at first. Any kratom will work, in my opinion. Definitely buy bulk online. Many good sources on blog sites for vendors. I have been burning kratom for a year and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Totally takes my desire for opiates and alcohol. Relieves withdrawal and also keeps me from getting sick all the time. I work around small children and was getting sick every 2 weeks with a cold. After kratom, I’ve only been sick 2 times in the past year. It lowers blood pressure too.

        2. Dmb

          Ever heard of PAWS? Post acute withdrawal syndrome? Just because you say it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it can’t happen to others. What would be the op’s motive to lie? SMH. With your drug use and ignorant comment, seems like you’re the one with a weak mind and a liar.

        3. David

          PAWS can last for months. Of course the severity decreases as time goes by.

        4. Bryce Banxx

          Maybe not horrible withdrawal but both times I’ve come off heroin I’ve had wd for 30 days easy. I was slanging (selling) the shit and had an unlimited supply. I remember the restless legs and the sneezing lasted 30 days for me. You get over the hardest symptoms after a week tho

        5. Gregory

          Hmm. When I kicked methadone, it was easily at least 3 weeks of hell. I didn’t feel “right” for a good 3 months. I’m now 2 weeks in from kicking Suboxone and thank jebus for Kratom. I tapered the Suboxone to a ridiculously small amount and I know for a fact that if I didn’t take Kratom at the moment, I would indeed be in hell. You seem real smart and sure do know a whole lot about dope, so I would assume you know that the half-life for methadone and suboxone is very long and logic would tells us that it would be a longer withdrawal process than say a week of the shimmy’s from kicking heroin, roxies and the like due to the fact that it’s in and out pretty fast. Again I’m sure I’m not telling you anything that you already don’t know. Like I said you seem like a real smart fella!
          Oh! One last thing….PAWS, look it up and maybe try to be nice instead of making light of someone else’s kick next time you decide to pound out vomit on your keyboard.

        6. jack

          That’s about how long it took me in jail to cold turkey 140 of daily methadone 30 + days no joke that’s when the sweats and insomnia and fatigue started to go away

    4. Csl

      Have questions about conversion from opiates. Can you help

      1. Lula Bell

        I am on suboxone doc was morphine what kind do i need and how much kratom

    5. Joy Smith

      Hey Ainedo, I agree with what you are suggesting. Actually, our customers at Kratom store have found the product very helpful because they have taken it to a doctor’s guidelines and supervision. So my point is, if taken with utmost care and your body’s sensitivity, Kratom can be extremely helpful too!

  8. Joseph Hackett

    This change in CDC policy will certainly increase Suicides going forward. Nobody needs to tell me or suggest how to deal with Chronic Pain! 1989 began my Agonizing life with pain, and having 11 surgeries increased pain,not to mention RSDS, or chronic regional pain syndrom, stenosis cervical spine, lumbar spine, for many years tried therapy, accupuncture, and Yes even a spinal stimulator implant, All had little effect. The new CDC policy will Destroy what little life value I have had!

  9. Chris

    Hello and thank you for this group.

    I am a 57 yr old male. 215 lbs, 6’2″ in height.
    Been on a Fentynal patch 100 mcg every 72 hrs for the past 15 yrs. Suffer from fail back syndrome with chronic LBP and neuropathy. I don’t take any other mess.

    I’m done. Can’t take the side effects and chains of opioids anymore and I’m no longer sure what kind of pain I really have.

    I’d like some guidance getting started. Purchased .5 kilo of Bali Red powder. I have a scale. What doseage should I shoot for and when should I start to wean?

    I’m extremely motivated to get this underway.

    1. Debra

      Hi Chris:
      I am by no means an expert but sometimes getting answers here are rather slow. First thing I would do is join a Kratom group on Facebook. There is 24hr support and advice there. I am on my 3rd day opiate free and I am feeling great- really. Very minimal symptoms and have gone to work all three days. I’m amazed. The dosage I had to play with. I started out with too much and got nauseated. I found that 3.5 grams every few hours has worked for me. I’ve even been sleeping. The Facebook group I joined is called Kratom (new and current users).

    2. Tom

      I’ve been taking kratom for a few years now,was hooked on percocet and this was a godsend, dosing is different for different people and depends what affects your trying to achieve, also on quality and type of kratom, 1 to 5 grams for stimulation, 3 to 7 grams for pain relief, always start lower and see how it affects you and slowly increase to achieve desired affects,make sure you find a quality supplier with a good review history, remember this isn’t opiates so you won’t get as high from this but it does work,
      Hope this helps

    3. Hayron

      With your tolerance to pain meds, I would start with 2 grams three times daily. I was on 15mg morphine twice a day and four percocet 5mg four times daily and now I supplement it with 3.5g of Red Fibro from great stuff

      1. Heather

        Hello there! I’m fairly new to Kratom. I’ve been taking a level teaspoon sometimes less than a teaspoon, 2-3x day of green maeng da. I decided to capsule it in 00 gel caps. How many will I take for one dose?

        1. mike

          Hello my name is mike. I use kratom every day for severe back pain in upper and lower spine. If theres any questions or advice I can help you with just email me. I have every day level 8 pain and the bad days is level 10 pain. I use cap-em-quick pill maker with 00 capsuls and make my own. I take 4 grams when i get up at 7 am then again at 1 pm and again at 7 pm upping the dose by 1 to 2 grams every time. So 4 grams at 7am, then at 1pm 6 grams and 7pm Ill take between 7 and 8 grams every single day. This reduces my pain level to almost nothing. My quality of life is 99% better then when I was taking prescription pills.

          1. Times2

            Hi mike can u send contact info please. I’m about to cut the pd loose tiered or chasing pills. I do need them for pain and not for addiction ( tho it doesn’t matter what u need it for ) just mite be a difference in dosage. Thanks allot

          2. Cindy

            Hi Mike. I’m so excited I just received my Kratom and have been reading the blog. Yours especially interests me because it sounds like you have similar pain problems; I’ve had disc surgery, they want to do more with spacers and fusing( which I don’t want to do), and all those other degenerative things, arthritis….blah blah 🙂 I’m so tired of taking Norco and the ups and downs. I took my first dose today about 4pm of Kratom about 1.5 teaspoons of red maeng da with applesauce and I did feel it quite a bit but not in a bad way. I felt so relaxed and I actually just sat and watched tv for over an hour without getting up! I need to figure out my dosage wondering if I should take more tonight. Ok, now, my question for you – how many capsules does it take each time you do your dosage? I took the Kratom today with applesauce and almost gagged so I’m thinking capsules but sounds like it will take a lot. I’m so glad it is working for you! That is fantastic. Being in pain sucks. Appreciate your input. Cindy from California

          3. Underhill

            Thanks Mike. Maybe you can help me get started with Kratom. I am tired of chasing scripts and running out. I take 10-12 10/325 vicoden a day and cant seem to monitor myself to make a script last 30 days. I end up beating the street to ‘survive’ until a refill. I purchased an oz of the Maeng Da Red Vein and White vein along with the Bali powder and Bali capsules not knowing what would be best. I have 7 days until my next fill and the devil is knocking at my door. Can you advise please what the best way to begin?

    4. Heidi

      Good luck to you and good attitude about quitting.
      it’s good you have that kratom, but imo you should have a few different strains and rotate them, not take the same kind everyday. You want to keep your tolerance guessing and not get stuck on just one kind. I personally (though I praise the plant and think it’s way better than any RX, pain Med) think you should start out as low as possible.. maybe 4-5 grams. See how that treats you. Fentanyl is strong, I too was on that. So, if after 45 min to an hour it’s hasn’t relieved things as much as you’d like, I’d add another 2-3 grams…
      I wouldn’t try to stay on it longer than a month or so..and unlike the guy above saying you can take as much as you want and go ahead and take 30grams… I disagree. No it will not hurt you, but your body will become dependent on it still, so least is best. When tapering, I would just knock off 1/4 a gram per dose, or a gram a day. I did this and it was the easiest. I still Was a tiny bit uncomfortable for a few days, but NOTHING like from Fentanyl and if you’re not taking more than 6-10 grams a day (that’s even a bit more than you need, but again you may need that since we’re talking about fentanyl) and you wean correctly, you should be ok. 🙂
      Good luck!

  10. Pine Nut

    I’ve been dabbling a little, keeping things at ~1 to 1.5g, trying different types. I had some around dinner time a couple weeks ago, and then realized I’d have to go to sleep soon. I am, unfortunately, “hooked” on Ambien for sleep, and I was afraid to take one. After trying to go without, I eventually took an Ambien for sleep. Are their any strains that are good for sleep?

    1. Lynn

      Green vein about 4 grams will give very good sleep. It also helped me get off of oxycodone. Good luck.

    2. Nicki

      The best veins by far for sleep, pain, and anxiety are going to be in the Red family. Red is the most opiate like. Green is a balance of energy and pain relief. White is the most energizing least pain relieving. Red Bentuangie, for example, is great for sleep. 🙂

      1. jack

        Can you tell me where you get your red bentuangi please?

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